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Teacher Angie

English Language activities that

Institute of Singapore facilitate active
BACKGROUND  provide
feedback on work
Title :
encourage and
English Teacher Favorite Blogs / JOB ROLE monitor the
Publications : progress of
Reports To : individual students
Not sure
Organization Size :  maintain accurate
Head of Department
$2M/ yr annual revenue, and complete
Team :
60 employees Social Networks / records of students'
Trainee teachers
Associations : progress and
Responsibilities : development
Singapore Teacher's
Industry :
Union  plan, prepare and  update all reports
Education Academy of Singapore deliver on students and
Teachers instructional activities
Teacher Angie

manage student sporting activities, Google Apps, Dropbox, Field

behavior in the clubs and student LMS, Microsoft Office Mentor Young Intellects
classroom by organizations Help Students find their
establishing and  participate in voice
enforcing rules and department and Help Students articulate
procedures school meetings, and follow their values
 maintain discipline parent meetings
Students bad behavior
in accordance with  keep updated with PREFERENCE
Unhealthy or unhygienic
the rules and developments in
disciplinary systems subject area and How they like to be
Difficult Parents
of the school teaching resources reached:
Office Politics
 apply appropriate Phone, SMS, face-to-face
Job Measurement : Lack of time
Emotional Stress Do they research vendors
measures where Graduation Rate, Class
necessary Average Score, Failure online? Yes
Rate, Attendance Rate,
 participate in Class Disciplinary Records
extracurricular Tools : Inspire students
activities such as Facilitate Mastery of a
social activities,