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Republic of the Philippines


Cabulihan, Limasawa, Southern Leyte
1st Semester SY 2018-2019

1st Midterm Exam in English for Academic and Professional Purposes

GENERAL DIRECTIONS. Read all the directions carefully. Use ½ lengthwise of paper. On top of your paper, write “1 st Midterm Exam in English
for Academic and Professional Purposes, write your name on the leftmost part of your paper and the date on the opposite side. Once the
questionnaire is given to you, you have 1 hour to finish it. After the time is consumed the questionnaire together with your answer will be collected
separately. NO ERASURE should be seen on your paper, otherwise; 1 point deduction per erasure will be deducted from your overall score.

I. Identification. Read each item carefully and choose your answers in the box.
Introduction Discussion 3-part essay IMRaD Result

Method Thesis Paraphrasing Outlining Abstract

1. A structure of academic text that consists of Introduction, Method, Result and Discussion
2. To put something into one’s own words
3. Persuades the reader to read the entire text
4. Controls the subject matter of the essay and states something significant to the reader.
5. Aims to catch the attention of the reader
6. A basic structure that consists of introduction, body and conclusion
7. Provides explanations to findings
8. Provides a map of where to go with the essay; allows a writer to categorize the main points, to organize the paragraphs into an order that
makes sense, and to make sure that each paragraph/idea can be fully developed
9. The section where you as a writer are the most active and it should be the most substantial section of the entire paper
10. Describe how you have conducted your study

II. True or False. Write T if the statement is true and F if it is false.

11. An article is a piece of writing included with others in a newspaper, magazine, or other publication.
12. A local news article focuses on what's happening in a country.
13. A feature article is an article that is about "softer" news.
14. A blog is a frequently updated online personal journal or diary.
15. Essay is a small scale article
16. Argumentative essay is a writer’s explanation of a short theme, idea or issue.
17. Analytical essay examines and interprets such things as an event, or poem.
18. Persuasive essays is a type of essay where you try to convince the reader to adopt your position on an issue or point of view.
19. Review is a statement of work in progress.
20. Review evaluates and contextualizes someone else’s publications.

III. Analyze the following statements below. Write OK if it’s a thesis statement; X if not.
21. The advantages of majoring computer science.
22. I would like to discuss my views on the impeachment trial.
23. Students should be allowed to manage the canteen.
24. When I first came to the United States, I wasn’t used to eating in fast-food places.
25. Why do I want to be a computer engineer?
26. The differences between Kapangpangan and Ilocano dialects.

IV. Identify whether the essay is an example of expository essay, persuasive essay, argumentative essay or analytical essay. Write EE for
expository essay, PE for persuasive essay, AE for argumentative essay and ANE for analytical essay.

27. “Governments today do two things that I object to in particular. First they encourage introspection, telling us that unless men examine their
testicles, unless we keep a check on our cholesterol level, then we are not being responsible citizens. You are letting down yourself, your wife,
your kids, everybody. We are encouraged continually to worry about our health. As a consequence, public health initiatives have become, as
far as I can tell, a threat to public health. Secondly, governments promote the value of health seeking. We are meant always to be seeking
health for this or that condition. The primary effect of this, I believe, is to make us all feel more ill.”

28. “We’ve become accustomed to a new way of being “alone together.” Technology-enabled, we are able to be with one another, and also
elsewhere, connected to wherever we want to be. We want to customize our lives. We want to move in and out of where we are because the
thing we value most is control over where we focus our attention. We have gotten used to the idea of being in a tribe of one, loyal to our own

29. “I’m using the term ‘Chinese mother’ loosely. I know some Korean, Indian, Jamaican, Irish and Ghanaian parents who qualify too.
Conversely, I know some mothers of Chinese heritage, almost always born in the West, who are not Chinese mothers, by choice or otherwise.
I’m also using the term ‘Western parents’ loosely. Western parents come in all varieties. All the same, even when Western parents think
they’re being strict, they usually don’t come close to being Chinese mothers. For example, my Western friends who consider themselves strict
make their children practice their instruments 30 minutes every day. An hour at most. For a Chinese mother, the first hour is the easy part. It’s
hours two and three that get tough.”

30. “On the first day of school, I was escorted by hordes of national guardsmen. Like a funeral procession, the steady stream of official-looking
cars followed me to the campus. Some patrolmen were parked near campus gates, while others, with guns strapped to their sides, stood near
building entrances. Though many of my escorts had given me smiles of support, still I was not prepared for what I encountered upon entering
my new school.”

“No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.”
― Eleanor Roosevelt, This is My Story
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Answer key:

1. IMRad
2. Paraphrasing
3. Abstract
4. Thesis
5. Introduction
6. 3-part essay
7. Result
8. Outlining
9. Discussion
10. Method
11. True
12. False
13. True
14. True
15. True
16. False
17. True
18. True
19. False
20. True
21. OK
22. X
23. OK
24. X
25. X
26. OK
27. PE
28. AE
29. EA
30. ANE

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