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Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham
B.Tech. Degree Examinations – January 2015
Seventh Semester
Electrical and Electronics Engineering

EEE441 Electrical Drives and Control

Time: Three hours Maximum: 100 Marks
Answer all questions
PART-A (10 X 3 = 30 Marks)

1. With neat sketch explain the constant torque and constant power region of operation for
speed control in dc motors.
2. Under what condition a thyristor converter fed synchronous motor can be load
3. What are the main factors that decide the choice of electrical drive for a given
4. Discuss the concept of dynamic braking in dc motor drives.
5. Explain the components of load torque.
6. When employing plugging in induction motor for braking, external resistance is
introduced in the rotor circuit. Justify the statement.
7. Explain true synchronous mode of operation to achieve variable frequency control in
synchronous motors.
8. Explain the disadvantages of using a motor with wrong rating.
9. Why stator voltage control is an inefficient method for induction motor speed control?
10. What are the different methods of starting a synchronous motor?

PART-B (6 X 5 = 30 Marks)

11. Discuss the concept of steady state stability in an electrical drive with suitable examples.

12. What are the advantages of brushless dc motor over a conventional dc motor?

13. Explain the constructional features of switched reluctance motor. What are the
advantages of switched reluctance motor over other ac motor drives?

14. A motor when loaded, the temperature rises according to an exponential law. Determine
the heating time constant of the motor if the temperature rise after 20 minutes of
operation is 50% of the final value?

15. A 230 V, 870 rpm, 100 A separately excited dc motor has armature resistance of 0.05 Ω.
It is coupled to overhauling load with torque of 400 Nm. Determine the speed at which
motor can hold the load by regenerative braking.
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16. A large reel of paper installed at the end of a paper machine has a diameter of 1.8 m,
length of 5.6 m and moment of inertia of 4500 kg-m2. It is driven by a directly coupled
variable speed dc motor turning at 120 rpm. The paper is kept under constant tension of
6000 N.
a. Calculate the power of the motor when the reel turns at a constant speed of 120 rpm.
b. If the speed has to be raised from 120 rpm to 160 rpm in 5 seconds, calculate the
torque that the motor must develop during this interval.

PART- C (4 X 10 = 40 Marks)
17. A 400 kW, 3-phase, 3.3 kV, 50 Hz, 0.8 power factor lagging, 4 pole star connected
synchronous motor has following parameters,
Rs=0, Xs=15Ω, rated field current=12A
Machine is controlled by the variable frequency control such that (V/f) ratio is constant
up to base speed. Determine the field current and power developed at a speed of 1200
rpm and unity power factor operation and rated armature current.

18. A 3 phase, 440V, 50Hz, 6 pole, 970 rpm star connected induction motor has following
parameters with respect to stator Rs=0.2Ω, Rr1 =0.15Ω and Xs= Xr1=0.4Ω. Stator to
rotor turns ratio is 3.5.Speed of motor is controlled by static Scherbius drive. The drive is
designed for a speed range of 30% below synchronous speed. The maximum value of
firing angle 170˚. Calculate
a. turns ratio of the transformer
b. torque for a speed of 750 rpm and α=140˚. Neglect dc link resistance.

19. A 3-phase, 440V, 50Hz, 6 pole, delta connected induction motor has following
parameters with respect to stator: Rs=0.5Ω, Rr1 =0.6Ω and Xs= Xr1=1Ω. For regenerative
braking, calculate
a. Maximum torque it can hold and range of speed for safe operation
b. Speed at which it will hold load torque of 160 Nm

20. A 230V, 960 rpm, 20 A, separately excited dc motor has armature resistance of 1.2Ω and
inductance of 50mH. Motor is controlled by single-phase semi bridge converter with
source voltage of 230V, 50Hz.
a. Calculate the speed and rms current through SCR for α=45˚ at full load
b. Calculate the triggering angle to run at 500 rpm at half rated torque
c. Will the motor rotate if one of the SCR gets open circuited when motor is running at
800 rpm at ¼ th load. If it does so find the new speed.


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