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123 Main St.

San Antonio, TX 78245
(210) 123-1234

Our Lady of the Lake University, San Antonio, TX
PsyD in Counseling Psychology, GPA: 4.0
Expected Graduation Date: 2020

San Antonio College, San Antonio, TX

American Sign Language
Expected Completion Date: 2018

University of North Texas, Denton, TX

Rehabilitation Counseling
Visiting Graduate Student in Occupational Analysis & Psychosocial Aspects of Disability

East Carolina University

Vocational Evaluation
Visiting Graduate Student in Vocational Evaluation

Texas A & M University, San Antonio, TX

M.A. in Counseling & Guidance, GPA: 4.0 2014
Concentration: Military Marriage & Family Therapy & Counseling Military Populations

Texas A & M University, San Antonio, TX

B.A.A.S. in Business Administration, Summa Cum Laude, GPA: 3.8 2011
Relevant Coursework: Human Resources Management, Business Law, Organizational Behavior
Post-Baccalaureate Coursework: Psychology Core Curriculum (18 Hours)


Licensed Professional Counselor Intern, License No. 74390
Licensed Chemical Dependency Intern (CI)
Director of Community Rehabilitation Certification, University of North Texas
Supported Employment Specialist Certification, University of North Texas
Leadership Certificate, Entrepreneurship Certificate, Supervision Certificate, Palo Alto College

Vista Vocational Resources Center Inc.
Vocational Evaluator & Director of Employment Services 2007 - Present

Supervised a staff of mental health professionals providing supported employment, vocational

adjustment training, vocational evaluations and assessments as well as job coaching for client referrals
from the Texas Dept. of Assistive & Rehab Services (DARS), and the Social Security Administration.
 Reviewed medical, psychological, and functional capacity reports to determine impact of disability
in the workplace, plan for worksite analysis, recommend accommodations and provide input on
client ability to return to work or pursue education with state funded support
 Conduct vocational evaluations to include situational assessments for individuals with disabilities in
order to assess work readiness and needed supports or accommodations. Administer achievement,
ability, interests and personality assessments as well as range of motion and dexterity tests. Write
comprehensive evaluation reports providing professional recommendation based on assessments
results as well as behavior observations.
 Responsible for the creation of curriculum for 8 different courses used to aid in the adults
transitioning back into the workforce and new workers with disabilities.

Haven for Hope
Clinical Assessor in Training January 2017
Conduct assessments with adults, children and adolescent residents on a large homeless shelter and
social service campus.
 Administer a wide range of psycho-diagnostic, cognitive, neuro, social-emotional, personality, and
educational assessments.
 Responsible for writing integrative psychological evaluations and consulting with referring case

Community Counseling Services

Doctoral Student Therapist January 2016 – Current
Provide individual, family and child psychotherapy services at a walk-in community clinic in a low-income,
underserved neighborhood. Utilize a strength-based service model that includes the use of co-therapists
and reflection teams as well as live supervision.
 Participate in pre-staffing meeting discussing treatment plans and interventions to include
providing consultations on cases regarding solution-focused interventions.
 Presenting Issues: Depression, anxiety, suicidality, family discord, child and adolescent behavior
issues including at-risk adolescents, trauma, and grief.
 Utilize outcome measurement software to measure the client’s progress towards therapy goals and
utilize this data to further treatment towards goals, alter goals or develop transition/termination

Doctoral Student Supervisor June 2017 – Current

 Provide supervision of master level and beginning doctoral level psychology and marriage and
family therapy graduate students.
 Document student progress, goals and assist supervising psychologist with evaluation of student.
 Assist student with case conceptualization and give feedback pre, inter and post session.
 Intervene with recommendation mid-session if necessary.

La Paz Community Mental Health Center


Graduate Student Therapist June 2014 – December

Selected to complete a two-term counseling practicum, working as a student therapist providing
individual and group counseling services. Worked with a large client roster of individuals diagnosed with
schizophrenia and psychotic disorders as well as mood and personality disorders.
 Prepared curriculum for psycho-education and psycho-therapy groups aimed at achieving wellness
and reducing relapse for individuals in partial hospitalization.
 Conducted cognitive-behavioral and solution-focused individual and group counseling sessions to
approach of variety of topics including: psychosis, substance abuse, depression and anxiety,
relationship discord, grief, and general management of symptoms.
 Maintain comprehensive daily psychotherapy notes on each client, noting observed behavior,
affect, and progress to treatment goals.

“The client perception of the experience of strengths-based therapy with clients who have an intellectual
Dissertation Proposal Accepted 01/2017, Our Lady of the Lake University

Special education and transitional vocational rehabilitation in international contexts

Advisor: Dr. Nancy Garcia, Texas A & M University, Department of
Education 2013

Using the Hester Interserv to survey the vocational interests of undergraduate social science students
Advisor: Dr. Amy Bohmann, Department of Psychology 2012

Calado, K., Jones, A., Young, A., Davis, B. (2016, September). Exploring the Intersectionality within a Sexual
Narrative of a Latina with a Physical Disability. Living in the Crossroads: Exploring the Intersectionality of
Sexuality, Culture, Disability, and Gender. Symposium accepted for the biennial conference of the National
Latino/of the Latino Psychology Association, Orlando, FL.

Watts, K., Salinas, I., Jones, A., Calado, K., Drake, M., & Pena, E. (2016, September). The Reclamation of
Verguenza: Reconstructing Shame in Developing a Uniquely Latino/a Experience of Disability Pride.
Reconstructing Meaning with Latinas/os in Therapy: A Social Constructivist Perspective. Symposium
accepted for the biennial conference of the National Latino/of the Latino Psychology Association, Orlando,

Jones, A. (2016, September). Postmodern Approaches to Psychotherapy with Latina/o(s) with Disabilities:
Changing Constructions of Shame to Reduce Self Oppression. Oral paper presentation accepted for the
biennial conference of the National Latino/of the Latino Psychology Association, Orlando, FL.

Jones, A., Thomas, J. (2016, October) Experiential Learning: Cultural Immersion as Best Practice in Achieving
Multicultural Competence. Panel presentation accepted for the 1st Justicia conference at Our Lady of the
Lake University in San Antonio, TX.

Jones, A. (2017, January). Qualitative Research with Individuals with Intellectual Disabilities: Inclusive
Research Design. Paper presentation accepted for The Qualitative Report’s 8th Annual Conference, Ft.
Lauderdale, FL.

Jones, A., Calado, K., Salinas, I., Davis, B., Drake, M. (2017, January) Re-thinking inclusion in training and
practice: Adaptive methods and the promotion of multilingual training in working with individuals with
different communication needs. Symposia presentation accepted for the National Multicultural Summit 10th
Biennial Conference, Portland, OR.

Jones, A. (2017) Strengths-Based Therapy with Adults with Intellectual Disabilities: A Constructivist Grounded
Theory. Poster presentation accepted for the American Psychological Association convention, Washington,


Jones, A. & Young, A. (2016) Postmodern Approaches to Psychotherapy with Latina/o(s) with Disabilities.
(Under Review)

Young, A. & Jones, A. (2016) The Social Construction of Islamophobia and the Implications for Muslim
Mental Health - A Review of the Literature in Multicultural Competence (Under Review)