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Reference Materials for PMI® Risk Management

Professional (PMI-RMP)® Examination

The following is a list of publications that candidates may find helpful when preparing for the PMI Risk Management
Professional (PMI-RMP) examination. Training providers may also find these references helpful in the preparation of
educational courses. After carefully reviewing the examination blueprint and identifying learning needs, candidates and
training providers may wish to identify additional resources and study opportunities, as necessary. Please note that this list
may be updated from time to time to maintain currency.

A Guide to the Project Management Practice Standard for Project Risk

Body of Knowledge (PMBOK® Guide)­— Management
Fifth Edition PMI
PMI ISBN: 9781933890388
ISBN: 9781935589679

How to Manage Project Opportunity Project Management JumpStart—

and Risk: Why uncertainty management 3rd Edition
can be a much better approach than risk
Kim Heldman
ISBN: 9780470939192
Stephen Ward, Chris Chapman
ISBN: 9780470686492

Identifying and Managing Project Risk: Project Manager’s Spotlight on Risk

Essential Tools for Failure-Proofing Your Management
Project­—Second Edition Kim Heldman
Tom Kendrick ISBN: 9780782144116
ISBN: 9780814413401

Integrated Cost-Schedule Risk Analysis Project Risk Management Handbook

David Hulett Bart Jutte
ISBN: 9780566091667 ISBN: 9781469132716

Practical Project Risk Management: Understanding and Managing Risk

ATOM Methodology­ Attitude­—Second Edition
David Hillson, Peter Simon David Hillson, Ruth Murray-Webster
ISBN: 9781567262025 ISBN: 9788126506316