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Part 1

1. Over-optimism might have led to the 2008 financial crisis. T/F

2. Who ignored negative predictions? __________________

3. In the study Dr Sharot gave volunteers _______ negative situations.

4. The divorce rate is ___________.

5. What did they say about seeing the glass? ____________________

Part 2 As you listen check whether these are true/false.

6. A couple felt on top of the world on their wedding day. 1

7. One hundred couples have married on Everest’s peak. 2

8. There was just one guest at the wedding. 3

9. The groom wore a tuxedo. 4

10. They bit their fingers because they were cold. 5

11. The couple kept their wedding a secret from their family. 6

12. They said it was a race and that many barriers were cast aside. 7

Part 3

13. A new study says Australians are the world’s happiest people. T / F
14. Interviewers carried out 30,000 telephone interviews. T/F
Questions 15 - 21: Put these in order of happiness according to the survey, where 1 is the
happiest and 8 is the least happy. The first one is done for you.

Australia 1

Questions 22-25: Mark these with true or false.

22. The survey showed that money can buy happiness. T/F
23. Unemployed people were shown to be very happy. T/F
24. The survey found that the older we become, the happier we are. T/F
25. Cars and clothes do not make us so happy. T/F