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Warhammer World’s first Necromunda event is a FREE one day tournament open to all. Whether you are just starting out on
your journey in the hive, or if you are a seasoned ganger with turf and reputation aplenty, get ready to stake your claim from the
underhives to the far-reaching spires of Necromunda. In the shadows of the hive, only the strongest endure. Held from Games
Workshop’s very own Warhammer World, each player will play 4 games of Necromunda Gang War on our specially designed
Necromunda tables built by the Warhammer World Studio. Expect high-rise buildings set in Sector Mechanicus, heart-wrenching
drops and choke points, suitably grim pools of toxic waste and ooze, precarious gangways and vantage points, and even the firing
lanes and close confines of Zone Mortalis. Each table will be different, so come prepared to battle on any and all kinds of turf.


DATE: 21st April 2018 9.00AM – 10.00AM Registration in Bugman’s

SYSTEM: Necromunda Gang War 10.00AM Events Hall and Stores open

GANG SIZE: 1,250 Credits 10.20AM Event brief

Selected on the day from

SCENARIOS: Gang War (pages 52 – 65)
10.30AM – 12.00PM Game 1

Resurrection - Pre-determined Lunch and the ‘Best Gang’

12.00PM – 2.00PM painting competition
FORMAT: advancements and no Lasting
2.00PM – 3.30PM Game 2
3.45PM – 5.15PM Game 3
Necromunda Underhive,
Gang War, Gang War II,
White Dwarf and the Legacy
5.30PM – 7.00PM Game 4

PUBLICATIONS Gangs PDF. In addition, any

7.30PM Award Ceremony
IN USE: publications and PDFs released
before the event will be in use
unless their release falls on the 8.00PM Warhammer World closes
weekend of the event
Playing exciting, atmospheric games with fully painted miniatures is a big part of our events at Warhammer World.
Therefore all miniatures in your collection must be 100% Games Workshop miniatures and be fully assembled, painted and
based. Each model must, where possible, represent what you have presented on your gang roster. This includes all weapons and
grenades, but wargear, weapon attachments and special ammunition DOES NOT need to be included (although feel free
to model them if you wish).

Furthermore, you need to contact us to let us know about any conversions or proxies you are planning on using, and provide us
with photos of the models in question where possible. Don’t worry, we fully appreciate awesome hobby skills and cool models,
but we just want to make sure everything is super clear for your opponent and no confusion can arise during games.

We will politely ask you to remove any models that don’t meet these above standards to protect everyone’s experience.
If you would like more information on Warhammer World’s model requirements then read our guide here: content/uploads/Model-Requirements.pdf

All gangs are founded before the event and any Advancements are pre-determined (see below) and last for the whole event. In
addition, when a fighter is taken Out Of Action during a game, there is no need to roll on the Lasting Injury table.
Instead, it is assumed that all fighters are (12-26) Out Cold on the Lasting Injury table and return healthy with all of their skills
and characteristics intact for the next game. This is referred to as ‘Resurrection format’, or ‘Resurrection play’.

Players have 1250 credits with which to found their gang. Gangs use the Campaign House Lists contained in Gang War, Gang
War II, and those printed in White Dwarf, as well as any from the Legacy Gangs pdf not yet updated elsewhere. Gangs must
consist of between 8 and 12 fighters, of which 3 Gangers may be designated as Specialists. Gangs must abide by the gang
composition rules as detailed in the gang list.

LEADERS As normal, the Leader should gain a free starting skill when founding the gang.

Gangs should be equipped from their own equipment list following the usual rules. Additionally,
EQUIPMENT gangs may purchase any item from the Rare Trade chart at the cost specified that is Rare (9) or below,
including all items listed as Common, to be distributed amongst fighters.
These may be included. Hired Guns do not count towards the minimum number of fighters, but both
HIRED GUNS AND Hired Guns and Hangers On do count towards the maximum number of fighters. Miniatures and
HANGERS ON fighter cards are required for all Hangers On.

REPUTATION Gangs have a Reputation of 5. Note this will mean that only 1 Hanger On per gang is permitted.

TURF SIZE: All gangs have a Turf Size of 3.

You may choose 5 Primary skills to distribute between your fighters. No fighter may be given more
EXTRA SKILLS: than 1 extra skill other than the Leader who gains a free Starting Skill, meaning they may be given 2
in total.
CHARACTERISTIC 2 of the fighters in your gang may be given a single characteristic increase.

Ticket holders are able to enter the ‘Best Gang’ painting competition. This is open entry for the gang you have been using during
the weekend. Players will then vote for their favourite and the winner will be given an award. Please note that to enter the
competition you must have built and painted your gang personally.

Players will be able to experience the Warhammer World facilities on the day as well as taking part in the Necromunda
tournament. Games Workshop, Forge World and Black Library stores are on site. Tickets to the miniatures exhibition are available
to purchase separately. Food and drink is available to purchase from Bugman’s Bar (lunch is not provided with your ticket).

If you wish to ask any questions, discuss any conversions or to find out more about our events, you can contact us
through these channels:

Phone: 0115 9004994

Write: Warhammer World Events Team, Games Workshop, Willow Road, Nottingham, NG7 2WS
Catch up on all the latest Warhammer World news by finding us on at Games Workshop: Warhammer World
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