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Dividend Payout Ratio RFM Corporation

5.00 Emperador, Inc.


2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 Pepsi Cola Products Philippines,
(5.00) Bogo Medellin Milling
Company, Inc.
Century Pacific Food Inc.
D&L Industry, Inc.

(15.00) San Miguel Corporation

Shakey's Pizza Asia Venture Inc.

Ginebra San Miguel Inc.

(25.00) Universal Robina Corporation

Alliance Select Foods Inc.

San Miguel Food and Beverage

(35.00) Macay Holdings Inc.



This graph shows the companies’ sustainability pertinent to the distribution of their dividends out
of net earnings. It is shown in the graph that trends are overlapping which means that almost all the
companies have the same ratio on how they decided to allocate their earnings whether it is for paying
dividends or for future projects or business growth. Evidently, all companies maintained a stable trend of
their dividend pay out ratio for the five years together with the overall trend of the industry aside from
the company of Bogo Medellin Milling Company, Inc. The trend or the ratio for the year 2017 of the said
company falls below 0% which shows a negative dividend payout ratio. A zero or low ratio may mean that
the corporation is using all its available funds to grow the business, or it may mean that the corporation
does not have earnings to distribute.