Open-source, The Revolution

It was hype that made me switch from using closed source products to open source products. There was not even a single reason to stop using the proprietary products,but something is so inherent in open-source that could make person addicted to it the whole life. Routine day to day life got transformed from phase of laziness to a life full of dreams. Each an every time i use Open Source,i feel it in the same way ,the non guilty person released out of prison. Open Source has changed my life to what we call 'FREEDOM' in India. Restriction to treat,please & educate people for betterment of state,nation,continent and world too are getting out of my way and I am pleased with the it. I wonder, I would loose peace for my life, if I stop using open-source. There is no doubt that technology brings social change. Whether it is a Machine, human need, or software, all have made significant changes to the behavior of the world. Linux, to me, is the best example that expresses freedom and being open. Richard Stallman, in 1983, announced the GNU project- a free software movement ,which changed quite a few people's mind set. But its accelerating to change software industry as time passes. The basic idea of the free software movement is that the social conditions for use of software are vitally important -- more important even than the software's technical characteristics. A free program respects our freedom and the social solidarity of our community that is sharing and cooperation with essential freedoms: The freedom to run the program as per one's wish,freedom to study the source code and adapt it according to one's wish,freedom to distribute copies without any restriction. Free Software doesn’t mean its free of charge. The central idea is we as a social animal deserve the rights of freedom and nobody could take away our freedom. Open source is a development methodology; free software is a social movement. the philosophy of open source considers issues in terms of how to make software “better” in a practical sense. Non free software provides an inferior solution to the problem in practical sense. Proprietary software is a social problem .The combination of both Open-source & free software would impact socially as well give a ground to young generation as well as professional people to contribute the society in terms of freedom,cost and product reusablilty. Penetration of Open-source in Education not only saves money to the government, private schools and colleges but it also educates and trains people in a manner that in return it will make the world better and better. It motivates self learners,educators,organizations ,students. Slowly a paradigm shift will occur to motivate the general social people too. Similarly in all public sector ,the use of free software & open-source would save huge amount of resources like time,revenue,and it leads to more opportunities. Contributing, to make freedom a norm in the world, inspires me and qualifies me as a social being. “... being a Linux user is sort of like living in a house inhabited by a large family of carpenters and architects. Every morning when you wake up, the house is a little different. Maybe there is a new turret, or some walls have moved. Or perhaps someone has temporarily removed the floor under your bed." Unix for Dummies, 2nd Edition (Found in the .sig of Rob Riggs)”