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Timmy Thomas G have really changed

Dying Inside To Hold You couldn't believe my eyes I knew that it would
Submitted by: F G
Standing there i didn't never be the same
Key: C, C# G F
know what to say Standing there i didn't
Tuning: Standard EADGBe F G
Without one touch know what to say
Chords used: G (hold) F
C - x32010 We stood there face to face First time looked away
G - 320003 G (hold)
G/B - x2x003 when i whispered your name
Am - x02210 Chorus 1:
Em - 022000 C
F - 133211 And i was dying (Repeat Chorus 1 twice)
C# - x46664 G
G# - 466544 indside to hold you
Bbm - x13321 Am Bridge:
Fm - 133111 I couldn't believe F G Am
F# - 244322 Em One hello changed my life
G# - 466544 what i felt for you F
F I didn't believe in
Dying inside i was dying inside G Am
Intro: But i couldn't bring love at first sight
Piano: C-G/B-Am--G(hold) myself to touch you But you've shown me
G Am
Distortion: C-G/B-Am--G what is life
Verse 2: F
Verse 1: C And I now i know my love
C You said hello G F#
It's turning out just another day then you asked my name (i know it's coming right)
Am G Am
I took a shower and I went on my way I didn't know if i
F G Chorus 2: Modulate from C to
I stopped there as usual should go all the way C#
Had a coffee and pie F And i was dying
When i turned to leave Inside i felt my life G#
indside to hold you
I couldn't believe
what i felt for you
Dying inside i was dying inside
But i couldn't bring
myself to touch you