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Minutes of the meeting of DeS, Planning with OIS Team

Date: 02.06.2010 Time: 10.30 am Venue: Provincial Planning Secretariat

The meeting outset by DCS Planning and he welcomed all the OIS Team members and appreciated their works. The following matters were discussed in order to enhance the betterments of Operational Information System (OIS) Unit.

1. Work plan

DCS- Planning has requested to submit detail work plan for the year 2010 immediately. OIS team agreed to submit next week.

  • 2. LAN

DCS, Planning pointed out the Local Area Network in the Chief Secretary's cluster premises is not working properly and he requested the OIS members to make necessary arrangements to accomplish the incomplete network.

  • 3. NPC Website

DCS - Planning has instructed that the official website of Northern Provincial Council should be update regularly and all the events or any other items should be approved by DCS - Planning before publishing in the website, the photographs for the events also should be forwarded to DCS Planning J;9 before publishing for his approval.

DCS - planning has appointed Mr.Sarweswaran, (ADP, Planning Secretariat, NP) as in charge for web publications and DCS instructed that all events and other items should be directed to him for his approval. Events for the every sector should be uploaded by its responsible officer in the OIS Team. Mr.S.Muralidass and Mr.P.Thavarajah will be in charge for uploading events.

DCS - Planning further instructed that when bulks of events come, all the OIS Member should be work together in division of labuor to upload the events quickly.

4. Web Based Systems

a) PRMIS Yearly payment for the database server and web server should be made regularly. Mr. S. Yoharajan, Director, CIRM will make arrangements to contact with the Development Team who is responsible for developing PRIMS web application and he wanted to continue the development work ofPRMIS and expects to complete the task urgently.

Further he requested Mr.S.Yoharajan to arrange a short course on deploy the web based system.

b) VPass

VPass Information System is in deployment stage will be hosted in a local server after the completion of LAN. It will run with Local Area Network. The VPass System will be maintained in

Planning Secretariat. Miss. S. Babina, Management Assistant, Planning Secretariat will be in charge after the final implementation.

  • 5. Examination Results Database

Examination Results Database

is functioning properly.

  • 6. Sectoral Forum

Sectoral Forum for Indigenous

Medicine is working properly. Other sectors have to be initiated.

  • 7. Updation of Archives

Mr. P. Thavarajah, OIS Team will be in charge for maintenance for NPC Archives which is run in LAN. DCS, Planning will instruct to Mr. P. Thavarajah. The information will be collected from Mr.

Vageesan, Assistant Secretary, Provincial Public Administration Secretariat. monthly.

It should be updated

  • 8. Server side Problems

GTZ Network Engineer Mr. Suthakaran will coordinate to solve the problems in Servers. Mr. Ananthan will be the short term consultant for the Server Administration. He is already assigned for the task.

  • 9. Server Rack

GTZ office wants to provide rack to keep the servers. hire vehicle for getting the server rack from GTZ

Mr.K.Sadagoban will make arrangements to

office. Administrative

Officer of Planning

Secretariat will help for arranging a vehicle from a department.

10. Network Administration

DCS, Planning discussed about the Network Administration,

but the responsible officer Mr. S.

Surendran not attend the meeting. He further instruct to Team Leader, Mr. K. Sadagoban to conduct

with Mr. S. Surendran about this matter.

11.Task and Responsibilities

In order to keep the OIS tasks efficiently, DCS Planning assigned the following officers to the particular task.

Network Administrator Web Administrator Database Administrator

Mr. G. Sashikumaran Mr. S. Muralidass Mr. B. Kajendran

Responsible Officers (or Sectoral OIS activities

The following officers will be responsible for OIS task for the every sectoral ICT activities.

Agriculture Education Health Infrastructure Local Government Chief Secretary's Cluster Governor's Cluster

Mr. S. Muralidass Mr. B. Kajendran Mr. G. Sashikumaran Mr. P. Thavarajah Mrs. K. Mathuranthaki Mr. K. Sadagopan Mr. P. Thavarajah

If any Project Units want OIS team help on ICT, they should inform to DCS - Planning for his approval.


OIS Team members requested to keep inform their leave in advanced to DCS-Planning exit more than three days.

13. MDTI Training

A team member who wants to be a resource person in any training programme conducted by MDTD should be informed and obtain prior approval by DCS-Planning.

The meeting end at 11.30 am.



Deputy Chief Secretary, Planning Secretariat, NPc.