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July 13

2018-19 Intelligence Budget: The House

Y Y N N approved, 363-54, a two-year budget of $170
billion-plus for the 16 U.S. civilian and military
intelligence agencies. A yes vote backed a bill
(HR 6237) that would boost measures against
ongoing Russian attacks on the U.S. electoral
`Unfunded Mandates’ Law: The House
Y Y N N voted, 230-168, to double the scope of a
1995 law requiring the government to monitor
the compliance costs that rules and laws
impose on businesses, states and other
entities. A yes vote was to pass HR 50, which
expands an “unfunded mandates” law.
Sale of Federal Water Units: The House
Y Y N N voted, 233-184, to make it easier for private
water firms to acquire public property from the
Bureau of Reclamation, which owns and
operates hundreds of dams, reservoirs,
canals and other facilities in the West. A yes
vote was to pass HR 3281.
Brian Benczkowski Confirmation: The
N N Senate confirmed, 51-48, Brian A.
Benczkowski, 48, a former congressional staff
member, as assistant attorney general for the
Justice Department’s criminal division.
Democrats faulted him for totally lacking
experience in criminal law or litigation.
Congressional Say in Trade Policy: The
Y Y Senate voted, 88-11, to assert Congress
“should have a role” in President Trump’s
policy of using national security to justify U.S.
tariffs on trading partners including China and
Canada. A yes vote backed the advisory
measure during debate on HR 5895.
KEY VOTES AHEAD ©2018 Voterama in Congress
The Senate will debate judicial and executive-branch nominations in
the week of July 16, while the House schedule was to be announced.