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3 Corruption In Sport Management 9 2.0 Conclusion 17 References 2 .4 Doping Issues in Sports Management 12 2.2 Involvement Of Politicians In Management 6 2. TABLE OF CONTENT 1.1 Lack Of Sport Management 4 2.5 The Lack Of Financial Aids And Sponsors 15 3.0 Introduction 3 2.0 Article Analysis 4 2.

This is because people around the world are interested in sports. Usually centering around the national football team due to the game's popularity and the team's lackluster performance in recent years. The other “dream event” for any countries in this world surely FIFA world cup. Sports considered as one of the most important elements in national development. Malaysia created history when it has been chosen as host to second biggest sporting in the world. rugby. the biggest competition in football. tennis. hockey.0 Introduction Sports is very important for the nation to move forward in the eyes of the world as sport is one of the important branches to boost the country's economy. chiding present administrators. squash. coach. Sports provides entertainment to people around the world like popular sports around the world. or talking about the sports 'potential' for development within the country.1. badminton. Commonwealth Games. Malaysia managed to bag 10 gold medals from that event. or past sport personality making recommendations. Malaysia still lack of achievement in bigger sporting such as Olympic Games as Malaysia only managed to win three silver medal since Malaysia’s participation in Olympics and those medals come solely from badminton. However Malaysia’s performance on football international stage still not up to the standards of other countries especially those in European continent and even compared to its Asian counterpart such as Japan and South Korea. Some associations do a better job of this 3 . Malaysia periodically goes through periods of distress related to sport performance. Millions of sports enthusiasts also keep track of their choice of team or athlete by listening to parallel reviews of the game through the radio or watching the game through television. However although government has spent money on sports development in this country. such as football. Malaysian government has put so much efforts and measures on sports development. But except for a few shining examples of excellence this national distress occurs in all sports. sports must be developed so that the country will continue to be highly regarded by the world and sports can also take steps internationally. basketball. Those lack of achievement are said as a result of poor management of sports and sport associations in Malaysia. sepak takraw. and more. Hardly a week goes by without some official. Since independence in 1957. In 1998. Therefore.

1. Therefore. certain sports in Malaysia could not even “survived” and needs other parties‟ help especially from government. 2. They believe good management skills are essential for Malaysian sports. train the mental side of performance.php?artnum=114 ( Bill Price | 11 September 2017) 2.than others but none of the associations are really tackling sport effectively.0 Articles Analysis 2. As a result of lack management skills. This factor in line with Olympic Council of Malaysia (OCM) Honorary Secretary.1 Lack Of Sport Management https://ussa-my. the paper will discuss articles on issues related to Sports However not all sport administrators especially those who manage the sport association has good management thus resulting to poor management of the sport itself. and aid athletes and coaches 4 . planning and public relations. a) Lack of experience and knowledge. Datuk Sieh Kok Chi Malaysia spends a lot of money and expertise on its high performance athletes. The other related factors to management skills include lack of knowledge.2 Why the problem have arisen ? This issue is highlighted by many sports researchers and critics.1 What is the major problem ? 2. recover from injury. Although there are certain administrators have good qualifications and background but lack of experience and specific knowledge in particular sports has also been said the contributing factors to lack of management skills in Malaysian sports. Programs help top athletes perform better in training.

3 What is the potential solutions to the problems ? a) Club based Youth programs must be consistent and ongoing. One of the reasons Malaysia has so few top level athletes is that youth development programs are small and simply can't produce large numbers of elite level performers. We should keep in mind though that high performance athletes emerge from youth development systems and the effectiveness of these systems determine the quality and number of the elite athletes who reach the top. Indeed if the government is going to spend money supporting sport this is where these funds belong. This doesn't mean that new ideas are bad but the cult of personality that fuels drastic changes in policy direction isn't good either. c) Leadership Personality driven leadership is only part of the problem though. In countries with good developmental structures the state and national sport 5 . It's hard to establish direction or to accomplish any long-term goals if new leadership can simply change them when they take office. To make this possible they have to be based in some kind of club system dedicated to the sport. or what a sports development system actually does. and direction of various initiatives. This is money that is well spent. They make the sport 'local' and bind athletes and their families into a local activity with other local athletes. Clubs are the lifeblood of sport development. The more comprehensive the youth programs the more robust the high performance athletes will be and the better they will be able to perform. b) Governance Sport association governance in Malaysia is driven by personality rather than policy. d) 2. There seems to be little understanding of what sport development other areas as well. The most significant issue is that even with good ideas NSA leadership only seems to deal with the elite levels of their sport. These top performers have already reached upper levels of performance in their sport or are close to it. With new leadership comes the possibility of upheaval in policy.1. procedure.

The Ministry must establish some way to measure developmental progress in line with proper long-term athlete development principles. Now. This brings us to the third and the most pressing issue in Malaysian sport development.In an analysis of the Malaysian sport system done after the 2012 Olympic Games several researchers found areas where Malaysia was following recommended guidelines for creating an elite sport system and areas where further 2. or at least part of it.thestar. 17 Aug 2013) 6 . or volunteers are over. Malaysian sport associations must find some way to strengthen and empower their sports' club system. c) Underperforming sport associations Currently. As long as there is a market commercial opportunities will assure that the development system. is sustainable. Performance of the various sport associations is closely tied to governance and the way each association sees its role in national (By T.Avineshwaran Saturday. Governance . government bodies. it seems that performance is tied solely to results in national or international competitions. This primarily refers to coaches who wish to form clubs to train athletes or teach lessons but it could apply to any number of profit-seeking entities. This has no direct effect at the developmental level. The days when all youth sport was operated by schools.associations take on more of an administrative role and leave the training and preparation of athletes to the clubs. and unofficially. for developmental programs to be sustainable they have to allow enterprising groups and individuals to profit from Involvement Of Politicians In Management https://www. b) Commercial Along with a robust club system there also have to be commercial opportunities within the sport.

but it is a known facts that certain of these politicians do get involve in sports as a platform to promote themselves to higher position whether in politics and even in government. Malaysia has a “unique” situation where certain sport associations in this country are managed by the people who also active in politics even some of them are Member of Parliament or state representative. d) 7 . The success of an international sport is also sometimes associated with the stability and political stability of the country.1. In this regard. At one time. Therefore. Not too outrageous is also said that through sports as well as a political career a person's figure can be torn or dropped. political influence can be effectively absorbed. knowledge and experience in certain particular sports. Although some of them have capabilities. c) Contest power and positions in sports associations The most frequent issues are the power struggle in the sports body. Politics play a role in ensuring the rise and fall of a troop or leader. the election of athlete participation in a competition. it is not surprising that there are countries and governments who are passionately involved in sports. Through sports. b) Involvement of politicians in sport associations.1 What is the major problem ? a) The strong influence of sports on politics The strong influence of sports on politics has had an impact on the fate of politicians. The last but not least issue in Malaysian sports management is involvement of politicians. It will definitely affect the performance of the sport and the athlete. Many theories link sport to politics. the involvement of politicians in sports will negatively affect the likes of the likes. Former Prime Minister. Almost every ministers during that time obeyed to the order but there are also several ministers “ignored” the order. (Hon) Abdullah Ahmad Badawi ordered all ministers and deputy ministers who held posts in sport association to relinquish their position.2. There are some politicians who hold various positions in sports and youth associations.

d) The fights and conflicts that occurred in the sports association The issue of fights and conflicts that take place in sports bodies that are detrimental to the image of our country's sport in the eyes of the world. As a result of exhibiting the power they have become the source of this problem. the IOC is an organization that has a very broad power in determining which countries are governing and other rules of the tournament have been purchased by the OIC vote. construction and transport. where millions of dollar are spent by the corporate side to buy "gifts" to the limbs. The issue was warmly talked about after the scandal around the Olympics in Sidney in 2000 and around the Salt Lake City election as the organizers of the 2002 Winter Olympics. In fact. Politics takes place in the process of selecting athletes or players. b) c) Furthermore sports are also politicized when millions and even billions of dollars are invested to earn exclusive rights by corporate sponsors. Politics exists in most process and sports development activities. politics also exist in sports clubs. including through tourism. Then opening up space to the world sports body to get remuneration from the race to be a sports game.2. Politics exist in competitions or tournaments. An Australian Olympic Committee official revealed the spending of ballot purchases for the Olympics right at Sidney with the help of the Australian government reaching US $ 1 million to buy various types of gifts to OIC members. hierarchy power and sports management and administration. For example. excluding other expenses to win organizational rights. This issue will show a bad example whereas football is the ideal game to 8 . sometimes politics play a role in ensuring the rise and fall of a troop or leader.2 Why the problem have arisen ? a) Politics is a tool for demonstrating power Politics is a tool for demonstrating power such as team management or sports associations. coaches and sports officials.1. This will result in unhealthy competition among the teams competing. Politics certainly exists alongside and moves in reciprocity with sports. This has led to the enormous violation of ethics by the World Sports Committee to pursue profits.

Obtain suitable infrastructure and facilities to improve the quality of but-projects-to-go-on/ ( MOHD SAHAR MISNI/The Star. Improve the success of sportsmen. The financial resources of a sports body can be enhanced by the help of politicians involved. He also urged FAM to tighten the safety of the stadium. Leaders need to take responsibility with dedication and competence in managing organizations to develop the quality of national sports.3 Corruption In Sport Management https://www. The struggles of positions and leadership ties within the body of a sports body will be detrimental to the stability and leadership of an organization. the issue of Larkin Tunnel. The mix of political power as a peacemaker in sports issues helps solve any problems that arise.Monday. Youth and Sports Minister . The association can not concentrate on improving the quality and quality of the association.1. The sports body can get sponsors by using the names of politicians involved in the sports body.3 What is the potential solutions to the problems ? The solution to this problem will be able to become a conciliatory element in a turbulent state through unity in sports activities. Khairy Jamaluddin urged FAM to issue investigative findings to resolve the problem. The Ministry of Youth and Sports provides advice and guidance in finding solutions to the development of national sports. This shows that the role of politician leaders (Youth and Sports Minister) is important in solving the problems that the sports body can get highly capable trainers. the Ministry of Youth and Sports has always engaged and identified any problems in sports associations. For example.thestar. 21 Mar 2016 ) 9 . With the financial resources available. e) for the whole family. 2. Through the Sports Commissioner supplied with the authority of the Sports Development Act.

the MACC has seriously considered corruption in the field of sports and sought cooperation from all parties to address the problem especially in the national football arena. immoral or unethical activity that attempts to deliberately distort the outcome of a sporting contest for the personal material gain of one or more parties involved in that activity (Gorse and Chadwick. Corruption has affected the effectiveness of management and delivery system. Corruption in sport is understood as any illegal. the agency has also collaborated with the Football Association of Malaysia (FAM) by establishing an Integrity Committee to ensure that the sports are free of corruption and increase integrity among those involved in the industry. Corruption not only a big issues to sports and sport organizations but also country as a whole. b) Corruption in sports Another biggest issue faced by most sports organizations is corruption and also the abuse of powers by their trusted personnel. Nowadays. According to the Malaysian Anti- Corruption Commission (MACC) investigative director Datuk Mustafar Ali.1.2. According to him. Corrupt sport dates back to the earliest centuries when sporting events emerged. corruption in sport was initially meant to refer to any action that aims at and succeeds in earning money with distorting the outcome of sport contests by means of bribing / throwing a game for money or non-monetary compensation. 332 and 12 BC. 2013). corrupt sport has extended to other unethical behavior such as distorting the allocation of mega-sporting events. Maennig (2006) reports documented cases of bribing competitors at the Olympic Games in 388.1 What is the major problem ? a) The Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) is fighting corruption The Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) said it would continue to aggressively fight corruption in the national football industry. c) Corruption in the national football industry 10 . biasing decisions made by sport governing bodies and fixing bet-related matches. From an economic standpoint.

it is also reported that the authorities have also arrested a bookie reminder to assist in the investigation of corruption in determining the results of football matches involving the Premier League club. d) Issue Bookies Corruption issues have long been in the field of sports. team officers or bookie syndicates. various tactics are used by certain parties in securing instant victories as a result of the party's gains on profit. the football world of the country has been rocked with a severely corrupt scandal so many well-known players at that time accepted the offense for being found guilty and subjected to various disciplinary actions including being suspended for life by the Football Association of Malaysia (FAM).000 and RM30. Last year. In fact.4 Doping Issues in Sports Management https://www. Looking at current scenarios. Initial investigation showed that all three players arrested by the MACC were suspected of receiving bribe money between RM10.It turns out that the local football scene has never been a lame or even solitary issue of corruption whether it involves players including import players. Shortcuts are always used through 'bookie' practices and match-fixing activities by making athletes or referees a "main character".000 from the bookie to determine the result of the match. Obviously since then the issue of corruption in football has continued to attract public attention because from time to time there are arrests made involving players from various levels of the again/ 11 .com.2 Why the problem have arisen ? 2. In the 1990's.thestar. the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) arrested two local players aged 26 and 27 with a 29-year-old import player who played for the MISC-MIFA club for allegedly taking bribes from a bookie. 2.

but also its sensitivity to micro-dosing. When the athlete starts to get doped up. the passport aims to reveal the effects of doping rather than detect the substance or method itself. they are able to rapidly detect doping. 29 Nov 2015 ) Doping testing is a key component enforced by anti-doping authorities to detect and deter doping in sport. The Doping issue in sports is the most frightening thing for athletes because mistaken steps are definitely the reputation of the athlete to be affected. It is an electronic document about an athlete that contains certain markers from throughout their career. the athlete's performance begins to decline and this will certainly affect the athlete itself and the impact on the country in the event that will be participated. But there are difficulties with the system. and testing is a key tool to secure this right. which face different interpretations and challenges when policy is implemented.especially when complicating factors such as training at altitude are factored in .( By Rajes Paul. Accordingly. One method introduced to aid the detection of such transfusions is the biological passport. for example.turning the atoms into charged particles by adding or removing electrons. Each substance the sample contains has a unique "fingerprint" and as the scientists already know the weight of many steroids. This article explores how the International Standards for Testing. This involves firing a beam of electrons at urine samples to ionize them . but not blood transfusions. Sunday. Some scientists have questioned the passport's efficiency . are perceived by elite athletes. it alerts officials that the athlete might be doping. Some by-products of doping substances are so small they may not produce a strong enough signal for detection. 12 . If these change dramatically. athletes’ responses to anti-doping efforts are important. a little-but-often approach to doping. Blood testing is capable of detecting EPO and synthetic oxygen carriers. How is doping detected? Most testing for doping products uses a long-established technique called mass spectrometry. Policy is developed to protect athletes’ right to participate in doping-free sport. Brought in by Wada in 2009.

instead of ending doping. S. Kumar is suspended for 2 years from any activity until his case is over. And on it goes. Hafifi Mansor (weightlifting). But what if there were a simple solution to end doping in sports once and for all? From the Incas chewing coca leaves to ancient Olympians chomping opium. Those who are found guilty will surely be hanged according to their fault. In the aftermath. Athletes found what they must have believed to be the ultimate doping agent: their own blood. in a report released today. Wandy Ng Yan Yee (plunge). Sazali Samad is four years old and S. This is certainly not a good thing for sports development in Malaysia. look for new drugs that the agency cannot detect. Rafi Manaf ( muay thai) and there are some more athletes. Sazali Samad (weightlifting). Doping in sports is back in the news. Athletes.To enhance athletic performance with your own blood. The World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) has found “systematic failures” in drug testing and accuses Russia of bribing officials to cover up positive results. It wasn’t until 1928 that the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) decided to ban doping in sports—a profession where “fairness” matters above most other factors. But a ban only works if the anti-doping agency can detect performance-enhancing drugs. Examples like Lee Chong Wei are hanging over 8 months. WADA’s recommendation is to ban Russia from athletic competition. young athletes of the Royal Malaysian Navy (RMN) bike race were found guilty of using doping and the Malaysian Cycling Association (PKBM) has suspended him for four years. Among the athletes who have been found guilty of using doping are Datuk Lee Chong Wei (badminton). humans have used drugs to enhance performance for millennia. The agency develops new drug tests. in turn. all the IAAF managed to do is create a never-ending race: The agency creates a reliable test for a certain performance-enhancing drug. you draw blood and store it in a 13 . 9. Kumar (hockey). So. Nov. The latest case. Sometimes the athlete is unaware of it for some reason such as practicing nutrition that has been prepared or practiced by the product to retain the athlete's performance.

would be a less likely scenario. As the red blood cell count goes up. What it came up with in response might be a solution to stop doping once and for all: an athlete biological passport. the biological passport might even cut out another source of cheating in high level sporting events: corrupt officials. it will probably leave detectable changes in the 1. It will only have to detect resulting changes in the body. just before a competition. ever-lasting enhancement. If an athlete inserts a performance-enhancing gene. But the anti-doping agency wasn’t going to sit by and be fooled. but then is found to be 51% after a competition.freezer. say. Although the enhancement is small compared to actual drugs. if implemented right. The idea is to record some biological traits of an athlete through testing done at regular intervals. The biological passport’s partial implementation—recording blood and steroid levels—began in January 2014. 47%. When all necessary biological traits are finally incorporated. it can be the difference between a gold medal and a silver medal.utusan. the more energy your body is able to burn and the better you are able to perform. In the case of blood doping. Your body compensates by creating more blood. if the athlete’s normal red-blood-cell count is.573020#ixzz5DbF4cPOl Utusan Melayu (M) Bhd 14 .5 The Lack Of Financial Aids And Sponsors http://www. you can re-inject the old blood for a boost. which are surely coming next. WADA will no longer need to worry about finding new methods to detect a drug. WADA is confident that the biological passport could even deter genetic changes the ultimate. Then. National anti-doping agencies destroying test samples to hide evidence of doping. Plus. Best of all. as has been alleged in the latest case against Russian authorities. so does an athlete’s ability to absorb oxygen. months later. “extra blood” was never something WADA tested for. 2. The more oxygen you grab with each breath. that would differ from the athlete’s profile in the biological passport. foul play may have been

indirectly it becomes “controlling mechanism” where that sport associations who receive fund from government has to follow certain “styles” and “regulation” made as part of conditions imposed by government. After DRB Hicom pulled out of the M League next season due to financial problems. As a result. See how other sports like 15 . certain sports such as football used to “enjoy” continuous supports from sponsors especially tobacco manufacturers but due to policies and also poor gate collection in local league resulted to poor financial situation. In other words. the soccer lovers of the homeland must admit that Malaysian football has no standard. achievement of certain sports are not really convincing. In fact.Money is the main problems in managing sports in Malaysia.Kelantan and Perlis are likely to take on a similar action following financial constraints.Youth and Sports Minister Khairy Jamaluddin said the state government should not give any money to the competition in the Malaysian League (Liga M). So many people want to withdraw from the Malaysia League 2017 due to financial problems. In past years. The financial aid from government sometimes seen as government’s intervention in certain sport associations. There are many contributing factors to this issue and one of the main factors is the sport performance itself. Kelantan and Perlis have been asking for state aid to enable the team to continue to compete in the football field next year. most sport organizations in this country are highly depends on financial aids from government to support their annual activities and development. This is the reality. Financial problems and getting sponsors also hold football associations and clubs in Malaysia. However there are also sports such as badminton and squash who still manage to draw a large amount of financial aids from sponsors and other parties but this is due to the good result from its athletes especially in international level and also huge interest from public that resulted to extensive coverage by media. The national football arena continues with financial turmoil over several state and seemingly endless states in addition to unsuccessful sponsorship problems. As a result it is hard for sport association in Malaysia to garner financial aids from sponsors or even to generate income from gate collection. but each association needs to have a body to generate financial resources. now two more . Malaysian football does not meet established standards by sponsors. Past years.

It is a solution taken to overcome the financial problems experienced by football societies. The FMLLP in the meantime has recently obliging every team that joins the League M to begin the 2018 season passing the club licensing requirements. 3. Among the requirements outlined.0 Conclusion It is apparent that the role of the government is central to the development of sports. the tendency and dynamism of the sports industrial sector. as well as the promulgation of sport-related legislation that some may see as “controlling mechanism”. each team needs to have strong financial and marketing plans to generate revenue. For example the funding may be concentrated only for sport events that have the potential of bringing fame and fortune to the country and would be less for grassroots. mass sport. This is evident mainly through the financial allocations and expenditures on sport made by the government as mentioned in the earlier paragraph. ‘elitist’ sport. No wonder local and international corporate companies are calling for their sponsorship. it may appear that Malaysia has gone through the first Phase and are well into the 16 .badminton and bowling have proven their world-class achievements. and the growth to sports organizations and national aspirations and interests. professional management and no longer depend on government subsidies or sponsors as the primary source of income. in Malaysia. Applying the process to the local context. This control is appropriate in that the government is merely accounting for public expenditures in sport as opposed to „dictating‟ the direction of local sport. There is a danger however in that future expenditures as well as development for public sport programs will only be for selected few.

where the community would be aware of the need to have professionals managing sport in Malaysia.. But before that.. (2002). Challenges and Future Directions of Sports Management in Malaysia. The establishment of the Malaysian Association for Sport Management (MASMA) in 2006 signifies the start of the second phase that would hopefully speed up the progress into the Final Phase. Ky. More local scholars in sport management are being trained locally and abroad for that same purpose. Current Issues and Problems in Sport Effecting Good Governance. Paper presented at the Fifth Annual NASSM Convention. rectify those “miseries” or issues that surrounding sports and sport associations in Malaysia. the issues discussed should be reviewed and sought to solve the problem. Paper presented at the 4th Olympic Council of Malaysia Annual Conference. Kuala Lumpur. every quarters involved in sports must play their role and first and foremost. Paper presented at the Proceedings of Malaysia Annual Conference. At least more than ten local and private institutions of higher learning are now offering sport management at baccalaureate and masters levels. P. (1990). As a conclusion. Koehler. Radzi. Kuala Lumpur. L. S. Louisville. Kok Chi. & Lupcho. S. W.second phase. sports management in Malaysia needs some improvement for example improvement in terms of efficiency and also improvement in administration and that improvement needed before Malaysia year 2020. (2000). REFERENCES The Government of Malaysia (1996) The Reports of the Fifth and Sixth Malaysian Plan for the period commencing 1986 to1995. In addition to making Malaysian sukam equal to world sports forces. Sport Management and the Process of Professionalisation. 17 .

Foad & Hashinan Abdullah (2010) Politik dan Sukan. http://www. Bhd.html Khairy Mahu FAM Segera Keluar Hasil Siasatan Insiden Terowong.php?id =1013575 18 . Bhd Helmi Mohd. Khairy Tekad Atasi Kemelut Politik Dalam Sukan.(2013) http://brojinggo.utusan. Selangor : Fajar Bakti Kuala Lumpur : Utusan Publications & Distributors Sdn. Inilah Kurikulum (2003) Helen Hong Ben Then. Ishak Ramly. Pengelolaan dan Pengurusan Pertandingan Sukan. (2001). Kejurulatihan dan Sains Sukan.asp?y=2010&dt=0113&sec=Dalam_Negeri&pg= Selangor : PTS Production.Gapor Ahmad. http://www. (2007). http://wenku. Dua insentif baru lonjak sukan.

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