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Ronak Biyani,

Ahmedabad University

India of My Dream

India also named as Hindustan and Bharat is famous all over the world for its cultural
heritage, hospitality and integrity. But, it also ranks high for corruption, terrorism,
naxlities, poverty, unemployment, slums, and such negative factor. It is still portrayed as
“country of snake charmers” around the globe though it is a fact that there are quiet a
large number of Indians in world’s best companies like Microsoft, world’s space research
center NASA and universities like Oxford.

I dream to see India as the developed counties in terms of –

 Education
 Technology, research and innovation
 Infrastructure
 Defense
 Industrial, agricultural and service sector
 Political stability
 Health sector
 Law and order, safety and security

Education: - Currently India has around 34% of illiterate people which is 1/3 rd of the
world population. A literacy rate of 66% while the global average is 84.5% is pity for
country like India. We talk of development, but our youths are illiterate in 21st century
and the campaigns like providing food in school to children to make sure that students
come to school are failing. We rely on “numbers” and “percentage” while looking at
growth, but not the quality of what we are churning out from schools and colleges.
On one side we talk of being part of top-3 most developed countries in world and on
other hand we have female literacy rate of less than 45% in states like Uttar Pradesh
(42.98) Arunachal Pradesh (44.24) Jammu & Kashmir (41.82) Jharkhand (39.38) Bihar
I dream of India where India proudly stands among the top-3 list of world’s literacy list
with literacy rate of more than 98% (at least among youths) till 2020. This group should
be literate, not by “numbers” and “percentage”, but by quality. I also wish to see India as
a home for world’s best colleges and universities, wherein people from all over the world
compete for admission in Indian universities.

I also wish to see revolution in education system where students do not study for marks,
but for knowledge. I dream to see India as a country where education system is such
where students have fun rather than pressure about studies; where there is ZERO suicide
before results; where admission is given based on knowledge and not on the basis of
marks and reservation; where deserving candidates gets what they deserve and there is no
element of “donation” or “reservation”. I look for the development of basic infrastructure
of education so that the under-privileged can compete in the world on the basis of the
knowledge and we can successfully abolish reservation from higher education.

Technology, research and innovation: - these are the 3 buzzwords of 21st century and
important for development. But today India lack in all three. When we are happy with
agni-missiles, we don’t have power to try nuclear bombs. We do not have facilities to
develop Airbus or run bullet trains in country owing to the lack of infrastructure and
finance. We are happy with metros in Delhi, Calcutta, Mumbai and Ahmedabad (where
proposal is approved), but we do not learns from the space utilization of Japan and the
technology development. We have firms like Infosys, Wipro and TCS who helped India
by making its way to the world’s export of IT/ITES services, but we lack companies like
Microsoft. I see India as a place where we have companies bigger than Microsoft,
Toyota, Wal-Mart, Dell, P&G, Unilever and the like. I dream of India to be the home for
world’s biggest firms around the globe.

Though we have achieved great success in terms of space research activities by

successfully placing Chandrayaan in the orbit, but we still haven’t reached at the stage
where we can stand with countries like USA and Russia. Why can’t we have research
centers like NASA where scientists from all over the world dream to work for? Why
can’t we have centers where world’s most developed technologies are invented?

I dream that we have the world-class research centres in areas of industrial goods,
medicines and agricultural sector goods. It is necessary to have the research centre where
we have all the required facilities to conduct any sort of research, whether to increase
agricultural production by 10 times the current level or developing medicines for diseases
like cancer and AIDS.

The innovation is the buzzword among the college students but when we look at the
statistics, we are no-where on the path of the development. Looking at the data of the
patent filed and granted, we stand at 9th and 12th position respectively on these grounds.
We often talk that our human resource can be our strength, but the data focuses on the
facts. I see an India where innovation reaches at the level patents filing and granted
reaches on the highest level; also, patent filing is not restricted to companies, I wish
highly educated India wherein majority of person have at least 1 patent filed in their

Infrastructure: - A huge investment in infrastructure like road, power, clean drinking

water, transportation, electricity, etc is must for a country to grow. India has huge access
to sea water and this can be used to generate electric power on large scale. As of now, the
technology can be imported. But as I mentioned above, we need to develop everything on
our own or with help of others.
There are at least better roads in metros and other urban cities, but compared to other
developed nations, they are of poor quality. To give an example, till date we did not have
the airport to land Airbus in India. Recently Delhi Airport is only developed to have that
capacity. The transportation facility within the country is also poor. Why we don’t have
the trains like bullet in the country and infrastructure to support that. Let us make India
where these things are common. I look at India as a country where all cities are linked to
national highways and every city has best roads. Also, let us make “clean drinking water”
a truth for every household. Let us make power cuts a history for nation.

Defense: - the security of the country and its people should be the priority of the nation
and nation should be able successfully safeguard the countrymen. Terrorism and
Naxlities activities should be no more in the country. Special intelligence agencies should
be given established that ensures the safety of people (though they are working currently,
still we had blasts in Mumbai and Ahmedabad, bombs were found in Surat, naxlities are
killing innocent people and all these activities are damaging the country).

I wish that the defense expenditure should be almost 20% of the GDP (currently it is
13%). I see India as a country with largest army, navy and air-force equipped with latest

Health sector: - India, as I dream, will have breakthroughs in health sector with life
expectancy of around 82 years which is around 68 years now. I see India as the research
centre for the world’s best medicines development and India becomes the dream place for
scientist around the globe. “Talk of the healthy country and India is the name” is my

I see India as a country where people don’t die due to starvation, child don’t suffer from
mal-nutrition, diseases like cancer and AIDS have their medicines available at every
chemist shop.

I see India as the world’s super-power and most respected country. India should have its
say in UN and should be among those who have VETO power. A country which is
economically and fundamentally strong and people believe in the growth. Let’s make it
country with per capita income which is enough for everyone to buy their livelihood;
there is less difference between ‘haves and have-nots’. I dream of India as the “world’s
trade house”, “the investment capital of the world”, “the job destination”, “the education
destination”, “the world’s safest place”, and “the business zone for world’s biggest
companies” .

I see the country where there is transparency in government and private. There are no
campaigns like “jago grahak jago” or “vote India” or like that. Corruption and bribe are
almost none in the country. I see India as a country, where concepts like “Save girl child”
or “Stop child labor” or and campaigns related to health and education need not be
enforced by law but they are cultivated in generation.

To conclude,
I dream of a country-
Where ambulance reaches faster than pizza,
Where education loan is cheaper than car loan,
Where poor gets free rice, not the sim cards,
Where people are ready to help others and “Shramdan is maha dan”
Where people are famous, not for being rich, but for their deeds,
Where we are sufficient enough to consider human as asset rather than liability,
Where we can live without fear of law and order getting distorted,
Where there is 100% transparency in all government departments,
Where RTQ (Right to Question) provides right to question the government decisions,
Where government employees are as efficient as private sector,
Where India is “world’s destination” in every field,
Where we are free from child labor, dowry, girl child death and rape cases,
Where we have generation that not only thing of growth in numbers, but quality,
Where a common citizen is given same respect as VIP,
Where we can actually exercise the constitution rights granted to all individuals,
Finally, I dream of India where we can really say “Mera Bharat Mahan and none is
Beiman”. Jai Hind.