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Date 24.01.

2011 NSE Stock Chart V10

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Step 1 MT4 Instalation.

Download MT4 Platform from any broker.
Install fresh copy of MT4 with folder Name Stock Chart.

After installation complete MT4 will start and ask you for login or ask for account creation.
Cancel all, we don’t need to create any account with any broker, we don’t require to login to any broker
server. Close MT4 and go to step 2.

Note: incase you are confused and need help contact me on email
I will try to help as and when time permit.
Step 2 Files copy
After Installation complete, Create folder name NSE under folder History and copy files
Symbols.raw and symbolgroup.raw in NSE folder

symbols.raw file content symbols of 230 stocks for sample,

you can create your own symbol.raw we will discuss that in another section.
symbolgroup.raw file is sample and you can use same file.

Extract zip file I send you and copy all files as shown below
\experts\indicators\NSE Stock Chart V10 .mq4
\experts\files\ symbols.txt
\experts\scripts\Script Create Symbol List V10.mq4
Step 3 How to login
Start MT4, it will ask you to login, put 1234 in login and 1234 in Password field.
Put NSE in server field.
Click save account information and click Login button.
Login window will go and server connection status at right bottom corner of MT4 will be not connected.
Step 4 how to enable all symboles
Now Go to View -> Market Watch or Ctrl+M
You will see Market watch window with symbols name, right click on any symbol and select Show All
This will show all symbol in market watch.

Go to MT4 tools - > options -> expert adviser, in this select allow DLL import
This is required for MT4 to access ReadWebCSV.mq4

Sometime you may see only one symbol in symbol window, this is since all symbols are not enabled.
Right click on any symbol on market watch then select “Symbol” one new window will pop up as shown
below, Click on name Nifty and then click button Show
Show and Hide button enable disable symbols
After you click on show with selection name Nifty all symbol will become yellow and appear in market
watch window, refer below picture.
Step 5 Opening new chart.

Right click on any symbol name and select Chart Window

One Blank chart will get Open with timeframe MN.
It will show “Waiting for update”, don’t worry.

Now click on D1 Button on toolbar. And you will see Daily chart
Now when you press 5MIN button you will see 5min chart.
Step 6 How to apply your own template on chart.

Default template is used when new chart is open.

Now you want to apply your own template on chart.
If you have your template just apply on that.
Right click on chart , navigate template then select your template name from list and click that name.

Regarding “default.tpl” file for smooth operations

And Creating your own default template

This is important file , when you open new chart it is open with this default template.
By default chart with time frame MN will get open , you will not see any chart on MN timeframe.
And indicator NSE Stock Chart V10 is already attached to chart.
then when you click timeframe button M5 or M15 you will see those charts.

I have given one default template with some moving average attached.
When you want your own template with your indicator, you have to create your own template and save
it with some name, and you can just apply that template on chart when all timeframe chart get created.

When you want to create your own default template you have to create it on 5min chart or any other
timeframe except MN and W1 timeframe.
Here is procedure
Step 1: Open 5min chart apply all indicator which chart settings as per your requirement.
Step2: Apply indicator NSE Stock Chart V10 on chart
Step 3: save this template as default
Step4: go to folder \templates\ and open file default.tpl with Notepad
Step5: on 3rd line put period=43200 this 43200 is timeframe MN

Why we saved this template as default ?

Reason is. Whenever we open new chart , new chart will open with this template and chart timeframe
will be Monthly Time frame which is MN and with indicator NSE Stock Chart V10
And indicator NSE Stock Chart V10 featch data from google finance and creates 1min, 5min 15min,
30min, H1, D1 chart
Now click on 5min timeframe button and you will see 5min chart, like this you can click D1 button and
you will see daily chart.
Button W1 timeframe is used to clear all timeframe chart to 0.
If you want to clear all timeframe chart data click button W1 and this will delete data of this stock

In short. MN creates charts of M1 to D1 Timeframe and W1 delete M1 to D1 Timeframe chart data.

Note. When you click W1 still you will able to see M5… M15 chart since data is already loaded in MT4
RAM and it will get clear when you restart MT4.

Now you can open any chart by right click on symbol name.
After 1 to 3 sec blank chart will open, and then you can study M1 to D1 chart by clicking M1 to D1
Timeframe buttons.
Note: M1 15day data featch from google takes 2 to 3 sec that’s why when new chart open, ittakes some
time to open. If you select only D1 and M15 timeframe which you can do in indicator property
then chart will open fast. Only M1 takes little longer time.

Step 8 Closing Chart

When closing Chart click on Timeframe button W1 chart will go blank, then close chart.
This will clear all chart data to 0, so that next time when you open new chart after restart of MT4 you get
fresh data chart.

Step 9 Creating your own symbol list

For creating your own symbol list we will use script Script Create Symbol List V10.mq4
This script is located under script
How to create your own symbol list.

Create one file name symbols.txt which content you script name. e.g below

And save this text file symbols.txt in folder \experts\files


Then open any chart and apply script Script Create Symbol List V10 on chart and then restart MT4.
And follow step 4 to show all symbol.