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FAQ/WALKTHROUGH (version 1.3) by Matt P,

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this FAQ.
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Geneforge and all names in this FAQ are copyright
Spiderweb Software (

INTRO: Welcome to the exciting world of Geneforge!

Geneforge is an
innovative game for Windows and Macintosh designed by
Software, who has also made such games as Avernum 1 & 2,
the Exile Series, and Blades of Exile. Their homepage is While there, be sure to check out their
games and the
spiderweb message boards (under forum). At the spiderweb
boards, you can find codes, editors, and lots of hints.

PURPOSE: Geneforge is an exciting, new game from Spiderweb

It has given me much sanity time in this busy period of my
life, and I
felt it was my duty to try to write a good FAQ for this
game. I have
also written Walkthroughs and FAQs for Avernum 2 and
Nethergate. Be
sure to check them out!
Right now, this FAQ is done. I will continuously take
suggestions/new findings well into future versions.

WARNING: There are plenty of spoilers in this FAQ. Please

refer to the
specific section/area about which you have a question to
avoid being
spoiled silly.
I still will not be providing cheat codes in this
version of the
FAQ. If you want them so very badly, then you should order
the hint
book or check the spiderweb forums. They may be placed in
a later
version of the FAQ, but not for a while.
I will not give out registration codes. Spiderweb is a
company, and they need your support. Ignoring their
request for a
small fee for your hours of enjoyment is stealing, and
If you wish to post this FAQ/walkthrough on your site,
please send
me an email. I will try to get back to you, ASAP. If I am
unable to
look at your site due to fee access, I can't let you post
the FAQ.

1. Character Classes
2. Character Stat Guide
3. Creation Guide
4. Spell Guide
5. Sect Guide
6. Location Guide (table of contents for the walkthrough)
7. Canister Locations, other Miscellaneous info (including
8. Equipment Guide
9. HP and XP per creation guides (from y0d1n2a3- many
10. Version info.

The Guardian: The physical powerhouse of the triumvirate.
When playing
as a Guardian, you'll often find that "If I can get next to
an enemy,
in the next turn, it will die." This is true. The
Guardians can beat
anything to a bloody pulp. They also have decent shaping
skills, and
can summon up a weak army if really necessary. They have
very poor
magic skills, and this is their main downfall. They are
unable to open
most chests until they've advanced to a high level or have
valuable skill points in intelligence or mechanics, or are
willing to
burn off living tools. On easy difficulties, they rule.
On harder
difficulties, they don't. They can not deal effectively
with crowds,
as they don't get searing orbs, nor do they get a powerful
army. That
said, beginners may find them very easy to start with.
probably won't find much use out of magic spell canisters.
can get a lot of damage if they increase their anatomy and
quick action
skills. I have received critical hits (caused by high
anatomy) on a
double attack (caused by quick action) for 300 damage each
hit. If you
have two quicksilver items equipped and are hasted, you can
do over
1800 damage in one turn. Nothing can survive this.
HP (please see end of FAQ, the doozy of a formula has
been determined
by y0d1n2a3)
Guardian SP = lvl*int+6
Guardian EP = 1.5*lvl*int+6

The Shaper: The shaper is probably the character at whom

this game is
aimed to please. They will get a lot of use out of every
canister they
find, and this may be appealing on some levels. Their
strength lies in
their numbers. Shapers can create with the best of them.
They will
always be able to summon up creations, and will rarely be
at a loss
when one creation dies. That said, Shaper's can't take a
Essentially, if there's a strong wind, a shaper might lose
half of his
hit points. They must be guarded by their creations.
shapers are pretty good with missile weapons and with
spells, so
erecting a creation-shield shouldn't be difficult. Shapers
can manage
well on all difficulties.
HP (please see end of FAQ, the doozy of a formula has
been determined
by y0d1n2a3)
Shaper SP = 2*lvl*int+6 (from Alex on the Spiderweb message
Shaper EP = 2*lvl*int+6

A shaper strategy: The Deadweight Shaper (a suggestion of

Zeviz and
Drakefyre): The shaper is the weakest PC. He can't fight
worth a dang,
and his spell-casting isn't so great either. However, he
can summon
things very well, and his creations are always potent.
Thus, you
should always have plenty of creations on hand, willing to
fight and
die for you. As such, the most important stats are
intelligence and
creation skills. Ignore strength- you will almost always
have 2 AP,
even if you're carrying the moon (this may not be true if
you've got a
negative AP item equipped, like the stability belt). The
shaper should
be a packhorse, and let his creations do the talking.
Dexterity isn't
important if you're not going to attack anything, and
shouldn't be important if you're not going to be hit (as a
player shouldn't be).

*Note from author- this strategy can work quite well in

most cases.
However, just giving yourself 1 more AP would result in the
ability to
use pods and spores.*

The Agent: The agent is probably the singly most powerful

character in
the game. Magic is well balanced with creations, and the
agent can
spellsling with the best of them. She will never be able
to summon up
an army like the shaper or even the guardian, but can take
one out on
her own pretty readily. She is very difficult to play at
first, as she
will have at most one or two creations as assistants, but
will be
increasingly powerful as she levels up. You do not want to
create many
assistants with an agent, as she needs much of her essence
to cast
spells. She can really clean house on higher difficulties.
suggest equipping her with missile weapons at the
beginning, however, I
feel as though she should always have a melee weapon
equipped, as her
spells are a potent missile weapon.
HP (please see end of FAQ, the doozy of a formula has
been determined
by y0d1n2a3)
Agent SP = 3*lvl*int+6
Agent EP = 1.5*lvl*int+6

Stats: Stats can only be raised up to 30. It is unlikely
that you'd
reach this over the course of normal play, so it's not a
bad cap.
However, stats start to diminish in effect as you go over
10, and later
20. This means that you will probably want to focus on
spreading your
points around a bit, so as to get the maximum effect. The
4 prime
stats do not seem to suffer from this feature.

Stat name (cost, Guardian, Shaper, Agent [if constant for

all three
classes, then only one number is shown]): Effects and

Prime stats:
Strength (5): Influences you weight capacity, and your
chance to hit
for melee, your stunning resistance, and you're damage
done. Very much
necessary to the Guardian and Agent. The Shaper can ignore
somewhat, but will need it in order to carry items.
Dexterity (5): Influences you chance to hit for missile
weapons, your
speed in combat, your acid resistance (from Scales) and
your chance to
dodge enemy blows. This stat can be ignored by most
characters. The
bonuses given by it are easily mimicked by quick action and
weapons. A shaper might find this stat moderately more
useful than the
other characters.
Intelligence (5): Influences your spell points, your
essence points,
and your mind resistance. This stat is very important to
shapers and
agents. Both need essence, and this is the only stat that
affects it.
The guardian may want to invest a few points in this stat
as well,
since he will eventually want to cast unlock and summon up
powerful creations.
Endurance (5): Influences you HP in a large way, and your
resistance. Guardians get the largest bonus for this

Fighting stats (Guardian strong, Shaper weak):

Melee (G-2, S-5, A-3): Influences your accuracy and
damage done by
melee weapons. The most powerful weapons in this game are
weapons. The agent should always use melee weapons, as
missile- magic
is her specialty. The guardian should use melee weapons
fighting melee opponents, and should try to use them when
distance opponents. The shaper should probably ignore this
skill, at
least until he gets a lot of points in it.
Missile (G-2, S-5, A-3): Influences your accuracy and
damage done by
missile weapons. Shapers will find this to be a valuable
However, it is extremely expensive, and not necessarily
worthwhile for
them. Guardians may find this skill useful, especially
when engaging
distant enemies. Normally, they can manage without adding
points in
this skill, however. Agents should probably ignore this
Quick Action (G-1, S-4, A-2): Gives you a small chance of
twice in a single round, and also influences the time you
act in
combat. A cool, powerful skill. All classes will
appreciate this
skill. Guardians and agents will find it more useful to
invest in this
skill than shapers, however, given its cost. Some argue
that this
skill is superior to anatomy as hitting twice is nearly the
same as
getting a critical hit, and you get a speed bonus, and they
probably correct to some extent. However, I believe
anatomy gives you
a larger chance of getting extra damage. This is one skill
that you
will probably want to concentrate on raising up to 10, then
focusing more on anatomy.
Anatomy (G-1, S-4, A-2): Gives you a small chance of
getting a
critical hit. Once again, agents and guardians will get
the best use
out of this skill. Shapers should pretty much ignore it
unless they decide to use melee weapons.

Magic stats (Agent strong, Guardian weak):

Battle Magic (G-5, S-3, A-2): Influences the strength of
your battle
spells, the chance to hit with your battle spells, and the
level of
battle spell you can cast. You will need to add points to
this skill
if you're playing as an agent. An agent will want to have
5 points in
this skill a few levels after completing the demo region.
Shapers can
ignore this skill and instead use thorn batons, and
guardians can't
afford this skill. Note, however, that the Carnelian gloves
will enable
you to get a free point of this skill from the nearby
tombs. You will
have to wait a while before getting the gloves, however.
Still, it's a
viable option for Guardians (from Scales).
Mental Magic (G-5, S-3, A-2): Influences the strength of
your mental
spells, the chance to hit with your battle spells, and the
level of
battle spell you can cast. All classes will want at least
one point in
this skill so as to be able to cast unlock. Agents and
shapers may
want to invest more points in this skill. The guardian
should be
miserly as always when adding points to this skill. Note,
that the Carnelian gloves will enable you to get a free
point of this
skill from the nearby tombs. You will have to wait a while
getting the gloves, however. Still, it's a viable option
for Guardians
(from Scales).
Blessing Magic (G-5, S-3, A-2): Influences the strength
of your
blessing spells and the level of blessing spell you can
cast. This
skill is especially valuable to the shaper. The shaper
will want to
beef up his creations before any big fight. The agent will
want to get
this skill up to level 3 so as to be able to cast speed and
blessing, but won't find much use out of mass energize.
Spellcraft (G-7, S-5, A-4): Influences the strength of
all spells.
This skill is where the agents reign. Other classes won't
be able to
invest points in this skill, or will find it too expensive,
but the
agent should add a point to it often. It will greatly
strengthen all
of your skills.

Shaping stats (Shaper strong, Agent weak):

Fire Shaping (G-5, S-4, A-7): Influences your ability to
create fire
creations, and the level at which they start. Shapers will
want to
invest in all the shaping skills (or one in particular).
creations are versatile in that they all have strong melee
and physical
attacks. Guardians will want to put a point or two in each
skill, but
won't find much benefit from further investment. Agents,
unless they
desire a pet fyora, should ignore this expensive skill.
Battle Shaping (G-4, S-3, A-6): Influences your ability
to create
battle creations, and the level at which they start.
Shapers will want
to invest in all the shaping skills (or one in particular).
creations focus primarily on physical attacks, and have a
lot of HP.
Guardians may want to invest more points in this skill, as
there is
always need for cannon fodder. Agents, again, should
ignore this
Magic Shaping (G-4, S-3, A-6): Influences your ability to
magic creations, and the level at which they start.
Shapers will want
to invest in all the shaping skills (or one in particular).
creations generally have a bonus feature to their attack,
but are
generally only missile weapon users (with the Glaahks being
exceptions). Guardians may find this skill to be very
useful, as
artilas are a nice component to your army. Agents may want
to start
with one point in this skill, and to make an artila or two
over time,
but again should probably ignore this expensive skill.
Healing Craft (G-3, S-2, A-5): Influences the strength of
healing spells, and allows you to use the spell mass
restore if a
significant investment in this skill is made. Useful for
all classes.
Agents should be more hesitant to add points to this skill,

Miscellaneous stats:
Leadership (2): This skill is only useful in dialogue.
However, you
will be talking a lot in this game, so this skill is
extremely useful.
You should at least have 5 points in this skill by level 5,
this will
get you more skills and such. You will want at least 8 by
the end
game, though more (10 or so) is quite useful. One servile
requires 12 leadership to join without performing a quest
(brought to
my attention by Zeviz on the message boards). Going above
12 is
unnecessary except perhaps in one (major) encounter. This
skill may be
purchased for 2000 gold. Do note that you can obtain a
girdle of
leadership without too much difficulty, therefore going
above a natural
10 is unnecessary. Also, other than this one leader,
nothing else
requires more than 10 leadership, so with the girdle, going
above 8
leadership is probably unnecessary.
Mechanics (2): This is a very useful skill. Guardians
will get the
most use out of it, as they will be unable to cast the
spell unlock
(they should try to have around about 6 by level 5).
Agents and
shapers still should not ignore this skill, but do not need
to invest
in it as heavily (maybe ~5). Mechanics is used in some
encounters, and also influences the following: Unlocking of
levers and
chests, Manipulation of power spirals, Disarming of
exploding crystals,
Disarming of mines, Manipulation of spore boxes and control
This skill may be purchased for 2000 gold. Zeviz, and
Vengeful Wise
Man both recommend getting several points of this skill.
Getting above
13 is probably unnecessary. Tinker's gloves will raise
your skill in
this, and are fairly common.
Luck (1): A useful skill, but not as pervasive as in
Spiderweb games. All characters should start with 1 point,
and then
delay getting any more points until they can purchase them
from Dig.
Depending on the amount of money you have, you may want to
enough points to get up to 30 in this stat. This way you
will not miss
anything, and get a hefty armor bonus. Each point of luck
the chance to hit by 1%, and the chance to dodge by 1%. It
may also
affects some resistances. Every 2 points of luck increases
armor by 1,
and monsters may also drop items more frequently (both
hints are from
Scales on the Spiderweb message boards). This skill may be
for 500 gold.

Resistances: There are several resistances listed on the

page. Many of these are somewhat confusing. Two
resistances aren't
listed: fire and energy. Both play significant roles.
Items that give
"hostile effect" resistance should increase all of these,
thus, are
very valuable.

Stun: Stun resistance is pretty straight-forward. When an

enemy hits
you, they have a slight chance of stunning you. Being
stunned makes
you lose AP in the next round, and may make you weaker in
combat and
defense. Increase your strength and wear stronger armor in
order to
increase your stun resistance.

Mind: Mind resistance is somewhat more useful for your

creations, as it
helps you prevent fear and charming attacks, the latter of
which your
PC is immune. Vlish are the main cause of both, although
some sholai
can charm your creations. Increase your intelligence to
increase your
mind resistance.

Poison: Many enemies have poison attacks- vlish, clawbugs,

turrets, among others. Poison is the less dangerous than
acid, but can
still be a pain. Increase your endurance to increase your

Acid: This is the favored attack of artilas and many

turrets. It can
be very damaging, and raising dexterity will raise this

Fire: This is one of the unlisted resistances. Assume that

it is equal
to your unmodified acid resistance, and may also be
increased by
raising dexterity. Fire creations love this attack method,
and it's
also used to calculate damage received from fire pits and

Energy: There aren't that many energy attacks, although

perhaps cryoas
and cryodrayks may use energy attacks, and perhaps there's
a few
others. The main use of this resistance is to block the
received in the power core.

Important things to note- not all creations start off at
level 1.
Some creations start off at different levels. Therefore,
it is not
necessary to keep around old creations just because you
think that
they're more powerful than new, more advanced creations. I
once had a
level 17 fyora with my Agent. I decided I needed some help
for a
particular battle, so I made a Drayk. I was surprised to
see that the
Drayk had superior stats, despite being a level lower. I
saved my
game, and absorbed each creation to see which was more
expensive in
essence. Much to my chagrin, my fyora was costing me over
100 essence,
whereas the Drayk only cost 60! I got rid of my poor
faithful Fyora
right then and replaced him with the superior Drayk.

Generally, creations that have a specific set of stats

determined by
their level. Newly created creations have stats defined
completely by
the level at which you create them. When creations gain
levels, they
don't necessarily get a set of points at each level. As a
creations that are newly created at a specific level are
almost always
better than or equal to a creation that has ascended to
that level
through gaining experience. Creation stats may not go
above 30
(without items), and they will not gain levels above 30
either (from

Creature name: (cost in essence, cost in essence +2 int).

starting level] Opinion. Note that the actual starting
level is base +
creature skill + specific shaping skill (up to 10) +
specific shaping
skill / 2 (all points 10-20) + skill / 3 (20-30).
Fyoras: (8, 11). [0] A staple of lower levels. They can
fairly powerful at higher levels, but will never be as
strong as
Drayks. As a shaper, create a few of these. They will
save your life.
They have decent melee and missile attacks.
Cryoas: (30, 39). [3] A more powerful version of fyoras.
They can be
more powerful than fyoras, but are also more expensive.
Roamers: (15, 20). [2] Kind of disappointing, in my
opinion. They
spit acid, and have a good bite, but artilas are better
acid shooters
and are cheaper, and there are stronger physical enemies
out there.
Pyroroamers: (12, 17). [1] An interesting concept, but
kind of hard
to employ. These little guys explode when they are hit
hard (lose all
HP). You could potentially make 7 of these guys go after a
enemy, and once said enemy attacks, they explode and kill
the enemy.
Drayks: (60, 75). [9] Very powerful, but also expensive.
Still, a
nice improvement. They have a better melee attack than
missile attack,
though both are very strong.
Cryodrayks: (90, 111) [10] Very, very powerful, but also
Make a lot of these, and you'll be limited in whatever else
you can

Thahds: (7, 10) [2] Another staple of lower levels.

These guys can
mete out good punishment and take it as well. They aren't
the most
powerful, and die pretty easily against turrets and other
creatures, but are still a good first option. Use them as
Thahd Shades: (28, 35). [5] These guys are much harder
for the enemy
to hit than Thahds, but by the time you get them, you'll be
itching for
something more. They still are probably stronger than
clawbugs. Thahd
Shades may be immune to poison.
Clawbug: (20, 27). [3] A decent upgrade from Thahds.
They can fight
pretty well, but also tend to share many of the Thahd's
Plated Bug: (48, 59). [9] A very powerful creation.
Expensive as
well, unfortunately. These creations start off with 10 AP,
so can get
2 hits in during a round. This is a significant advantage,
since they start off at a higher level, and can really
pummel an enemy.
At higher levels, they aren't as great, and I'd recommend
"trading them
in" for glaahks or something bigger.
Battle Alpha: (45, 56). [7] These guys are relatively
cheap, and can
pound an enemy pretty well.
Battle Beta: (75, 92). [9] Probably the most
disappointing high level

Artila: (12, 17). [3] Probably the best of the early

level creations.
Artilas can take out most everything. They have great
accuracy and a
powerful attack. Unfortunately, they can't attack too
much, as they
have limited energy. They are also very weak in melee.
Searing Artila: (30, 39). [4] A decent improvement on the
Artila in
terms of strength, endurance and such. They can attack
more often than
artilas, but cost more as well.
Vlish: (15, 20). [4] Very potent, especially at upper
levels. For
mac users, they may not be so hot, but for PC users, they
can clean
house. Their attack stuns and does good damage, and
doesn't cost too
much energy. They are also quite cheap. Probably the best
level creation.
Terror Vlish: (45, 56). [7] A very powerful creation.
Their spells,
however, are quite draining, and they don't have the
stamina of most
Vlish. But the damage they can do is amazing. Enemies
will be
paralyzed by fear, and can't do a thing after being hit by
one of these
beasts. They also have a good starting level, meaning that
not much
can dodge their attacks.
Glaahk: (45, 56). [8] By the time you get these, you can
find more use out of its 3rd level upgrade, the Ur-Glaahk.
they can be very potent creations.
Ur-Glaahk: (65, 80). [11] A powerful creation. Their
sting stuns
enemies, voiding their next turn. Get a few of these
creations, and
enemies won't be attacking you at all. They are also the
cheapest of
the top level creations, despite having the highest
starting level.

An opinion on Glaahks, Clawbugs, and Battle Alphas/Betas

from cjenkins:
The clawbugs and glaahks especially get better armor and
endurance, and even
combat-heavy Agents don't take blows easily. I've noticed
that concentrating in
magic makes the game a lot easier for them, but it's a
running game and it helps
to have a creation run interference. It's not important
that they hit hard or
hit at all, they just have to absorb or deflect whacks
while you firebolt
everything. Since Agents are also weak at shaping, you'd
have to spend the
precious skill points and essence on the most durable
creations. If shielding
were a spell, Agents probably wouldn't need shaping at all.

Ornk: (8, 11). [0] Sort of a hidden creation. Quite

weak, but good
for comic effect. Don't go out of your way for this one
(unless you
REALLY want to). Save your living tools instead.

Firebolt: A cheap, powerful spell. A staple of the
Agent. You can
get it up to a very high level as well. The agent can cast
without end.
Searer: A bit more expensive and costs essence as well,
but somewhat
more powerful. Causes energy damage, and acid damage
Searing Orbs: If you can use this (as an agent or
shaper), then do
so. It's very powerful. Use it on multiple enemies. At
high levels
it can do 200+ damage per orb.

Unlock: A necessary spell. One spell the guardian should

invest in, since he'll have a hard time opening most doors
of the
Terror: Kind of expensive, but useful enough. I've gone
plenty of games without ever even using it. It can be
quite powerful
when you're in a bind. Delicious Vlish on the Spiderweb
message boards
says that Terror generally isn't very useful on easy and
difficulties, but on higher difficulties, being able to
scare an enemy
is very useful, as it can mean the difference between life
and death.
Dominate: Similar to terror. I rarely ever used it.
However, there
are those who swear by it. Give it a try, maybe you'll
like it.
Delicious Vlish on the Spiderweb message boards says that
Dominate is
very useful for higher difficulties. Being able to turn an
enemy over
to your force can really change the outcome of a battle, as
the enemies
are much stronger and able to kill others with ease. He
also believes
that the strength of your ability to dominate is determined
significantly by your intelligence (although the author has
confirmed this). Using it successfully on an augmented
sholai can turn
the course of a battle fairly readily.

War Blessing: A good spell, saves you from using those

battle pods.
Especially useful for shapers, since it blesses all of your
as well. Use it before any tough battle, and your
creations will hit
more often, and will hit harder.
Speed: A very nice spell, especially for shapers. Agents
get good
use out of it, too. It gives you 1.5 X your current AP.
would find it to be quite useful, but it is very expensive
in terms of
skill points to get your skill high enough to use it.
Mass Energize: Good if you know something's coming.
you can't use it too often. Generally, the other two
spells are
sufficient, plus, they can be cast during battle.

Heal: Necessary. You get hit a lot in this game, this

will save your
Cure Effects: Useful, there are plenty of poisonous
monsters and
regions out there. This will help alleviate some of the
Mass Restore: Myeh, it's not awful, especially if you
have a lot of
creations. If just a few creatures are hurt, use the
cheaper and more
powerful heal.

Sects: Joining each sect is a commitment of time and
ability. Be sure
to wait to hear out all sects before agreeing one way or
another. If
you join either the Obeyers or Awakened, you will no longer
have access
to the opposing sect's merchants. Try to drain them dry of
One of the most important things you do in Geneforge is
join a sect
(although it isn't required by any means). In order to
join a sect,
you must have given an opinion generally consistent with
the views held
by the members of that sect. Each sect has its advantages
disadvantages, and each seems to be morally ambiguous. The
desire open rebellion and violence. However, as you will
see as you
play through Geneforge, their cause appears almost just.
The Obeyers
desire to serve the Shapers, and to prevent any major
problems from
surfacing, which sounds OK. However, as you talk around,
you'll find
that the Obeyers are very underhanded and murderous, and
starve the
other sects of supplies and food. The Awakened appear to
be the least
sneaky, however they also have a few skeletons in their
closet (or
rather dead servant minds). In the end, your decision will
be tough.
Unless, that is, you're power-gaming it. All of the
sects offer
something nice for those who join them. The Obeyers will
increase your
fire shaping ability, and will give you several quests.
The Awakened
will significantly improve your combat abilities, but don't
have many
quests. The Takers give you an item that will make the
gameplay a
whole lot easier.
In order to join a sect, you must have announced your
opinion to five
people in the way the sect desires (freedom for
obedience for Obeyers). If you offer any contradicory
opinions, you
will have to override that. Imagine a lever:
You start out at X. Each time you say something the
Obeyers like, you
move one notch towards the Ob. Each time you say something
Awakened/Takers like, you move towards the Aw/Ta. Learned
Darian can
help you greatly by instantly setting you in the good
graces of
whichever sect you desire to join, even if you are at the
opposite end
of opinion for that sect. Also, Croikle has stated that
talking with
the leaders of a sect plays a major role, much moreso than
your average
Finally, if you like playing as a manipulative schemer,
you can join
all 3 sects (though not simultaneously). Doing so allows
you to milk
the best benefits of all three sects (i.e., the stat
raises). First
off, say things to make the Obeyers like you. Get their
quest to feed
Control 4 and do so. Join the Obeyers (and get a point in
shaping). Next, reverse paths (perhaps through Learned
Darian), and
get the Kill Control 4 quest from the Awakened. Kill him
and join the
Awakened (getting a nice set of stat boosts). Finally,
kill Ellhrah,
and join the Takers and get your amulet. You can avoid all
of these
quests if you have 12 leadership or more. Finally, you can
rejoin the Obeyers if you haven't upset them too much.


Crumbling Docks
Abandoned Vale
Bandit Woods
Ruined School
Ellhrah's Keep
Crag Valley
Spiral Burrow
Thorny Fen
Pentil Woods
Pentil Plains
The Tombs
Pentil East
Thorny Woods >>> END OF DEMO!
Wooded Valley
Peaceful Vale
Buried Cells
Stone Circle
Quiet Marshes
Crystal Burrow
Kazg Plains
Kazg Ruins
East Kazg
Servile Warren
Tribal Woods
Refugee Cave
Holding 2
Dock Ruins
Eastern Docks
Icy Tunnel
Underground River
East Mines
Mine Core
West Mines
North Mines
Patrolled Dell
Winding Road
Power Station
Power Core
Guarded Bridge
Patrolled Bridge
Ancient Crypt
Drayk's Vale
The Hill
Kantre's Realm
Sealed Labs
South Workshop
West Gate
West Workshop
Dry Wastes
Western Wastes
Valley of the Wind
Spirit City
Great Temple
Front Gate
Central Labs
Holding Cells
Shaper Crypt
Inner Crypt
Guarded Docks


Town Name (Maximum Difficulty)

Q: quests available
C & S: canisters and stat changes available
O: Serviles with whom you may talk and give your opinion
Enemies: Enemies present in the course of normal play
D: Directions
Walkthrough for area. I will not mention every little
thing present
in the region, and exploration of the area is definitely
encouraged. I
will try to provide information on most important items,
and a general
procedure for making it through the region relatively
Difficulties are based on the following scale, with
levels. Difficulties with a .5 represent intermediates.
Note also
that these are maximum difficulties. It is pretty easy to
walk around
the Icy Tunnels, but attempting to clear them is another
1. Very Easy. A character just starting out can complete
this map
without being killed too often. Levels 1-5.
2. Easy. A character can manage without many problems. A
can get this far in the demo. Levels 5-10.
3. Moderate. A character can manage with using some
tactics, and will
probably need to be around about level 10-13.
4. Moderately Difficult. Enemies here can kick you around
some. Levels
5. Difficult. Enemies here will kick you around some.
Levels 15-17.
6. Very Difficult. Enemies here can kill you easily, or
love to gang
up on you. Level >17.

*NOTE: Quests: All quests give experience, unless you're at

a very high
level. Many also give decent items. I do not state the
experience a
quest gives, as it changes with level.

Crumbling Docks (1)

Q: Leave the island
C & S: Firebolt.
Enemies: None.
D: (North to the Abandoned Vale)
You start off at the Abandoned docks. You get your first
quest, to
leave the island. Walk around and get acquainted with
movement. There
are some jars nearby. Search them, but you won't find
HINT: Containers, well, they contain things. In Geneforge,
range from jars to vats of goo to cabinets. If you put
your mouse over
a container that is searchable, it will be highlighted, and
you can
search it.
Head further east, then enter the building. Here you'll
find your
first equipment- a tunic. Equip it, it'll aid you
slightly. Check the
drawer to the south to find 6 javelins. Head to the
northwest room to
get a cloak, some coins, and a key. Then head south, and
stand by the
door- it will automatically open for you. Grab the
HINT: Canisters give you skills. Use all that you come
There's no penalty for doing so (at least, not
intrinsically. There
are a few encounters which are different if you haven't
used many).
There are at least 4 of every creature and spell. View
your skills
with the "character traits" button.
Continue east, you'll get a message regarding your use of
the canister,
and check the small passage to the east. You'll find some
thorns at
the end. You'll learn what these can do at a later point.
Head back
out and search the container for a healing pod. Enter the
and grab the dagger and shield. Pull the lever:
HINT: Levers are your ticket to moving around. Whenever
you see a
lever, chances are there's a door nearby. Some levers are
locked and
can only be manipulated with a key or through some sort of
Head up and around. You'll find another healing pod in a
HINT: Magic items. There are several classes of magic
items. First,
you can acquire pods. These affect your main character
alone. Second,
there are spores. Spores affect you and all your
creations. They are
a bit more rare than pods. Rods behave like spores, but
are even more
rare (and valuable). Crystals will cast a spell for you
and can be
very powerful (especially swarm and spray crystals). There
are a few
other magic items you'll run across as you go on.
Continue, and enter the south entrance of the hotel. Go
west, pull the
lever, and you'll find a belt, some more healing pods, and
a robe
(better than the cloak). Head north. Here you'll meet the
Ornks are rarely aggressive (only in one area). That
doesn't mean you
can't take your aggression out on them. Doing so isn't too
bad an
idea- they will give you some handsome experience and meat.
Head to
the east, and pull the lever. If you have 3 mechanics or
more, you can
pick the lock, and get some thorns and ice crystals. Head
to the north
to the next level when you're ready.

Abandoned Vale (1)

Q: None.
C & S: Create Fyora, Heal.
O: Timo.
Enemies: Fyoras.
D: South to the Crumbling Docks, East to Vakkiri.
Head directly north. You'll see two pools here, one on
your right
and one on your left. Blue pools heal you and your
creation's essence
and energy, whereas green ones heal your health. Go up,
and you can
get two canisters (Create Fyora, Heal). There are some
goodies on the
tables as well. Exit, and choose your path. The lower one
leads to a
dead body with some coins and a few minor items. Head
through the
middle one. You'll get some messages warning you about
Prepare for battle, and attack! They should be quite easy.
If you're
a shaper, you'll probably want some assistance, in the form
of fyoras.
Guardians and Agents can both manage on their own. Check
the buildings
for a few more minor goodies. Head to the west, and look
in the
building to get a Baton:
HINT: Batons are one of the more unique weapons of
Geneforge. They are
very powerful, but not useful to all classes. Agents
should not use
them, but Shapers should. Guardians may want to use them,
depending on
their enemies (i.e., artilas). Many batons also have
secondary effects
like poison, stunning, acid attack, or the dreaded super-
death attack
(of sorts).
Enter the center building, you'll find a pair of boots in
one of the
containers. Walk to the east, and you'll find a Servant
HINT: Servant minds are great sources of information. They
will also
assist you in your quests. Sometimes, you may want to kill
them as
well. In such an instance, talk it to death.
Talk with him, and he'll analyze you and let you go off
through the
northern door. A servile will come up and talk with you,
giving you
information, and asking your opinion:
HINT: Opinions matter. In order to join the various
servile sects,
you'll have to get on their good sides. Telling them what
they want to
hear is the best way to do this. Most of the time, you can
exit the
conversation without telling them anything, if you desire
to take your
time in making up your mind.
After you give him your opinion, he will leave. You can
now attack his
ornks, if you so desire (from Vengeful Wise Man on the
message boards). You may then leave to the east to

Vakkiri (1)
Q: Eliminate the bandits, Find stolen knife, Find spy in
Vakkiri, Kill
Ellhrah, Find Pixley, Find Arth, Search ruined school, Open
box, Clear
watchhill, Deliver message to Ellhrah, Clear Crag Valley.
C & S: War blessing.
O: Learned Pinner, Ham, Khobar, Strout
Enemies: none.
D: West to the Abandoned Vale, North to the Bandit Woods,
East to
Welcome to the first Servile settlement. You can get
much of the
background story here by conversing with the residents.
You will also
get many quests as you talk with the villagers. Brodus
Blade asks you
to eliminate the bandits (in the Bandit Woods), and gives a
wand of
firebolt as a reward. Inerny asks you to find her stolen
knife. Lietz
has it, but you need to have 4 leadership or more to get
her to give it
up (look away). The reward for this quest is cheaper food.
It might
be better to keep the knife, as it's a powerful weapon for
a low level
character. Sencia asks you to find the spy in Vakkiri.
Nabb is the
spy, and he gives the quest to kill Ellhrah. He is a
member of the
Takers. Reporting him to Sencia only gets you exp (but a
good bit).
Sencia also refers to Clakkit, who can give you a good bit
information about what people think of you, and may give
you a few more
hints as you progress through the game. Coale will buy and
sell from
you. He gives you quests to find two merchants. Finding
Pixley will
get you 3 living tools. Finding Arth will get you a few
spore pouches.
Coale's lever room contains a few living tools. The room
to his north
has two locked chests that contain pods and coins. Further
there is a room to the west that has a trap. Inside is a
bronze sword
and some robes. Now is a good time to talk about theft:
HINT: Theft- it isn't a crime if it's unseen. Wait for a
character to
leave, then steal their stuff. Use this often in Vakkiri
to build up
your gold reserves. It will be quite useful later on in
certain other
areas, as well.
Dreet will sell you access to a canister (containing war
blessing) for
300 coins, or if you have 6 or greater leadership. Save up
your cash.
Learned Pinner wants you to search the Ruined School to
find some
answers. Your reward is exp. She will also examine you to
tell you
how mutated you are. Ham will buy and sell from you, and
also wants
you to open his box. Use spells, tools, or pure mechanics
if you so
HINT: Opening things can be a problem. Luckily, there are
plenty of
living tools available. Living tools act as an unlocking
device. Use
them on an object to decrease the mechanics required to
manipulate said
device. There are other ways around locked chests and
doors. First,
and easiest, is to have a key. A key will open a lever or
lock without
problems. Of course, you must find the required key.
Another means is
by increasing your mechanics skill. This is the most broad
answer, as
you can do almost anything with enough mechanics. Note
that each
living tool acts like two points of the mechanics skill.
Finally, you
can use the spell unlock. Some doors are resistant to this
spell, and
will not unlock even if you have a large unlock spell
bonus. Unlock
only works for locked items and does not affect power
spirals and such.
The best way to approach unlocking an item is first to use
living tools
to get the message down to "You need to use 3 more tools to
open this,"
then to attempt the spell unlock. Guardians will have no
chance until
they reach a high level of unlocking anything requiring
more than 1
living tool.
For this he gives you a few pods. If you've spilled the
beans on Nabb,
you can go up to his room and claim his stuff, which
includes a Chitin
armor and a gem. Leader Khobar gives you a series of
quests. The
first is to clear Watchhill. The reward for this quest is
300 coins.
Next he tells you to deliver a letter to Ellhrah. Telling
him you've
completed this quest gets you 150 coins. Finally, he asks
you to clear
Crag Valley. Once this has been done, you get a girdle of

Bandit Woods (1)

Q: none.
C & S: none.
O: none.
Enemies: Fyoras, Thahds, and Bandits
D: West to the Ruined School, South to Vakkiri, North to
Dry Wastes
As you enter this area, you are accosted by Ghurk, leader
of the
bandits. You can attempt to convince him not to attack,
and he'll tell
you that they will stop raiding if they get some food
(leadership 4 or
more). Tell Brodus Blade this, and if your leadership is
>=5, you can
convince her to agree. This results in an early exp
reward. If you
wander through their woods enough, they will attack you
anyways. They
are difficult for a low level character, but one bandit has
a Coated
Cloak. Their NE headquarters has a lot of gold (235
coins), and some
nice pods (healing and 1 shielding). In the center of the
woods there
is a room with three locked chests. Opening them gets you
living tools, pods, and one healing spore. Finally, go to
the west.
You'll fight several low level enemies, and can gain
entrance to the
Ruined School.

Ruined School (1)

Q: none.
C & S: Searer, Endurance, Create Artila, Firebolt.
O: none.
Enemies: Fyoras, Thahds, Artilas, Rawbone.
D: East to Bandit Woods.
This is a fairly rich area, and is well-worth exploring.
To the SE and
SW are several magic pods. Check all of the containers you
across. Get to the center west area, and you'll fight
Rawbone, a
powerful Thahd (100HP), and his cronies. Killing him gets
you the very
nice Student's Belt. You can also find the School key.
Use the key in
the SW corner room to get some thorns, a bronze sword, a
studded belt,
and a Searer canister. Head up to the NE, and use the key
to unlock
the lever to get a point in endurance from the canister.
Then head to
the NW and get to the servant mind. Ask the servant mind
about the
history of the place to complete Learned Pinner's quest.
If you have 5
leadership, you can also convince it to give you one more
point in
Firebolt. Explore the area around the servant mind for a
Venom Baton
and a canister of Create Artila.

Watchhill (1)
Q: none
C & S: Create Thahd
O: none.
Enemies: Thahds, Fyoras, Spawner
D: South to Ellhrah's keep, West to Vakkiri, North to Crag
Valley, East
to Thorny Fen
Here you will meet your first spawner. Head to the
north, and you'll
have to make your way through thahds and a fyora or two.
In the NW
corner, you'll encounter a spawner. Spawners generate
enemies every
two turns or so (maybe 3). They are a decent place to
build up
experience, if you so desire. Once killed, the spawner
leaves a group
of gems. Search the area, killing any hostile creations
you come
across, and search the containers. You can find a good
variety of
items. In the central area of the building, you'll find a
that will give you a point of Create Thahd. The rest of
this place
doesn't have too much. Seerula will assist you in your
fight, if you so
desire and have enough leadership. If she kills an enemy,
you don't
get any of the EXP, however. I generally just let her

Ellhrah's Keep (2)

Q: Kill Control 4.
C & S: Firebolt, Create Fyora, Cure Effects.
O: Ellhrah, Swan.
Enemies: Cryoas
D: North to Watchhill.
This is a friendly area. There are some merchants just
east of the
entrance, they have a decent amount of gold to trade with
you for your
items. Swan is a good character who will train you if you
are a member
of the Awakened. Head down south to Ellhrah. Along the
way, you meet
Ting, who wants you to kill Ellhrah. Ellhrah wants you to
join the
awakened. Give him the message, and then return to Vakkiri
to get your
reward. Ellhrah will let you join the Awakened if you have
said enough
things to make him happy. He will first make you prove
yourself by
insisting you go kill Control 4. If you have enough
leadership, you
can avoid this quest. Head to the SE, and you'll find some
Thy can be tough for a low level character, but take your
time. This
area will yield a canister of firebolt, pods, and living
tools. Head
to the center south as far as you can go, then head east.
Unlock the
door, and you can get a jar of Mind Nutrients (More on this
later), and
a canister of Create Fyora. There's also a dead servant
mind here. If
you join the Awakened, Ellhrah will give you a bronze key.
You can
convince him to give you a gold key if you have enough
leadership. If
you don't want to join the Awakened just yet, you can still
pillage the
keep's hidden goods. When you have enough tools, you
should head west
from the dead servant mind. Watch out for the guard
(unless you have
the key). He'll shout an alarm if he catches you without a
key, and if
you can't lie your way out (requires a fairly high
leadership). Once
you make it to the west, you can collect a lot of gems and
coins. You
can also get a girdle of nimbleness, and a canister of cure
Finally, you can acquire a discipline wand, a powerful
magic item early
on in the game.

Crag Valley (2)

Q: none
C & S: Unlock, War Blessing.
O: Forney
Enemies: Thahds, Roamers, Artilas, and a Spawner.
D: South to Watchhill, West to Spiral Burrow, East to Hall
of Jars.
As you enter this area, you meet two serviles, who are
both members
of the Obeyers. They have been having trouble with
artilas, and could
use your help. Head to the west, and kill all of the
enemies you come
across. Towards the south you will run into roamers. Head
up north
and you'll have to fight some artilas. Enter the building
from the
west, and you'll see an essence pool as well as a Power
HINT: Power spirals can be rather annoying. Most of the
time they are
powering something dangerous, and should be shut off.
There are two
ways of accomplishing this (3 actually, but the third
doesn't come into
play until late in the game). First, and easiest, is to
blow them up.
The best way to blow them up is to enter combat. While in
disarm the spiral, then get behind a wall. A turn or two
later, it
will explode (doing damage to anything nearby). The second
way to do
it requires investment in mechanics. If you have adequate
skill, you can turn a spiral off without it exploding. The
third way
is to use the control key. Some spirals are instantly
turned off by
this device, but you don't get it till real late in the
You don't have any choice but to explode this spiral. Do
so, and
you'll kill the spawner hiding just east, and blow a hole
in the wall.
This finishes Khobar's mission. Also, while you're here,
be sure to
grab the shaper equipment. It is useful for a later quest.
You can
continue heading east in the building, however, you will be
attacked by
very strong artilas. If you feel you're up to it (thahds
and more
creations can help), you can obtain a canister of unlock
and of war

Spiral Burrow (1.5)

Q: None.
C & S: Heal, Create Roamer.
O: None.
Enemies: Roamers, Warp.
D: East to Crag Valley.
This area is home to Control Four, who is the object of
two quests.
It is also the home of Warp, a dangerous Vlish. As you
enter, you'll
notice Roamers that are, well, roaming the halls. If you
don't kill
them quickly enough, they will run away and get their
friends to gang
up on you. Most of the important stuff is in the center of
the map.
You can find some decent equipment and items in each of the
corners (NE, SW, NW, SE) and to the North. Also in the SE,
you can
obtain a canister of Heal. When you're ready, head to the
center. You
will have to fight Warp, a dangerous Vlish. If you have
any creations
around, Warp will attempt to charm them and get them to
serve him. A
charmed creation will eventually uncharm. It may take a
few goes, but
eventually, you should be able to kill Warp. Head west,
and you'll
find a closed room, wait for the door to open, and use the
canister for
a point in Create Roamer. Then head north, and talk with
Control Four.
If you want to join the Obeyers, feed him some of your mind
If you want to kill him (to join the Awakened), you'll have
to tell him
4 times to deactivate himself. If you're not sure, wait
before doing

Thorny Fen (1.5)

Q: None.
C & S: Unlock.
O: None.
Enemies: Roamers.
D: West to Watchhill, North to Hall of Jars, East to Pentil
There's not too much to do here. There are a lot of
roamers, and they
yield decent EXP. Be sure to check the bushes- they will
yield thorns.
Occasionally you may get lucky and get something other than
thorns, but this is rare. To the SE there is a body and a
containing a few thorns and other items. To the NE is
Sleet, who is
being attacked by a Roamer. Kill the roamer. Talk with
Sleet, and you
can get some info on nearby areas, and some crystals, if
you ask her
for them. To the NW is a body with a baton, a sword, and a
The most important thing here is just south of this body- a
containing Unlock. You probably can't use the unlock spell
if you're a
guardian, but all of the other classes now can open a lot
of those
chests. If you kill enough Roamers, the area is cleared.

Hall of Jars (1.5)

Q: None
C & S: Create Thahd, Quick Action, Searer.
O: None.
Enemies: Turrets, Venom Turrets.
D: West to Crag Valley, South to Hall of Jars, East to
Pentil Plains.
This is a dangerous, but rewarding, area. There are two
sections- the outer rim, and the inner room. The inner
room is the
most rewarding. There are over 10 living tools available
for the
taking in this area. You enter on the outer rim, most
likely from
either the south or the west. Explore the area, and head
to the SW (if
you're coming from the south or west). You'll find some
HINT: Mines are bad. Fortunately, there are many ways to
get past
them. Some mines won't explode unless you step right on
top of them,
thus you can avoid them by careful walking. Other mines
can be turned
of from a lever-controlled spore box. Finally, you can
also use spore
batons, which you will find at a later point in time.
Carefully make your way to a nearby locked door- unlock it
and use the

lever-controlled spore box. This will turn off all mines

in the
region. Then head a bit NE to the central area. You will
need to use some living tools to get in. Once you've
entered, prepare
for a fight. Turrets are waiting for you.
1. Get to the very edge of their range. You can find this
by trying to
target them and finding when you are just out of range.
They have the
same range as you.
2. Cast haste.
3. Step in range, fire, step out. If you only have 10AP
you'll have to
take a very tiny step, so you still have 10AP when you are
ready to
fire. This might take several turns.
4. Repeat step 3 until they pylon/turret is dead and move
on to the
next one.
You should be able to kill the one without too much hassle.
Then move
to the east and manipulate the spore box, turning off the
turrets. You
may now kill them at will. Be sure to kill them in one
turn or else
you will be attacked by all of them (this shouldn't be too
Killing them gets you some EXP, as well as some thorns.
You should get
enough venom thorns from the venom turrets that you can now
ditch any
plain thorn batons. There are other areas to explore in
the room, but
first head to the NE. The door will open, and you'll see a
mine. This
mine is always dangerous, but won't do too much damage.
Head to the
north. You'll see a servant mind. Talk with it, and with
leadership, you can convince it to turn off all of the
mines and
turrets, making your job a lot easier. You can also get
the name of
the human who has been troubling you. To the east of the
mind is a key
that is quite useful. To the west of the mind is a jar of
Nutrients. This is a very valuable special item, and there
are a
limited number of these. Head back down to the west room,
and enter
the NW room. You'll find a bunch of Pods, and a canister
of Create
Thahd. Head east, and you'll find some neutral turrets
(kill them if
you desire). Head to the northern room from this turret
room to get a
chainmail armor and a canister of quick action. Head to
the western
room from the turret room to get some acid thorns, an iron
sword, and a
canister of searer. In the eastern turret room, you can
get some steel
gauntlets. Exit once you've got everything you desire.

Pentil Woods (1.5)

Q: None
C & S: Create Artila.
O: None.
Enemies: Vlish, a spawner.
D: West to Thorny Fen, North to Pentil, East to the Tombs.
There are Vlish here. Be sure to kill them in one turn,
or else
they'll call their buddies, and you may have a hard fight
on your
hands. If you kill enough Vlish, this area will be
cleared, and you'll
be rewarded with EXP. Do not bother with the room to the
SW until
after you've spoken with Godwin in Pentil. Completion of
his quest
before he asks you may result in no reward! To the south
there is a
nest, but I've never found anything to do with it. To the
NE there is
a room filled with mines that are guarding a canister. The
best way to
deal with the mines is to create a dummy creation, and send
it in to
get blown to bits. The canister increases you Create
Artila skill. In
the center of the woods, you will find the living place of
the woodsman
serviles. After you've gotten Godwin's quest, be sure to
head to the
SW and unlock the lever. Enter the building, and grab the
iron shield.
Unlock another lever, then kill the Spawner. Report back
to Godwin to
claim your reward.

Pentil (1)
Q: Clear a bridge, Find Shaper Records, Find source of
Vlish, Clear
Pentil gate, Destroy hidden rebels, Feed Control Four, Kill
Speak with Doge, Speak with Sholai Rebels, Destroy the
C & S: Quick Action (2), Fire Shaping, Melee weapons,
Leadership, Create Roamer.
O: Learned Dayna, Natley, Leader Rydell.
Enemies: None.
D: South to Pentil Woods, West to Pentil Plains, East to
Pentil East
This is the home of the Obeyer Sect. The Obeyers worship
you. To
the south, you will find Pixley, the object of one of
Coale's quests.
Pixley has a mission for you: Clear a bridge. Doing so
gets you two
pods, including a battle pod. To the SE are living
quarters, and if
you're sneaky you can steal some minor goodies. At the
outer wall,
there are chest at each of the four corners (NE, NW, SE,
SW), all with
goodies that are ripe for the stealing if you're patient
(there's a
guard that is watching you at each, but he leaves
eventually). There
are merchants in the eastern section. Learned Dayna, in
the library,
is busy saving shaper records. You can help her if you
desire, and if
you don't tell her that it's a pointless task. You get 10
coins for
each book you bring her (as well as EXP, which all quests
give if
you're a low enough level- 13 and higher only get the
coins). There are some in
the southern room of the library. In the NE you can talk
with Godwin- he wants
your help clearing out the vlish in the woods to the south.
After you kill the
spawner, return, and he will train you in Quick Action
(+2). Natley is
just west of Godwin, and provided you haven't cleared out
the gate to
the west, she will ask for your assistance in doing so.
completion, you get a shielding band, a nice magical ring.
To the NW
is Mickall Blade, who wants your help killing some rebels
in the Thorny
Woods. You can either help him (an Obeyer), or help Eko
Blade (a

Taker). The Takers give a better reward, but you also have
to kill
some friendly humans. Your choice. After completing this
quest (for
no reward), you'll get another quest to speak with a
servile named
Doge. Completing this quest will get you a pair of shaped
Learned Jaffee will talk with you a lot after you've joined
Obeyers- he will train you in Fire Shaping, and will
instruct you in
the Sholai Language:
HINT: Over the course of the game, you will need to learn
the Sholai
tongue. *i on the spiderweb message boards says that you
need to learn
it 3 times in order to be able to speak it fluently. Each
sect will
teach you once, and there are other teachers around who
will increase
your knowledge of this language. The complete list may be
found at the
end of this FAQ.
Finally you can speak with leader Rydell, and he will let
you join the
Obeyers if you've talked down to serviles, and do a quest:
Feed control
4. If you've killed Control 4, he will want you to kill
Gnorrel, of
the Takers. If you have enough leadership, you can get out
either of these tasks. Rydell will give you advice on what
you should
do next. He recommends speaking with the Sholai Rebels
(east of Kazg).
After doing so (no reward), he recommends that you destroy
Geneforge. When/If you join the Obeyers, you will be given
a key. The
key gives you access to all of the areas in Pentil that are
blocked by
hard-to-unlock locks. However, if you have enough living
power/mechanics, you can pillage the rooms relatively
easily. Start
with Rydell's room. Breaking into his room will let you
read his books
(giving you +1 to melee and mechanics), and take his
Carnelian gloves,
which are quite useful, as they will give you some valuable
skills. The guardian can use these to get the tomb spell
Head to the SW, and unlock the door there. You can get a
canister of
leadership. Then head to the east. For some odd reason,
unlocking the
doors in this fashion voids the lock on this door. This is
storage room. You can take the steel shield and the
canister of create

Pentil Plains (2)

Q: None.
C & S: Cure Effects.
O: None.
Enemies: Artilas and Thahds.
D: West to Hill of Jars, East to Pentil, North to the
It's easiest to enter this area from the west. There's
not too much
here, but to the SE you can find a few items. In the east,
you can
obtain a canister of cure effects after unlocking a nearby
Eventually you will need to kill the creatures guarding the
gates. Try
to do this after obtaining Natley's quest. You'll probably
want to
kill as many Thahds as you can by wandering around the
fields. You
have two options for killing these creatures: the first is
to enlist
the aid of the serviles. Go to the south and speak with
Chesh (you can
also take any items lying around their camp), and if you
have adequate
leadership, you can convince him to attack. In all
likelihood, some of
the serviles will die. Otherwise, you can attempt to take
on the
creations on your own. This is probably a better choice,
despite being
more difficult. Use your cunning to kill the creatures (a
good way
I've found is to march forward, then run behind a corner
attacked). Once dead, tell the serviles, and they'll ask
you to escort
them to Pentil.

The Tombs (2.5)

Q: None.
C & S: Melee Weapons, Healing Craft, Fire Shaping, Battle
Magical Shaping, Battle Magic, Mental Magic, Blessing
O: None.
Enemies: Unstable Roamers, Thahd Shades.
D: West to Pentil Woods, North to Thorny Woods, East to
This is one of the most rewarding areas in the game. You
will get a
lot of stat points by clearing this map, especially as a
shaper. Head
to the south. On your way, you will inevitably come across
unstable roamers. For these creatures, be sure to use
missile weapons.
They are very weak, but when they die, they explode,
everything around them (including their friends and you).
If you can,
try to get a large group of them assembled, then blast one
of them,
yielding a nice batch of fireworks! Head to the SW, and
you'll get a
message along the lines of "You see the boat that attacked
you sinking"
and will get some experience. Head a bit to the north, and
enter the
room to the west. You'll have to fight 3 thahd shades,
which can be
very difficult for a low level character. Continue west,
and you'll
have to fight another thahd shade. Head into the room to
the north,
and search the cabinets. You'll find the Caretaker's
amulet, which
will give you access to all of the rooms in the area. Head
to the room
to the south, and you'll find a canister with the melee
weapons skill.
Now it's time to do some tomb-raiding, especially if you're
playing an
agent (sorry, couldn't resist)! Each tomb is guarded by a
green mine
which will explode to create a thahd shade. If you enter
combat before
the shade appears, you can attack the shade twice before it
HINT: Most tombs have a tome hidden within their casket,
which when
read yield a point in a skill. However, in order to get
the free
point, you must at least have one point in the skill to
begin with.
Therefore, Guardians and Agents may not get full use out of
the tombs
until they decide to come back later with either more
skills or stat-
raising items. Agents may find the shaper robe (which
raises all
shaping skills by one) useful, as they can get the points
in shaping
skills instantly after equipping this item. Guardians may
find the
Agent's robe useful, as they will get the magic skill
points from use
of this item. The wanderer has informed me that the tombs
do not give
benefits if your skill is already high (~4). Therefore, it
is best to
get to the tombs before you reach this level of skill, so
as to get the
largest skill point benefit.
The tombs to the NW give a point of healing craft and of
Battle magic.
The tombs to the NE give a point in Battle Shaping, and you
can also
acquire an iron breastplate and sword on a dead body.
Those to the NNE
give a point of Fire Shaping. The ones to the east give
points in
Mental Magic, Magic Shaping, Spellcraft, and Blessing
Magic. Once
you've pillaged all the tombs as best you can, you should

Pentil East (2)

Q: None.
C & S: None.
O: Garnet.
Enemies: Cryoas, Spawners (3)
D: West to Pentil, South to Thorny Woods, East to
If you enter this area from the west, head straight
south, and enter
the abandoned building. You'll find some nice items.
Directly east
are also several items. You can talk with Pool- she'll
give you advice
about the local happenings. Sorking will teach you some of
the Sholai
language if you are a member of the awakened. Talk with
Garnet. If
you have enough leadership, you can convince him to help
you attack the
enemies located here. This place is full of cryoas. It's a
straight-forward place, just kill all three spawners.
There's no items
around here that really stick out, although there's a dead
human to the
east SE. If you wander around too much, you will be
attacked by cryoas
guarding their nests.
Discovered by Alex on the spiderweb software message
boards. In one of the
cryoa nests on this level, you'll find a living tool that
has X for its number.
Notes from Alex:

1. Most people carry living tools, in which case it's like

0 living tools - it
simply disappears. I found it with an agent that had lots
of spellcraft and
didn't use living tools early in the game (unlock rules!).
2. I used it 5 times on a locked lever - no problems.

EDITOR'S NOTE: This almost certainly a bug, so if you want

to play without
cheating, ignore it. If you're unscrupulous, go ahead and
take it- you'll never
have to worry about living tools again.

Thorny Woods (2)

Q: None
C & S: Firebolt, Create Fyora.
O: None.
Enemies: Warrior serviles, fyoras.
D: North to Pentil East, South to the Tombs.
You have two options for this area. You are either here
to kill the
rebels, or to free them. You won't be able to get the
"free them"
quest for a while, and that quest also requires another
quest as a
precursor, the rather untasteful slaying of friendly
humans. So,
killing the rebels is probably why you're here. First off,
head to the
SE. You'll see a building (you may also get attacked by a
carrying a girdle of strength- it happened once for me).
Open the
door, and you'll see some box mines:
HINT: Box mines can be very dangerous. However, as opposed
to living
minds, box mines can be disarmed, provided you have enough
Some box mines explode, and some summon enemies (the bright
ones). There are ways to explode mines without getting
hurt. First,
enter combat. Then, approach the mine till it says "you
trigger the
mine," then go hide behind a corner. The mine will
explode, but you'll
be unharmed.
Make it through the box mines, and you can get a canister
of Firebolt.
Head to the center, and you'll see an Obeyer servile and
some tamed
fyoras. Head west. You'll come to an area with
essentially 3
branches. Both the north and south passages don't lead
special. There are some minor items and a few fyoras and
serviles to
fight with, but that's about it. Head to the western path.
hear some serviles speaking. In the SW corner you'll find
the rebel
base. Ezog is the servile leader. He'll be hostile if
you're trying
to complete the Obeyer quest. In the SW room, you'll find
a jar with a
key in it that will open up most items in this area. Open
the door
slightly to the east, and avoid the mines. You'll find a
canister of
Create Fyora, some steel gauntlets, and an acid baton.
Return to
Mickall Blade and tell him your success.
The Wanderer has informed me that he found a strange fyora
here. It
attacked him, and, once dead, yielded a fyoraskin cloak
(similar to the
coated cloak, but provides fire resistance).


Wooded Valley (1.5)

Q: Find help for Astrov.
C & S: War Blessing, Firebolt, Spellcraft.
O: None.
Enemies: Roamers, Submission Turrets.

D: South to Pentil, North to Peaceful Vale.

You can enter this place fairly early and kill the
roamers to the NE.
It's a pretty easy level. The roamer nests have some minor
items. To
the west are a bunch of humans, but you can not speak with
them till
after you've reached the humans east of Kazg. Sniff is the
for the humans. Once you have obtained a letter from Masha
after completion of her key quest), you can enter the cave.
Immediately to the south, you will see Astrov. He will
speak with you,
and fill in even more of the story. After talking with him
once, talk
with him again. This time, you will get even more options,
and can get
a quest from Astrov. He will also let you take all of the
from the cave. Finally, he will give you many hints, and
it would be
wise to take notes (or just use this faq). Speak with
Rydell in Pentil
to complete Astrov's quest (no reward). South of Astrov is
a Sholai
named Treplev. He has over 3000 gold for trade as well.
Of course,
since Astrov told you that you can take all the equipment
you need,
take everything around Treplev's feet and sell it back to
him. Head
east, and you can speak with Anya. If you have adequate
you can convince her to teach you spellcraft (increases
stat by 1).
She also warns you about the creations to the south.
Sounds like a
challenge! Head to the south, you will have to fight three
turrets. Once you've killed them, you can enter the secret
There are two canisters (war blessing and firebolt) here,
as well as a
shaped belt (which isn't really worth equipping). That's
about it for
this area.

Peaceful Vale (2)

Q: None.
C & S: Create Artila, Heal, Searing Orbs, Speed.
O: Learned Darian.
Enemies: Searing Artilas.
D: South to Wooded Valley, North to Freeplace, West to
Diarazad, East
to Patrol Bridge.
This level is a bit tougher than the Wooded Valley, but
may still be
explored fully at a low level. The most important person
here is
probably Learned Darian to the NW. Learned Darian will
tell you many
things, and advise you. He will also speak on your behalf
to any sect
you desire to join. His action will make it much easier to
join that
sect. He can only do this once for you. To the NE you
will find a
batch of searing artilas, and in one of their nest you can
take a Rod
of Battle. This is an especially useful item that will
cast the spell
war blessing for you. Guardians will find it very useful.
To the SE
you will find Syros the Drayk, who is very intimidating.
He can help
you, for a price. For one skill point, he will give you
advice. For 5
skill points he will open the west door, allowing you to
take a leaded
shield, fibrous plate, and some thrusting gauntlets. Or,
also for 5
skill points, he will open the east door, allowing you to
use four
canisters of Create Artila, Heal, Searing Orbs, and Speed.
This cost
is steep. Don't bother going for the advice. Personally,
I would
avoid try to get the western items, as you can find better
items on
your own. Of course, if you get to them early enough, you
will have a
much easier time dealing with areas that follow, as these
are decent
items. As for the canisters, this is a harder call. An
agent probably
should avoid getting them, as she could just add a point to
and get the same result, since she probably won't be
creating artilas
any time soon. Given the price of spellcraft to a
guardian, it might
seem like a decent trade, however, the guardian probably
won't be able
to cast those spells for a long time, decreasing their
worth to him.
The shaper might be best able to use them, but the shaper
could use
those five skill points elsewhere, probably to better
effect. In the
end, it's all up to you. Killing syros gets you a pair of
quicksilver boots.
To the SW you will find more searing artilas, and can take
a battle pod from one
of their nests.

Freeplace (3)
Q: None.
C & S: Searer
O: None
Enemies: Ur-Glaahk, Battle Alphas.
D: South to Peaceful Vale, West to Ancient Crypt, North to
If you have enough leadership (more than 6), you can come
to this
region and get a very powerful weapon that will serve you
well for a
while. Head to the NW from the southern exit. You will be
by Aitch, a Battle Alpha. If you have enough leadership,
you can tell
him that Battle Alphas are better than shapers and that you
don't need
to fight. He will calm down and let you explore freely.
Head through
the northern rooms (take anything you want from this
place), and speak
with Ell. He is next to a canister of Searer. If you have
enough leadership, you can ask him about his troubles, and
offer to
help. He will thank you and remove a column blocking a
room full of
minor treasures. There are pods and thorns in this room,
and you can
take the powerful shielding knife from the blue container.
about all you can do with the Battle Alphas. You can head
to the SW
corner of the map, and you may find an Ur-Glaahk waiting
for you. Kill
it to get a Glaahk shield. The SE quad is filled with
mines. Many of
these are difficult to disarm. Fortunately, the light
green ones only
summon battle alphas. If you make it through this mine
field and then
attempt to go through the north, the area should be
cleared. There are
two pools to the north (essence and healing), this room
also contains a
dead servant mind. There is also a container to the east
that contains
two rough crystals. Rough crystals are useful in the
mines. To the
NE, you'll find a hostile servile named Zygan. He may have
murdered someone, I'm not sure. Regardless, you can kill
him without

Southbridge (2.5)
Q: None
C & S: Leadership, Anatomy, Create Clawbug.
O: None
Enemies: Clawbugs, Turrets, Venom turrets, Burning Turrets,
D: West to the Tombs, East to Stone Circle
Personally, I prefer to clear Southbridge. There are
more rewards
hidden in this area. To the NW are two caskets, containing
Anatomy and
Leadership. In the west-center, you'll find a steel shield
gauntlets. Head to the south, and you'll have to fight
some turrets.
They may be somewhat difficult, but can be beaten.
Continue east, and
you'll be accosted by two sholai, your first contact with
humans. You
will not encounter the Sholai if you found them first at
It doesn't matter how you make this discussion end, but if
you want to
avoid a fight, say the quote along the lines of "Trajkov
sent me."
They will let you pass without problem. Head to the SE to
find some
thorn bushes, then head to the north. If you walk past the
without telling them about Trajkov, they will attack you.
Head to the
north, and you'll have to make your way through some
turrets, but
eventually can get a canister of Create Clawbug if you kill
burning turrets. Once done with this area (provided you
haven't yet
done Northbridge), tell Pixley that you've cleared a

Northbridge (2)
Q: None
C & S: Terror
O: Lahnee (?)
Enemies: Turrets.
D: West to East Pentil, East to Buried Cells
Clearing Northbridge is your other option. As you enter
this area,
you will see a bunch of mines. Don't attempt to cross them
yet. Head
to the NE, and you'll find a group of mines that won't hurt
Continue on, and you'll find a servile name Lahnee. He
will talk with
you, and you can ask him about the mines. He'll tell you
that humans
set them up. He also says that you can use a baton that
the humans
dropped. Go to the north, and open the chest. If you have
mechanics, you can repair the brown spore baton:
HINT: Batons are very valuable items. Using them will
explode nearby
mines if they are spore-specific to the baton. There are
varieties of batons: green, brown, and the very rare red.
Occasionally, if you encounter a mine, you will be informed
of its
color. Use the baton that corresponds to the mine's color.
Head back out. Head to the east, and you'll find three
essence pods in
a chest. Try to avoid using the baton, as you can get
around most
mines without too much difficulty. Head south (again
avoiding the
mines rather than using the baton), and you'll encounter
some turrets.
Kill them and advance along the path. You'll find a
building with a
locked levers. Unlock them, and check the east chest for 3
crystals, and the west room for a canister of Terror. Head
back out,
then head east. You'll have to use the baton a lot to
clear this
bridge. Walking across the bridge clears it (and allows
you to report
to Pixley if you haven't done so already). Head to the
south, and
you'll have to fight more turrets. Continue further, and
you'll be
able to obtain a Chilling Band. Head to the north (if you
didn't take
care of the humans at Southbridge, you will encounter them
here). Head
north, and you can obtain another brown spore baton.

Buried Cells (2.5)

Q: Recover a submission baton
C & S: Searing Orbs
O: None.
Enemies: Submission Turret, Spectral Vlish, Searing Artila
D: West to Northbridge, East to Quiet Marshes
You will probably enter this region on the west side.
Head straight
north, and you'll find some "friendly" turrets. Continue
north and
you'll encounter a servile by the name of Buron. Talk with
him, he
will sell you stuff and has a lot of gold with which to buy
your stuff.
He will also give you a quest to recover a submission
baton. There is
one located in this level, fortunately. Head back down as
far south as
you can go, the head east into the building. You'll see a
mind, and will have to feed it to gain its assistance.
Don't worry,
there is enough food available in the game to feed this
fellow without
problems. Feeding this mind will let it open several doors
for you.
You'll want to leave now, and enter this building through
the main door
to the north. You should see a spore box. Pull it to
several nearby mines. Head a bit more to the east, and
avoid the
mines. You should see another spore box that can be used
to turn off
some more mines. Head north. In the room to the NW you'll
encounter a
submission turret. Kill it, and you can get some reaper
ammo, and a
canister of Searing Orbs. Further to the east you'll find
a dangerous
Spectral Vlish, which is guarding a fiery wand and 3 swarm
Head back south, and you'll find a third spore box that can
be used to
disarm the rest of the mines, as well as a canister of
speed, a healing
pool, and an essence pool. If you attempt to leave this
area from the
east, you will be attacked by searing artilas. They can be
especially if they gang up on you. Once you have destroyed
them, you
can pillage their nests and obtain a static band to the
north, and some
submission thorns, major healing spores, and reaper ammo
further to the
south. Enter the main building again and head to the
south. You can
get a discipline wand and a submission baton, after
fighting a spectral
vlish. Return to Buron, and he will let you take
everything from his
store (mainly a baton or two and some living tools).

Quiet Marshes (2.5)

Q: None.
C & S: A burning canister (dangerous).
O: Clois.
Enemies: Vlish and Roamers.
D: West to Buried Cells, East to Kazg Plains, South to
Crystal Burrow,
North to Guarded Bridge.
When you enter this region, you will probably get a
message related
to your use of the canisters. Although it sounds
worrisome, there are
no real side effects to using the canisters. This area is
patrolled by
roamers and vlish. The vlish act as shepherds for the
roamers. It is
possible to avoid all fighting merely by being careful,
although it's
not quite as much fun. However, if you attack the
creatures, try to
take the vlish out first, as they can potentially do more
damage than
the roamers. Also, if you attack the creatures, it's quite
likely that
you'll incur the wrath of all of the creations nearby, so
be careful.
There aren't many good items here, but be on the lookout
for thorns
lying on the ground near the walls. Eventually, you'll
want to make it
up to the NW, and speak with Clois. She is a wise Servile
that can
teach and advise you. Be careful what you say to her.
Head south from
Clois and get to the hidden canister. Do NOT attempt to
use, it sprays
acid on you and does not augment you. You can pillage the
nearby, however. Head to the center north, there are some
more bodies
and equipment to search for and plunder.

Stone Circle (3)

Q: None.
C & S: None.
O: None.
Enemies: Vlish and Roamers, Specters, Spectral Sages.
D: West to Southbridge, East to Crystal Burrow.
This is a significantly more difficult area than the
Quiet Marshes.
All of the creations roaming around here are one level
higher than
their equivalents at the Quiet Marshes. The first thing
you should do
is secure the NW building, which used to be a hotel. In
here there are
two pools- one for healing, and one for essence. From this
you're going to want to clear as many of the roamers and
vlish as you
can. It may take a while, and you may have to travel back
to the hotel
to heal and rejuvenate yourself several times, but
eventually you
should be able to do it. Once they are all gone, you can
take care of
the pillars:
HINT: Pillars are very interesting objects with which you
may interact.
On any given level with pillars, there is almost always one
with a
hidden magical item, or a button that causes something on
the level to
occur. Using these stone pillars generally requires Luck
(the stat).
Enter the west central area (with the dead humans). Look
at each
pillar. Provided you have at least 1 point in luck, you
will find a
bone baton. This bone baton will affect the green runes
that you've
seen throughout this level. Walk across each rune, and an
area will
open up nearby in the woods. Usually, a specter or a
spectral sage
will be hiding in there, along with two pillars. Kill
them. The
eastern specter has the only pair of "Spectral Boots" in
the game.
Unfortunately, they're not a very good item. That is it
for this area.

Crystal Burrow (2.5)

Q: None.
C & S: Speed, Create Vlish
O: None.
Enemies: Lurking Thahds.
D: North to Quiet Marshes, West to Stone Circle, East to
If you enter from the east, and then head north, you will
encounter a
bunch of mines (and can get some thorns from the nearby
bushes). These
can not be destroyed with a spore baton. Since your way is
head back down and enter the burrow. As you enter, you may
several crystals. These will explode when you get near
them, and alert
a nearby Lurking Thahd. If possible, try to avoid setting
off the
crystal, and go hunt for the Thahd. If you can get to them
before they
get to you, they will not cast haste until their second
turn, most
likely allowing you to kill them easily. The thahds always
guard a
nest, sometimes with some very nice items (living tools,
pods, thorns,
wands). The nest in the SE corner has an iron breastplate
in a
cupboard nearby. There are two canisters in this level.
One can be
obtained from heading east from the west exit till the end,
heading north (create Vlish canister). There is also a
speed canister
near the center of the maze, directions to it are too
confusing to be
practical. Try to eventually make it to the NW corner and
use the
sporebox. This will turn off the mines (but doesn't really
help you
too much). The servile that was caught in the explosion
doesn't have
anything on his corpse. You may exit to the NE of the

Kazg Plains (2)

Q: Find spy in Kazg.
C & S: None.
O: Srel.
Enemies: None.
D: West to the Quiet Marsh, South to Kazg, East to Tribal
As you enter this area, you will be accosted by Amena.
If you have
enough leadership you can convince her to give you safe
passage to
Kazg. If you don't, you may want to try entering through
the south
(through the ruins). The serviles will be hostile (red)
but won't
attack you unless you attack them. Be sure not to do so.
Head to the
south to get to Kazg. You can speak with Agat to the SW,
who claims to
be a Taker Agent. He will give you a quest to find the
spy. The spy
is Hew, who lives to the NE. You must have a few points in
to get him to confess. It is your choice whether or not
you want to
turn him in. Your reward is a Girdle of Endurance. Hew
will give you
information, especially if you're an Obeyer. Srel will
talk with you,
and get your opinion about her life. Say good things, or
else she will
try to kill you.

Kazg (2)
Q: Destroy Bore, Kill servant mind in Servile Warrens,
Message for
Rydell, Kill outsider rebels, Free the Thorny Woods rebels,
C & S: Create Vlish, Create Thahd, War Blessing.
O: Gnorrel, Houten.
Enemies: None
D: North to Kazg Plains, South to Kazg Ruins, East to East
This is the final servile settlement, and the most
volatile of the
three. Entering can be difficult, but you'll be grudgingly
Gnorrel is the leader here, and it would be good to speak
with her
eventually. But first, head to the NW. You'll find a
servile named
Kyazo, who is growing mines (which you have run across
during your
travels). Wait till she leaves the room and you can't see
her, then
steal the Green Spore Baton (it may take a while).
there is a green baton near in the locked area behind
Gnorrel. Kyazo
will also give you a quest to kill the servant mind in the
warrens if you're a member of the Takers. Doing so will
get you a
Shaped Shield. East of Kyazo is a cook. If you are a
member of the
Takers, she will ask you to destroy Bore. Doing so gets
you nothing.
To the NE are 2 pools- a healing pool and an essence pool.
Go a bit
further south, and access the nearby area. You'll have to
use your
green spore baton, but can destroy the mines here. You'll
find a jar
of Mind Nutrients and a canister of Create Vlish further
along here.
To the SE are four merchants who have a lot of gold. One
of them sells
an ivory band. In the center of the map you'll find Poola,
who is the
friendliest servile here. She will give you hints. In the
central area you'll find a library which is lead by Learned
There are several game-critical hints here. If you are a
member of the
Takers, Toivo will teach you some of the Sholai tongue.
you could just go to the SW and enter the nearby "tower."
If you have
enough leadership, you can scare off the guard, and get to
the book
further back. This will also teach you the Sholai
Language. Note,
however, that you can't learn the language from both Toivo
and his
book. You will need to find other sources. Once you are
ready, head
to the center building. Check out the jail to the south,
and speak
with Houten. Houten is an Obeyer and wants you to deliver
a message to
Rydell. Doing so does not give you a reward, but does make
serviles as a whole like you better. Head to the north and
speak with
Eko Blade. Be sure to get his "kill the humans" quest, as
it will make
your life easier in the area to the east. Completion of
this quest
gets you a shaped belt. He then gives you another quest-
to free the
rebels in the Thorny Woods (whom you may have already
killed). The
reward for this quest is a pair of shaped boots. Speaking
with Gnorrel
is somewhat frustrating. She will not tell you much until
you hear the
Taker story. She still won't tell you much until you kill
Ellhrah (she
gives you a quest to do this, as well). Behind Gnorrel is
a very nice
treasure room. If you can open the room, you can get a lot
of good
items. If you have joined the Takers, you can speak with
the Sholai
named Tuzenbach, who will give you an amulet that will
prevent other
Sholai from attacking you. Further to the south, you can
get a green
spore baton. To the north you can get two canisters
(Create Thahd and
War Blessing), and a lot of good items, including a steel
shield and
sword, and reaper ammo.

Kazg Ruins (3)

Q: None.
C & S: Create Clawbug, Searing Orbs, Unlock.
O: None.
Enemies: Charged fyoras, Battle Alphas.
D: North to Kazg, West to Outpost, East to Servile Warren.
If you enter this area from the north, you will find
Rosen. This
servile would have let you in had you not gotten into Kazg
from the
other direction. Head directly east, and you'll find Arth,
the second
object of Coale's quest. This is a rather confusing area
to navigate
through, so I apologize in advance for my directions. From
Arth head
south to the SE corner of the map. Pull the lever here, it
will open
two nearby doors. The nearby door has a steel sword,
spores, and tools
available for taking. Head further to the west, and you
will be
attacked by a Battle Alpha. It is guarding a canister of
Clawbug. Continue west, and start heading north. In the
center west,
you will find a canister of Searing Orbs. Continue north,
and you will
have to fight a bunch of charged fyoras. You will see a
room with
mines to the NW, use the brown baton to destroy them. Pull
the lever.
You will have to fight another Battle Alpha, but can then
obtain a
canister of Unlock.

Outpost (3)
Q: None.
C & S: Terror.
O: Dina.
Enemies: Searing Artilas, Battle Alpha.
D: West to Crystal Burrow, East to Kazg Ruins.
As you enter this area, you can head to the north and
pillage the
many nests. There's not really anything that stands out in
them, but
some equipment never hurt anyone. Once you have taken all
you want,
head south, and you'll find the Servile Outpost (populated
by Obeyers).
You will find two pools to the SW, one for essence and the
other for
health. North of the pools is Dina, a servile in charge of
giving out
supplies. You can ask her for some if you so desire. Go
north and
talk with Doge. This completes Mickall Blade's quest.
Doge will give
you information, but little else. As you attempt to leave
this area,
you will be attacked by searing artilas and a battle alpha.
serviles will help you out, which may make the battle much
Once they are dead, you can head to the east, and kill all
of the
searing artilas there. After this you will find a canister
of Terror.
The artila nests have some decent equipment, too.
Otherwise, there's
not too much else to do, so you can leave this place and
perhaps go
tell Mickall Blade, if you've accepted his quest. Zotrium
has informed
me that he found an Artila Skin Tunic here on one of the
Artilas. It
is probably quite rare, but nonetheless, be on the lookout.
It's a
decent item, especially for agents.

East Kazg (3)

Q: None.
C & S: Endurance, Terror, Heal, Searer, Create Roamer.
O: None.
Enemies: Battle Alphas, Glaahk, Servile Cultists.
D: West to Kazg, East to Refugee Cave.
As you enter this place and travel east, you will be
stopped by a
servile named Veel. She will not let you past, unless you
obtained permission to pass from Eko Blade. If you have
permission, she will waste your time making sure you're not
Eventually she will let you past. Head to the center south
area. A
bit to the west, you will find a servile named Snag. If
you have a lot
of leadership you can calm him down and get some nice
Otherwise, kill him. Head to the main building. You will
see three
vats and a control panel. Cast some power magic before
using the
control panel (war blessing, speed), then use the panel to
pull all
switches. 1, 4, and 5 will open the vats, attacking you
with battle
alphas and a glaahk. They shouldn't be too hard if you've
well. Go to the east, and you will find a canister of
endurance, as
well as two power spirals (with which you don't need to
mess around).
North of this room is a room with several crystals. To the
west is a
room with a canister of terror, several living tools, and
spores. Head
to the NE, and speak with Kurit. Kurit will sell you
items, and has a
decent amount of gold with which to purchase items. He
will also sell
you access to three canisters, each for 750 gold (500 if
leadership is
5 or more). The canisters include: Create Roamer, Searer,
and Heal.
Now it is time to head to the NE. This is the cult of evil
There's not too much to do here other than kill the evil
cultists. One
of the cultists has a ring of the eye, a fairly powerful
magic ring.
There are many small items of value, namely gold, spores,
pods, and

Servile Warren (3)

Q: Restore Control 3.
C & S: Quick Action, Dominate, Mass Restore, Create Ornk.
O: None.
Enemies: Guardian Roamers, Venom Turrets, Burning Turrets,
and a
Spectral Vlish.
D: West to Kazg Ruins.
As you enter, head slightly to the north. The Greeter
will run up to
you and speak with you. He gives you a quest to restore
control 3.
There are a lot of decent minor items in this level; be
sure to explore
it fully. Guardian Roamers patrol the halls, and may sound
an alarm if
you attack them. They aren't too difficult, but can test
patience. To the NW you will find the discipline chamber
with turrets
guarding the halls. Explore the NW room for a terror wand.
Head to
the SW corner, and pull the lever to access another room.
Pull a lever
in there, and you can take a lot of pods in yet another
room. Exit,
and clear the halls of roamers as best you can (to get the
EXP). Then
head to the SW, and kill the turrets in the SW corner room.
Check the
nearby nest for an iron breastplate. Head to the north,
and you'll be
attacked by a spectral vlish. Kill it and proceed north.
You will see
the servant mind. Unfortunately, you can not talk with it
until you
turn off the three nearby power spirals. In the room to
the north you
will find two canisters containing quick action and
dominate. After
deactivating the power spirals, talk with the mind. You
can ask him to
kill himself, if you are on the Taker quest.
Alternatively, you could
feed him. He provides you with valuable information, and
opens up the
door to the south (enabling you to get a canister of mass
Finally, there is a room NW of the mind that requires many
living tools
to open. Inside is a canister of Create Ornk, hardly worth
the loss of
tools. But still, it's your choice. If you're collecting
canisters, you may want to try to get it. Otherwise, save
your tools.

Tribal Woods (3)

Q: None.
C & S: Create Artila, Mass energize
O: None.
Enemies: Unstable Roamers, Clawbugs, Spawners.
D: West to Kazg Plains, East to Icy Tunnels, South to
Holding 2.
If you enter this region and head north, you will have to
answer to
the Village Guard. If you have a decent leadership score,
you can talk
him out of being hostile, and even maneuver through their
village. The
salesman happens to have a pair of shaped boots, which are
quite nice.
The majority of the action takes place south of the tribal
village. Go
to the NE corner, there's a canister of Create Artila. To
the east,
you'll find some thorn bushes. In the center of the map
are several
locked buildings- you can either use living tools or wait
till you get
the key. The western building has a canister of Mass
Energize. The
eastern room has some pools (healing and essence). Go to
the south.
The enemies should become thicker. Eventually, as you head
you'll find four spawners. They will generate creations
every 2 or 3
turns. Kill them, and search the bodies. You will find an
iron key
(which you can use to unlock the central buildings), a
bunch of nice
minor items, a null wand, and a mica band. That's about it
for this

Refugee Cave (3)

Q: Recover Sea Chest Key, Contact Astrov.
C & S: None.
O: None.
Enemies: Battle Alphas, Burning Turrets.
D: West to East Kazg, East to Docks, North to Holding 2,
South to Dock
If you enter this area from the west, you will have to
get through
several Battle Alphas. Take them on one at a time, and you
have any problems. Head to the east then to the north,
you'll find
several nests with minor items. The western nest has two
gems. Head
north via the west passage- you'll have to fight some
turrets, but they
shouldn't be too difficult. If you get far enough north,
the humans
make the turrets stop. If you entered this region from the
north, you
will have to destroy some mines to get through. You may
also exit
through the east. There are a few important individuals
here, but you
won't be able to talk with Solyony until after you learn a
bit more of
their language (don't worry, Masha will teach you some).
He will buy
and sell with you. Narsu is a friendly servile. If you
are a member
of the Takers, don't tell him, at least, don't tell him
till you've
done everything you want to here. Talk with Masha to the
North. She
will tell you the story of the Sholai, and fill in several
holes. She
asks for you assistance- she needs to open a chest, but
doesn't have
the key. She wants you to find it. In exchange, she will
teach you
the Sholai tongue. If you end up attacking them for some
reason, you can search Masha's laundry to find a key. The
key will
open the western door. There's a book in there that will
teach you the
Sholai tongue (but will not help you if you've already
learned it from
Masha). Return with the key from the eastern docks. Masha
will ask
you to open the chest nearby. Do so and read the notes.
Masha will
also teach you the Sholai tongue, and this will enable you
to trade
with Solyony (he has over 3000 gold). She will also give
you a quest
to find Astrov (in Wooded Valley). Completion of this
quest results in
EXP only.

Holding 2 (3)
Q: None.
C & S: Create Vlish, Speed.
O: None.
Enemies: Turrets, Venom Turrets, Burning Turrets,
Submission Turrets,
Charged Fyoras, Charged Thahds.
D: North to Tribal Woods, South to Refugee Cave.
It is best to enter this area from the North. Head
immediately to
the west. You will find Bore the fyora. Kill it, and
you'll get a
fyoraskin shield, and decent items from its nest. This
also completes
the Kazg Cook's quest. Head south and enter the main
building. You

will see detonator crystals:

HINT: Detonator crystals are yet another thing you're going
to have to
worry about. If you can not diffuse the crystals, enter
combat, then
get very close to them, and high-tail it out of there. The
will explode, and you're free to do whatever you wish.
There are spore boxes nearby; these will turn off the
nearby turrets.
The best way to get through this area is to go in a zigzag
fashion. In
order to get through this easily, you will need 12 in
mechanics. This
is a lot, and probably unnecessary. If you're strong
enough, kill all
of the turrets in the center. Else, swing over to the
other side, and
find the spore box, use it, and proceed. The second tunnel
from the
north on the east side has a canister of speed. The third
one has a
servant mind at the end. Awaken the servant mind, and lie
to it (say
your name is Veet- this may require a few points of
leadership). The
servant mind will open a nearby door. Also, you will find
a jar of
mind nutrients. Head down to the south, and you can enter
a room with
a reaper baton (very powerful missile weapon). You'll also
find a lot
of spores. Head back into the main building, and look to
the south.
You'll find a dead body with a steel breastplate and a
girdle of
nimbleness. There is also a sporebox (requires 10
mechanics to be
used). Continue on your way- to the SW there is a passage
north that
leads you to four vats. Use the control panel to summon up
creations. They have a few gems. Finally, head to the
south. You'll
have to kill a few turrets, but will eventually get to a
canister of
Create Vlish. Exit to the east, and this area will be

Dock Ruins (3)

Q: None.
C & S: Cure Effects
O: None.
Enemies: Guardian Roamers, Gyath.
D: North to Refugee Caves, East to Eastern Docks.
Immediately as you enter this region from the north, go
to speak with
the servant mind to the east. Lie to it and get the key in
cabinet. Head down to the south, and pull the lever beyond
the door.
Then head to the NW. There are plenty of guardian roamers
around here.
most of the time they will run away instead of trying to
engage you,
but sometimes they may try to fight. There are two pools
(healing and
essence) here. Near the center west, you'll find a
canister of cure
effects as well as shaped gauntlets, and a steel
breastplate. Head to
the southeast (the bottom this time), and pull the other
lever. Then
leave towards the center. You will be confronted by a
battle alpha
named Gyath. Kill it, and it will drop a steel shield and
a gemstone.
Leaving through the east clears this area.

Eastern Docks (3.5)

Q: None.
C & S: Dominate.
O: None.
Enemies: Pylons, Clawbugs, Plated Bugs, Glaahks.
D: North to Refugee Cave, West to Dock Ruins.
Entering through the North may be slightly easier.
Slightly. Pylons
await you here. This will probably be you first run in
with these evil
creations. A thahd might help you here, as they can melee
well, and
pylons are weakest in melee. Vlish can help as well, as
pylons are
very vulnerable to their stunning attack, and will likely
lose a turn.
These powerful creations will shoot searing orbs at you if
you attack
from a distance. If you get up close, they will hit you
with energy.
If you kill them and are standing close, they will poison
you. So they
get you coming and going. Nevertheless, the best strategy
is to first
figure out when the pylons attack (before or after you,
before or after
your creations). Then enter combat, and wait till the
Pylon loses its
turn. Then concentrate your forces on it, and hope it
dies. Head east
from the north entrance. You will have to fight a few
Fortunately, there's a submission baton on the table to the
Continue east, fighting more pylons, and get to the control
panel. Use

it, and three doors to the south will open. Inside the
second door is
a canister of Dominate. Continue east, and try to get to
the room with
the control panel and two power spirals. You will need to
destroy the
two power spirals (or turn them off with a mechanics of
10). This will
shut off all pylons. Whew. Also around here, you can find
a room
filled with crystals, and another filled with spore
pouches. Exit to
the south. You'll come out in the docks region. You are
likely to get
attacked by clawbugs and similar ilk while out here. There
are two
bodies nearby, the mage body has the key for which you may
be looking.
Head west, and you will be attacked by several creations.
Be sure not
to let them gang up on you, or you could be destroyed.
explore the four rooms to the north. From the west: the
room has a bunch of grain bags. Do not check any of them
except for
the upper right back (NE). There are 8 gems in this one.
The next
room to the east has a discipline wand and other goods.
The next room
has a canister of Create Battle Alpha. Finally, the
easternmost of the
four rooms has a pylon that is guarding a few batons,
thorns, and a
pair of thrusting gauntlets (very valuable to the guardian
and agent).
That's it for here. You can kill all of the pylons in the
rooms to the
north (the neutral ones- the ones you've turned off), but
there's no
great need to do so.

Icy Tunnels (3.5)

Q: None.
C & S: Spellcraft.
O: None.
Enemies: Specters, Spectral Sages, Spectral Priest.
D: North to Underground River, South to Holding 2, West to
Woods, East to Guarded Docks.
This is a dangerous area. You will probably not want to
enter the
central tunnels until you've gained a few levels (hence the
of 3.5). If you head over to the east, you will find some
Sholai who
will impede your progress. If you can, you may lie to them
convince them to leave you alone. You can also steal their
stuff to
the SE, you can obtain a green and a brown baton. There
are other
minor goods there too. You can head north to get to the
river, which is a rather easy area. When you're ready,
head into the
tunnels. At first, you will not find any enemies.
However, as you
continue to explore, you will be attacked. I'm not sure
exactly how
this works, but I believe that as you walk, the walls will
open up,
freeing specters and spectral sages. These enemies are
pretty easy one
on one, if you have a lot of melee ability. The opened
wall spaces
also have crystals and treasures, so be sure to cover all
There's a body in the center who has a submission baton and
thorns. As you kill these specters, they may occasionally
leave behind
specter gloves or specter robes. These items may be an
improvement on
your current equipment, but they may not. When you're
ready, head to
the SE corner. Prepare for a tough fight. You will have
to kill a
spectral Priest and his higher level specter acquaintances.
the priest will get you a fibrous shield and a shielding
band. Then
check the pillars to the north, you will find switches that
open the
caskets to the east. Using the caskets after opening them
in this
method gets you 2 points of spellcraft and a stabilizing
band. Also,
the central room should now be open. Check the center of
the map, and
you might find a decent size room with four trapped chests.
their traps (using a living tool), and take what's inside.
There are
500 gold coins, and other minor good items.

Underground River (3)

Q: None.
C & S: Create Clawbug.
O: None.
Enemies: Venom Turrets, Burning Turrets, Submission
D: South to Icy Tunnels, North to East Mines.
As you enter, first secure the SW area. There are
healing and
essence pools here. Turn off the nearby power spiral, it
will help you
out later. Then go east. You will have to cross some lava
(or a fire
pit, depending on your interpretation):
HINT: Lava can be a major pain to cross if you don't know
how to do it
properly. First, enter combat. Then, approach the lava so
as to only
touch one pad:
[ ] [ ]
^ X ^
Aim for the ^, and definitely avoid the X. Unfortunately,
you'll also
have to guide all of your creations the same way. Many
times you can
find a power spiral with which to turn off the lava pit,
but sometimes
you'll just have to walk across it, and there's little that
can be
You'll run into some turrets in the SE. Kill them and
search the body.
You'll find a coated cloak and an acid baton. Head north
and you'll
find some venom turrets. In the NE corner, you'll see a
series of lava
pits. These are blocking an important servant mind. Head
(fighting some more turrets), and you can enter a room with
a cabinet
full of thorns (including reapers). Continue west, and
check a room to
the north for a Bonding knife. While you're here, turn off
the two
power spirals. This turns off some nearby lava pits.
Continue west,
kill the turrets, and go north. You'll find some more
power spirals.
Turn them off as well. I believe that these will turn off
the lava
pits in the NE corner. Continue west for now, and get to
the SW.
You'll find a control panel and some power spirals. Don't
turn these
spirals off. Use the panel, and a bridge will arise,
clearing this
level for you. Head to the north, and you'll find a power
spiral 9turn
it off) and a canister of Create Clawbug. Now you can go
back to the
NE and talk with the servant mind. He is selling items,
including an
Oozing Belt, a Guardian Cloak, a Static Band, and Dodging
Boots. Of
these four, the Guardian Cloak (especially for guardians
and agents) is
the most worthwhile. The dodging boots are good, but
you'll find a
pair pretty soon. Buy them if you so desire. You find
enough items
that you'll be reimbursed by the mind soon enough. Exit to
the north
to enter the mines.

East Mines (4)

Q: None.
C & S: None.
O: None.
Enemies: Pylons.
D: South to the Underground River, West to the Mine Core.
This area is a major pain in the butt. It's probably
easier to get
to the mines from the west, but that requires getting
across the river.
I'll assume you're coming from the south. Either way,
there's not much
here but a bundle of nuisances. Your main goal is to head
to the west
and exit to the mine core. There are many rough crystals
around here,
you will want to collect and save these items for future
use. There
are also many pylons out and about. They can really give
you a
hurting. You'll need to cross the lava pits here.
Fortunately, the
pit to the north is malfunctioning, and you can cross it
problems there. You'll also find a crystal machine to the
HINT: There are three Crystal machines in the mines.
You'll know it
when you see it. Be sure not to turn off their power
spirals, or you
won't be able to use the machine again.
This one makes swarm crystals for 5 rough crystals.
Finally, there are
several pods to the NW. Leave this area as soon as you
can. After
you've had the servant mind in the Mine Core turn off the
defenses, you may return and kill the pylons at your
leisure (the lava
pits will be mostly turned off then as well.

Mine Core (4)

Q: None.
C & S: Strength.
O: Servant Mind?
Enemies: Glaahks, Pylons.
D: East to East Mines, West to West Mines, North to North
Once you enter this region (from the east mines), your
main goal
should be to get to the south. There are several pylons
here, and they
can provide major problems. If you can get to the southern
room, turn
on the two power spirals in there. Then head back to the
north, and
try to go further west. You'll have to fight several
pylons, but if
you take it slow, you shouldn't die too often. Head to the
south, and
you'll find a room with a servant mind. Feed this one! It
will give
you much advice, and will also turn off the defenses for
the mine core
and for one other section of the mines. You may want to
have it turn
off the western mines and exit this area. Travelling the
full length
of the mines (from east entrance to west exit) results in
all three
becoming cleared. When the defenses are turned off, you
can kill the
creations without reprisal (especially useful in the
eastern mines).
To the SW you'll find some glaahks, and a nest with a pair
of Tinker
Gloves in it (very useful). Head to the NE, you'll find a
canister of
Strength. To the NW you'll find a bunch of Glaahks. When
you're ready
head to the North Mines (get the mind to turn off the

West Mines (3.5)

Q: None.
C & S: Mass Restore.
O: None.
Enemies: Pylons, Charged fyoras, Charged artilas.
D: East to Mine Core, West to Arena.
Hopefully you have turned off the defenses using the
Servant Mind in
the mine core. Else, this level will be rather difficult.
This area
is a bit richer than the eastern mines. There are plenty
of crystals
to pick up. Most importantly, some dodging boots can be
obtained to
the SE. Note the presence of exploding crystals and mines.
You may
need to use your tinker gloves. To the west, you will find
a crystal
machine which will make terror wands for 25 crystals.
Also, you can
get a canister of Mass Restore. Be sure to search this
thoroughly, as you will need many of the crystals here for
a powerful
item that can be obtained in the Northern Mines. You may
exit to the
west. Doing so clears the east, and west mines, and the
mine core, and
allows easy travel through these three areas.

North Mines (4)

Q: None.
C & S: Create Glaahk, Intelligence, Dexterity.
O: None.
Enemies: Crag, Steel, and Pylons.
D: South to Mine Core.
Hopefully you have turned off the defenses using the
Servant Mind in
the mine core. Else, this level will be rather difficult.
First, head
to the WSW. You can enter a building and get a key that
will make it
easier to open doors here. Head up north, and you will be
stopped by
two battle alphas named Crag and Steel. If you have a lot
leadership, you can convince them to leave you alone.
Else, you're
going to have to kill them. Check the NE room to get a
pair of
Samaritan Sandals. Check the north room for a canister of
Glaahk, and an Entry Baton, a valuable special item. The
nest to the
west has gold and spores. Head to the west, and you'll
find a Crystal
machine that will make Shaped Blades for 50 rough crystals.
This a
great weapon in terms of damage (the only one better is the
Claymore). To the east, you will find a locked room filled
with lava
pits. Cross them (alone is probably best), and kill the
turret at the
end. You can take two canisters- one of intelligence, the
other of

Arena (4)
Q: None.
C & S: Create Vlish, Luck
O: None.
Enemies: Charged Thahds, Charged Artilas, Glaahks.
D: East to West Mines, West to Patrolled Dell.
You may either be arriving at this area from the east or
the west.
If you've been following this walkthrough, you're probably
on the east
side. Head north, and you'll find Prav, the Battle Beta.
Prav is
questioning the reasons for his existence. He can join
you, and is a
decent ally. Yell at him to make him join. Head to the
SE, you'll
find a nest with coins and minor goods. Check all nests on
this map,
you'll find a good bit of gold and goods. Go inside the
building, then
go south to get some minor items. Head to the center and
you'll find
the bodies of three Sholai. You can take a steel
breastplate, sword,
and a Sharing Belt from their bodies. To the SW (you can
exist this
level by going through the SW), you can find a rod of
succor. You'll
find a healing pool nearby as well. If you make it to the
north center
of this map, you'll find a control panel and two power
spirals. If you
plug in the spirals then use the control panel (pushing all
of the
buttons), you'll be attacked by several powerful creations.
They may
be somewhat difficult (and having Prav on your side could
help). When
killed, you can collect a reaper baton, some reapers, and a
few other
items. Head to the west, and kill the creations there. To
the north
you can get a canister of Create Vlish, and to the NNW you
can get a
canister of luck. There is an essence pool somewhere
nearby, too.
Leave this area from the opposite direction of your arrival
to clear
the map.

Patrolled Dell (4)

Q: None.
C & S: Create Drayk.
O: None.
Enemies: Sholai, Battle Alphas (without Taker amulet),
D: East to Arena, West to Winding Road.
This area is much easier if you aligned with the Takers
and have the
amulet you gave you. Else, you're going to have to kill
the Sholai
here. Fortunately, they're not too difficult. Just take
out each
group at a time, or else you'll be swarmed. Several thorn
bushes can
be found here. There are also a few items of note. First,
the NE
corner has a canister of Create Drayk. It is hidden behind
a column.
Sofya is just east of this canister. If you're friendly
with the
Sholai (i.e., have the amulet), she will sell you items.
Some of the
items are very nice. Her equipment includes a shining
shield and a
girdle of endurance, all nice stuff (you may want to get
the shining
shield- it's rather nice at this point). If you've killed
her, you can
take her stuff, including several steel breastplates (375
gold a pop),
and a pair of tinker gloves. Go to the SE, and you'll find
a stone
circle with specters. One of the pillars has an ivory band
and some
gold. In the NW you'll find two sholai: Gayev and Borkin.
doesn't tell you much, if I remember correctly. Gayev will
give you
hints to the location of the Drayk canister, if you have

leadership. He will also tell you to get moving and speak

Trajkov. Of course, if you don't have the amulet, you'll
just kill
them anyway. Gayev has a book here that will teach you the

Winding Road (3.5)

Q: Kill Wounded Battle Beta.
C & S: Melee weapons,
O: None.
Enemies: Sholai, Servile Cultists, Wounded Battle Beta.
D: East to Patrolled Dell, North to Crossroads, West to
South Workshop.
This area is potentially very rewarding. There are
Sholai here who,
again, if you have the amulet, are quite friendly.
Otherwise, they are
not. There is a building with a sholai wizard (named
Treplev), and he
will tell you to go to the NE. Again, you may start out
enemies and
will have to kill him. Either way, there's a canister of
melee weapons
in the northern room, and a symbiotic cloak and thorns in
the southern
room. Head to the east, and you'll find the second batch
of servile
cultists. Get to their altar, and you can find an Agent's
Robe (note
that it look exactly like a normal robe). The Agent's Robe
is very
useful to the Guardian, as it allows him to acquire points
of magic
skills from the tombs. Now may be a good time to go back
and get the
final skill point form the tombs, if you haven't done so.
Don't touch
the altar- it will burn you if you do. Possibly the most
things here are the serviles to the SW. Znaf will trade
with you, and
will teach you the Sholai tongue for 1000 gold (500 if you
have enough
leadership). Flig, his wife, will teach you mechanics for
2000 gold.
This is a very valuable offer, and it is a source of free
skill points,
essentially. Flig will also give you a quest to kill a
Battle Beta to
the NW. North of their building you will find two pools
(healing and
essence). Continue north, and you'll find an area which,
as you enter
it, will tell you that you've found the passage Flig told
you about (it
may not open if you don't have the quest). Go through the
You'll find a door; the door's lever is very close, but
hidden. Open
it and take the terror wand, living tool, and pod inside.
Go west, and
the battle beta will attack you. Kill it, and go tell Flig
of your
success. She will open a nearby door for you. Inside
there are MANY
goods, and a canister of mass energize. That's about it
for here.
Power Station (4)
Q: Recover Mind's Azzo's crystals.
C & S: Strength, Mass Energize, Create Battle Alpha.
O: None.
Enemies: Charged Fyoras, Gyah-Ki.
D: South to Freeplace, West to Power Core, East to The
There are many charged fyoras wandering this place. They
be too difficult, but can be a pain to get through. Your
objective is to get to the Servant Mind in the center. You
will have
to feed it to revive it. You may not have any food left,
so you will
have to get some elsewhere. The servant mind tells you it
needs four
crystals in order to function fully, and it warns you of
the Drayk
Gyah-Ki. Gyah-Ki is hiding to the south. Make your way
down there and
kill him (with his souped-up charged fyora buddies). You
can get some
green boots from the trophy room to the north, as well as a
good bit of
coin. If you head to the north, you'll run into even more
fyoras, but these can haste themselves. There are also
some pieces of
shaper equipment to be found (for the Junkyard quest).
there's on area that can be reached by walking over some
lava pits.
You'll find a crystal here, but it may not be necessary to
get it if
you get the ones in the power core first. However, if you
want to
complete the quest (and get the minor EXP reward), you
should get all
four. Once you've gotten 4 (or 3 with sufficient
leadership), the
servant mind will open the three nearby doors. Each has a
canister in
it (Strength, Mass Energize, Create Battle Alpha). You can
also get a
singing rapier, as well as some minor goods.

Power Core (5.5, very annoying)

Q: None
C & S: Create Glaahk.
O: None.
Enemies: Mine Shades, Reapers, Burning Turrets, Submission
D: East to the Power Station.
Warning: this level will piss you off. Trust me. If you
enter this
level unknowingly, you will notice that you're getting hurt
walking around. Indeed; this is one of the nastiest (if
not the
nastiest) levels in the game. This area is full of harmful
HINT: There are a few levels that are similar to this one-
they damage
you as you stand around. Fortunately, all of the rest have
minor effects, or can be turned off. The best way to get
through this
level (and one or two other levels) is to enter combat and
guide your
character through the maze. It's really annoying, but it's
the only
way. Exit combat when you need to cast unlock or save. It
is almost
inevitable that your creations will suffer to a greater
extent than you
will, as they have less resistances. It may be beneficial
to absorb
your creations as you play, especially before they are
about to die.
Otherwise they will require maintenance to keep them alive.
on this level, they will help you fight off the shades, and
can be
really useful, so you will probably want to keep them
around for a
As you enter this level, you'll see a side room that has
grounded robes
and boots in it. They may help slightly. Avoid the center
room of
this map- you will die very rapidly if you try to walk
through it. If
you enter combat it's not so bad, but can still really hurt
you. Head
to the SW- enter the door there, and grab the first
crystal. There are
other items around too, it's completely up to you whether
or not you
want to get them. You can always return after giving the
crystals to
Mind Azzo, who will destroy all of the shades for you.
Head to the NW,
and you'll have to fight some nasty reaper turrets, but can
obtain a
grounding vest, which also acts to reduce energy damage for
creations. Head to the east, and you'll find a bunch of
shades. Kill
them as best you can (or wound them- if they're wounded
enough, they'll
run away). Head to the south, and you'll see some spawning
Attempt to turn off the nearby power spirals if at all
possible. Then
enter the west room. There is a lot of shaper equipment
here, and it
may be worthwhile to return and give it to the Junkyard
serviles. The
second crystal can be taken from the cabinet here. Then
continue east,
then south. In the room to the east you'll find a canister
of Create
Glaahk. Continue south, killing the mine shades and
turrets. Check
the servile body just to the east for a useful key. Go
south and check
one of the eastern rooms for the third crystal, then open
the southern
door and leave. Phew.

Guarded Bridge (5)

Q: None.
C & S: None.
O: None.
Enemies: Unstable Roamers, Guardian Roamers, Shepherd
Vlish, Sholai,
Reaper Turrets
D: North to Patrolled Dell, South to Quiet Marshes.
This is another difficult area. However, the rewards
here are good.
This area will be much easier if you have the Taker amulet.
You will
not have to fight the Sholai in that case. All four
corners of this
map are filled with roamers and vlish, and all have
worthwhile hidden nearby. To the SW you'll find a wand of
(hastes). To the SE you'll find a vlish with a stabilizing
band. TO
the NW you'll find a pair of quicksilver boots. Finally,
to the NE
you'll find a rod of defenses (shields). If you're friends
with the
Sholai, you can talk with them and get them to give you
assistance. Ivanov will tell you to take some batons
(brown and green)
from a nearby chest if you complain to him and have enough
If you have even more leadership, you can ask him for all
of their
stuff. Nearby you can obtain a shaped breastplate, the
best non-
magical armor in the game. Be sure to take it.

Patrol Bridge (5.5)

Q: None.

C & S: Magic Shaping, Terror, Luck from Dig.

O: Dig.
Enemies: Sholai (including augmented sholai), Venom
Turrets, Burning
Turrets, Submission Turrets, Reaper Turrets.
D: West to Peaceful Vale, East to Sealed Labs.
This can be a very difficult place to get through if you
don't have
the amulet from the Takers. If you do, all of the sholai
are friendly,
and Sofya tells you to hurry up and see Trajkov. Else
you're going to
have to fight your way through (it can be done, but you'll
need good
strategies and perhaps some vlish/glaahks). There are
several good
reasons to come here. First, to the NW there are several
mines. Use
your brown (?) spore baton to explode them, and get the
canister of
terror. Then, head across the bridge. If you're fighting
the Sholai,
you'll want to take out the Reaper turrets first.
Unfortunately, the
reaper turrets can completely wipe out your HP in one hit
if you're not
careful. The augmented sholai may (will) pose some
problems. The best
way to get him is to get his attention (with a firebolt),
then run
behind a wall. He will follow you, but then you can pummel
him alone.
Vlish will help immensely by stunning and slowing him,
preventing him
from attacking. He has 800 HP, so it's not easy. Once you
cross the
bridge, the area becomes cleared and everything should be
There are some Samaritan Sandals to the building just SE of
the bridge.
There is a very valuable (especially to the agent) canister
of Magic
Shaping to the SE. This may enable you to make more
creations. Head up to the NE, and speak with Dig. Dig is
a friendly
servile, and if you ask him the right things, he will offer
to increase
your luck for 500 gold. He is one of the three serviles in
the game
who will do this for you, and is quite a powerful
character. Try to
get up to 10 luck, if possible (and more when you have
plenty of

Ancient Crypt (5)

Q: None.
C & S: None.
O: None.
Enemies: Reaper Turrets, Waste Ghosts.
D: East to Freeplace, South to Diarazad, West to Drayk's
This area pretty much requires a high mechanics skill (at
least 11).
You will almost definitely enter from the east. As you
enter the main
hub, you'll see that there are plenty of those nasty
exploding crystals
set up. They are set up to explode dark green mines and to
Reaper Turrets. Try to diffuse them. You can then
"harvest" the
reaper turrets. You will have to kill them before they
attack, or else
they will attack you (and set off any mines nearby). You
can get a lot
of reaper ammo for your efforts (enough to last through the
end of the
game, essentially). There's nothing that really stands out
in the
first room, however, if you follow some of the passages,
eventually find a column. The column in the WSW has a rod
of battle.
Once you get past this region, you'll encounter a few
wastes ghosts.
These can be quite difficult, but can be beaten with a bit
of patience.
Continue around to the east, and you'll see ghosts that are
standing at
attention. Do not attack them- let them attack you. If
you attack
them, then all of them at once will attack you. If they
decide to
attack you, they will do it one at a time. The most
valuable item here
is found in a tomb to the south- a girdle of leadership
(probably the
second best girdle/belt in the game). Head up to the north
(again take
you time diffusing the crystals and killing the reapers if
you wish),
and exit through the NW.

Drayk's Vale (5)

Q: None.
C & S: Leadership from Learned Halm.
O: None.
Enemies: Crescent Shade, Cryodrayks, Waste Ghosts, Rakkhus.
D: East to Ancient Crypt, West to Sentinels.
As you enter this region, you are confronted by Rakkhus
the Drayk.
It seems as though he's going to sick his cryodrayk buddies
on you. If
you have a few points of leadership you can grovel and
offer to pay him
for safe passage (~2000 gold). Or you can just tell him to
buzz off.
The Cryodrayks are somewhat difficult, but can be destroyed
without an
excessive amount of trouble. I found terror vlish to be
quite useful
here. After all of the Cryodrayks have died (or you've
paid you're way
through), explore this area. The columns generally have
emeralds in them (625 gold a pop), however, if you take
them, you incur
the wrath of all of the nearby shades. Prepare yourself
before taking
the gems. If you head to the west, you will find Rakkhus
(and his
cryodrayk buddies, if you haven't killed them). Rakkhus is
a good
person to sell you gems. You will probably want to kill
him after
draining all of his money, as he has a very powerful item
in his
chambers. He has a lot gold and jewels, and some Gloves of
the Hammer,
the best gloves for agents and guardians. Perhaps the most
person on this level is Learned Halm. Halm will teach you
if you have a few points already, and if you don't have the
(else he won't sell to you- this is a significant problem
with joining
the Takers). Each point costs 2000 gold. Also on this
level, you can
find the Crescent Shade, who will drop a rock that is quite
useful to
you later on. Finally, you can start the GREAT SECRET
ritual here
(read about it in the appendix).

Junkyard (5)
Q: Clear Ghost Gate, Get Equipment.
C & S:
O: None
Enemies: Submission Vlish.
D: South to Pentil Plains, West to Dry Wastes, North to
This level houses some very difficult vlish, whose
presence prevents
you from getting the quests here early. Most of the vlish
nests have a
lot of valuable minor items in them, so be sure to search
them after
you have destroyed the vlish. There are two serviles to
the NW, and
both have important quests for you. Proof will sell you
some items,
and will give you a quest to clear the ghost gate (which is
pretty far
away). Doing so gets you a nice experience award, and also
will enable
you to purchase good items from Proof. Proof has a
Fyoraskin cloak,
some Reaper ammo, a Fibrous Breastplate, a Shielding Knife,
some Tinker
Gloves, and a Shielding band. Shock is repairing a baton.
If you have
enough mechanics you can repair it for him, and then he
will give it to
you (it's a submission baton). Afterwards, ask him if he
needs any

more help. He will ask you to acquire shaping equipment

for him. Each
piece of equipment gets you 40 gold and perhaps some EXP.
In the room
to the NE in the shop, you can steal a leaded shield and a
lot of
valuable small items.

The Hill (4)

Q: None.
C & S: Healing Craft, Create Roamer.
O: None.
Enemies: Spawners, Thahds, Artilas, Burning Turrets,
D: East to Kantre's Realm, West to Power Station.
This level twists about a bit, and there are several
combos here. Take your time. The most useful items are
found in the
center west section of the map. Here you will find two
tombs that,
when used, will give you points in Healing Craft and in
Create Roamer.
You must have points in both of these skills before you can
get these
skills from the tombs, but this shouldn't be a problem at
this point.
To the NW you can find a set of shaper equipment, and a
green baton on
the body nearby. If you head to the east you'll find more
enemies, as
well as a brown baton to the south. There's not too much
else here.

Kantre's Realm (4.5)

Q: None.
C & S: Cure Effects.
O: None.
Enemies: Submission Turrets, Reaper Turrets, Glaahks, (and
that's it,
D: West to The Hill, South to Icewalls, East to West Gate.
As you enter, a servile will approach you. He will warn
you that you
aren't welcom here. Kantre doesn't like you. Fortunately,
you can
talk him out of attacking you outright (although you'll
have to lie).
There are some very valuable items here, but first you
ought to go
speak with this Kantre. Try to have at least 8 in
leadership before
doing talking with him. If you have less and try to talk
with him,
you'll be in significant trouble. Battle alphas and
Glaahks roam this
area, and if you make Kantre mad, you'll be in trouble as
they'll all
attack you (and the nearby spawning pads will be activated,
many powerful enemies, just waiting to kill you). You will
find Kantre
pretty easily by heading to the east and going up the
central hall. As
you proceed through the hall, you'll see a body behind a
turret. The
body has 5 gems. Get to the far north, and you'll see
Kantre, a crazed
servile mind. Again, I hope you have 8 or more leadership.
Talk with
him. The only viable path is "Don't attack" followed by
"Pass safely."
This will calm the mind down, and he'll give you a key from
container to the north. The mind will also open a door for
you. The
rooms to the east have a shaped belt, and several minor
goods. Now
you'll want to head down to the SW. You'll find two rooms.
The north
one has several mines that can be destroyed by using a
green baton.
The containers here have several minor goods and a rod of
The main treasure is in the southern room. Enter the first
room, and
prepare for a fight with two reaper turrets. Open the
door, and kill
them. Take the charmed plate from the blue box. It is one
of the
three best armors available in the game (quicksilver plate
is the best,
this one ties with the shaped breastplate). Head to the
east, and
enter the first room for a canister of cure effects, head
north, and
enter the room for a healing and an essence pool. Go up to
the north,
and enter the main room. Kill the turrets in here, then
open the
center cell. You'll be attacked by several Glaahks, who
have some
decent items on their bodies, including a discipline wand
and a
restoration pod. Exit here to clear this area.

Sealed Labs (5)

Q: None
C & S: Dominate, Create Drayk, Battle Magic, Mental Magic,
Magic, Fire Shaping, Battle Shaping, Magic Shaping.
O: None.
Enemies: Sholai, Withered Turrets, Guardian Specters, Agent
Shaper Specters, Zavor, Tek.
D: East to South Workshop, West to Patrol Bridge, North to
This map is a very rewarding area, but also quite
difficult. There
are two bosses here, and both are quite strong. Also, this
may be your
first encounter with powerful, mobile magic users. Some
strategy will
be required, or else you'll be replacing your creations
and using healing pods to no end. Generally, the guardian
specters are
pretty easy, whereas both the agent and shaper specters
require a bit
more skill. Fortunately, your main character is probably
strong enough
(and resistant enough) to take many of the dangerous
enemy's blows.
Once you see a magic using enemy, follow one of these two
options: run
up to it (best if you've already explored the region, or if
there are
no corners to hide around, or if you've got a bunch of
slow, physically
weak creations with you) and position yourself in such a
way so as to
receive the brunt of their attack. Or you may hide from
the enemy,
preferably around a corner, and let them come to you so
that you can
provide a pummeling at your leisure. As you enter this
level, you will
encounter some sholai. As usual, if you have the Taker
amulet, they
will be friendly (but unhelpful), else you will be
attacked. There are
some decent supplies hidden to the east, in the Sholai
supplies. Head
to the north, and unlock the door, using a lot of tools.
Unlock the
next door, and you'll enter the lab. I am not sure what
"you feel a
cold presence" means exactly, but it may mean that a
specter has been
randomly generated on the level. It may also mean that
either Tek or
Zavor is alive. Immediately east and west are the only two
turrets in
the game, both are pretty easy. You will probably also
encounter a
specter or two, use them to gauge whether or not you are
ready for this
level. Rarely, the specters will drop cloaks and gloves,
although both
come with significant penalties, decreasing their worth.
Your main
objective should be the control panel to the south. It is
guarded by
some specters. Use all of the buttons, then go east.
You'll find
several rooms. Most have minor goodies and coins, but
Zavor's room has
an additional door, leading to his closet. If you have
used the panel,
open this door and take the canister of Create Drayk.
There is also a
coated cloak and a jeweled wand nearby. Head to the west,
and you'll
find pods, crystals, and thorns. Get to the SW, killing
all of the
specters, and you'll find a canister of Dominate. Head a
bit east,
then start going north. Prepare for a tough battle.
You'll find the
specter Zavor guarded by four guardian specters. Kill
them, and you
can take Zavor's ring, one of the three best rings in the
game (and
most people's favorite). Then head to the SE. You'll find
a tombs
region, with, as usual, tomes in the tombs. Use them as
you see fit,
and you'll be attacked by a group of specters. Head to the
very east,
then head north. You'll encounter the specter of Tek, a
guardian. He
is easier than Zavor, as he has no buddies protecting him.
Kill him
for his dirk, arguably the second best weapon in the game
(the guardian
claymore is probably better for agents and guardians).
Leave once
you're ready.

South Workshop (5)

Q: Slay Corata
C & S: Create Battle Alpha, Unlock, Strength, Dexterity,
O: None.
Enemies: Guardian Specters, Agent Specters, Corata.
D: West to Sealed Labs, East to Winding Road.
This area is very rewarding (and necessary for a good
ending). This
is also one of the annoying areas, similar to the Power
Fortunately, the damage done by this level is poison based,
and can be
stopped merely be a cure spell or two. You'll enter on the
Immediately head west, through the door, then head north.
the power spiral; it will make you life much easier. Head
back outside
to the east, and use the control panel. Press the third
button. Head
to the east. Since you pressed the third button, all of
the pylons in
this level will be friendly (and fight with you) if you
find their
power source. As you wander around, you'll find areas with
that appear next to pylons. If the pylon is recharged (by
a nearby power spiral), you'll be assisted by the pylon.
Head to the
center, and you'll find a servant mind. This mind doesn't
like Corata,
and, provided you have enough leadership, you can acquire
assistance. The mind gives you the quest to kill Corata.
You'll also
find an unlock canister nearby, as well as several pods and
tools. To
the center west, you'll see several mines- disarm them and
get to
chest. Inside you'll find the very valuable shaper robe
(which is
extremely useful for the agent). The shaper robe raises
all of your
shaping skills. Be sure to equip it before making any new
and they'll start out with another level (unless you
already have a lot
of shaper skill). Head to the east, and you'll find a room
with a
canister of create battle alpha, a quicksilver chain, and,
to the SE,
you'll find a Rod of Succor. Head west, past the damaging
pools, and
you can get a jar of mind nutrients. Finally, head to the
SW. You'll
find Corata. If you have enough leadership, you can
convince him to
give you the control rod. Find it to the SW (this is the
only place to
find one). As you leave, a bug will make Corata constantly
ask you for
help. Eventually, you'll have to tell him to buzz off, at
which point
you'll have to fight him. If you desire, head to the SE
and NW and
reactivate the power spirals, which makes the pylons attack
him and his
cronies. Once dead, Corata gives you a reflecting shield.
Return to
the servant mind and tell him you've succeeded. He'll
strengthen all
of your base stats by 1 as a reward.

Crossroads (4)
Q: None.
C & S: Create Glaahk.
O: None.
Enemies: Specter Shades, Guardian Specters, Sholai.
D: South to Winding Road, East to Front Gate, West to
Contrary to the norm, the sholai here will be hostile if
allied with the Takers. In fact, the sholai mage named
Gavrila will
steal your amulet, and you'll have to kill all of the
sholai to the NW
to get it back. If you don't have the amulet, you can
learn the Sholai
tongue from Gavrila, and all of the sholai here are
friendly. There
are some minor items in their containers and supply chests.
To the SE
you'll find an area with a lot of mines. Don't bother
exploring it
unless you don't want to be bothered by Gavrila (if you
have the amulet
and are a low level, this is a good option). Otherwise,
the only thing
to do here is to go to the SW and enter the temple. Get to
the altar,
and you can take Bhargeth's girdle. Upon doing so, you'll
be attacked
by several specters. They shouldn't be too difficult.
Exit through
the east gate to clear this level.

Icewalls (4.5)
Q: None.
C & S: Dominate.
O: None.
Enemies: Plated Bugs, Vlish, Terror Vlish, Spawners,
D: North to Kantre's Realm, East to Crossroads, South to
Sealed Labs,
West to West Workshop.
This is an annoying level. If you avoid it, you won't
miss out on
much. Then again, it's not all that difficult. As you
wander this
level, you will be attacked by a lot of enemies. By now
they shouldn't
be all that difficult. Probably your main goal should be
to get to the
center of the map, and kill the spawners (~5). This will
some of your problems. One flashing spawner is especially
All spawners are also guarded by evil green slime pools.
After you've
slain them all, check the chest for a key that will open
the door to
the west. This should also clear the level. To the NE,
you'll find a
room with dead, frozen serviles. Take the canister of
Dominate, and
search their bodies for minor equipment, and a quicksilver
chitin armor
(a decent armor for guardians, but better armor isn't all
that hard to
find). Head to the west to get to the west workshop.
You'll notice
that several doors here do not open. Although I have not
verified this, if you get the baton from the west workshop,
these doors
will open and sholai will attack you. They don't have
anything all
that great, so this isn't really worth bothering with all
that much. i
do not know if they attack you if you have the Taker

West Gate (5)

Q: None.
C & S: Create Drayk.
O: None.
Enemies: Guardian Specters, Agent Specters, Sholai Scouts.
D: West to Kantre's Realm, East to the Vats.
The Sholai here will really beat you up if you're not
fast. Having a
good bit of quick action will help. If you can hit them
once, they
will run away without lobbing their searing orbs. Check
the western
door for an area with several guardian specters and an
agent specter.
Kill them, then check the northern container for a shaped
Attempt to cross over the bridges (there are plenty of
sholai here who
attempt to stop you), and go to the SE. You'll find a room
several containers. Some of them have decent equipment,
and one has
shaper equipment. When you're ready, prepare yourself for
a tough
battle (casting spells and such), then open the attached
door. You'll
be faced with a hoard of specters. Kill them all, and you
can claim a
canister of create drayk. Head to the NE, and go around to
northern corner of the building. You'll see several sacks
of grain-
these contain thorns of various types. When you're ready,
head into
the building. The sholai have left some nice equipment
here for you to
take. Continue east, and you'll see a control panel. Use
it, and if
you have an entrance rod, you can open the door. This
gives you access
to the Vats and clears the level. If you can clear this
level without
too much heartache, you will probably be equally successful
on the two
other speed-demon levels: Diarazad, and the Spirit Gates.

Diarazad (5)
Q: None.
C & S: None.
O: None.
Enemies: Stealth Sholai, Burning Turrets, Submission
Turrets, Crypt
D: East to Peaceful Vale, West to Shaper Crypt, North to
Ancient Crypt,
South to Junkyard.
There are plenty of speedy sholai here. Be careful. If
you can hit
them before they attack, they will run away. If you can
kill them, all
the better. Unfortunately, there's not too much here in
the way of
quality equipment, nor are there any canisters. I believe
the sholai
here will attack you even if you have the Taker amulet.
This level
must be completed in order to get access to the best and
most difficult
area in the game, the shaper crypt. There is some shaper
equipment a
bit south of the west exit. Give it to the Junkyard

West Workshop (5)

Q: None.
C & S: Create Thahd, Healing Craft.
O: None.
Enemies: Cryodrayks.
D: East to Icewalls.
This is the second most dangerous damaging level in the
game (the
Power Core alone is [much] worse). Fortunately, you can
turn off the
damaging element in this level. In fact, as soon as you
enter this
level, this should be your main goal. After entering from
the east,
head straight north. You'll probably encounter some
cryodrayks- take
them out. Then head east to the central north section.
All this
should be done after you've entered combat mode, so as to
minimize the
ice damage. Head south, alone, to the area with the power
Turn them all off. If you have the control key, this is
very easy.
Else you'll probably need a good bit of mechanics. You
will be damaged
every turn until you've accomplished this task. Once done,
you can
explore this area at your leisure. First, you should
probably head to
the north. You'll find a servant mind. Fuss at it a
little bit, and
it'll open a door for you, and turn off some lava pits. In
the eastern
section of this map you'll find some shaper records. To
the NE you'll
find a canister of create thahd, a null wand, some reaper
ammo, and
miscellaneous pods and spores. To the NW you'll find
containers with rough crystals, and a rod of alacrity. To
the west,
you'll find an entry baton. If you don't have one already,
you can
take this one (also, some doors in Icewalls open with
hostile Sholai).
Head to the SW to find a canister of healing craft, a
submission baton
in the nest to the SW, and a transference robe (although I
don't use
it, I suppose shapers could find it very beneficial). In
the south
section, you'll find a shaped blade (the mind must open
this door for
you, however). To the SE you'll find restoration spores in
container, which are powerful healing items. Finally, in
the central
room (with the spirals) you'll find some minor goods.
Dry Wastes (5)
Q: None.
C & S: Searing Orbs.
O: None.
Enemies: Specters, Specter Sages, Plated Bugs, Stinging

Hunter Clawbugs, Pylons.

D: South to Bandit Woods, East to Junkyard, West to Western
This level has several strong clawbugs causing it to
merit a rating
of 5. Do not attempt this level just coming from the
Bandit Woods.
You will die. Fast. Fortunately, this level is pretty
forward. To the NE is the only region of major interest.
Here you
will find plenty of clawbugs, but also some shaped
gauntlets, some
shaper equipment, and a canister of searing orbs. You will
also find a
hostile pylon here- it likes to cast heal on itself and
They can be difficult in groups, but don't have any attacks
other then
their poisonous death-explosion. To the SW you will find
some specters
that seem to be guarding a stone column. Otherwise, that's
it for this

Western Wastes (5)

Q: None.
C & S: Create Battle Alpha
O: None.
Enemies: Crescent Thahd, Spawners, Stinging Clawbugs,
Plated Bugs,
Wastes Ghosts, Pylons.
D: East to Dry Wastes, North to Valley of the Wind.
This is yet another straightforward level. It's also
quite difficult
for a low level character. There are several clawbug
spawners here.
Killing them all will clear the level. In some cases, the
will be accompanied by the healing-pylons. If you're at a
low level,
you may be forced to take the pylons out first so as to
actually be
able to do damage to the enemies. Near the center you'll
find a body
with a jeweled wand. You may also find the crescent thahd
if you
haven't killed the crescent shade in the Drayk's Vale. It
will drop
the stone used in the Shaper's crypt, and is very weak.
There are
several nooks in the borders, search them all. Most don't
anything major of note, but the ones to the NE has a
canister of create
battle alpha. Finally, to the west you'll find a room with
health and
energy crystals. Use them to get back up to strength.

Valley of the Wind (5)

Q: None.
C & S:
O: None.
Enemies: Wind Walkers, Wastes Ghosts.
D: South to Western Wastes, North to Spirit City.
This is the home of the wind walkers, which are probably
the most
fearsome spirit you'll be forced to fight. They are very
fast, and if
they hit you, they can slow and curse you. Try to hit them
first, and
they will run away. There are some places of interest
here: to the SW
you'll find several dead sholai. Many have decent
equipment. To the
SE you'll find a strange room with "pools" that will heal
your ailments
and rejuvenate your spell and essence points. Do not use
them after you've
taken the Arcane band, or you'll die instantly (from ???).
To the NE you'll
find the best item here: make your way to the tomb and take
the ring. All
of the wind walkers will become hostile and hunt you down,
but you'll
get an Arcane Band. To the center west you'll find a
strange box that
rattles. Open it, and you'll be attacked by two ghosts.
One of them
is carrying a living knife. Head to the north, and fight
all of the
wastes ghosts. Killing them all completes the junkyard
quest, and
exiting through the North clears this level.
Spirit City (5.5)
Q: None.
C & S: Luck.
O: None.
Enemies: Wastes Ghosts, Battle Betas, Battle Gammas, Terror
Witch Ghost, Priest Shade.
D: North to Great Temple, South to Valley of the Wind.
Depending on how you choose to approach this level, it
can be either
very easy, or very difficult. Several neutral (blue)
wastes ghosts
roam this level. These are not your standard pushover
wastes ghosts,
however, and they can really beat you to a bloody pulp if
you're not
cautious. Also, if you are attacked by one, you will be
attacked by
all of them, and they have a special fear attack. They
will attack you
if they catch you stealing their stuff. Be sure not to
loot any of
their containers if they are present, or they will attack
you. You can
avoid their attacks by making sure they're out of the room
looting. Some of the items of major interest include a
strange pot
that restores 100 essence if used to the SW, a terror want
to the SE,
and a fibrous shield in the lower central building. Also
in this
building is an imprisoned ghost. Free it for 1 point of
luck. To the
north you'll find a small army of battle creatures and
vlish- they can
be very difficult at lower levels. They are easier than
the ghosts,
however. To the NW you'll find a hostile witch ghost.
Kill her, and
she'll drop an emerald. She also possesses many pods and
Finally, there is the spirit temple. You'll notice a pylon
as you
enter. There are two ways to explore the temple- the
painful way and
the easy way (the easy way is a major spoiler, and I don't
want to make
the game too easy, but there are large hints at the end of
this FAQ for
figuring out how to get in). The hard way is to enter
combat and
explore, taking damage each turn. You'll find a priest
shade here.
Talk with it, and it'll tell you to check out the room to
the NE. Do
so (picking up the shaped gauntlets along the way), and
return. He
will tell you the BIG SECRET. Now, you can go hostile, and
kill all
the shades here. If you do, you will incur the wrath of
all of the
shades, including those outside the temple. It's your
choice. You
will get a lot of exp, and a decent pair of boots, but
otherwise, there
is no real reason to do so. Anyway, this is how I do it:
Prepare for
battle (bless, haste, shield yourself and your creations).
Enter the
SE room, and collect down there. Kill anything that chases
after you.
It's difficult, but possible. For all your troubles, you
get a pair of
stability boots, and some pods and spores. Once done, you
probably want to go to the Sentinels next, and not to the
great temple,
as there is a direction-dependent quest in the Sentinels.

The Sentinels (5)

Q: Slay Goettsch
C & S: Endurance.
O: None.
Enemies: Reapers, Rogue Ornks, Elder Ornks, Ornk Lord.
D: East to Drayk's Vale, West to Great Temple.
This is one of the more surprising levels in the game.
You may need
to get a few more points of mechanics so as to be able to
fully take
advantage of this level. This area is home to the same
reaper/mine/crystal combination of the Ancient Temple. As
such, an
enterprising PC can harvest the reapers for their thorns.
You will
need over 10 mechanics (~12) in order to do this
successfully. Note
that you do not want to take the "back route" and circle
Heustess, as he will not give you his quest. Instead,
either go
through the ghosts, or exit the back routes before the
final passage.
Hopefully you are entering this level from the east,
otherwise you lose
Heustess's quest. Immediately to your NE is a passage
leading to two
hostile reapers- slay them and check the body for a pair of
boots. Go a bit south, and you'll find some pouches
guarded by
poisonous pools. Head to the SE, you'll be alerted to
angry mooing.
This is one of the more surreal moments in the game, in
which you are
attacked by ornks. These ornks are pretty strong, and also
when they die. Make your way to the altar, and prepare for
a tough
battle. Use the altar to take the gloves, then kill the
Ornk lord.
For this, you can claim the ornkskin gloves, which are
rather strong,
but come with a significant penalty. You can either head
through the
nearby passage (mechanics route), or go north a bit and
talk with the
ghost (leadership route). Exit the mechanics route when
you are next
able. Talk with the ghosts, and if you have adequate
leadership (10 or
so), you will be able to avoid their fees. Alternatively,
you could
just slay them. Otherwise you'll have to take a penalty to
dexterity, and intelligence. Make your way north, and
you'll see a
servile, named Heustess. Heustess is the last of the race
of people
who inhabited this island. Talk with him. If you have
learned the big
secret, he may attack you (although for me he just broke
but I was able to reinitiate it without problem). Ask him
about his
fee, and if you have a high enough leadership, you can get
him to give
you the quest to kill Goettsch. Doing so gets you a point
endurance. Alternatively, you can kill Heustess, and get a
Plate. You can also do this after you complete Heustess's

Great Temple (5.5)

Q: Slay Trajkov.
C & S: Create Drayk.
O: None.
Enemies: Cryodrayks, Serviles, Battle Betas, Battle Gammas,
D: East to the Sentinels, South to the Spirit City.
This is the home of one of the two main bosses of Sucil
Goettsch is a shaper who is at odds with Trajkov. He is
part of the
triangle of power and deception that includes you and
Trajkov. As soon
as you enter this level, you will be stopped by a battle
gamma greeter.
He takes you to Goettsch through a safe path. If you want,
you can
veer off and kill some of Goettsch's pets, there's no
penalty. Follow
the battle gamma, and you'll be led to Goettsch. He
beckons you to
speak with him. There's a lot of shaper equipment nearby,
take it for
the Junkyard quest. Speak with Goettsch when you desire.
If you are
doing Heustess's quest, you'll have to talk your way out of
a fight,
but with adequate (~10?) leadership, this should be easy.
He tells you
the story of how he came to be caught by Trajkov and how he
the power of the Geneforge. Then he gives you your
mission: to slay
Trajkov. He will give you a pair of Fake Shaper Gloves to
aid you in
this quest. He will also make all of creations not hostile
if you have
enough leadership and ask him properly. If you're in
quandary over
whom you should trust, Trajkov or Goettsch, let's just say
Goettsch makes Trajkov look like Noble Knight in Shining
Helping Goettsch is an option, but probably a poor one,
honestly. If
you have killed Trajkov and freed the Geneforge, Goettsch
says he will
let you off the island as your reward. Pretty crummy.
You'll probably
want to kill him, but if you do so right now, you'll get
ganged up on.
If you've convinced him to make his creations not hostile,
you'll have
an easier time. Find each batch of (neutral) creations,
and force
attack them. Kill all nearby creations. Then, enter the
room with
Goettsch, and kill the drayks nearby. Leave the Greeter,
his serviles,
and Goettsch be until you're ready. Then attack him. He's
but not impossible. Once you've removed Goettsch from the
you're free to explore at your leisure. Goettsch drops a
shaper's belt
and a red spore baton. You'll find a column to the north-
it will give
you a rod of alacrity if you look at it. To the NE you'll
find some
red mines- explode them with the red baton. Search the
nearby for a canister of create Drayk, and the extremely
quicksilver plate. You'll find two pools to the north, and
the object
of this level to the NW. There are two ways of getting to
the NW room-
through the mines (a lot of mechanics and speed required),
or through
the guardians (not all that tough). I prefer the guardian
(south). You'll also find a charmed falchion and an
emerald in this
room. Enter the NW room- you'll see two mines, both of
which summon
strong battle creations. If you have 14 mechanics, you can
defuse them
beforehand. Finally, you can acquire the Shaper gloves
(necessary for
using the Geneforge and the object of Trajkov's quest).
Once you do,
any not hostile creations on the level become hostile. If
there are
any left (or all of them, depending on the violence of your
you'll need to kill or otherwise get around them.
The Vats (4)
Q: None.
C & S: Mass Restore.
O: None.
Enemies: Glaahks, Ur-Glaahks.
D: West to West Gate, East to Central Labs.
As you first enter this area, you might think "Oh no, not
one of
these levels again!" Indeed, this level will poison you as
you wander
through it. Fortunately, this is the least deadly of all
of these
levels. Immediately to your north you can find some vat
chitin and
boots (which provide poison and acid resistance), but
they're hardly
necessary. Head to your south, and disarm the mines as
best you can,
and continue to the SE corner. You'll also come across a
room with
some reaper ammo and a canister of Mass Restore. Head
north, getting
past the mines, and you'll find a Servant Mind (which is
also the
object of Serabryakov's quest). Tell it to stop poisoning
the air, and
all of your problems end. Alternatively, you *could*
wander through
all the poison pools and fight the glaahks, getting
poisoned along the way, and wouldn't have to disarm the few
mines, but
why? If you want to go back now that the poison is turned
off, you'll
find a few minor items including some shaped boots and a
mica band on a
body in the NW corner, and some spores and pods throughout
in small
containers. It's not really worth it, in my opinion.

Front Gate (5.5)

Q: None.
C & S:
O: None.
Enemies: Reapers, Sholai, Inn Ghosts.
D: North to Central Labs, West to Crossroads.
Several reaper turrets line the passage to the main
building. They
will be hostile without the Taker's amulet, as will the
sholai. There
are some augmented sholai here, so be careful if you don't
have the
amulet. To the NW you'll find an abandoned inn, home to
several Inn
ghosts. They are guarding a stability belt in the NE room.
To the SE
you'll find a body with minor equipment (at this point in
the game).
Head to the NE, this is where the majority of the Sholai
are located.
There is also a named sholai here (I killed him a bit too
unfortunately) but he doesn't help you much. There are
several pieces
of shaper equipment to the east of the main room, and other
Sholai wizards and mages are guarding this area, so be
careful. In the
western section of the area, you'll find some nice armor,
including a
shaped shield and grounded boots. You can leave through
the main
chamber (don't bother with the NE lever- the DO NOT PULL

Central Labs (6)

Q: Slay the Vats Mind.
C & S: Dexterity, Create Glaahk, Dominate.
O: None.
Enemies: Sholai, Submission Turrets, Pylons, Battle Betas,
Battle Beta.
D: East to Quarters, North to Holding Cells, South to Front
Gate, West
to Vats.
If you have the Taker's amulet, you won't have any
problems with this
level, for the most part. In fact, you can meet with
(center west), who has been heavily augmented, and he will
give you a
quest to kill the Vats mind. If you have enough
leadership, you can
convince him to give you your reward early- the combination
to his room
in the quarters. Otherwise, you'll have to do it the hard
way. You'll
see a lot of sholai researchers, mages, and wizards
throughout this
level, but they are generally unhelpful. You'll also find
(SE), who is an irritable mage who shows you what the
sholai have been
researching. However, if you don't have the amulet, you're
in for a
rough time. It's not too difficult (not 6 difficulty yet),
but it'll
take some significant effort. Naturally, both Serabryakov
Vershinin are hostile, and their deaths will yield a shaped
(Serabryakov), and a girlde of endurance and shining shield
(Vershinin). All of the rest of the sholai will likewise
be hostile,
including the searing orbs-happy mages/wizards/researchers.
researcher had a Vat chitin on his body. You'll also find
a lot of
shaper equipment and records on this level, be sure to
collect and
trade them in. Be sure to get to the center east room and
pull all of
the levers as soon as you can. Doing so opens all of the
exits for
you, I believe. To the east you'll find three doors. One
of these
will automatically open, and has a canister of dominate.
The southern
one will open if you use the lever in the lab just south,
and has a
canister of create Glaahk. The northern one requires a lot
of tools to
open (or the control key), and will net you a canister of
To the NE you'll find a dead body guarded by a fierce
battle beta. The
body has some decent equipment on it. Also, guarding the
north door
are six submission turrets. These will be hostile without
the Taker
amulet. Luckily they shouldn't be all that difficult at
this point (I
used a few swarm crystals on them). Finally, you can enter
the region
to the NW. Here you will find several pylons of the
highest level,
which are the reason I gave this level a 6 in difficulty.
These things
are tough, and enjoy wasting your creations and often you.
The reward
is decent: a Shaper's boon ring. Give it a try if you're
willing, but
be sure to haste, bless, and shield yourself and your
creations. You
then have two options for getting to Trajkov- through the
quarters, or
through the holding cells. The holding cells is easier if
you don't
have the amulet, and vice versa if you do.

Holding Cells (5)

Q: None.
C & S: Battle Magic.
O: None.
Enemies: Glaahks, Pylons, Drayks, Ur-Glaahks.
D: South to Central Labs, East to Geneforge.
This is the easier route for those who do not possess the
Amulet. You'll want to immediately head east, as the path
to the north
is pretty rough and difficult. It is an option, albeit in
my opinion a
poor one. Instead you'll want to head through the
creations. They can
be somewhat tough, but not so much as to completely stop
you at this
time. You'll find a room that has a dead body (with a
grounded robe),
to the east you'll find a room with reaper ammo. Continue
east then
north (you can't open the rooms nearby just yet), and
you'll find
plenty of nests. Many of them have useful objects like
rods, gems, and
shaper records or equipment. Head to the north, and you'll
see two
caged Drayks. Throughout this level, some of the Drayks
will drop
Draykskin tunics, so watch out. The caged Drayks have some
equipment and treasure. You'll find a door to the north,
but it is
heavily locked. Don't bother opening it, as you'll find a
key shortly.
Head to the center north, you'll find a dead servant mind.
There is a
jar of mind nutrients nearby, be sure to grab it. You'll
also see a
control panel, go ahead and pull all of the levers. Head a
bit south
and then west, kill the pylon, search the cabinet for a
key, and go
north. You'll find Danette's shade. Quiz it for
background story.
Head to the SW- you'll find a canister of battle magic and
some shaper
records. Further SW you'll find an experimental glaahk-
kill it and
you can get the best shield in the game, the Agent's
shelter. Now head
north, your key will unlock the lever. This lets you go to

Quarters (5)
Q: Slay Akkat.
C & S: Firebolt, Create Fyora.
O: None.
Enemies: Sholai, Drayks, Reapers, Akkat, Varya.
D: North to Geneforge, West to Central Labs.
As always, the Sholai here will be friendly if you have
the Taker's
amulet. Else, they'll be hostile. On this level, they
also happen to
have several Drayks, so be careful. If you have the
amulet, go to the
door and talk with Varya. She gives you a quest to off a
nearby drayk-
Akkat. Luckily, you can play them both if you have enough
Tell Akkat that Varya wants him dead, and he will attack
her, joining
forces with you. Take note that this does NOT make the
sholai hostile-
they seem to be fed up with her nonsense as well.
Otherwise, you can
kill Akkat. He isn't too tough, and you can take his nest
(girdle of strength, jewelled wand, gems). You can kill
both if you
desire. There's a room here that is locked. If you have
Serabryakov's quest, you can open this room without
problems. Or if
you have convinced him to give you the secret, you can open
it. Or, if
you have enough intelligence, you can open the door.
Inside you'll
find ammo, minor equipment, a reaper turret, and two (weak)
firebolt, and create fyora. One of the rooms nearby also
has a book
that will teach you the Sholai language. Probably the most
area here is to the NE. Head that way, and you'll see
drayks and
reaper turrets. Enter Trajkov's room. You'll find several
turrets, kill them as best you are able. You'll find
spores, a thahd skin tunic, a red spore baton (very
useful), an entry
baton (if you need one), and the damaged shaper gloves.
you'll find the Guardian Claymore, which is a very useful
and powerful
weapon. Agents and Guardians will especially appreciate
it. Now is a
good time to head to the Geneforge.

The Geneforge (5.5)

Q: Read Geneforge Tome, Retrieve Shaper's Gloves.
C & S: Using the Geneforge gives- 8 Str, 8 Dex, 8 Int, 8
End, 8 Melee,
8 Spell Craft, and 8 to all Shaper skills.
O: None.
Enemies: Trajkov, Battle Betas, Battle Gammas, Cryodrayks.
D: West to Holding Cells, South to Quarters.
Here is the object of your quest, of the game. Trajkov
awaits you.
But first, you can kill a drayk to the NW, taking the
breastplate, shield, and reaper baton from the nearby
bodies. To the
NE you'll find a locked room with the Geneforge. The door
will unlock
itself if Trajkov wills it or dies. Speak with Trajkov.
You can go
ahead and be hostile if you so desire, but may find it
easier to be
friendly. If you agree to listen what he has to say, he
will give you
a quest to read the book behind him, then tell him what
you've read.
If you lie, he will attack you. If you tell the truth, he
will ask you
if you want to help him. If you agree to help him he will
give you an
amulet (the same as the Takers gave you), and a quest to
recover the
Shaper's gloves, which Goettsch stole from him. Now you
have a few
more options. It is pretty easy to betray Trajkov,
especially if
you've got a lot of leadership (and mechanics, if you don't
Goettsch's fake gloves). Show Trajkov the gloves, and if
you have
enough leadership, tell him that his creations will
interfere with
their use. He will dismiss them (allowing you to kill him
easily, if
you so desire). If you have the fake shaper gloves from
Goettsch and
enough leadership, you can convince Trajkov that these
gloves will be
good enough. Or, if you have the damaged shaper gloves
(from Trajkov's
room) and enough mechanics, you can convince him that the
gloves are
repaired. Then, if you have enough leadership, you can
convince him to
use the damaged gloves. Both result in nasty ends to
Trajkov. You can
also choose to fight him. He has a super-strong searing
orbs spell (4-
5 at a time), but isn't too difficult, especially if he
doesn't have
any help. Finally, you can choose to help Trajkov.
Afterwards, you
can either leave the island, or attack him (in his beefed
up form...),
and reclaim the gloves. If you choose to kill him
(instantly angering
the Takers), you have two more choices. You can choose to
destroy the
Geneforge without using it (the Obeyer path), or to use the
(for a lot of significant stat increases). You should
destroy the
Geneforge afterwards, if you choose to use it. You will
need the
control key to destroy the Geneforge without being blown to
smithereens. If you choose to use the Geneforge, absorb
all of your
creations before doing so. You will be able to get all of
experience, and make much stronger creations on your own.
You may also
want to absorb them before destroying the Geneforge as
well. Trajkov
will drop a girdle of strength and a shaped blade when

Shaper Crypt (6)

Q: None.
C & S: Battle Shaping, Battle Magic, Fire Shaping, Mental
O: None.
Enemies: Glaahks, Drayks, Battle Alphas, Pylons.
D: East to Diarazad, West to Inner Crypt.
Welcome to hell. These two areas (with the Inner Crypt)
are easily
the most difficult areas in the game. The main cause of
this is the
endless spawners (these aren't the biological ones,
either). They
create several groups of creations every few minutes.
These creations
are also rather powerful (>400 hit points for the drayks),
and can do
significant damage to you and your pets. Fortunately, with
great risk
comes great reward. Glaahks on this level may drop some
very valuable
items- things ranging from gems and steel knives to shaper
robes and
singing blades, among others. There are also several tombs
here, which
will give you points in battle shaping, battle magic, fire
shaping, and
mental magic. There is also a tomb that contains a pair of
green boots
and another containing a guardian cloak (the only free one
of such an
item). The enemies here will also consistently give you
whereas most of the enemies elsewhere stop, making this the
best area
to gain levels late-game. Finally, in the SE you'll find a
mind. If you desire and have nutrients to spare, you can
feed it. It
will tell you the purpose of this crypt, and will also turn
off the
western pylons for you (a very valuable action- dealing
with the
creations on this map is chore enough). You can also find
several sets
of shaper equipment here, especially around the northern
When you're ready, head to the NW. You'll find a door, and
a special
to the south on the subject of a crescent stone. You will
need one to
open this door. Crescent stone-bearing creatures can be
found in the
Western Wastes, and the Drayk's Vale. Before coming here
probably want to get one and bring it with you so as to
prevent having
to get one later.

Inner Crypt (6)

Q: None.
C & S: Strength, Dexterity, Endurance, Intelligence, Magic
Spellcraft, Healing Craft, Blessing Magic.
O: None.
Enemies: Glaahks, Battle Alphas, Drayks, Pylons, Danette.
D: East to Shaper Crypt.
Urg. The enemies here are still just as tough, if not
worse than in
the previous level. I will be vague here, mainly because
it's hard to
really write about this level- too much of my energy is
spent on trying
to survive. There are more tombs on this level, many of
them contain
nice items (stasis shield, shaped blade, quicksilver plate,
boots) or skills (magic shaping, spellcraft, healing craft,
magic). The most important thing is to the NW. In this
room you'll
find Danette. She is hostile, and has some souped-up
assisting him. Kill her buddies and then her, and claim
her belt (+3
to all primary stats). Also you'll find some rods, and can
claim her 4
canisters (one for each primary stat). Once you've gotten
you want or have gotten beat up a lot, head back out the
way you came.

Guarded Docks (5.5)

Q: None.
C & S: Create Clawbug.
O: None.
Enemies: Sholai, Terror Vlish.
D: West to Icy Tunnel.
Here is the end place, the final map. It is specifically
designed to
prevent early escape, with the augmented sholai and the
need for a red
spore baton. As you enter, you'll see a lot of mines.
You'll have to
use your green and brown batons to destroy them. Once you
get to the
center of the map, a sholai will approach you. If you're
not aligned
with Trajkov and the Takers (i.e. don't have the amulet),
you're in for
a fight. If you kill this first guy, his buddies come
after you, and
can really put the hurt on you. There obviously are ways
around this.
To the NW you'll find a servant mind. It needs food, as it
has been
beaten and tortured (by Varya, of all things). If you feed
it, you can
request that it help you as its last effort. It will
scream for you,
attracting the Sholai, and enabling you to get to the boat
to the east.
otherwise, if you have a red spore baton (the first sholai
on this
island will drop one, there's one in Trajkov's quarters,
and Goettsch
has one), use it to explode the southern mines, then go
east. You'll
see a canister of create Clawbug. Head north, and try to
get to the
boat. There's not much else here (some terror vlish are to
the NE and
are guarding a grounded robe, but that's it). If you're
allied with
Trajkov and have helped him out, the sholai escort you to
the boat.

ENDGAME: Geneforge, as advertised, is very open ended.

Many factors
come into play. If you've aligned yourself with one of the
sects or
have killed its leader, the sect has a specific ending.
The other
sects will have different endings. How you handled Trajkov
your ending in a major way, as does what you did with the
Goettsch plays a role as well. The most fulfilling endings
occur when
you destroy Trajkov and the Geneforge without using it,
when you use
the geneforge and destroy it, and when you aid Trajkov.
There are
others. Experiment if you want. If you decide on a
specific ending,
you may influence the success of the sects, even if you
haven't joined
or attacked them. For instance, if you're aligned with the
and destroy the Geneforge without using it, the Obeyers get
the best


Crumbling Docks- Firebolt
Abandoned Docks 2- Create Fyora, Heal
Vakirri- War Blessing
Watch hill- Create Thahd
Thorny Fen- Unlock
Ruined School- Searer, Endurance, Create Artila
Ellhrah's Keep- Create Fyora, Cure Effects, Firebolt,
Crag Valley- War Blessing, Unlock
Pentil Woods- Create Artila
Pentil- Create Roamer
Tombs- Melee weapons
Spiral Burrow- Heal, Create Roamer
Hill of Jars- Create Thahd, Quick action, Searer
Pentil Plains- Cure Effects
Thorny Woods- Firebolt, Create Fyora
Southbridge- Create Clawbug
Northbridge- Terror
Buried Cells- Speed, Searing Orbs
Quiet Marshes- Burning Canister (dangerous)
Crystal Burrow- Speed, Create Vlish
Outpost- Terror
Kazg- Create Vlish, Create Thahd, War Blessing
Kazg Ruins- Create Clawbug, Searing Orbs, Unlock
Dry Wastes- Searing Orbs
Wooded Valley- War Blessing, Firebolt
Tribal Woods- Create Artila
Holding 2- Speed, Create Vlish
East Kazg- Terror, Endurance, Heal, Searer, Create Roamer
Servile Warrens- Quick Action, Mass Restore, Dominate,
Create Ornk
Dock Ruins- Cure Effects
East Docks- Dominate, Create Battle Alpha
West Wastes- Create Battle Alpha
Patrolled Bridge- Terror, Magic Shaping
Freeplace- Searer
Power Station- Strength, Mass Energize, Create Battle Alpha
Power Core- Create Glaahk
Kantre's Realm- Cure Effects
Icewalls- Dominate
West Gate- Create Drayk
Peaceful Valley- Create Artila, Heal, Searing Orbs, Speed
(for 5 skill
West Workshop- Create Thahd
Sealed Lab- Dominate, Create Drayk,
Crossroads- Create Glaahk
Patrolled Dell- Create Drayk
Guarded Docks- Create Clawbug
Underground River- Create Clawbug
South Workshop- Create Battle Alpha, Unlock
Winding Road- Melee, Mass Energize
Great Temple- Create Drayk
Mine Core- Strength
Northern Mines- Dexterity, Intelligence, Create Glaahk
Western Mines- Mass Restore
The Arena- Create Vlish, Luck
Inner Crypt- Strength, Endurance, Intelligence, Dexterity
Central Labs- Create Glaahk, Dominate, Dexterity
Holding Cells- Battle Magic
Quarters- Firebolt, Create Fyora
Vats- Mass Restore

Skill raising locations (not from canisters)

Ruined School- Firebolt, from Servile Mind if leadership is
> 4
Ellhrah's Keep- Melee +2, Missile +2, Anatomy +1, Quick
Action +1, if
join Awakened
Pentil- Fire Shaping +1, if joined Obeyers, Mechanics,
Tombs- Fire shaping, Battle shaping, Magic shaping, Healing
Mental magic, Blessing magic, Battle magic, Spellcraft
Southbridge- Leadership, Anatomy
Wooded Valley- Spellcraft from Anya, if on good terms
Icy Tunnels- Spellcraft +2, if sufficient luck (at least 2)
Patrolled Bridge- Luck from Dig, 500 coins a go
The Hill- Healing Craft, Create Roamer
Sealed Lab- battle magic, mental magic, blessing magic,
fire shaping,
battle shaping, magic shaping
South Workshop- Strength, Dexterity, Intelligence,
Endurance +1 if you
complete servant mind's quest
Winding Road- Mechanics, purchased for 2000 coins from Flig
Spirit City- Luck +1 from freeing ghost
Sentinels- Endurance +1 if you complete Huestess's quest.
Shaper Crypt- Battle Shaping, Battle Magic, Mental Magic,
Fire Shaping
Drayk's vale- Leadership from Learned Halm for 2000 coins,
if you're
not aligned with Takers.
Inner Crypt- Magic Shaping, Spellcraft, Blessing Magic,
Healing Craft
Geneforge- Using the geneforge gets you +8 Str, +8 Dex, +8
Int, +8 End,
+8 Melee, +8 Spellcraft, +8 Fire Shaping, +8 Battle
Shaping, +8 Magic
Shaping, +8 Healing craft

Good magic item locations in the demo:

Vakirri- Belt of strength (reward for doing Crag Valley
Bandit Woods- Coated Cloak (on a bandit)
Ruined school- student's belt (on boss enemy)
Ellhrah's Keep- Belt of Nimbleness (hidden in good
supplies), Swan also
has a shielding band (if you've decided to attack them)
Pentil- Carnelian gloves (hidden in Rydell's room),
Shielding Band
(free Pentil fields after getting quest).
Thorny Woods- Chilling Band or Girdle of Strength (randomly
appears on
a bandit), and possibly a fyoraskin cloak on a strange

Mind Nutrients (6): Ellhrah's Keep, Hill of Jars, Kazg,

Holding 2,
South Workshop, Holding Cells.

Language Locations: Pentil (Obeyers), East Pentil

(Awakened), Kazg
(Takers, all), Refugee Cave, Crossroads (not Takers),
Winding Road,
Patrolled Dell, Quarters.

Minds requiring nutrients (7): Control 4, Control 3, Buried

Cell mind,
Mine Core Mind, Power Station Mind, Shaper Crypt Mind,
Guarded Docks

Entry Batons: North Mines, West workshop, Quarters.

Control Key: South Workshop

Ancient Pillars- Drayk's vale, Ancient Crypt, Diarazad,
Junkyard, Dry
Wastes, Western Wastes, Valley of the Wind, Spirit City.

A Small Secret: On the intro screen, try to get 8 copies of

creature. A special message will pop up.


Sigh. All right, I'm not going to give this one away. For
one, you
don't get anything really all that good out of it (at best,
a pair of
magic boots). Start in the Drayk's vale. Touch the
Travel Clockwise.

That's all for now (if there is enough desperation, I'll

say more), and
that's all I should have to give.

Unsolved Mysteries:
Nest in Pentil Woods
Kantre's Realm East door.

Rings: Bonus:
Arcane Band +10 Arm, +20 Stun, +20 Acid, +6 C Arm
Chilling Band +25 Fire
Gold Ring
Ivory Band +25 Poison
Mica Band +25 Acid
Ring of Eye +50 Mind, +25 C Mind
Shaper's Boon +1 All creation Primary Stats
Shielding Band +5 Arm, +15 Stun
Silver Ring
Stabilizing Band +50 Stun, +50 C Stun
Static Band +25 Energy
Zavor's Band +1 All Primary Stats

Opinion: it seems to be the general consensus that Zavor's

band is the
best ring out there. The shaper may find the Shaper's Boon
to be even
better, but other classes won't. The Arcane band is the
best if found
before obtaining Zavor's band. The shielding band is very
nice for an
agent, whereas both the ring of the eye and the stabilizing
band are
good for guardians and shapers. Finally, the mica,
chilling, and
static bands are the lowest of the magic rings, in my
opinion. Don't
bother wearing gold or silver rings, as you'll get better
use out of
selling them.

Boots/Sandals Arm Bonus

Sandals +1
Boots +3
Heavy Boots +5
Shaped Boots +9
Dodging Boots +5 +2 Dex
Green Boots +5 +3 Luck
Grounded Boots +3 +10 Energy
Quicksilver Boots +5 +1 AP, -2 Str
Samaritan Sandals +1 +2 Healing Craft
Specter Boots +3 +10 Acid, +10 C Acid, -2 Str
Stability Boots +5 +1 Dex, +20 Stun
Vat boots +3 +5 Poison, +5 Acid

Opinion: Depending on the circumstances, the quicksilver

boots are the
best (from both Zyrxil and Zeviz) if you have another
quicksilver item
equipped. Being able to attack twice a turn (3 times when
allows for many tactical advantages. The penalty to
strength is very
small compared to this huge bonus. However, if you don't
have any
quicksilver items other than the boots, then the dodging
boots are
probably the best of the boots. That +2 to dexterity
assists your
armor more than the shaped boots. The stability boots are
also quite
good, but you'll probably have a lot of stun resistance any
way, so
won't really need to sacrifice the point of dexterity from
the dodging
boots. The green boots are also quite useful, especially
if you obtain
them before speaking with Dig (a distinct possibility).
Most of the
other boots are hard to find, or of limited use. The
Samaritan sandals
can be quite useful, depending on how much you use magic.
You probably
won't want to bother with the specter boots, as that
penalty to
strength is very significant.

Gauntlets/Gloves Arm Bonus

Gloves +1
Gauntlets +3
Steel Gauntlets +5
Shaped Gauntlets +7
Carnelian Gloves +1 +1 Battle M, +1 Mental M
Gloves of Hammer +8 +2 Str, +2 Quick A, +2 Anatomy
Ornkskin Gloves +3 +2 Str, +2 End, -2 Int, -20 Mind
Specter Gloves +5 +10 Energy, +10 Stun, -10 Fire
Thrusting Gloves +5 +3 Anatomy, +2 Damage
Tinker's Gloves +1 +2 Mech

Opinion: The Tinker's gloves are probably the most useful

here, as they
add some much needed skill points. However, you shouldn't
wear them at
all times, as many of the other gloves are much more useful
for general
play. Carry them in your pack and equip them when faced
with a
mechanic's nightmare. The Thrusting gloves and the gloves
of the
Hammer are probably the most useful here for agents and
especially if they are melee-centered. The Ornkskin Gloves
can also be
very valuable, if you don't mind the int penalty.
Otherwise, the
Carnelian gloves and the Specter gloves, both of which can
be obtained
relatively early in the game, are quite useful, and may be
better than
the shaped gauntlets, depending on the circumstance.

Shields Arm Bonus

Wooden +5
Iron +10
Steel +15
Shaped +22
Agent's Shelter +15 +20 Mind, +20 Stun, +1 SpellC, +2
Fibrous +15 +15 Stun, +5 Energy, -10 Fire
Fyoraskin +10 +15 Fire
Glaahk +8 +40 Stun
Leaded +15 +50 Mind
Reflecting +10 +10 Resist All
Shining +10 +2 Leadership, +25 Mind
Stasis +22 +50 Stun, -5 Mind, +50 C Stun, -5 C

Opinion: There is a good range of options for shields.

probably the best shield is the Agent's shelter. Next, the
and shining shields are both quite desirable. Depending on
circumstance, any of the other sets of shields can be very
useful in
providing much needed resistances.

Girdles/Belts Arm Bonus

Belt +2
Studded Belt +4
Shaped +6
Bhargeth's +4 +6 Damage
Danette's +4 +3 All Primary Stats
Oozing +4 -2 End, +2 C End
Of Endurance +4 +1 End, +1 C End
Of Insight +4 +1 Int, +1 C Int
Of Leadership +4 +2 Lead, +1 Int
Of Nimbleness +4 +1 Dex, +1 C Dex
Of Strength +4 +1 Str, +1 C Str
Shaper's +2 +15 C Fire, +15 C Acid, +15 C Mind,
+15 C Stun
Sharing +4 -2 Str, -2 Dex, +2 C Str, +2 C Dex
Stability +4 -1 AP, +10 Arm, +50 Stun
Student's +2 +1 Int, +1 Damage

Opinion: Danette's belt is, without a doubt, the best item

in the game.
Afterwards, I prefer the Leadership girdle, as the bonuses
provided by
this item are very useful. The shaper's belt is quite
useful for
shapers, as it essentially adds a level to all of your
creations. From
there, most of the other girdles can be very useful (and
you may
develop dependencies on them, like with the student's
belt), and
ranking them is difficult.

Robes/Cloaks Arm Bonus

Agent +3 +1 Battle M, +1 Mental M, +1
Blessing M, +1
Cloak +1
Coated +5 +10 Energy
Fine Cloak +4
Fyoraskin +5 +10 Fire
Grounded +3 +15 Energy
Guardian +8 +1 Melee, +1 Missile, +1 Quick A, +2
Robe +3
Shaper +6 +1 Fire S, +1 Battle S, +1 Magic S,
+1 Healing M
Specter +5 +10 Energy, +10 Stun, -10 Fire
Symbiotic +5 +2 End
Transference +6 -2 Str, Dex, End, +2 C Str, C Dex,
C End

Opinion: Personally, I find the Guardian's cloak to be the

most useful
for the Agent and Guardian. The Agent's robe is very
useful for all
classes, and lets the guardian be able to obtain the
bonuses from
tombs. Many people also like the symbiotic cloak, and it
is a better
deal than the Guardian cloak, in terms of skill points, for
Guardian. The shaper's cloak should not be equipped unless
you need to
make creations. There are better cloaks out there. Most
of the other
cloaks are useful at low levels, although the transference
cloak comes
with a rather large penalty, in my opinion. Dave
disagrees, and states that a
shaper can really use the transference cloak, especially if
the penalty is
offset by the gloves of the hammer.

Armor Arm Bonus

Tunic +1
Chitin Armor +7 +10 Stun
Chain Mail +12 +20 Stun, -1 attack
Iron Bplate +18 +30 Stun, -2 attack
Steel Bplate +28 +40 Stun, -3 attack
Shaped Bplate +40 +60 Stun, -4 attack
Draykskin Tunic +18 +30 Stun, +10 Resist All
Thahd Skin Tunic +10 +2 Melee, -1 Int
Artila Skin Tunic +10 +3 Battle magic, -1 Mental Magic
Quicksilver Chitin+7 +10 Stun, +1 AP, -2 SpellC
Quicksilver Chain +12 +20 Stun, +1 AP, -2 SpellC, -4
Quicksilver Plate +40 +60 Stun, +1 AP, +1 Dex, -4 attack
Grounding Vest +12 +15 Energy, +20 C Energy
Charmed Plate +28 +40 Stun, +5 Luck, +5 Resist All, -3
Vat Chitin +12 +10 Stun, +10 Poison, +10 Acid
Fibrous Bplate +28 +55 Stun, +15 Energy, +10 Fire, -3
Crystal Plate +40 +60 Stun, +20 Acid, +20 Energy, -4

Opinion: The quicksilver plate is the best, without a

Otherwise, the crystal plate is superb, followed by the
charmed plate
and the fibrous breastplate. Also worth your notice is the
shaped breastplate. I don't trust any of the other
quicksilver items
(too big of penalties for most characters), and the other
items are
specific for certain environments. Howver, the quicksilver
chain and
chitin are both potentially valuable, if you've got the
boots, but this is not nearly as obvious as it is with the
plate. The various tunics can be very useful if obtained

Weapons Damage Bonus

Dagger 2-14
Bronze Sword 3-21
Steel Knife 4-28
Iron Sword 5-35
Steel Sword 6-36
Shaped Blade 10-70
Singing Rapier 5-35 +2 Quick A, +2 Anatomy
Shielding Knife 7-49 +4 Arm
Bonding Knife 7-49 -2 Str, Dex, Int, +4 End
Living Knife 7-49 +2 C Dex
Charmed Falchion 7-49 +5 Luck, +10 Resist All
Tek's Spectral Dirk 8-56 +5 Arm, +30 Resist All, +30
Guardian Claymore 10-70 +2 Str, +2 Quick A, +2 Anatomy

Opinion: Unless you're playing as a shaper, the Guardian

claymore is
the best weapon in the game, followed by Tek's Spectral
dirk. The
charmed falchion would be great, if it were obtainable
early in the
game. Most of the other weapons are fairly decent,
although the
shielding knife is obtainable very early. Shapers may want
to stick
with batons instead.

Crystals (just an explanation of what they do. I will try

to add wands
in a later version).
Icy: Casts an ice bolt, like a fyora.
Ensnaring: Stuns the enemy, like a vlish.
Spray: Shoots orbs, like the spell Searing Orbs.
Swarm: Shoots orbs, like the spell Searing Orbs, but will
fire many
more, and also do more damage than spray crystals.

9. HP Calculations

HP calculation from y0d1n2a3 on the spiderweb message
I have figured out the formula for calculating Shaper's HP.
it's DEADLY complicated (blame it on the game engine).

Shaper's HP formula:

Step 1: Endurance Modifier

If your endurance is less than 11, don't change your


If your endurance is between 11 and 20:

Divide your endurance by 2. If there is any remainder,
minus 1 from
your endurance.

If your endurance is between 21 and 30:

Divide your endurance by 3. If there is any remainder,
minus your
endurance by that number.

Step 2: Calculate your HP

If Level=1 then HP = 12+(End-1)*0.75

If Level=2 then HP=12+End*1.5 (rounded down to the nearest

(If your level is 2 and your endurance is more than 10, you
cheated. )

If your level is at least 3, go to step 3.

Step 3:

Calculate your HP as if your character is Level 2. (If your

endurance is greater than 10, treat it as 10 for now.)

If your endurance is less than 11, do step 4 only. If it's

between 11
and 20, do step 4 as End 10 and then go to step 5. If it's
between 21
and 30, do step 4 as endurance 10, step 5 as endurance 20
and finally
step 6. If it's more than 30, YOU CHEATED. )

Step 4: If endurance is less than 11:

HP=(HP of Level 2)+End*(Level-2)*0.75

Step 5: If endurance is between 11 and 20:

HP=(HP of End 10)+(End-10)/2*Level*0.75

Step 6: If endurance is between 21 and 30:

HP=(HP of End 20)+(End-20)/3*Level*0.75

1) If your final answer is not an integer, round down any
0.25 and
round up any 0.75.
There is an error margin of ±1 because the game sometimes
rounds 0.5 up
and sometimes rounds 0.5 down.

2) You should be confused by now.

I've finally figured out the formula for guardians and
agents. I'll
combine them into one post.

Step 1: Endurance Modifier

If End<11, don't change your endurance.

If 21>End>10 then:
If your endurance is an odd number, minus 1 from your

If 31>End>20 then:
Divide your endurance by 3. If there is any remainder,
subtract your
endurance by that number.

Step 2: Calculate your HP

If Level=1 then:

Shaper: HP=12+(End-1)*0.75 (round any 0.5 up)

Guardian: HP=25+(End-1)*1.25 (round any 0.5 down)
Agent: HP=21+(End-1)

If Level=2:

Shaper:HP=13+(End-1)*1.5 (rounded up to the nearest whole)

Guardian: HP=26+(End-1)*2.5 (round any 0.5 up)
Agent: HP=22+(End-1)*2

If Level is at least 3: Go to step 3.

Step 3:

Calculate your HP as if your character is Level 2. (If your

endurance is greater than 10, treat it as 10 for now.)

If your endurance is less than 11, go to step 4 only. If

10<End<21;, do
step 4 as End 10 and then go to step 5. If it's 20<End<31,
do step 4 as
End 10, step 5 as End 20 and finally go to step 6. If it's
more than

Step 4: If End<11:

Shaper: HP=(HP of Level 2)+End*(Level-2)*0.75

Guardian: HP=(HP of Level 2)+End*(Level-2)*1.25
Agent: HP=(HP of Level 2)+End*(Level-2)*1

Step 5: If 10<End<21;

Shaper: HP=(HP of End 10)+(End-10)/2*Level*0.75

Guardian: HP=(HP of End 10)+(End-10)/2*Level*1.25
Agent: HP=(HP of End 10)+(End-10)/2*Level*1
Step 6: If 20<End<31

Shaper: HP=)HP of End 20)+(End-20)/3*Level*0.75

Guardian: HP=(HP of End 20)+(End-20)/3*Level*1.25
Agent: HP=(HP of End 20)+(End-20)/3*Level*1

P.S. If you're confused, use a +100 Endurance canister.

XP Calculations also by y0d1n2a3, useful for determining
how much XP you'll get
for killing a creature with a given number of creations.
Revised Test Results about XP:

(See table below. The first column is the number of

creations you currently
have; the second column is the amount of experience you get
as if the game
displays "You gain experience (1)." The third column, of
course, is the relative
amount of experience for EACH of your creature.)

1=> 15/16 15/20

2=> 14/16 14/20
3=> 13/16 13/20
4=> 12/16 12/20
5=> 11/16 11/20
6=> 10/16 10/20
7=> 9/16 9/20

For example, the game says that you get 80 experience and
you have three drayks.
You get 80*13/16=65 and EACH of your drayks get
80*13/20=52. Therefore, you get
the maximum amount of TOTAL experience if you have seven

There is an error margin of ±1 point (the game seems to be

rouding all decimals
10. Version History:

0.3 (4-27-02) First version, includes walkthrough for Demo,

numerous hints and evaluations. More to come soon!

0.8 (5-10-02) Walkthrough is more than half complete, many

other things
have been discussed. More to come shortly.

1.0 (6-10-02) Walkthrough is complete.

1.2 (6-27-02) Numerous small additions including a

correction by
Scales, a few findings from Zotrium and Zeviz, and
strategies from
Drakefyre, Zyrxil, and Zeviz. There were too many changes
to merely
result in a .1 addition to the version.

1.3 (11-19-02) After a long delay, finally an update! I've

added improved XP
tables from y0d1n2a3, the location of the infinite living
tool from Alex, a
skill canister correction from Hellspawn007,

Thanks to:
Scales on the Spiderweb message boards for multiple
Alex on the Spiderweb message boards for clues on how to
Spell Points, and for discovery of the infinite living tool
Croikle on the Spiderweb message boards for a bit of sect
*i on the Spiderweb message boards for language hints.
Vengeful Wise Man on the Spiderweb message boards for demo
bme on the Spiderweb message boards for arguments about
Zeviz on the Spiderweb message boards for arguments about
strategies and numerous findings. Thanks as always!
Wasteland Knight on the Spiderweb message boards for a typo
The Wanderer for multiple insights and other hints.
Delicious Vlish on the Spiderweb message boards for helpful
y0d1n2a3 on the Spiderweb message boards for the successful
calculation guide! Great work, wow! And for the XP
Zyrxil on the Spiderweb message boards for the dual-
Zotrium on the Spiderweb message boards for finding the
Artila Skin
??? for several corrections.
Hellspawn007 for pointing out an error.
Dave for a few corrections.
Cjenkins for several insights on the battle creations.
GameFAQs for hosting this, and for giving it a May 2002 FAQ
of the week