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Name: khadar Adan ahmed

Tell: 063- 4707444


Hargeisa: Somaliland

To: SOS primary school

Dear: Sir/Madam

I am writing to apply for the SQUARE TEACHER since this position is primary
school; i have good ability to teach whole subjects. As requested I am enclosing
a completed job application, my resume, and a cover letter.

The opportunity presented in this posting is very interesting, and I believe that
my strong technical knowledge in teaching experience will make me a very
competitive candidate for this position.


An outstanding classroom practitioner possessing considerable primary

subjects teaching experience along with ability to motivate and inspire
students across the age and ability range. Possessing excellent teaching,
learning and behavior management strategies to help pupils fulfill their
potential, Able to bring ideas, energy and enthusiasm to teaching and who
has a commitment to raising attainment


 Volunteer and home teaching for young students in my village.

 I have participated educational training programs.
 working sheikh mouse duale primary and
 becomes teacher of mathematics and social in malko durduro primary
and intermediate school.
 Providing personal and group assessment in the neighboring students
 Arranging meetings with parents and discussing the
development of the children.
 Monitoring the performance of pupils in my class and
providing encouragement to those who need additional help.
 Interacting with each student and helping them solve their
 I have ability to flow modern teaching ways
 Involved in organising and be in charge of examinations.
 Organising coursework for multiple courses at a time.
 Engaging pupils in the class in stimulating discussions.
 Carrying out assessments of students work.

Name: khadar aadan ahmed

Age: 28

Year of Birth: 1989

Nationality: Somalilander

Marital Status: Married

Cell phone no: 063-4707444

Email Address:

1. 2006 graduated from ALIF-DOON primary and intermediate school.
2. In 2009 Graduated from FARAH SECONDARY SCHOOL
3. 2015 taking national teacher training
4. I also take training about coordinate of society.
 Teaching
 Creating a stimulating learning environment for students to study in.
 Possessing excellent subject knowledge and a real enthusiasm for overall
 Aware of and using new media like the internet to promote interactive
 Up to date and aware of the latest teaching methods and techniques.
 Having strong classroom management skills.
 Able to be firm and disciplined with students to maintain high standards
of discipline and behaviour.

 Ensuring that all work in the maths departing reflects the distinctive ethos
of school
 Undertaking a designated programme of teaching across all key stages.
 Maintaining appropriate student attainment records.
 Marking and grading the work of students.

Personal activity
 Providing assessments and assignments
 Checking exercises each period
 Improving mental exercise
 Encouragement of students


Designer: mokhtar saed Mohamed

Tel: 063- 3469947

English teacher: abdi-hakin mahamoud abdillah.

Tel: 063-4836165