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Main Points -

1> The priority determination will be non-Automated in SAP.

2> Determination of No of Trolleys in a tugger and thereby monitoring of Successful scanning.
3> Routing of PNWM Material through SAP-WM – Will all materials will now be warehouse
managed? Components to be provided to Processors, Processed parts to be received from
Processor, component supplied to CSPD or misc supply from CMS, Subassemblies to be
supplied to CSPD, Non-Production items etc..
4> For Direct Materials, GR to be done at LS or LSS. Mode of Issue to Line. Pick List by whom?
Current process for issue, Sequencing for components, PL generation Trigger,
5> List of Direct parts, Mapping to Trolleys, Bins, Pick list, Non-Production items
6> Data for QI Area location to be maintained
7> TO Confirmation to be done manually in SAP
8> Exception handling
9> No of Unloading points – Final List
10> Page 16-17
11> Collection Plan modification, Collection list modification
12> Shortage List modification – RPL for Line side, Stock to be considered from CMS
13> Critical Parts List an d checking at GE....
14> Forced Non-DOL – To be entered as Com
15> Movement reversals in SAP-WM
16> Movement types – 102,122,....
17> Excess Receipt –Process, Role
18> Cancellation of GE, ASN for Excess receipt
19> Why Fresh GE, ASN for Excess to be sent back?
20> Page 25
21> Mapping of critical items to QC Pendency Table with Criticality indicator, To be entered by
22> That QI Area location to be entered where material actually entered
23> Inspection time for QC Pendency List
24> TO to be confirmed on receipt at CMS
25> Escalation time for QC Pendency
26> Report for QC Cleared materials, to be moved to CMS
27> Page 28 – Auto clearance of locations on confirmation
28> Confirmation mode or TOs – HHT/manual
29> YRLR_908?
30> Done upto pg 28
31> LRN – Reduction of Line side stock, Transfer from LS to CMS in SAP, Transactions in SAP, WM
impact, After inspection in CMS, moving OK Qty from CMS Insp area to CMS, Moving from
CMS to LS, Diff from QI Area locations, Debit process (VECV, Ve, Tr, Ins), scrapping, RDA and
other QC Transactions
32> Supply of components to CSPD – Documentation in SAP, Blocked stock availability,
Unblocking, Linking 903, 904 and 101. G/L Accounts mapping
33> Supply of Sub-Assemblies to CSPD – Documentation, transactions in SAP
34> Green Channel – Pick List Generation, Information on PL, Stock Transfers, Accountability
35> Master data changes – Responsibility, Upload mechanism, WM Views, Sloc
36> Modifications in Agreements - Responsibility, Upload mechanism, Sloc, WM Impact (New
Agrts ??)
37> GE Creation – Unloading Point (Final UPts, CMS=East?), Groups, Group-login Ids
38> GE Acknowledgement – Changes???
39> GR Process – Forced status, Locations, 103-105 process, mb01 for Sample GR, GR of capital
items, GR for non-production items, Multiple Items per invoice.
40> QC Process – Automation, partial clearance, Rejection process mapping, scrapping, return,
41> Return/Rejection Process at Gate
42> PL – Blocking procedure, Issue to CSPD, PLR etc.., Different cases – Normal, Hardware/ROP,
Green Channel
43> Backfl + Cons Post
44> RFID Integration - Timeline
45> BCR Integration
46> Requirement of reports
47> Handling of Resolution area, Quarantine area, Rework area, Rejection Area, PLR Area, CSPD
48> PLR Area – separate sloc, str sec, common to 1000 and PLR, Only PLR, DD Process
49> WM Movements – Mat to mat transfer
50> MRN Process – Interface (Input / Output)design, Blocking and un-blocking,
Manually/Automatic, Print, Manual Priority determination, Re-blocking after issue or after
receipt, Page 60 pt f, Resolution team has two possible scenarios -
a) Incase of short supply from CMS, part comes to Line physically and gets posted from in-
b) Incase part was lost, reconciliation would have to involve WM and Finance
Entry of Vehicle Number and location in Rework Area for Roll-out w/o part,
Auto generation of MRN Number? Creator’s name? Manual Entries, MRN for Direct and
Indirect Consumables
51> Capturing Spares Requirement – Monthly entry of requirement, breakup to weekly
requirement, to delete requirement if supplied, Carry-over (Logic)? Week counting on the
basis of dates not working days, Form Design (I/O, Logic)
52> H/W, ROP – Half a day stock determination not on the basis of Production plan but pre-
defined, Qty mismatch between Actual Production and assumed half a day production,
Space to unload Trolley contents and send the Empty Trolley back, Identification of H/W, ROP
Trolleys (Physical and System), PL Generation through RFID, Consumption posting through
201 immediately after 315 for full Acknowledged Qty or 201 only for used Qty or reversal of
excess 201 postings, Acknowledgement through HHT
53> Consumable Items – Direct: MRN Process, Supply for discrete, Separate Trolleys for Dir Con,
Indir Con? RFID Enabled? MRN for Indirect Items
54> Material Types – ROH? BOUT, SCON? RTP? VERP?

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