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Death penalty

The following essay helps on decision making using some of the most supported solutions,
different point of views, and common scenarios.

The death penalty is a topic where no one is completely sure about their position. Choosing a side
it’s difficult as we got a few factors to consider when taking a decision. Morality, Faith, Own
experiences, the background of the crime.

When is it right to ask for the death penalty?

When a person commits a crime, it was a premeditated cold blooded crime, where the individual
does seems to regret anything. Is it really needed the death penalty? Is jail to little? What would
you think? If the person who was killed were your parent or a beloved someone.

We can argue that a life in prison it’s an easy fate because the victim doesn’t have that luxury
anymore. Jail is not a good place to live, you are lockdown with other people that did the same or
maybe worse crime, and the quality of life in prison varies where and in what terms are you going
in. taking away the jail subject. If someone ask for the death penalty should be for a major crime,
so, morally can we truly decide if someone should die. After all if we kill the offender, aren’t we
killers, as we decide when and how. The question gets even blurry if your faith says the opposite
or agrees.

What happens if the accused is mentally unstable, had a major factor that contributed in the
In every country/state that has approve the use of this action relays if the offender has enough
conscience of act. If is proven that he or she was mentally stable in any moment of the crime it is
allowed to apply for the death penalty therefore, if the offender didn’t had the mental capability
to act then its rejected.

The use of drugs, extortion, suspect of betrayal, etc. Are allowed to use the death penalty as the
mental illness is the only exception.

How the death penalty affects a society and how efficient it is?

Contrary to what we could imply the death penalty does not contribute to the deterrence of
crime. It does not prevent violent behavior in at least mentally ill or retarded criminals. Criminals
who are mentally incapacitated before they are sent to prison do not have the state of mind or
intellect to determine right from wrong. Many of these criminals commit violent crimes because
these individuals aren't able to function properly in society and do not understand the
consequences of their actions. These people do not understand the death penalty or comprehend
what it entails. As a result, the death penalty is unsuccessful in averting violent crime in these
The death penalty sends a confusing and contradictory message. It strives to prevent criminals
from murder and violent crimes by terminating the lives of those convicted. This is highly
contradictory. The death penalty sends the message "Don't kill or we will kill you." Punishing an
action with the same action is incongruous and inconsistent as there are not enough proofs to tell
the opposite.

Is it even profitable to use a common method of execution?

Depending on the method the average execution cost in a 1st world country it’s about 1.6 million
U.S Dollars. While a common prisoner life cost is 740,000 U.S Dollars. Even though on a 3rd world
country is said to be shipper but it implies a more brutal method, but the concrete amount varies
and there are no official text that can be properly verified.

The death penalty and the innocent.

The death penalty alone imposes an irrevocable sentence. Once an inmate is executed, nothing
can be done to make amends if a mistake has been made. No process it’s immune to mistakes.

This is one of the most common claims that “cons” persons give when ask about an innocent
person and anything related to the de death penalty. There aren’t strong points on “pro”
individuals on how to prevent this to happen or what to do on this scenarios.

As the most prevalent point is that is a cost, that we as society had to pay and that we can learn
from the mistakes to shield the system from mistakes, as if we are talking about planes. Each time
that a plane falls we search for the problem and we fix our planes, in this case the system, we
instruct our pilots on what to do, in this case the persons working in the system, and to instruct
and keep safe our passengers, the common person in a government.

What is the death row?

When an individual is consider for the death penalty, he is placed on a list, this list is known as the
death row. The main goal of it is to have an account on when an execution would occur. In most of
1st world countries the death row its crowded as the execution process is really slow, so much
indeed that many of the offenders die from natural reasons while waiting, this disrupt the order of
the list heavily.

Should the death penalty be apply worldwide?

If for some reason the death penalty get a pass on every country we might have gone to a decent
solution or in the worst case scenario we would had riots, protest as this subject may never find
ether a middle spot or an extreme posture. Everybody has his own voice and decision on how the
world should be rule, each one different and maybe all correct. In my opinion, and conclusion of
this essay, your writer doesn’t believe in the death penalty. Morally I can’t imagine myself killing
another human being either directly or indirectly. I apply to my consciousness to make this
decision. Faithfull speaking am against it, I don’t believe that I am greater than god to decide on
such hard question and in the practical side of the things as it can work on some societies, mostly
does who used as an instrument of power and fear for political profit, I see no real results for what
are we investing; resources, time. Maybe the reader, you, have something different to tell, and I
hope that argue never stops.

Luis Gerardo Gonzalez Tovar I.D 25.892.899 III Semester Morning Shift