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Concrete Admixtures

Dr. Fixit Deshuttering Oil

W at e r d i l u t a b l e S h u t t e r i n g / M o u l d
Release Agent

Dr. Fixit Deshuttering oil is a concentrated mould or shuttering release agent. It is suitable for use with all
types of moulds and formwork of concrete including wood, steel, etc. for easy release / stripping of hardened
concrete It is a water dilutable product, diluted just before application.

Dr. Fixit Deshuttering Oil

Areas of Application
}} On all types of mould or formwork like wood & steel, etc.

Features & Benefits

}} Water dilutable – 1 : 5 dilution with water makes it most economical to use.
}} Suitability - Suitable for all types of concrete moulds / formworks.
}} Staining – Does not stain the concrete after stripping.
}} Finish - Reduces imperfections on concrete surfaces by producing very smooth surface finish.
}} Usability - Extends life of the wood in shuttering & shuttering can be reused 2 –3 times.
}} Cleaning - All tools can be cleaned easily with water.
}} Toxicity – Non toxic.

Method of Application


}}Used or rusted metal equipments must be cleaned thoroughly by wire brushing or abrading with emery paper.
}}Clean the dust or dirt by wiping with wet cloth or rags / cotton waste.

}} Mix the content of the container thoroughly to an uniform mix.

}} Mixing ratio - 1 ltr Dr. Fixit Deshuttering Oil : 5 ltr of water.

}} Mix concentrated Dr. Fixit Deshuttering Oil with recommended quantity of clean potable water in a clean

container thoroughly.

}} Apply one coat on the formwork with a brush, roller or by spraying. Allow the formwork to dry completely

before casting of concrete.

}} For better concrete finish 2 coats over untreated timber are essential.

}} Excess application of emulsion may cause “bugholes” or imperfections in the concrete finish.

Precautions & Limitations

}}Dr. Fixit Deshuttering Oil should not be added in dry mixes under any circumstances.
}} Coverage depends on type and condition of shuttering plates.
Concrete Admixtures
Dr. Fixit Deshuttering Oil
W at e r d i l u t a b l e S h u t t e r i n g / M o u l d
Release Agent

Technical Information


Dr. Fixit Deshuttering Oil

Appearance Free flowing liquid
Colour Amber
Sp. Gravity @ 30°C, gms/ ml 0.85 ± 0.5
Miscibility with water Easily miscible
Stability of diluted material , Hrs 20 - 24

}} For untreated wooden surface - 75 – 100 m2 / 6 ltrs
}} For pre-oiled wooden surface – 90 – 150 m2 / 6 ltrs
}} For steel surface - 125 to 180 m2 / 6 ltrs

}} 10 litres

Shelf Life & Storage

}} Shelf life is 12 months from date of manufacturing in unopened containers.
}} Store at cool & dry place, away from sun heat & fire.

Health & Safety Precuation

}} Use rubber hand gloves & safety goggles, while using Dr. Fixit Deshuttering Oil.
}} In case of contact with skin, wash with plenty of water.
}} Keep out of reach of children’s.

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