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Subject Code - 504

Semester - Fifth

Hrs Mks
Chapter 1 Introduction to Joint Stock Company 06 10
1.1 Definition, Characteristics & Advantages
1.2 Meaning, Definition and Types of Shares and

Chapter 2 Company Final Accounts 20 20

2.1 Preparation of Trading, Profit and Loss, Profit and
Loss Appropriation Accounts & Balance Sheet with
provisions of Companies Act including writing off
of Miscellaneous Expenses, Proposed dividend,
Provision for Taxation and Transfer to Reserves.

Chapter 3 Allowances and Visitors Paid Out 05 08

3.1 Meaning, Types and Proformas
3.2 Difference between Allowances & VPO

Chapter 4 Guest Billing 12 12

4.1 Proforma and Use of Visitors Tabular Ledger and
Guest Weekly Bill
4.2 Accounting of Bills receivable

Chapter 5 Uniform System of Accounting 15

5.1 Introduction
5.2 Practical problems on preparation of Income
5.3 Schedules showing Departmental incomes -Rooms,
Food & Beverage, Telephone
Gift shop, Garage and Parking, Laundry and
Marketing only

Chapter 6 Concepts related to Financial Management 06 08

6.1 Definition, and factors affecting Working Capital
6.2 Definition, Characteristics of Budgets
6.3 History and meaning of Value added tax

Total 64 70

Note : Glossary of Terms

Students should be familiar with the glossary of
terms pertaining to above mentioned topics
Implementation Strategies:
The students may be assigned exercises related to hotel accounting to get hands on
experience. They may be given assignments to collect various formats used in the hotel
industry and to present the same in the class.

Reference Books
1. Hotel Accountancy & Finance- S.P Jain & K.L Narang First 1999 Kalyani
Publishers B1/1292,Rajinder Nagar, Ludhiana
2. Hotel Accounting & Financial Control - Ozi D’Cunha Gleson Ozi D’Cunha –
Fist-2002- Dickey Enterprises , Kandivali (W) Mumbai
3. Accountancy in the Hotel & catering Industry – Richard Kotas – Fourth –1981-
International Textbook Company
4. Elements of Hotel Accountancy- G.S.Rawat & JMS Negi – Fifth Revised – 1994-
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