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James Smith


I am a competent marketing professional with a Postgraduate Diploma in
Marketing from the CIM. I have marketing experience that covers all areas of the
123, The Street
marketing mix including product, brand, merchandising, PR, print production,
Happy Town
Big City N1 234 digital and online marketing, and sales promotions. Additionally, I have experience
of managing external agencies. I am looking for a position at an innovative
company with a good customer mix from start up to market leading brands.


Mar ke ti ng Ma na ger 2016-date

jamessmithskype ABC Supplies Ltd, Nottingham

As Marketing Manager for this East Midlands company, my responsibilities


jamesys  Managing all marketing for the company and activities within the
marketing department.
 Developing the marketing strategy in line with company objectives.
 Creation and publication of all marketing material in line with marketing

Mar ke ti ng A ssis tan t 2013-2016

ZYZ Supplies Ltd, Nottingham

KEY ACHIEVEMENT As Marketing Assistant for this East Midlands company, my responsibilities
From 2013-2016, I worked with
my key account Supercreams on
a new series of marketing video  Planning and implementing promotional campaigns.
‘Weather the Storm’ for the  Managing and improving lead generation campaigns, measuring results.
launch of their new product,  Preparing online and print marketing campaigns.
‘Super Hand Cream’. The video
was viewed voluntarily by 3.5m During 2014 and 2015 my campaigns generated an increase in leads of 13% and an
people on Youtube and annual increase in sales of approximately 3%, worth £259,000.
sales of the new product were
on target for £1.2 million for Mar ke ti ng Jun i or 2009 - 2013
2016. 123 Supplies Ltd, Nottingham

As Marketing Junior for this company, my responsibilities included:

 Creating a wide range of different marketing materials.

 Maintain effective internal communications to ensure that all relevant
company functions are kept informed of marketing objectives.

Key achievements include increasing one of my client’s email open rates from 14%
to 53% and increasing CTR from 11% to 63%.

Use of Adobe Creative Cloud Mar ke ti ng In ter n 2008

software including Photoshop, WOW Supplies Ltd, Loughborough
Dreamweaver, InDesign,
Fireworks and more. As an unpaid intern, my responsibilities included:
Competent in setting up and
analysing Google Adwords  Attending pitch events with the Founder
campaigns.  Identifying potential customers and targeting them
 Helping to write and implement digital marketing plans
Competent in analyzing and  Developing template marketing documents
reporting on Google Analytics
data. Mar ke ti ng In ter n 2007
Accomplished copywriter with a DNA Supplies Ltd, Leicester
portfolio that includes blog posts,
landing pages, magazine articles, As an unpaid intern, I gained experience evaluating the effectiveness of all
newspaper articles, adverts and marketing activity across the Company.

Pos t g r a dua te Di plo ma in Mar ket in g 2016-2018
Chartered Institute of Marketing
George Jones
Managing Director
ABC Supplies Ltd B Sc Bus i ness a nd Mar ket ing ( 2:1 ) 2013-2016
01939 123456 Nottingham Trent University
BT E C M ed ia and M ar ket ing ( D ist in ct io n ) 2011-2013
Sam Jones Confetti, Nottingham
Managing Director
ZYZ Supplies Ltd 9 G C S Es G r a de C a nd above 2009-2011
01939 7891011 Redhill Academy, Nottingham


 Member of the Chartered Institute of Marketing

 Member of the Academy of Marketing
“James is a competent marketer
 Member of the Direct Marketing Association
who has worked tirelessly on
 Member of the eMarketing Association
our account. His reports are
 Member of the Institute of Direct and Digital Marketing
thorough and give us everything
 Member of the Institute of Practitioners in Advertising
we need to make strategic
marketing decisions from the
very top. I would not hesitate to
recommend him.” HOBBIES & INTERESTS

Jessie Allen, CEO  Walking  Going to the gym

Super Duper Company Ltd  Cycling  Cooking
 Hiking  Health and fitness
 Mountain biking  Yoga