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6-3-596/102,2nd Floor, Naveen Nagar,Hyderabad-500004, Telangana, India,


RKCEPL Hyd/2017/05

L 6, 2017
Mr. K. Santosh

Plot no 7c, 9th Main Road Jaylaxmi Nagar

Beeramguda, Hyderabad - 502032

Sub: Appointment as Assistant Engineer.

Dear Mr.K. Santosh,

We are Pleased to appoint you Assistant Engineer at RKCEPL Hyderabad Office

On the following terms and conditions:

1. You will be paid a CTC of Rs.17,500/-(Seventeen Thousand Only)

Per month inclusive of all allowances; as per details given below:
1. Basic Pay 14,000
2. HRA 1500
3. Medical Allowance 500
4. Transportation Allowance 500
5. Telephone Allowance 500
6. Room Allowance 500

Gross Salary 17,500

6. Reward money @ Rs. 1000/- Per month and same will
be paid in lump sum subject to continuation of your 1000
Service for one year from the date of joining
CTC in 18,500
2. Your appointment is liable to be terminated at any time by giving 45 days notice or consolidated
Pay in lieu thereof. Similarly if you wish to leave the services of the company, you have to give 45
days notice or consolidated pay / wages in lieu thereof.
In event of your dereliction in duties or any act of indiscipline, your services are liable to be
Terminated without any notice;
3. You will not be entitled for any other allowance/mobilization charges or benefits of whatsoever
4. You will be allowed two day leave in a completed colander month will be admissible Which will
Be accumulated maximum up to24 days for 18 months. Thereafter, it will be Will automatically
lapse. Maximum up 24 day for 18 months. Thereafter, it will automatically lapse. Maximum 12
Days leave against the accumulated no encashment of leave.
5. You may be required to work beyond normal working hours or on weekly holiday due to requirement
Of the work;
6. It is expected that during the course of assignment you will observe strict discipline and shall not perform
any activities directly or indirectly detrimental to our interest or interest of work;

Ph: 040- 23322497Email:

6-3-596/102,2nd Floor, Naveen Nagar,Hyderabad-500004, Telangana, India,

7. Managing Director / Director / Management will advise you for day - to - day assignments;
8. Income tax and / or any other tax as required under law shall be deducted from salary at source;
9. L During the period of your assignment with us, you shall be governed by the terms and conditions mentioned
In this letter and other standing orders and instructions issued from time to time. Your acceptance of this
Offer carries with it your agreement to obey and honour all such terms, conditions and other orders and
Instructions issued by the company;
10. This letter of appointment is being issued to you on the basis of the information furnished by you in your
Bio-data and information furnished during the interview;
11. During your assignment with the company, you will work at any of the site / office covered in India;
12. During the course of your work in our organization, you will have access to classified company property /
Information without prior approval of the Management;
13. Any disputes arising between the Management and yourself during the tenure of assignment, shall be mutually
Settled, failing which the dispute will be referred to a recognized arbitrator of company’s choice, whose decision
Shall be binding on both the parties. The same are subject to Jaipur jurisdiction;
14. Upon the cessation of your assignment with the company for any reason whatsoever, you will return to the
Company all papers, documents, materials, equipment and properties of the company which may be in your
Possession and shall thereafter be bound by the secrecy and confidentiality obligations as provided for in the
Service Rules and regulations. You will forthwith notify to the Company any change in your residential address.

Please sign and return the copy of this letter to the undersigned as token of acceptance thereof. You may report for

Duty to Shri RKCEPL Rajanish Kumar, Managing director, Consulting Engineers group limited, Hyderabad at Mobile:

8978847700within 15 days for further instructions.

Thanking You,

Yours faithfully,



Managing Director


I have understood and unconditionally accept the terms and conditions of this letter and will abide by the same.

Witness: Signature:

Name: (S.VIKRAM)

Ph: 040- 23322497Email: