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According to Wilson Edward Science comes from a latin word ‘scientia’, meaning "knowledge" .
Science is a systematic enterprise that builds and organizes knowledge in the form of
testable explanations and predictions about the universe.
However, according to John Stuart Mill, the word "poetry" imports something quite peculiar in
its nature; something which may exist in what is called prose as well as in verse; something
which does not even require the instrument of words, but can speak through the other audible
symbols called musical sounds, and even through the visible ones which are the language of
sculpture, painting, and architecture--all this, we believe, is and must be felt, though perhaps
indistinctly, by all upon whom poetry in any of its shapes produces any impression beyond that
of tickling the ear.
Poetry in science is using poetry to present a scientific subject
There are many examples of poetry that have been used to give an explanation to some science
topics, and some of them are:

Knowledge and Science

Milton’s Paradise Lost is a book I sometimes dip into. For modern

readers it does not lend itself to a quick browse. It’s pretty clear from the
start who dunnit.
My version in paperback contains insightful explanatory notes.
Apparently “Science” in the Tempter’s words“ O Sacred,
Wise and Wisdom giving Plant, Mother of Science”,* being derived from the Latin verb
“scire”, really means what we now understand as “knowledge”.
This note seems to be for the benefit of such innocents who are
unaware of the process of diachronic semantic change, and who
may also entertain misgivings about nuclear power plants.
Newton’s apple might jolt us into considering matters of considerable
Today we are concerned more about fallout than with the Fall, more
with the atom than with Adam.
Science is not primarily concerned with moral questions, yet
we have all benefited from science. That science has also
furnished Man with the means of self-extermination and involves environmental
pollution on a global scale we must accept as collateral damage, call it what you will.
Science is not primarily concerned with moral questions.
Even though scientific knowledge is based on the axiom that our sensory perceptions,
the experiments, observations and theories of science cohere,
being phenomena in one and the same time-space continuum, a scientist
should not be diverted from his or her quest by troublesome thoughts about extraneous
factors, be they social, political or moral in nature, that impinge on the awareness of
one indivisible reality.
In Milton’s day “science” simply meant “knowledge”.
Milton was concerned with the problem of good and evil, the relationship of God and
Man, the conflict between Truth and Mammon, not with the complex realities of our
modern industrial high-tech world.
Perhaps cogito ergo sum, that premise of the modern scientific method, also has a
moral dimension.
Milton’s Paradise Lost is a book I occasionally dip into.

Of Galileo and Newton

There is in circulation a video clip on whatsapp messaging service...
About a sophisticated attempt to vouch for Galileo's take on things that fell......

NoThe learned man, bless his departed soul, bravely postulated to widespread awe..
That barring air resistance, all objects suffer the same rate of fall...

In a vacuum, a heavy ball and a wispy feather, they take the same time to fell...
It defies the everyday reality we observe outside when things fall...

Only goes to remind us, namely you and me, we have seen it all...
We are ordinary humans, we have never wondered at all why things fall...

Until the day another fella, Newton was his name, reasoned out why the apple fell...
Sitting under a apple tree, he chose to query the reason why an apple upon his head it

To this day children the world over suffer to master the spectrum of scientific knowledge.
That good old Galileo and Newton started the day the latter questioned why the apple

Of course, if they had not been around, science as we know it would be rather tame...
And Neil Armstrong would probably be an obscure name, bereft of his moon walking
Weird Science

With pens he walks

Pocket Protectors to protect his chest
Taped up glasses on his face
Pull his pants down, call him a GEEK a NERD
Science -relativity theory and it's light speed from space
Experiment this- discover that, is how scientist rant
Brainy cats have so many open portals in their minds
You talk down to us as if we carry the brains of a bird
Do you really think we are all blind,
for not caring over the objectives principles of the Heisenberg?

You passed each and ever single science fairs in class

Feeding your ego collecting dots
After school you earned the right when a bully kicked your a$$!
A DORK calling your self the Math Magician King
Burning and crashing our minds explaining the physics of dying fast
Using your Quantum Leap that our universe comes with a destiny string

No desire to be wired who needs your further scientific understanding

Life comes with a pattern in which we once lived electricity free
Ironically your scientific process of defining itself continues to expand
Supported by the measurements and masses only you NERDS understand
The power points of our so called energy,
is pointless to me like our so called gravity.
The tale you spin is not of love but a twisted one of insanity

God is the only scientific knowledge I want to perceive!

All you so called scientist, riding the lightning like Benjamin F.
Take the bolt and tie it like a noose around your neck
Following your own perception while you feed off the sheep
Here you come to emerge to discipline us with your mind of a genius
You come and you bash us with NERD brain waves to explain!
That this world revolves around the elements and laws of scientific claims

Research this- research that- who gives a cr@p we still die at the end
While life continues, to grow and manipulate our fate, about the universe
Unsolved facts about Einstein, who left his velocity of change for us to
Instead of trying to rule the world, explain the facts why things keep
getting worse?
Over exaggerating the excitement of an Ancient Mayan 2012 discovery
Bottom line you scientific quacks,
the real Celestial body is found on the bottom of my crack.