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This text for questions 1 and 2. This text for question 3 to 5.

Mrs. Emily; Pre-School Open House

My daughter just told me that you give a Saturday, March 23
visit to our home this morning. I am so sorry I 9:00 am - 12:00 Noon
was not at home. I have a medical check-up at
the central hospital in town. I would like to ask Opening available for 3-&4-year-olds
you to have dinner next Saturday night so we Tuition-free opening for kindergarten
can have a chat. I will be happy if you could
come. New Discoveries
Montessori Academy

Authorized by Audubon Center of the North

01. Mrs. Diana writes a message to Mrs. Emily Woods
to .... For an application or more information:
(A) meet her daughter and ask her to give a 1000 5th Ave. SE, Hutchinson, MN55350
visit 320 234-6362 (NDMA)
(B) apologize and invite her for dinner
(C) ask her to have dinner and show her
medical record
(D) come to her house and accompany her 03. What is the writer‟s intention to write the
to hospital text?
(A) To inform a Pre-School Open House.
02. What will Mrs. Emily do on receiving the
(B) To invite someone to come to a
(A) Forgive all Mrs. Diana‟s mistakes (C) To persuade people to study at a
(B) Tell Mrs. Diana whether she could come Pre-School.
for dinner or not (D) To tell new discoveries of a Pre-School.
(C) Inform Mrs. Diana that she will give a
visit soon
(D) Come to Mrs. Diana‟s house for dinner 04. Why do people want to attend to the
(A) They will get some toys.
(B) They will obtain a set of stationery.
(C) The tuition is free for the student
(D) The registration is free for the
05. “Tuition free for kindergarten" This text is for question 9 and 10.
The underlined word is closest in meaning
to .... Dear Evan,
(A) School fee
I'd like to invite you for dinner to our
(B) Course fee
house warming this week on Saturday at 6
(C) Transfer fee
p.m. Please confirm your attendance.
(D) Registration fee
This text for question 6 to 8.

09. Why does Rian write this card?
COMPETITION THAT WILL BE HELD ON (A) To celebrate a house warming
OCTOBER 15TH 2014 (B) To remind about the house warming
REGISTRATION WILL BE HELD ON 9TH- (C) To come on time to house warming
FREE REGISTRATION (D) To confirm a house warming
10. What should Evan do after receiving this
OUR OSIS (A) Call Rian
CHAIRMAN (B) Come with Rian
(C) Save this card
ENGLISH AREA (D) Set a reminder
This text is for questions 11 and 12.
06. The text is most likely found at .... Dear Asti,
(A) The principal room Please come to OSIS meeting which will be
(B) The announcement board held on:
(C) The library door
(D) The entrance gate of a school Day : Monday, 13 April 2017
Time : during lunch break
Place : OSIS secretariat
07. What should the students do if they want to Agenda : welcoming freshmen
join the competition? Looking forward to your coming.
(A) Meet the OSIS chairman
(B) Prepare the singing competition Regard,
(C) Registering on October 9th-14th Febri
(D) Contact the OSIS chairman

08. The competition is free registration … full 11. What time will the meeting be held?
of prizes.
(A) At 9 o‟clock
(A) or (B) At 10 o‟clock
(B) but (C) At 11 o‟clock
(C) and (D) At 12 o‟clock
(D) if
12. “Welcoming freshmen”. The following text is for question 16 to 19.
What does the underlined word mean?
I have a close friend. Her name is Nurlela. She
(A) Current students
is beautiful, attractive and fashionable. She is
(B) Old students
always well-dressed in every moment. She
(C) New students
gives much attention to her appearance.
(D) Good students
Recently, she bought a new stylish bag
made from stingray fish skin. Her new
This text is for question 13 to 15.
stingray fish bag is luxurious. She looks
No budget/no worries amazing with the bag. When she is walking, all
RODEO INN her friends including me turn around and give
Offers minimalist accommodation special attention. The bag that she carries and
Very suitable for backpackers Start her clothing style makes her stunning. She
from Rp80.000/night really has got the perfect appearance.
*book in advance. (tel. 02171-333-444)
16. What is the writer‟s purpose to write the
13. The advertisement above is intended for .... text?
(A) travelers (A) To tell about a friend‟s physical
(B) family appearance
(C) businessman (B) To admit her friend‟s style
(D) students (C) To show her jealousy
(D) To describe a fashionable model
14. What is the good point about RODEO
INN? 17. According to the text, Nurlela has a perfect
appearance because ....
(A) No budget
(B) Minimalist accommodation (A) she always looks smart and beautiful
(C) Cheap price (B) her bag and her cloth are always match
(D) Telephone is provided (C) she likes to wear luxurious dress
(D) she likes to buy a new dress and a new
15. “Book in advance”.
The underlined word are closest in meaning 18. The writer described Nurlela as a ... girl.
to ....
(A) nice
(A) directly (B) humble
(B) immediately (C) gorgeous
(C) early (D) simple
(D) lately
19. “…, she looks amazing with the bag."
The underlined word is closest meaning
to ....
(A) Fantastic
(B) Charming
(C) Interesting
(D) Extraordinary
The following text is for question 20 to 23. 22. Because there are other taller buildings in
the city, the Flatiron building changes ....
The Flatiron Building is one of the most (A) Its shape
famous historic landmarks in New York. The (B) Its function
iconic twenty-one-story building, best known
(C) Its location
for its triangular shape, was one of the early
(D) Its name
spectacular high-rises that have come to
define Manhattan. 23. “…, it was one of the city‟s tallest
The Flatiron Building was constructed buildings.” (paragraph 3)
between 1901 and 1903 at the intersection of The word „it‟ refers to ....
Broadway and fifth Avenue, at the time one
of the most prominent locations in New York (A) A landmark
City. It is situated near Madison Square at the (B) The Flatiron building
(C) A steel-frame skyscraper
end of the Ladies' Mile, one of Manhattan‟s
(D) Chicago‟s Daniel Burnham
most important shopping districts at the turn
of the nineteenth century.
The following text is questions 24 to 27.
The Flatiron Building was designed by
Chicago‟s Daniel Burnham as a steel-frame I absolutely loved my 15th birthday. I‟ve
skyscraper clad in white terra-cotta. At 21 always wanted to fly in a balloon and the trip
stories and 93 meters, it was one of the city‟s by my grandparents as a present was really
tallest buildings. Its singular shape and fun. Des, the pilot, and Colin, the road crew
prominent location soon made it one of New were very professional but extremely friendly
York City's most famous landmarks. and welcoming.
The building probably featured on more Flying up, up and away on a hot-air balloon
postcards than any other buildings of its time. ride is a truly unforgettable experience like no
The whole area, the Flatiron district, was even other.
named after the building. Originally the I enjoyed breathtaking views, landmarks and
Flatiron Building featured an observation the wonder of nature from a new and unique
deck on the top floor, but taller buildings have perspective as they took me to the skies in one
taken over this function. It is still, however, a of their colorful hot-air balloons. I felt excited
popular tourist attraction and one of the most and enthusiastic as I drifted gently across the
photographed landmarks in New York. UK‟s stunning landscape at anything up to
5,000 feet. Raised smoothly and silently
20. The text highlights .... towards the clouds, the only noise the
occasional burst of the burners, I travelled
(A) The unique material of the building
where the wind took me. It was a memory to
(B) The simple construction of the
last a lifetime on my personal hot-air balloon
experience, which I would tell people about
(C) The common function of the building
again and again.
(D) The attractive aspects of the building
Once my flight was over, I sat and sipped a
glass of hot chocolate after landing, and I
21. The text describes The Flatiron Building
related to its .... found myself wanting to do it all over again.
(A) color, shape, price, size, location
(B) weight, length, function, size, location 24. What is the text about?
(C) height, shape, material, location,
(A) Hot-air balloon as a birthday present
(D) location, history, material, size, age (B) Spending the time with grandparents
on a birthday
(C) A wonderful birthday present
(D) Enjoying a scenery with grandparents
25. What did the writer do when she was in the 28. What is the purpose of the text?
sky with a hot balloon? (A) To show us how to get the washing
(A) Listened to the burst of the burners machine.
(B) Enjoyed the landscape below (B) To describe the washing machine in
(C) Touched the clouds more detail.
(D) Enjoyed the wind blowing (C) To tell what to do before washing the
26. The writer found ... when the balloon flew (D) To inform the steps how a washing
among the clouds. machine is made.
(A) past memories passing by
(B) the strong wind hit her face 29. To avoid the machine breakdown ....
(C) quiet and peaceful atmosphere (A) we have to stop washing curtain and
(D) the noise of the burners laces
(B) we must separate the colored clothes
from the plain ones
27. “…, as I drifted gently across the UK's …”
(C) We must zip and button our clothes
The underlined word is closest in meaning
(D) We should remove metal and plastic
to ....
pieces from the clothes
(A) flew
(B) hiked 30. We discriminate the clothes according to
(C) moved their types because ....
(D) walked
(A) different types of clothes need
different types of washing
The following text is for question 28 to 31. (B) each cloth has different levels of
First wash cycle dirtiness
There may be water left inside your machine (C) each type of clothes needs different
after factory tests and trials. It is temperature
recommended that first wash cycle should be (D) Our clothes need special attention
made without any laundry so that carries out
this water; pour half a measuring cup of 31. “… of curtains and laces or place them
nor mal all-purpose deterg ent into inside a washing bag”
compartment 2 and select cotton program at What does the underlined word refer to?
90C. (A) Laces
Discrimination of your laundry (C) Metal hooks
 Discriminate your clothes according to (D) Plastic and metal hooks
their fabrics (cotton, synthetic, sensitive,
woolen, etc), washing temperatures and
level of dirtiness.
 Never wash your white and colored
clothes together.
 Since your new colored clothes may
shed dye on the first wash, wash them
 Be careful that no metal pieces are
found on or in the pockets of your
clothes. Remove if there are any. Zip
and button your clothes.
 Remove the plastic or metal hooks of
the curtains and laces or place them
inside a washing bag and tie.
The following text is for question 32 to 35. 35. Based on the text, how is the gambler?
(A) Arrogant
One day a king stepped out of the gates of
(B) Deceitful
his palace and found a man standing there.
(C) Obedient
The man had a plump chicken in his hands.
(D) Loyal
On seeing the king he bowed respectfully and
said: “Maharaj, I gambled in your name and
This text for question 36 to 39.
won this chicken. It belongs to you. Please
accept it.” The word tornado is from the Spanish word
“Give it to my poultry keeper,” said the tronada, which means “thunderstorm”. It is a
king. violent, dangerous, rotating column of air
A few days later the king saw the man which is in contact with both the surface of
standing outside the gates again. This time he the earth and cumulonimbus cloud.
had a goat with him. “I won this goat in your Cumulonimbus cloud is a type of cloud that
name, Maharaj,” he said after saluting the is tall, dense, and involved in thunderstorms
ruler. “It belongs to you.” and other intense weather. It is a result of
The king was pleased. atmospheric instability.
“Give it to my goatkeeper,” he said. Tornadoes come in many sizes but are
Some weeks later the man was at the palace typically in the form of visible condensation
gates once again. funnel. It is a funnel-shaped cloud of
This time he had two men with him. condensed water droplets, associated with a
“I lost 500 varahas to each of these men rotating column of wind and extending from
while playing in your name, Maharaj,” said the the base of a cloud. This funnel‟s narrow end
man. “I have no money to pay them.” touches the earth and is often encircled by a
The king realized he had made a mistake in cloud of debris and dust. Most tornadoes
accepting the man‟s gifts on the previous have wind speeds between 64 km/h to 179
occasions. Now he could not refuse to help km/h.
him. He paid off the two men and warned the Although tornadoes have been observed
gambler never to play in his name again. on every continent except Antarctica, most
occur in the United States. They also
32. The text tells us about .... commonly occur in Southern Canada, South,
(A) a tricky gambler Central, and Eastern Asia, East, Central, and
(B) an innocent king South America.
(C) a man with his bad habit
(D) a misfortuned gambler 36. What is the text mostly about?
(A) The information and the shape of
33. What was the main problem? tornado
(A) The king didn‟t believe in the gambler. (B) The effect and the size of tornado
(B) The gambler brought gifts to the king. (C) The cause and the danger of tornado
(C) The king was thoughtless when (D) The kinds and the effect of tornado
receiving the gifts.
(D) The gambler won the games. 37. Tornado happens because of the air, the
earth and a cumulonimbus cloud ....
34. What happened when the gambler lost in (A) come in different time
the game? (B) touch each other
(A) The gambler when the gambler lost in (C) meets in large places
the game? (D) leave after one another
(B) The king had to pay them off
(C) The gambler had to give the gifts back
(D) The king got angry
38. What happens when the funnel‟s narrow 41. The text tells us about zebras related to
end touches the earth? their ....
(A) Debris and dust will be vanished (A) physical appearance, life cycle,
(B) It will bring debris and dust reproduction, diet
(C) It will destroy debris and dust (B) survival device, diet, social life, habitat
(D) Debris and dust will be buried (C) special ability, life cycle, diet, habitat
(D) social life, diet, habitat, special ability
39. Who probably writes the text?
(A) A reporter 42. “In fact, zebra stripe patterns are unique to
(B) A scientist each individual.”
(C) A student The sentence implies that ....
(D) A historian (A) no zebra is alike
(B) all zebras have similar stripes
This text is for question 40 to 42. (C) all zebras have the same patterns
(D) the patterns of zebras are almost the
Closely related to horses and donkeys, a zebra same
is best known for its black and white striped
body. In fact, zebra stripe patterns are unique This text is for question 43 to 45.
to each individual. These stripes are believed
to be camouflage devices that help zebras It was the last day of our vacation. My sister
hide well in the grass. and I were buying some souvenirs when we
Plains zebras are found on the savannas saw a poster for a Jay-Z concert. We tried to
from Sudan to northern Zimbabwe in eastern buy the tickets but they had sold out. We were
Africa. Grevy‟s zebras are now mostly really disappointed because we had wanted to
restricted to parts of northern Kenya. do something special on our last night. In the
Mountain zebras occur in south-Western end, we went to a restaurant. While we were
Africa with cape mountain zebras in South ordering our meal, Jay-Z walked in and sat at
Africa and Hartmann‟s mountain zebras in the table next to us! We told him we were big
Namibia and Angola. Zebras are herbivorous fans of him. We really wanted to watch his
and primarily eat a variety of grasses. They concert but the tickets were sold out. He felt
are also known to eat shrubs, herbs, twigs, sorry and invited us to the concert. We had
leaves, and bark. the best night ever.
Zebras are very social animals and live in (taken form Got it level 3 student
large groups. A group is made up of one book and workbook. Philipina Bowen and
stallion and up to six mares and their young, Dennis Delaney).
while Grevy‟s zebras come together as groups
for short periods of time. Sometimes herds
43. The writer shares his experience to show ....
come together to form temporary groups of
up to 30 members. Zebras sleep standing up, (A) how lucky he was to get a chance to
and only when they are in groups can they see a Jay-Z concert
warn them of danger. If they spot a predator, (B) how wonderful the Jay-Z concert was
they will bark or whinny loudly to warn the (C) how easy to get the tickets for the
others in the group. concert
(D) how important the last day of this
holiday was
40. The text aimed to give the description
of ....
(A) how close the relationship of horses,
donkeys, and zebras
(B) how zebras survive
(C) what kind of animal a zebra is
(D) why zebras are unique
44. The writer was surprised to see Jay-Z at the 46. The purpose of the story teaches the
restaurant because it is .... readers about ....
(A) well-planned (A) responsibility
(B) on purpose (B) friendship
(C) accidently (C) bravery
(D) unplanned (D) loyalty

45. The writer wouldn‟t watch the Jay-Z 47. If the kind hen didn‟t help her, the
concert ... he didn't go to the restaurant. butterfly will die of ....
(A) so (A) poverty
(B) if (B) starvation
(C) but (C) bleeding
(D) since (D) depression

This text is for question 46 to 48. 48. “It fell on my right wing.”
The underlined word refers to ....
The Hen and The Butterfly (A) the moving object
Once upon a time, in a beautiful morning, a
(B) the branch of the tree
hen and her children searched for food in the
(C) the hen cage
backyard. There were many seeds and falling (D) the food
fruits to fulfill their appetite for breakfast.
Suddenly, she saw a small moving object This text is for questions 49 and 50.
under a tree branch not far from the
backyard. She came closer and found out that Congratulation
a butterfly was stuck under that branch. Syafira Ananda
“Oh, hen, can you do me a favor to lift
this branch? It fell on my right wing so I can‟t The 1st winner of the
move anywhere,” begged the butterfly to the National English Debating Competition
hen. “How pity you are. Be ready butterfly, I 2016.
will try to remove this branch, said the hen. We are proud of your achievement and
So, she helped the butterfly and succeeded. wish you the best of luck in the future
Unluckily, the butterfly‟s right wing was Principal
broken and flying was impossible to do. The
kind hen offered the butterfly a shelter in her
cage until it was ready for the butterfly to fly 49. Why did the principal write that card?
again. Time passed by and finally the butterfly (A) To celebrate Syafira‟s achievement
could fly freely with the happiest face ever. (B) To appreciate Syafira‟s achievement
“Thanks hen, we will be best friend forever (C) To invite Syafira to the same event
from now on,” the butterfly shouted while (D) To express wishes to Syafira
flying away.
From that moment, the butterfly and the 50. “We are proud of your achievement.”
hen are still best friend until today. Whenever We can infer from the statement that the
we find the hen searching for some food, principal is ... with Syafira‟s achievement.
there must be the butterfly flying around (A) amazed
nearby. A friend in need is a friend indeed. (B) surprised
(C) grateful
(D) delighted

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