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SGS can provide a full range of coal, coke, DIGITAL IMAGING SYSTEM (DIS)
and by-product petrographic services.
SGS has a Digital Imaging System (DIS)
which can be used to determine coal
COAL PETROGRAPHY blend percentages or to compare changes
Coal petrography is a microscopic in quality of individual coals or blends
technique used to determine a coals over time. This system consists of a
rank (degree of coalification) and type Zeiss microscope and digital camera, a
(amount and type of macerals) on computer controlled motorized stage, and
polished specimens of minus 20 mesh software to compile and analyze the data.
prepared coal. Petrography is used as a The DIS gathers over 5 million reflectance
tool to evaluate bituminous coals and coal values for a single coal and over 9 million Coal Particle in reflected light (500x)
blends in terms of their ability to produce for multi-seam coals or coal blends to
blast furnace coke. Rank is determined by generate a reflectogram. Cursors can be
measuring the percent light reflectance of set to isolate the various ranks of coals in
the maceral vitrinite. Type is determined a blend and determine their percentages.
using a point count procedure to obtain
the volume percent of the various coal COKE AND BY-PRODUCT PETROGRAPHY
macerals, or fossilized plant remains.
SGS provides coal and coke petrographic
Coal petrography can also be used to
services to determine parent coal blend
determine whether contaminants are
percentages, troubleshoot quality
present in the coal and to detect oxidized
problems, and evaluate impacts of coke
coal in the sample.
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operations on the resultant product. In Coke in reflected light (500x)

addition, we can evaluate by-product
quinoline insoluble (QI) samples to
determine tar quality.

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