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From the Forests of Mystery


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0 1993 by White Wolf. All rights reserved. Reproduction

without written permission of the publisher is expressly
denied, except for the purpose of reviews. Players may
reproduce the character sheets for personal use only.
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daysin “sunny California.”

Special Thanks TO: Andrew “Stinky” Greenberg, forputtinglongback
Mark “RidingHood” ReiwHagen, forturning little hair-Imeanlong hairbackinstyle.
andred whenhisgrandmacamea-knockin’. Richard “NormanRockwell”Thomas,forhis all-
Stewart “Hawker”Wieck,for his reactionto going Atnericanchristmascard.
to all thelocalbasketballgames. Sam “NormanBates”Chupp, for what his
Ken “UpwardlyMobile” Cliffe,forhis promotion Christmascardsshouldhave lookedlike.
-now he’s the only CoordinatedDeveloperwe Chris “Junior”McDonough,fornow weknow
have. wherehegetshismouthfrom.
Josh “Extorted and Contorted”Timbrook, forthe William “Fanboy” Hale, forfinaglinga secondhand
sacrificeshemakesto get top-notch artwork. Ice-T autograph.
Wes“St.Nick”Harris, forwhathebetterbringus Bill “Popped” Bridges,for enjoyingIce-Tforthe
afterhisChristmastriptoEngland. firsttime(healmostmadeitintothepit).
R e d “Needleand Thread”Lilly,forpoppingher Benjamin“FriendlyFire”Monk, Jr., for sending
buttons ‘causeDougie’sintown. up trial balloonswhenBillisaround.
Rob “WorsethanDogs”Hatch,forhis culinary Lyndi“TheProfessional”Hathaway,forcarrying
expertise. her loserpartnerin Four-Square.
Travis“VacationMan” Williams,formissinghis Alara “DomesticViolence”Rogers, forwhat’s
flightandthengettingrainedonfiveoutof seven gonnahappento her fianceif he keeps applyingfor
the samejobshe’safter.

Written by: BradFreeman WordFromthe White WolfGameStudio:
Developedby: Andrew Greenberg
Editedby: AlaraRogers We here at WhiteWolf honestlydo love answering
Art Director: RichardThomas questionsandrespondingto proposals,but withthe
Art: John Bridges, JoshuaGabrielTimbrook amountwe’re gettingthese days,there arecertain
Cover: Timothy Bradstreet,Grant Goleash thingsya’llcandotomakeiteasieronus. Ifyouhave
Production: RichardThomas aquestionyouwantanswered, phoneitin(askf0r
Back Cover: ChrisMcDonough,JoshuaGabriel Travis)ormailit. Ifyoumailit, wewillonlyrespond
Timbrook if you includea self-addressedstamped envelope
Character Sheet: Andrew Greenberg,Richard (SASE). Whilewe’realwaysseekingoutnewtalent
Thomas towriteordrawforus, we’vealsobeengetting
delugedinproposals. If you have aproposal,send a
Chis book is bebicutebto Hunter S.Thompson -
SASEforourWriters GuidelinesandDisclosure
poet, playwright anb statesman who was its form. When you getthese, send yourproposal (as
inspirafion. short as youcanmakeit)tous (againwithaSASE)
andwe’llgetbacktoyouinfourtoeightweeks. If
you have artworkyou want to send,MAKE
45984 STONEtATE IND. BLVD. COPIES,becauseifit’sany good,we’llfileituntil
wehaveaprojectwethinkwillsuityou. Wewish
STONEMTN., GA 30083 there were more personalways to handleall this,but
U.S.A. you crazykids arejust overwhelmingourpoor little
Appenbix CangrelofMote'-
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