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Portland, OR

RITA ALFONSO 503.446.6156

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▪ Proficient: HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, Node, Express, React, MongoDB/Mongoose, Git/Github
▪ Exposure: SQL/MySQL/PostgreSQL/Sequelize, Firebase, Meteor, jQuery, Bootstrap, Masonry, Handlebars, Pug,
Mocha/Chai, Passport.js, Moment.js, Heroku

OpenClassrooms | Mentor | Paris, France NOVEMBER 2017 - CURRENT
▪ Conducted 100+ one-on-one mentoring sessions for 10-12 apprentice apprentice engineers who are completing 9
front-end and full-stack projects for software engineering certification programs accredited through the European
▪ Guided students working to create wireframes and mock-ups, pseudo-coding and coding, debugging and
refactoring their projects through pair-programming and cognitive apprenticeship practices.
▪ Evaluated and offered feedback for up to 3 non-metee apprentice engineers a week to improve their code and get
their projects ready for certification.
Trilogy Educational Services | Senior Tutor | New York, NY APRIL 2017 - MARCH 2018
▪ Completed 200+ online sessions with apprentice engineers needing additional support to complete full-stack web
development bootcamp programs at universities nationwide.
▪ Contributed 10 data points on student learning in session evaluation forms and maintained records that enabled
company to develop more effective student engagement leading to up to 98% retention rate.
U.C. Berkeley | Teaching Assistant | Berkeley, CA APRIL 2017 - NOVEMBER 2017
▪ Provided instruction for two coding bootcamp cohorts (one full-time 12 week and one part-time 24 week cohort)
for a total of 540 hours of live instruction. Each cohort had up to 30 apprentice engineers enrolled.
▪ Evaluated and provided written code reviews for each of ~30 apprentice engineers’ 21 projects, for a total of 586
written code reviews.
▪ Held 75 minutes of office-hours 4-5 times a week, working with apprentice engineers individually and in small
groups, modeling whiteboard algorithmic and data structure exercises.
▪ Taught a project based curriculum making use of Git/Github, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, vanilla JavaScript, jQuery,
Moment.js, Firebase, Handlebars, Node.JS, Express, SQL/MySQL, Sequelize, Mongo/Mongoose, and React,
plus basic algorithms and data structures.
Learners Guild | Apprentice | Oakland, CA NOVEMBER 2016 - APRIL 2017
▪ Completed 6 months at this full-time, 40+ hours/week, project-based, full-stack web development

▪ Utilized Agile sprints and pair-programing to develop ~20 apprentice-led, small-scale applications and contributed
to the Guild’s Trello clone project designed to mimic contributing to an Open Source project.
▪ Focused on modern JavaScript practices and patterns, the MERN stack (MongoDB, Express, React, Node), and
also gained experience using SQL/PostgreSQL, Mocha/Chai, Pug, JavaScript, HTML5, CSS, and Git/Github.
CodeFellows (now Alchemy Code Lab) | Teaching Assistant | Portland, OR JUNE 2016 - AUGUST 2016
▪ Assisted in teaching 3 month introduction to front-end web development including HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap,
JavaScript, jQuery, Handlebars, plus Object Oriented architecture and pair programing.
▪ Provided guidance to apprentice engineers completing in-class exercises and homework.
▪ Facilitated and evaluated 2 student milestone projects.
Alfonso Photography | Owner | Oakland, CA FEBRUARY 2011 - APRIL 2016
▪ Built independent real estate photography business serving brokers at 4 real estate companies in the San
Francisco Bay area that produced architectural photography to market domestic and commercial properties.
▪ Photographed, edited, and archived property images, and collaborated with graphic designers to create property
websites, brochures and marketing materials for real estate professionals.
▪ Worked as a property photographer for Airbnb in the United States, Canada, Mexico, and the Dominican
U.C. Berkeley | Visiting Assistant Professor, Adjunct | Berkeley, CA SEPTEMBER 2007 - JUNE 2011
Grinnell College | Assistant Professor | Grinnell, IA SEPTEMBER 2005 - JUNE 2007
Stony Brook University | Turner Postdoctoral Fellow | Stony Brook, NY SEPTEMBER 2002 - JUNE 2005
▪ Designed course curriculum for 12 courses in Philosophy and related interdisciplinary courses.
▪ Delivered lectures, facilitated group discussions, and evaluated (or oversaw the evaluation of) student academic
▪ Oversaw the work of up to 4 graduate student assistants., helping them to manage the work of running discussion
sessions for large lecture hall classes.
▪ Conducted research, presented findings at conferences and symposia, and pushed essays and articles in
academic journals and books.
▪ Organized conferences and reading groups on campus and within the community at large.

Full Stack Apprentice, Learners Guild MARCH 2017
Front End Web Development, CodeFellows OCTOBER 2016
Ph.D., Philosophy, Stony Brook University JUNE 2002
M.A., Philosophy, University of Memphis JUNE 1997
B.A., Philosophy, University of Oregon JUNE 1995

bPhil | Software Developer | | 2018
Public philosophy platform for crowdsourcing and ranking online philosophy resources that includes curated
learning paths for the independent study of philosophy.
▪ Architected full-stack JavaScript application with self-contained, reusable components.
▪ Migrated pre-existing SQL database to schema-less MongoDB with a Mongoose ODM for more
efficient content management and scalability.
▪ Transformed views from Pug (a templating engine) to React for better state management and ease of
▪ Published first version via Heroku and mLab to get early feedback from users.
PDX Tech Hub | Web Developer | | 2016
Job search tool that allows users to search for tech jobs in the Portland, Oregon area and see results displayed
as a list and on a Google map.
▪ Pair-programmed design of front-end views using HTML5, CSS, and Handlebars templating for
reusable job listing components.
▪ Set up developer account with to access and search their job feed API and wrote the API
calls using JavaScript
▪ Bypassed CORS issue by using express-request-proxy.
▪ Created the Navigation component and added scrolling mechanism for the job listings for faster
MEET EMMA | Software Developer | 2017
Inspired by MeetEdgar, a popular social media management tool, this application tweets out evergreen content
from a database at regular intervals.
■ Set up Express server and simple API endpoints for CRUD functionality.
■ Used “Twit” npm package to access Twitter API and retrieve tweets from my timeline.
■ Architected SQL/PostgreSQL database to hold evergreen content to be tweeted out later.
■ Built user interface to allow user to edit, delete, or manually tweet out content from database.
■ Created views using Pug, a templating engine for component reusability and more efficient and faster