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Air Entraining Admixture for concrete

Dr. Fixit Pidicrete AEA is a chloride free liquid air entraining concrete admixture, which produces controlled & evenly distributed air in the
wet concrete mixes to make it more plastic and cohesive. It helps to reduce the permeability and improves the resistance to freeze & thaw
cycles. Dr. Fixit Pidicrete AEA is ideal for use as pumping aid to minimize the bleeding & segregation.
SPECIFICATION : Meets the requirement of IS : 9103-1999 & ASTM C-260

Mass concrete
Low density / light weight concrete
Paving concrete (Highways, Roadways)
Salt resistance marine structure
In lean concrete - floors, roof-slabs, basement etc.
Retaining structures - Dams, canal lining, reservoirs and tanks


Produces adequate and stable air with controlled size and spacing
Chloride free-non corrosive
Improves workability of harsh mixes
Reduces water cement ratio
Does not affect setting time
Minimizes segregation in transit even in lean concrete
Reduces permeability of concrete structure.
Protects concrete against freeze/thaw cycles

The correct quantity of Dr. Fixit Pidicrete AEA should be measured with recommended dispenser and should be thouroughly
dispersed with approx. 5 - 10 % of the recommended water content (based on mix design by weight.)
Mix concrete constituents along with balance approx. 90 - 95 % of the recommended water content (based on mix design by weight)
for 3 minutes.
As soon as step 2 is over, the admixture dispersed in water (as in step-1) is to be added independently (not with other admixtures) to
the wet concrete and mix it further for 2-3 minutes to get a homogeneous mix.


• Dr. Fixit Pidicrete AEA should not be added in dry mixes under any circumstances
• Overdosing of Dr. Fixit Pidicrete AEA may lead to excessive air entrainment resulting in fall of ultimate strength in concrete.

• Overdosing may lead to very early setting of concrete.
• Dr. Fixit Pidicrete AEA is non-toxic and inflammable. When in contact with skin, it can be washed with water.

Colour : Brown
Base : Water soluble salt of wood rosin
Sp. Gravity : 1.02 ± 0.02 at 30oC
Chloride content : Nil
Dose : Upto125 ml/ 50 kg of cement (depending upon site requirements)
Air Entrainment : Approx. 3% over control

PACKING: 30 litres & 225 litres

* Both Sodium Silicate and Sodium aluminate base liquid versions are available.
* Also available in powder form in 25 kg bag

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