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:7DAB7443F0=8QBA8=060A holy month of Ramzan. She
344?0::D?A4C8Q =4F34;7 said the muscular policy would
he BJP’s decision to pull the not work in J&K in future. She

T he BJP’s decision to with-

draw from the Jammu &
T rug from under Mehbooba
Mufti’s feet to end the “unpop-
was actually catching the first
straw to salvage the lost polit-
Kashmir’s three-year-old coali- ular alliance” that ruled the ical arguments.
tion Government is under- embattled State for three years, The BJP had the last laugh
standably meant to protect its came as a jolt for the PDP lead- as it left the PDP licking its
political support base in Jammu ership. wounds. The move would help
and prevent the PDP from Obser vers say that the BJP gain losing ground in
generating a counter-narrative Mehbooba, whose popularity Jammu and Ladakh regions
to address its own cadre in the hit the rock bottom during her and gain political mileage at the
Valley. But more than that, it is tumultuous tenure, lost the national level.
aimed at sending a “muscular” face and political argument in They say that the imposi-
message across the country the bargain. tion of Governor’s rule would
that national interests will not Reacting to the mean upping the ante against
be compromised for the sake of 8P\]^cbW^RZTSPb sudden decision of terrorists and their sympathis-
power. cWXbP[[XP]RTfPb]TeTaU^a the BJP, Mehbooba ers who have exponentially
The BJP’s announcement _^fTa?3?]TeTaQT[XTeTb said, “We brought grown during these years.
to end the uneasy ties came X]_^fTa_^[XcXRbP]SfT in unilateral cease- Sources said the PDP lead-
after the Centre’s gambit of a f^aZTSU^acWT_T^_[T fire which brought ership never imagined the
unilateral ceasefire through <471>>10<D5C8 a lot of relief to the alliance would end in a humil-
the month of “Ramzan” failed P CWTcX\X]V^UcWTSTRXbX^]bW^fTScWT19?³b 6^eTa]\T]c people. We can’t iating way. Sources said the
miserably and the Valley saw an 2T]caTSXSTeTahcWX]VU^acWT have a muscular policy in BJP leadership did not even
EP[[ThFT´eTcaXTSc^_dcPUd[[ aTP[XbPcX^]cWPcXcf^d[S_PhPWTPeh_^[XcXRP[ P BT]X^a2^]VaTbb[TPSTa6Wd[P\=PQX0iPSfW^
increase in the level of violence, _aXRTX]cWT! (VT]TaP[T[TRcX^]QhVXeX]VcWT Jammu & Kashmir... We inform Mehbooba of its deci-
targeted attack on Army bc^_c^cWTRTPbTUXaTeX^[PcX^]b WPSP[b^bTaeTSPb2<P[b^ad[TS^dcP]h weren’t a part of an alliance just sion to pull the plug and she
Qh?PZXbcP]?3?WPb]^cQTT] X\_aTbbX^]cWPcU^acWTbPZT^U_^fTaXc P[[XP]RTfXcWP]h^]Tc^U^a\P]^cWTa
jawans, and killing of a promi- bd__^acTSbTeTaP[ for power.” came to know of it when she
nent journalist in the heart of bdRRTbbUd[X]Ud[UX[[X]VXcb 6^eTa]\T]c Mehbooba tried to put up received a phone call from
Srinagar last week. _a^\XbTb>da[TPSTabWPeT R^]ca^eTabXP[\^eTb^UcWT ?>;8C820; P 7XccX]V^dcPccWT19?cWT2^]VaTbb a brave face while announcing Governor NN Vohra. of the Government’s fall, the
Meanwhile, Governor NN B 4 ?0 A 0C 8 > = bPXScWT_PachadX]TS:PbW\XaPb that she submitted her resig- The PDP obviously mis- fact is that the development
Ua^\?3?X]STeT[^_\T]cP[ P 6^eTa]^a==E^WaP
Vohra recommended imposi- \dRWPbXcR^d[SX]cWaTThTPabP]S nation to Governor NN Vohra. judged the game plan of the again highlighted the fragility
f^aZbX]9P\\dP]S;PSPZW aTR^\\T]STSX\_^bXcX^]^U
tion of Governor’s rule in WPb]^fcPZT]cWT°TgXca^dcT±Ua^\ This was the least she could do alliance partner whose fresh of rulers from Kashmir and
A0<<0370E19? 6^eTa]^a³ad[TX]9P\\d
Jammu & Kashmir after the cWXb°bT[URaTPcTScd\d[c± to count that her Government manoeuvring is understand- New Delhi’s repeated attempts
stakeholders in the State :PbW\XaPUcTacWTbcPZTW^[STab tried to initiate dialogue with ably linked with the 2019 gen- to disgrace them,” noted jour-
X]cWTBcPcTaTUdbTSc^Tg_[^aT P 8\_^bXcX^]^U6^eTa]^a³bad[T
refused to explore options to taken after inputs from the f^d[S\TP]d__X]VcWTP]cT separatists and Pakistan, gave eral elections in the country. nalist Altaf Hussain told The
form an alternative Home Ministry, agencies, dif- ^_cX^]bc^U^a\P]P[cTa]PcXeT amnesty to stone pelters and “Whatever the political Pioneer.
6^eTa]\T]c PVPX]bccTaa^aXbcbP]ScWTXa
Government. Vohra sent the ferent Ministries and State BJP bh\_PcWXbTab ensured a ceasefire during the scene emerges in the aftermath Continued on Page 4
recommendation to President leaders and the assessment P >\PaUPe^daTS6^eTa]^a³bad[T
Ramnath Kovind for his ascent that “It has become untenable P]SRP[[TSU^aUaTbWT[TRcX^]bPb P 6a^d]SbXcdPcX^]fX[[]^cP[[^f
under Rule 92 of the Jammu &
Kashmir constitution.
for the BJP to continue in the
alliance Government in the
9P\\d:PbW\Xa WRS-H0 G`YcRe`cV^RZ_
The timing of the decision State”.
XOWUDVWUDFHG ;<8`gVc_`ceZ]] >38A42>A30C#'

showed the BJP’s realisation The BJP leader said the
that it would pay a heavy polit- decision to withdraw was taken
=^ccX]VWP\) 4]V[P]SbTcP]Tf

ical price in the 2019 general after consulting Prime Minister aTR^aSU^acWTWXVWTbcc^cP[TeTa
election by giving the impres- Narendra Modi. bR^aTSX]P\T]b^]TSPh
sion that for the sake of power The BJP-PDP alliance has ?=BQ =4F34;78 X]cTa]PcX^]P[QhbR^aX]V#'

W`ccfZ_dRj?44`_X T
it supported several contro- seemed headed for a collapse ?=BQ BA8=060A PVPX]bc0dbcaP[XPPcCaT]c1aXSVT
versial moves of the Mehbooba after the Kathua rape case ammu & Kashmir Governor
Government such as releasing
thousands of stone pelters,
when State BJP leaders backed
the men accused of kidnap-
hree top Jaish-e-
Mohammed (JeM) terror-
NN Vohra will be given
till the end of
agreeing to its demand to halt ping, gangraping and killing ists, including its operational Amarnath Yatra that will end ³8B;0<82C4AA>A8B<´
operation against terrorists,
and pursuing a Kashmir poli-
the child from a Muslim trib-
al community. The BJP decid- 5HIXVHWRVXSSRUW ly or socially, and left Jammu &
Kashmir in ruins. He ruled out
commander, were killed in an
encounter with security forces
on August 29, after which the
State may see a
=Tf3T[WX) 8]XcbaT_[hc^P
cy that seemed a mixture of
confusion and indecision.
ed to pull the plug suspecting
that the PDP could decided to
3'3GHPDQGHDUO\ any alliance with anyone to
form another Government.
in Tral in Pulwama district of
Jammu & Kashmir on Tuesday,
new face at the
gubernatorial post.
BJP general secretary and end the alliance and score a big $VVHPEO\HOHFWLRQV After calling on the police said. After the col- fPb_a^_^bTSX]cWTPRPST\XR
party in-charge of J&K Ram political point. Governor, Omar said, “I just The encounter broke out lapse of the coali- R^d]RX[\TTcX]V^UcWTd]XeTabXch
Madhav said the decision to Continued on Page 4 ?=BQ =4F34;78BA8=060A returned from the Raj Bhavan after security forces launched a tion Government 3<2RWPXa\P]IPUPad[8b[P\
move out of the coalition was Related copies on Page 6, 7 where I met Governor NN cordon-and-search operation in J&K, the Governor is expect- :WP]bPXS^]CdTbSPh
midst political uncertain- Vohra. I told the Governor that in the area following specific ed to take the reins of the State
A ty in J&K, National the NC did not get mandate to intelligence inputs, a police Government. 300C8<070A099>8=B

Conference head and former form the Government in 2014 official said. The Amarnath Yatra is to ?A>148=A0?420B4
State Chief Minister Omar elections and so we do not have Earlier, J&K Director commence on June 28 and =Tf3T[WX) BT[Ubch[TSV^S\P]
Abdullah on Tuesday called for the mandate to form the General of Police (DGP) SP conclude on August 29 during 3PPcX<PWPaPYPRRdbTS^UaP_X]VP

early elections even as the Government in 2018. We told Vaid tweeted, “Encounter going which it would need adequate SXbRX_[TX]WXbPbWaP\bWTaTP]S
Congress ruled out any alliance him that the NC is not dis- on at Hyena Tral, 3 (three) security in the terrorist infest- APYPbcWP]Y^X]TScWT_a^QTX]cWT
with the PDP and blamed the 19?WPSR^\\XccTSP cussing Government formation important JEM terrorists ed border State. RPbTWTaT^]CdTbSPh
A094B7:D<0AQ =4F34;78 BJP for the political mess in the ³7X\P[PhP]Q[d]STa´QhU^a\X]V in Jammu & Kashmir with trapped...” Vohra, who was appointed
strategically sensitive State. P6^eTa]\T]cfXcWcWT?3?CWT any other political party. The Union Government J&K Governor in June 2008 :>;:0C0)CA0=B64=34A
he top security establishments have prepared a blueprint to Omar favoured Governor’s aTVX^]P[_PacXTbbW^d[SWPeT Neither has anyone approached had on May 17 halted all cor- and given a fresh term in 2013, ;8C4A0AH<44C8=9D;H
T deliver a lethal blow to terrorists in the Kashmir valley after
the end of Ramzan ceasefire. The security agencies have short-
rule and called for fresh elec-
tions as soon as possible so that
us nor are we going to
approach anyone from here,”
don and search operations
(CASO) and Seek and Destroy
is among the few Governors
appointed by the former UPA
:^[ZPcP) 8]Pd]X`dTX]XcXPcXeTWTaT
listed 250-300 terrorists from Lashkar-e-Tayyeba, Hizbul people can choose their own 67D;0<=0180I03 Omar said. Operations (SADO) for a Government to have continued bTcc^b_^]b^aP[XcTaPah\TTcU^a
Mujahideen and Jaish-e-Mohammed for the operation. Government. The Congress Hitting out at the BJP, the month as a goodwill gesture in his position in the BJP-led caP]bVT]STafaXcTabP]SPdcW^ab
“The prime locations of terrorist activities were mapped dur- and the National Conference Senior Congress leader Congress said the party ruined during Ramzan. NDA dispensation. Ua^\PRa^bbcWTBcPcTX]9d[h
ing the Ramzan ceasefire. Intelligence agencies have carried out said the BJP can’t escape the Ghulam Nabi Azad, who had Kashmir as much as it could in
a secret district-wise survey to identify their hideouts. This strate-
gic operation is based on meticulous planning and intelligence-
blame as both the BJP and the
PDP are responsible for the
also served as Chief Minister,
said the alliance has devastat-
three years and has now taken
the “exit route” from this “self- C8<4;8=4 0?A8; #)<TWQ^^QP<dUcXcPZTb^PcWPbcWTUXabcf^\P]2WXTU
gathering,” sources added. Detailed report on P5 deteriorating situation in J&K. ed the State, be it economical- created tumult”. 3424<14A!'! #)ATbd[cb^U <X]XbcTa^UcWTBcPcT
0bbT\Q[h_^[[bSTR[PaTSeTaSXRcWd]V 9D;H ')?3?19?SXUUTa^eTacWTZX[[X]V^U7XiQd[<dYPWXSTT]
8cR^bc8]SXP 8RP]³cb_TPZU^acWT19?^][h 7^fR^\TcWT19?SXS BdRWR^P[XcX^]bW^d[S 0UcTaadX]X]VXc19?_d[[b
?3?P]S19?W^[ScP[ZbU^aP]P[[XP]RT ²R^\\P]STa³1daWP]FP]XPbXc[TPSbc^eX^[T]c_a^cTbcbaTbd[cX]VX]
bcaPcTVXRP[[h 19?RP]P]bfTa8fPbTg_TRcX]V ]^caTP[XbTU^acWaTT ]^cWPeTWP__T]TS ^dc^U:PbW\Xa3XS]³c19?
2^]bd[cPcX^]bcPZTcf^\^]cWbU^a cWTSTPcW^U^eTa'$_T^_[T
STbca^hTShTPab^U P_d[[^dc8fPbTg_TRcX]VcWXb [^]VhTPabcWPccWT?3? CWTbTcf^_PacXTb cT[[dbcWPcST\^]TcXbPcX^]
D?0³bWPaSf^aZ R^P[XcX^]c^UP[[P_PacQdc8WPS 6^ecfPbX]RP_PQ[T^U WPeT]^bX\X[PaXcXTb WPSQa^ZT]cWTQPRZ^U <0H (! ')<TWQ^^QPRP[[bP[[_Pach\TTcX]VX]cWTfPZT^UaXbTX]
CWTSP\PVTfX[[ Tg_TRcTScWXbc^WP__T][PcTacWXb WP]S[X]VcWTbXcdPcX^]X] CWTXaR^\X]Vc^VTcWTa cTaa^aXb\X]:PbW\Xa. RXeX[XP]ZX[[X]Vb]TPaT]R^d]cTabXcTbbWTRP[[bU^aPAP\iP]RTPbTUXaT
R^]cX]dTd]STa?aTbXST]c³bad[T hTPa8fPb]^cTg_TRcX]VXcc^WP__T]`dXcT 9:.8R^]VaPcd[PcTcWT19?U^aXcb fPbP]^__^acd]XbcXR\^eTc^QT CWT]fWPcWP__T]TS. 90=D0AH &! %)<dUcX<^WP\\PS
BPhTTSSXTb^UX[[]TbbPc088<B <0H &)D]X^]7^\T<X]XbcTaAPY]PcWBX]VWP]]^d]RTb\^]cW[^]V
bXR A07D; 60=378 b^b^^] ><0A 013D;;07 STRXbX^] D3370E C702:4A0H X]_^fTa B8C0A0< H427DAH 0AE8=3 :49A8F0; bdb_T]bX^]^U^_TaPcX^]bX]9:
<0A27 !!) <TWQ^^QP<dUcX\TTcb 9D=4 &)APY]PcWBX]VWP]]^d]RTb2T]caT³bSTRXbX^]]^cc^TgcT]S


\TTcX]VP]]^d]RTbbWTXbbPcXbUXTS 9D=4 ') 0[[19?<X]XbcTabbd\\^]TSc^3T[WXQhcWT_PachWXVW
fXcWcWTPbbdaP]RTbUa^\cWT2T]caT R^\\P]S

:2D`WWZTVcdReeV_U the strike by the IAS officers, it

is very unfortunate. It is a
The Deputy Chief Minister
said several meetings, attend-
^VVeZ_XdhZeY5V]YZ small victory. Ninety-nine per
cent of the IAS officers are very
ed by IAS officers, were held on
Tuesday. Six IAS officers,
>Z_ZdeVcd=8 good. We have done a lot of including Chief Secretary
work in power and water sec- Anshu Prakash, attended key
Rd\d4>e`R]]Rj tors and we could not have meetings with AAP Ministers,
done this alone,” Kejriwal told he added.
ecstatic party workers. Sisodia claimed that some
“But some officers in pri- officers have told him that
BC055A4?>AC4AQ =4F34;78 vate told us that they were they had pressure but now
being pressurised not to work they (officers) “received the
ll’s well that ends well, said with the AAP Government. We nod from the top” to attend
A the Bard of Avon some 400
years ago. His famous quote
were silent for the last four
months over the IAS officers’
meetings with AAP Ministers.
The bureaucrats have been
typified Delhi Chief Minister =Tf3T[WX^]CdTbSPh ?C8
strike. But we wanted to resolve at loggerheads with the AAP
Arvind Kejriwal, who ended the issue. That is why we felt dispensation following the
his 9-day sit-in at the that the matter should be alleged assault on the Chief
Lieutenant Governor’s office on Secretariat to address their people of Delhi,” said a state- brought before the public. The Secretary in February.
Tuesday. A day after rap- concerns about safety. “The ment from the Raj Niwas. battle for Delhi’s Statehood Sisodia and his Cabinet
prochement attempt, top L-G requested the Chief AAP supporters cheered will continue,” the Chief colleague Satyendra Jain, who
bureaucrats started attending Minister to urgently meet the Kejriwal as he came out of the Minister said. were on a hunger strike and
meetings with Ministers, which officers in the Secretariat so Raj Niwas and accorded a Later at a hurriedly-called were hospitalised after their
the Chief Minister termed as a that apprehensions and con- rousing welcome to him at his Press briefing, Deputy Chief health deteriorated, were dis-
“small victory”. cerns of both sides can be official residence where he Minister Sisodia said the sit-in charged from the LNJP
Earlier the L-G asked the suitably addressed through dia- addressed party workers. was “not a dharna” as they were Hospital on Tuesday morning.
CM to meet the officers in the logue in the best interest of the “If the L-G has prompted “waiting to meet the L-G”. Continued on Page 4
=4F34;78kF43=4B30H k9D=4!! ' RP_XcP[!

B0?=0B8=67Q =4F34;78

n a major policy decision taken on

Tuesday, the Delhi Development
cum - residential, DDA mentioned that
Local Shopping Centres and
Commercial Shopping Centre will
cater to the day-to-day needs of the
(DDA) notified that liquor local population which were developed ?0AE4B7B70A<0Q industrial hub so traffic is big
shops, bars, discos, pubs and clubs shall prior to 1962 like Lajpat Nagar, Rajouri 6DAD6A0< issue here and we will imple-
not be allowed in the residential Garden, Tilak Nagar, Kamla Nagar etc. ment a better traffic system
premises as a part of “mixed land use”. having concentration of commercial K Rao, an officer of 1996 after studying the bottle-
It implies that no such business or
construction will be allowed in resi-
activities, may continue subject to
conditions prescribed under the Mixed
K batch of the Indian Police
Ser vice (IPS), has been
necks” Rao, said.
Earlier Rao was also in-
dential areas. Incidentally, many Use Regulations. appointed as the new Com- charge of the Special Task force
Resident Welfare Associations (RWAs) “Shop-cum-residence complexes missioner of Police Gurugram. (STF), which escorted Dera
gave suggestion to the DDA and asked shall be allowed to continue with the Rao was posted as Inspector head Gurmeet Ram Raheem
the agency not to permit constructions activities permissible in the Local General of Police (IGP), Indian Singh in the CBI special court
in residential areas for such business Shopping Centres with the following Reserve Battalion at Bhondsi. complex in Panchkula. At that
practices. conditions — FAR of such plot shall be DDA official said. Adding further on this, the official Rao is expected to take over the time he had exposed how Dera
In its proposed amendments in as prescribed for respective size of the “On Godowns clusters existing in explained, “Payment of use conversion reins of Gurugram Police on chief used code signals to incite
development control norms of shop - residential plotted development,” a Non-Conforming areas for wholesale charges from “Residential” to Wednesday. violence in Panchkula on
trading, DDA put some bars: The clus- “Commercial” shall be applicable as pre- Rao is the 7th police chief August 25.
ter should have direct access from a road scribed with the approval of of Gurugram Police after Range. Meanwhile, a 1995-batch
of minimum 30meter RoW. Formation Government. Other existing shop-cum- Commissionerate System of According to the service IPS officer, Khirwar joined as
of group or society shall be mandatory residence plots shall also be allowed to policing was introduced in the record of the newly appoint- Commissioner of Police
to facilitate preparation of redevelop- continue with original permitted use millennium city by then Chief ed police chief, he had served Gurugram, on August 17,
ment scheme/plan, development of with the FAR of residential plotted Minister BS Hooda in June as Superintendent of police 2016.
services, parking and maintenance, development. The upper floors can be 2007. (SP) in 14 districts in Haryana During his tenure, the
pollution control and environment converted to commercial use after pay- Haryana Government on and is a Post Graduate in Gurugram police faced serious
management. And the amalgamation ing the applicable charges,” Tuesday issued transfers and Psychology from Kurukshetra allegations over the wrong
and reconstitution of plots shall be per- Notably, DDA in its authority meet- posting orders of eight senior University. investigation in the sensation-
missible for redevelopment within the ing, chaired by Lieutenant Governor IPS officers, including the The new police chief of al murder of a seven year old
scheme area,” an official release from the Anil Baijal also approved proposed incumbent Commissioner of Gurugram, said , “My area of student in a premier school
DDA mentioned. norms for redevelopment of Godowns Police Gurugram, an official focus will be to improve the here. The case was later trans-
DDA also clarified that owners of clusters existing in Non - Conforming said. basic policing, work on crime ferred to Central Bureau of
the godowns shall have to obtain the areas for wholesale trading on Tuesday. The State Government mapping, reduction of crime Investigation (CBI).
requisite statutory clearances from the “Based on the above approval of the posted 1996-batch IPS officer rate and ensuring better traf- However, credit goes to
concerned agencies, whenever neces- Authority, the matter was forwarded to KK R ao (48), as fic management”. Khirwar as he got 1,000 new
sary. After approval of the Layout Plan the Ministry of Housing and Urban C ommissioner of police “We will ensure better recruits to bolster the strength
for redevelopment by the society, the Affairs, for approval and issuance of final Gurugram on Tuesday replac- security for the women. Our of the police force and 11 new
identified clusters will be processed for notification under Section 11-A of DD ing Sandeep Khirwar who top priority will be to curb police stations including the
change of land use on receiving the pro- Act-1957,” DDA said in its official has been transferred as the crime against women. state's first cyber crime police
posal from local body. statement. IGP of prestigious Rohtak Gurugram is developing as an station.

`W::E >EVTYdefUV_ed
BQ^Y:XQ^cYV\i_fUbg_b[cd_RU 6'0& 0D\RU
ndian Institute of Technology (IIT) Delhi has BC055A4?>AC4AQ =4F34;78 RQULQJQHWZRUN
claimed an increase of 10 per cent in the
for its M.Tech students. According to uch-awaited Rani Jhansi BC055A4?>AC4AQ =4F34;78
IIT-D job offered in some “non- traditional” and
“interdisciplinary” streams have increased this
M flyover is likely to open
for public as Union Minister Dr outh Delhi Mayor Narendra
year in the placement.
“Interdisciplinary streams like energy stud-
Harsh Vardhan on Tuesday
said that construction work will
Chawla urged Railway
Piyush Goyal to
ies, industrial tribology (ITMMEC), atmospheric be completed by August this improve the services on the
oceanic science andtechnology and Opto- year . ring rail network in the city so
Electronics and Optical Communication have On the occasion of com- that more passengers can avail
seen a buoyant placement this year,” stated press pletion of four years of BJP the facility.
release from IIT-D. Government , Dr Vardhan also The 35-km-long ring rail
As many as 202 M.Tech students were said that two projects in network, constructed in 1975,
placed this year as against 183 last year through Chandni Chowk area did not links with the 231-km Delhi
Training and Placement(T and P) processes. take off because of “non-coop- Metro network at seven loca-
Undergraduate placements including the five eration” from the AAP “We pursued the developed with cooperation tions, and many stations of
years integrated course pegged at 540. A max- Government. Vardhan repre- Shahjahanabad redevelopment from the Delhi Development the ring rail fall in south
imum of 273 placements went to the core (tech- sents Chandni Chowk in Lok plan aggressively. I met with lt Authority, he said. Delhi.
nical) category followed by 187 and 133 place- Sabha. governor of Delhi and he was He said he would try to The mayor, who called on
ments in the IT and analytics sectors respec- “The work on Rani Jhansi also interested. But Delhi gov- provide the facilities separate- the minister, also appraised
tively. flyover was stuck for many ernment backed out. I also met ly from women. He said near- Goyal about green spaces,
IIT-D informed that Energy Studies, an years but I took it up aggres- chief minister but he was reluc- ly 237 projects were under beautification and installation
interdisciplinary stream having courses span- sively and its construction will tant on it,” Vardhan alleged. progress. of public arts on spaces under-
ning electrical engineering, Physics and be completed by August this The project to remove elec- Vardhan also listed out the neath flyovers which once had
mechanical engineering, has registered a near year,” the minister said while tricity wires and other cables central government schemes practically become dumping
cent percent placement while other interacting with media. hanging through the lanes of implemented in his con- ground for waste, a statement
Interdisciplinary areas have also mapped a The flyover project was the crowded Chandni Chowk stituency and praised the prime from the SDMC stated.
“vibrant placement trajectory”. conceived about two decades area too met the similar fate, he minister for his “vision” to “The mayor requested the
Shivam Garg, a student placed from ago and has missed several claimed. take the country forward. He rail minister to make the ring
Industrial Tribology and Maintenance deadlines.Listing out the work “After a few meetings, said the Modi government has rail services better so that the
Engineering stream feels that the trend is fun- he has done as the representa- Delhi government representa- achieved “remarkable” results number of passengers could
damentally because of industrial demand for tive of the constituency in Lok tives stopped attending meet- in most areas. increase,” it said.Some of sta-
knowledge in an interdisciplinary domain. Sabha, Vardhan said two pro- ings,” he said.The minister said “By identifying problems, tions on the circular rail net-
“Industry today expects that a candidate jects - Shahjahanabad redevel- he managed to spend all the diagnosing shortcomings, pro- work are Lajpat Nagar, Lodhi
must have knowledge of more than one opment plan and under- money in his MP Local Area viding solutions and then mon- Colony, Sarojini Nagar,
domain.Companies are therefore preferring grounding of electric cables in Development fund. itoring implementation, the Safadurjung and
those branches where people are capable of han- Chandni Chowk - did not hap- More than 50 open gyms prime minister has established Chanakyapuri. The network
dling and solving problems related to multiple pen as the Delhi government have been set up and 80 more good governance on firm foot- carries around 4,000 people
domains,” he said. “backed out” on them. are planned, besides 35 to be ing,” he said. daily.


U^a`dTbcX^]X]V B?B8=67Q 670I80103

ith his eyes set on

BC055A4?>AC4AQ =4F34;78 W the 2019 general
elections, Uttar Pradesh
elf-styled godman Daati Maharaj accused of rap- Chief Minister Yogi
ing a disciple in his ashrams here and Rajasthan
the ongoing investigation on Tuesday, the
Adityanath attended a
workshop here to
police said. He was sent a notice asking him to join analyse the reasons
the probe by Wednesday. He reached the Crime behind Bharatiya Janata
Branch office and his questioning is underway, they Party (BJP)’s defeat in
added. recently held by-elec-
On Saturday, tions in Kairana, Phoolpur and Gorakhpur
80=BQ =4F34;78 a Delhi Police parliamentary constituencies.
5^d]S\^bc[hX]PaXS team had visited The CM reached the venue at
wo hedgehogs, being trafficked, P]SbT\XPaXSaTVX^]^U the godman's 11.30 am on Tuesday at Raj Kumar Goel
T were found in an unclaimed bag at
a railway station here and are current-
]^acWfTbcTa]8]SXP ashram in Pali,
Rajasthan, to
Institute of Technology (RKGIT).
Responding to the questions of the
ly under care, animal welfare organisa- cWTb_TRXTbXb`dXRZ[h gather evidence. media persons, the CM said that his
tion Wildlife SOS said on Tuesday.
The stressed and scared animals —
[^bX]VXcbWPQXcPc The team, which
failed to find the
Government is working day and night for
the welfare of the masses. Law and order sit-
an adult female and a baby — were godman at the ashram, was accompanied by the rape uation has improved.
found huddled up in the bag at the Sarai burnt. Its body parts are then sold as sex victim. Replying to a question on Kairana, the
Rohilla Railway Station in north Delhi, stimulants or aphrodisiacs... it is utter The woman had filed a complaint last Sunday CM said, “The vote share of BJP increased
after a passenger inspected a shaking bag superstition,” Wildlife SOS co-founder against Daati Maharaj at the Fatehpur Beri police from 40 to 46 per cent in Kairana but we
from which a scuffling sound was and CEO Kartick Satyanarayan said. station here in south Delhi.The case was later trans- lost”.
heard coming. He added that in some regions, they ferred to the Crime Branch. According to a BJP leader, the meeting
Native to India and Pakistan, the are kept as exotic pets. The woman had alleged that she was sexually took stock of the current political situation
Indian hedgehog (Paraechinus micro- Found mostly in arid and semi arid abused at Daati Maharaj's ashrams in Delhi and and discussed strategy to increase the vote
pus) has fur covered with spines or region of northwestern India, the species Rajasthan and had also named two male disciples percentage up to
strong hairs made of keratin which look is quickly losing its habitat and thus its of the godman in her complaint. 50 per cent. The focus of the party is to get
like small nails. The palm size species population is decreasing, according to Delhi Commission for Women had recently the half of votes polled and let the
curls up like a ball as a defensive mech- International Union of Conservation of demanded the godman's arrest. The Delhi Police had Opposition fight for the rest, he said.
anism. Nature. They feed primarily on insects earlier issued a lookout circular against Daati The workshop was attended by the offi-
Wildlife experts call it a rare rescue such as beetles, small vertebrates, scor- Maharaj to ensure that he does not leave the coun- cer bearers of Western Uttar Pradesh includ-
since the incidents of poaching or traf- pions and eggs of ground-nesting birds. try. ing union ministers Mahesh Sharma,
ficking of this rare nocturnal species are “They will be released back into the The woman has told the police that she had been General (retd) VK Singh, Noida MLA
seldom reported. wild, once deemed fit by the veterinar- a disciple of Daati Maharaj for a decade but after she Pankaj Singh, former union minister Sanjeev
“In some parts of India, the hedge- ians,” said Wasim Akram, Special was raped by him, she returned to her home in Balyan and Ghaziabad MLAs including
hogs are burned alive till its spines are Projects Manager, Wildlife SOS. Rajasthan. Sunil Sharma, Ajit Pal Tyagi and others.



=4F34;78kF43=4B30H k9D=4!! ' RP_XcP["

!!PS\XbbX^]b 6^ec;6UPRT^UU

A`]ZTVW`Z]22A>=2dSZUe`V^f]ReV<V[cZddZeZ_ P__a^eTSSTb_XcT
BC055A4?>AC4AQ =4F34;78 said Bharti. since June 11 along with three heavy police led by ACP Sri meet Baijal and were asked to used to oust them,” he added.

“After the meeting ended, of his Cabinet colleagues, all of Tyagi to oust us from LG leave. Meanwhile, the Raj Niwas in
wo of the Aam Aadmi MLAs Somnath Bharti and SK them only to be removed on House. Possibly the most “We checked with the con- a statement said the L-G chaired
T Party (AAP) MLAs, who
apparently tried to follow their
Bagga, who came to attend the
meeting, refused to leave the
health grounds one by one.
Kejriwal termed the incident
potent democratic tool name-
ly dialogue has no place in the
trol room of the L-G's office
whether the MLAs had any
the DDA meeting to consider the
public suggestions and com-
party “biggies” by allegedly residential premises of the Lt bizarre and said that it is con- Modi era,” he tweeted. appointment with the LG but ments which were sought on the
refusing to leave the premises Governor, on the pretext of stitutional duty of the L-G to However, a senior police they said that there was no issue of the proposed amend- 0178=0EB8=67Q =4F34;78
of Raj Niwas not before meet- joining the 'dharna' of the meet the elected representatives. officer said Bharti and Bagga meeting fixed. The MLAs were ments in the Master Plan of
ing Lieutenant Governor (L- Chief Minister,” said a state- “Two MLAs evicted force- did not have an appointment to asked to leave and no police force Delhi (MPD) 2021. ven though “heavy traffic”
G) Anil Baijal, were forceful-
ly removed by police on
ment from the Raj Niwas.
The two MLAs were
fully using police by the L-G?
Just becoz they wanted to meet
E on undergraduate admis-
sion portal marred the pace of

Tuesday. “repeatedly requested” to end him? What is this going on? admission process, around
AAP MLAs Somnath their “unauthorised occupa- Why is LG refusing to meet 2,200 admissions have been AP]YP]3X\aX
Bharti and SK Bagga, who were tion” of the residential premis- MLAs, MPs, ministers, CM? approved at various colleges of

“seeking an appointment” to es of the Lt Governor, it said. Does LG know that he has a Delhi University (DU) on the maximum nine were for BA
meet the L-G, were allegedly “However, they refused to constitutional duty to meet very first day after the first cut- (Hons) Economics.
removed by police from the L- leave and continued with their them? He has no choice but to off was announced. Out of “BA (Hons) Economics is
G's Office where they had gone unauthorised occupation for meet them? This is bizarre,” he which around 800 candidates followed by B Com (Hons) and
to attend a Delhi Development about two hours and left only tweeted. BC055A4?>AC4AQ =4F Kejriwal, Sisodia, Health Baijal's office said in a state- have successfully paid their BA (Hons) Political Science.
Authority (DDA) meeting. after considerable persuasion,” Bharti alleged that he was 34;78 Minister Satyendar Jain and ment. fees. Enquiries were also made for
Both members of DDA, it added. “ousted” from L-G's office by a Labour Minister Gopal Rai The official said Baijal had “Despite the initial hic- BSc(Hons) Computer Science,”
after the meeting stayed back at Chief Minister Arvind heavy police force. “Ashamed n a fast paced development had started a sit-in protest at earlier advised the AAP cups, the number of admissions said Manoj Sinha, Principal of
L-G office and sought an
appointment to meet Baijal,
Kejriwal himself sat on an
indefinite “sit-in” at L-G's office
that Honble LG in place of
hearing us out for 2 min used
on Tuesday, Lieutenant
Anil Baijal in his
the L-G's office on June 11 over
their demands, including a
Government to make efforts to
restore trust between the elect-
is two times more as compared
to the last year on the first day
Aryabhatta College.
At SGTB Khalsa College,
first communication to Chief direction to IAS officers to end ed government and the offi- of the admission after around 70 admissions took

Minister Arvind Kejriwal since their “strike”. cers. announcement of first cut-off,” place maximum being for
the latter began a sit-in at his Sisodia and Jain, who were “The L-G stated that he said a DU official. BCom (Hons). At Miranda
office, asked him to meet offi- on a hunger strike at the L-G's was glad that the CM had The undergraduate (UG) House, about 115 admissions
cers urgently to address con- office and were hospitalised tweeted an appeal to the offi- admission portal of the DU took place maximum being
cerns of both sides through after their health deteriorated, cers assuring them of safety crashed allegedly due to over- for BSc(H) Physics at 20. While
BC055A4?>AC4AQ dialogue. were discharged this morning and security in their interac- load in the first half of the day for the BA (H) Political Science
=4F34;78 Baijal shot off a letter to from the LNJP Hospital. tions with the elected govern- leaving many aspirants and 16 admissions and for BA (pro-
Kejriwal on Tuesday in “The L-G requested the ment. parents 'irked'. However, the gramme) around 15 admis-
elhi Deputy Chief response to his deputy CM to urgently meet the offi- “The L-G observed that he admission portal got soon sions took place. At Dyal Singh,
D Minister Manish Sisodia
and his colleague Satyendar
Manish Sisodia's communi-
cation in which the latter
cers at the Secretariat so that
apprehensions and concerns of
has been informed that the
officers have also welcomed
revived within hours after
which the aspirants successfully
about 100 admissions approved
maximum being for BSc(Hons)
Jain, who were on a hunger had asked for meeting both sides can be suitably the appeal and they are await- logged to the UG portal to Mathematics at 25.
strike at the Lieutenant between the Government and addressed through dialogue ing the CM's presence at the select the appropriate course After the declaration of
Governor's office and hospi- bureaucrats to end the in the best interest of the peo- Secretariat to hold discus- and college to generate their cut-offs the candidates are
talised after their health dete- impasse. ple of Delhi,” an official from sions,” the statement added. “admission application form”. required to login to his/her por-
riorated, were discharged With DU announcing its tal and select the appropriate

from the Lok Nayak Hospital 3T[WX3T_dch2<<P]XbWBXb^SXPfXcW00?[TPSTabBP]YPhBX]VWP]S0bWdc^bW first cut-off on June 19, appli- course and college to generate
on Tuesday. PSSaTbbTbP_aTbbR^]UTaT]RTX]=Tf3T[WX^]CdTbSPh ?C8 cants meeting the benchmark the admission application form.
Health Minister Jain was throng to the colleges in north Thereafter, applicants have to
admitted to the Intensive parameters, including ketone On Saturday, a team of and south campuses of DU for proceed to the college for
Care Unit (ICU) of the hos- level in urine are normal now.” doctors had examined Sisodia taking admissions. Admissions admission with set of original
pital on Sunday night after his In the morning, Sisodia and Jain. While Jain went on BC055A4?>AC4AQ =4F34;78 Earlier on Tuesday, Leader of The AAP Government has against the first cut-off would documents and self-attested
condition had deteriorated tweeted that he was “recover- indefinite fast at the L-G's Opposition in the Delhi done the entire drama to cover be made till June 21 and doc- photocopies of the documents.
following a sharp fall in ing fast” and would try and office last Tuesday, Sisodia had eaders of the Bharatiya Janta Assembly Vijender Gupta, who up its failure in Delhi and to sky ument verification, approval of As principals approve the
Ketone level. Sisodia was
rushed to the hospital around
resume work from Tuesday.
“Good Morning!! With
been on a hunger strike since
L Party (BJP) on Tuesday
ended their counter hunger
was on an indefinite hunger
strike, was shifted to GB Pant
rocket its dwindling fortune at
national level, Gupta said in a
admission and payment of fee
has to be done within the stip-
application online, the option
of fee payment will appear on
3 pm on Monday after the Doctor's care and your bless- Kejriwal, along with his strike at the Delhi Secretariat Hospital after his condition dete- statement. ulated time. the dashboard of the candidate
Ketone level in his urine rose ings, I am recovering fast. colleagues, have been at after Delhi Chief Minister riorated. Gupta, along with Pravesh At Hindu College, about subsequently. The candidate
sharply and his sugar level Yesterday, my ketone level was Lieutenant Governor Anil Arvind Kejriwal ended his sit- West Delhi BJP MP Pravesh Verma, MLA Manjinder 170 admissions were approved shall login again and pay the
dropped. 7.4 & BP reached 184/100, Baijal's office since June 11, in-protest at Lieutenant Singh Sahib Verma said tweet- Singh Sirsa and suspended on the very first day maximum admission fee online using the
Medical Superintendent which was leading to renal fail- demanding a direction to IAS Governor Anil Baijal's office. ed, “Vijender Gupta being taken Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) being for BA (Hons) Political link available in the dashboard.
of the Lok Nanayak Hospital ure. But now everything is officers to end what the AAP Union Minister Harsh to the hospital. He was on MLA Kapil Mishra, started Science at 46. At Ramjas Once the fee is paid successfully
JC Passey said, “Both the under control. If doctors allow describes a “strike” and Vardhan visited the Secretariat indefinite hunger strike with us their indefinite hunger strike College, around 140 admis- through the link provided on
Ministers were discharged I'll try to be back to work today approval of the doorstep ration and offered juice to the BJP for the last five days. May God on June 15 against the alleged sions have been approved. At your dashboard, the admission
around 10 am. Their health only,” he said on Twitter. delivery scheme. leaders sitting on hunger strike bless (Delhi Chief Minister) “non-performance” of the Aryabhatta College, 30 admis- process to that particular col-
for last five days. Arvind Kejriwal's wisdom?” Kejriwal Government. sions took place out of which lege is complete.
=4F34;78kF43=4B30H k9D=4!! ' ]PcX^]#

2ddR^W]``U (DVWHUQ6WDWHV ?C8Q 17>?0;

ormer Madhya Pradesh

against me and forced me out
of my own house. They have
also refused to take care of my
live in different places. It is not
only against the principles of
Congress party but also defines
?C8Q =4F34;78 Foley, ambassador for counter-
F Chief Minister late Arjun
Singh’s wife Saroj Kumari on
maintenance which compelled
me to approach the court," the
the character of the man, who
is all-powerful and the leader ndia and Australia have
"The two sides agreed to

he overall flood situation in

Tuesday moved a court here,
alleging her sons Abhimanyu
complaint said.
It also named Suniti Singh,
of opposition," she said.
"I have urged the court to
agreed to strengthen counter-
cooperation through
further strengthen counter-
terrorism cooperation through
T the north-east continued to
improve on Tuesday, except in
Singh and Ajay Singh are
harassing her and had forced
Ajay Singh’s wife.
Kumari’s lawyer Dipesh
help me so that I can live in my
own house and also requested
measures such as regular
exchange of information and
regular exchange of informa-
tion, capacity building efforts,
Assam, where six more people her out of her house. Joshi said his client had also it to issue orders for eviction of sharing of best practices on mutual legal assistance, sharing
died, taking the death toll due A Congress leader, Ajay requested the court to grant her Ajay Singh from that house," countering violent extremism, of best practices on countering
to flood-related incidents in the Singh is the Leader of ex-parte relief (relief before the statement read. the MEA said. violent extremism and coop-
region to 31, officials said. Opposition (LoP) in the hearing the respondents) so When contacted, Ajay Officials of the two coun- erating in multilateral fora
According to a report of Madhya Pradesh Assembly. that she can return to her Singh told PTI that he would tries held the 10th Meeting of such as the Untied Nations and
the Assam State Disaster Kumari, 83, filed the com- house in Bhopal. reply to any notice pertaining the Joint Working Group on the Financial Action Task Force
Management Authority plaint under the Protection of In a media statement too, to the complaint when he Counter-Terrorism in New on Money Laundering," the
(ASDMA), four people lost Women From Domestic Saroj Kumari reiterated her receives it. Speaking to Delhi yesterday, during which MEA said.
their lives in flood-related inci- Violence Act in the court of allegations. Having been forced reporters later, Ajay Singh they assessed and exchanged They also discussed con-
dents in worst-hit Karimganj judicial magistrate Gaurav out of her own house, she has termed the complaint as "BJP’s views on prevailing terrorist temporary counter terrorism
district while two died in Pragyan. to live live in an apartment in conspiracy". Whenever he gave threats, including cross-border challenges such as radicalisa-
Cachar district since yesterday, To file the complaint, she Greater Noida, she said. notice for no-confidence terrorism in Af-Pak region, tion and violent extremism, use
taking the death toll in the State personally visited the court Her husband served the motion against the BJP gov- the Ministry of External Affairs of Internet for terror purposes,
to 20. along with her daughter Veena Congress his entire life and ernment, such things hap- said in a statement. foreign terrorist fighters
Over 5.64 lakh people have Singh and NRI industrialist ensuring protection of women pened, he said. The last time he The Indian delegation was explored measures to combat
been affected by the flood in Golaghat and Kushiyara at opposition leader Tapan Sam Varma. and assisting helpless persons had moved the motion, a led by Mahaveer Singhvi, joint financing of terrorism.
Nagaon, Hojai, Cachar, Karimganj town were flowing Chakraborty, who is from the The magistrate ordered was a matter of principles for Congress MLA defected to the secretary (counter terrorism) in The next meeting of the
Karimganj and Hailakandi dis- above the danger marks, the worst hit Unakoti district, issuance of notices to the him, she said. BJP at the last moment, he said. the Ministry of External Joint Working Group on
tricts. report said. expressed his concern about respondents, and listed the "But my son Ajay Singh has Singh recently submitted a Affairs, while the Australian Counter-Terrorism shall be
Till yesterday, 5.49 lakh In Tripura, the situation the flood affected people. matter for hearing on July 19. set aside these principles of the notice to the Assembly secre- delegation was led by Paul held in Australia in 2019.
people were hit by the flood has improved and 19,953 peo- "We are working together "My sons Abhimanyu Congress and forced me out of tariat for a no-confidence
across six districts, including ple were staying in 61 relief with the Central government. Singh and LoP Ajay Singh my own house. At this age I motion in the coming mon-
Karimganj is the worst hit,
camps in Kailashahar subdivi-
sion of Unakoti, the worst
Following our request, the
Centre has sent choppers along
indulged in domestic violence have to leave my own home to soon session. 8]SXPc^R^]bcadRcfPa\T\^aXP[
affecting nearly 2.36 lakh peo-
ple, followed by Hailakandi
affected district, officials said.
Over 72,000 people of the
with NDRF personnel to tide
over the situation," Deb said. PcEX[[Tab6dXb[PX]X]5aP]RT
with 2.21 lakh, the report said. district had been in relief In Manipur, normal life is ?C8Q ?0A8B such memorial in Europe, she
At present, 727 villages in camps till yesterday. gradually coming back as flood said. During the World War I,
the affected districts are under A large number of the water is receding in most of the
water and 3,890 hectares of
crop areas have been damaged,
marooned people have left for
their homes after flood water
affected areas, officials said.
However, several localities
Ia ndia will construct a war
memorial at Villers Guislain,
town around 200 km from
Villers-Guislain had witnessed
a fierce battle in which the
British Indian cavalry regi-
the report said. receded in rivers Manu and in the five districts of Imphal Paris, to honour the valour and ments were heavily involved.
It said the authorities are Deo, the officials said. valley, mostly at Wabagai area sacrifice of the thousands of its The town was liberated on
running 457 relief camps and The flood has so far of Thoubal district, are still soldiers, sailors and airmen September 29, 2018.
distribution centres in four claimed three lives in Tripura. under knee-deep water. who fought for peace in the Swaraj, who arrived here
districts, where 1,57,524 peo- The issue was raised in the The state Relief and World War I. This was from Rome yesterday on the
ple have taken shelter. Assembly and Chief Minister Disaster Management depart- announced by External Affairs second leg of her four-nation
At least 9,250 people have Biplab Kumar Deb said an ment officials said at least 304 Minister Sushma Swaraj here. tour, addressed the Indian dias-
been evacuated by the state and elaborate report on the damage village were affected by the “India will construct an pora at a reception organised in
national disaster response caused by the flood would be flood that claimed eight lives in Indian Armed Forces her honour. She said that
forces personnel from sent to the Centre for necessary the state. Memorial at Villers Guislain," Indians in every part of the
Karimganj, Hailakandi and assistance. The state govern- Water level of major rivers she said. world carry India and its civil-
Cachar districts since yesterday. ment has constituted a com- continued a declining trend. This will be the second isational ethos in their heart.
Landslides occurred at mittee to assess the damage and Manipur Governor Najma
Kharguli locality in Guwahati, submit it to the Centre at the Heptulla and staff members of
but no casualty was reported,
the report said.
earliest, he said, adding that
compensation will be given to
Imphal Raj Bhavan donated
one day salar y to the >fdTf]Rca`]ZTjh`_¶eh`c\
Barak river at the flood hit people as per Governor’s Relief Fund for the
Badarpurghat in Karimganj, norms. The chief minister was welfare of the affected people,
Dhansiri at Numaligarh in addressing the house after Raj Bhavan officials said.
From Page 1 ferent to the political develop-
He said the coalition ment. However, in the long run,
6i4`_X>=2;RZ %KDJZDW between the PDP and the BJP
did not work from day one and
the sacking of the Mehbooba
Government would further
it was destined to fail.
Obser vers say that
erode New Delhi’s credibility in
Kashmir. “It has revived the
ac`eVdeRXRZ_de 2^]VaTbbf^aZTabRT[TQaPcT_Pach_aTbXST]cAPWd[6P]SWXb#'cWQXacWSPhX]=Tf3T[WX^]CdTbSPh ?C8 inevitable Governor’s rule memories as to how Sheikh
FDPSRQ67 would not be like the previous Muhammad Abdullah was
two occasions when such sacked and arrested in 1953,

BC055A4?>AC4AQ =4F34;78
FRPPXQLW\ ;UZbYgQ\U^TccYdY^Qc7_fd arrangements were made since
the Assembly elections were
held in 2014.
Mir Qasim was asked to quit in
1975, Farooq Abdullah was
dismissed twice in 1984 and

?C8Q A08?DA “This time, the ground sit- 1989 and Mufti Sayeed was
ormer Congress MLA and uation is explosive in Kashmir. asked to quit in 2005,” Rashid
F senior Dalit leader Jai
Kishen on Tuesday announced R SS chief Mohan Bhagwat
on Tuesday attended the
Annual Amarnath yatra is
round the corner and anti-ter-
He said the ground situa-
to organise a huge demonstra- ‘chintan shivir’ (introspection From Page 1 attending meetings. sought to put the ball in the L- ror operations have been tion would not allow immedi-
tion at Jalebi Chowk, camp) in Chhattisgarh’s Raipur “Sitting inside the LG’s “Asked about officers’ G’s court, saying he is awaiting resumed (after calling off cease- ate holding of elections in
Sultanpuri Majra on where issues pertaining to the office cannot resolve the issue demand to hold meeting with a response from Baijal. fire). The people are virtually in Jammu & Kashmir. “The by-
Wednesday in protest of failure Scheduled Tribes in the coun- of doorstep delivery of ration. the Chief Minister over their “But Baijal is looking for a a combat mode, especially in election for Anantnag Lok
of AAP Government in Delhi try were discussed. I spoke to the Chief Minister safety and dignity, Sisodia said green signal from Prime south Kashmir,” said Haroon Sabha constituency could not
and Narendra Modi The two-day camptitled and Gopal Rai, and they have that “our meetings with the Minister Narendra Modi for Rashid, editor of Urdu daily he held nor were the panchay-
Government in Centre. The ‘Bharat ki janjatiyon ki asmita agreed that they will come out officers will be conducted on a convening the meeting”, he Nidai Mashriq. “In absence of at polls possible. This situation
Congress leader said that they aur astitva’ (the pride and of the LG’s office,” Sisodia said. daily basis”. He said that “for the claimed. Stepping up its attack any political outreach, the sit- is not going to change
will also burned effigy of existence of the Scheduled The move came after last three months, we have on the L-G, the AAP accused uation is going to be more sen- overnight. Therefore the
Arvind Kejriwal and Modi. Jai Tribes of India),was inaugu- Baijal, in his first communica- been saying that our fight was him of working “on the behest” sitive,” he said. Governor’s rule is likely to stay
Kishen claimed that as many as rated in presence of Bhagwat tion to Kejriwal since he began not with the officers”. of the Centre and not conven- Interestingly, the common for more time than expected,”
10,000 people will join in the this morning, said programme a sit-in at his office, on Tuesday Earlier, as the relations ing a meeting between the people chose to remain indif- he said.
protest. convener Harsh Chauhan. wrote to the Chief Minister, between the AAP Government Delhi Government and the
He accused that Kejriwal The camp is organised by asking him to meet officers and the bureaucrats showed IAS officers to end the logjam.
and his Ministers sit on dhar-
na at L-G house in demand of
the Akhil Bharatiya Vanvasi
Kalyan Ashram, a Sangh affil-
urgently to address concerns of
both sides.
signs of a thaw, the IAS officers
said they were waiting for a for-
Meanwhile, AAP MLAs
Somnath Bharti and AK Bagga, %-3FDQ¶WHVFDSHEODPH
statehood to Delhi. “Now they iate, Baijal shot off the letter in mal communication from who were seeking an appoint-
shifted their demand, started “Elaborate discussions response to Sisodia’s commu- Delhi Chief Minister Arvind ment to meet Baijal, were
blaming strike by IAS. Kejriwal were held on (issues like) nication in which he had asked Kejriwal for a meeting at the allegedly removed by the police
is behaving like urban naxalite,” Panchayats (Extension of for a meeting between the Secretariat here to end the from the L-G’s office where From Page 1 PDP. The question does not
he said. Scheduled Areas) Act (PESA) Government and the bureau- impasse. they had gone to attend a Congress president Rahul arise,” Azad said.
“Now BJP and AAP are and its implementation in crats to end the impasse. With the Supreme Court DDA meeting. Gandhi said the opportunistic He claimed that he had
Blaming each other .He also scheduled areas, ensuring par- Sisodia said that today’s refusing an urgent hearing on Both Bharti and Bagga, BJP-PDP alliance has set cautioned Prime Minister
said that now people are aware ticipation of entire scheduled development indicates that offi- a plea seeking its direction to members of the Delhi Jammu & Kashmir on fire the Narendra Modi, on the floor of
about their intentions and peo- tribe community in reserva- cers are returning to meetings declare as “unconstitutional” Development Authority(DDA), damage will continue under the House, that they had done
ple will teach them lesson dur- tion, and on Forest Rights Act with Ministers while asserting the sit-in of Kejriwal and his after the meeting stayed back at President’s Rule. “It cost India a Himalayan blunder by having
ing the elections,” the Congress and development of tribal com- that he had also asked some Cabinet colleagues at the L-G’s the L-G’s office and sought an strategically and destroyed a coalition Government with a
leader said. munity,” he said. officers why they were not office, the Chief Minister appointment to meet Baijal. years of UPA’s hard work,” he regional party in J&K.
tweeted. In a series of tweets,
Azad termed end of the Congress blamed the BJP, its
3;A¶d 9P\\dP]S;PSPZW
alliance between the BJP and
the PDP as good for the peo-
“conniving alliance” and “lust”
for power for pushing the State
_ReZ`_R]Zde PUcTa19?_aTbXST]c0\XcBWPWWT[S
ple of Kashmir.
“The BJP ruined Kashmir
into an unending cycle of vio-
lence and terror and said that

_`eVZ_ BcPcTX]R[dSX]V9:3T_dch2WXTU
cWT19?WPSf^]^][h bTPcbX]
as much as it could in three
years. In the last three years,
radicalisation at its peak and
peace is biggest casualty, adding

civilian killings and Army that that in four years of the
fWXRWfPbPccT]STSP\^]V^cWTab CWT_PachW^fTeTaUPX[TSc^\PZT deaths have risen sharply. alliance Government, 373
Qh<PSWPeP]S<X]XbcTa^UBPcT P]hQaTPZcWa^dVWX]! #X]cWT There is no question of form- jawans and 239 civilians lost
UZg`cTV P]S<?Ua^\DSWP\_da9P\\d
ing any Government with the their lives.

5a^\?PVT WTPS`dPacTabCWXbWPbbTccWT =2WPb $bTPcbcWT2^]VaTbb !

<PSWPefW^PSSaTbbTSP bcPVTU^ahTcP]^cWTaa^d]S^U P]S^cWTabbTeT]X]cWT9:
WdaaXTS[hbd\\^]TS?aTbb 6^eTa]^a³bad[TX]cWTQ^aSTaBcPcT 0bbT\Q[h
R^]UTaT]RT[XbcTSaTbc^aPcX^]^U 8UX\_^bTSXcfX[[QTcWTU^dacW 0[cW^dVWcWT19?P]ScWT?3?WPS
STeT[^_\T]c^UcWaTTaTVX^]b^U cX\TbX]RT (&& TPRW^cWTacWThRP\Tc^VTcWTa From page 1 PDP. The question does not
cWTBcPcT9P\\d;PSPZWP]S 0RR^aSX]Vc^b^daRTbX]cWT_Pach fXcWP]PVT]SP^UP[[XP]RTX]cWT Congress president Rahul arise,” Azad said.
:PbW\XafXcW^dcSXbRaX\X]PcX^] cWT_^[XcXRP[bRT]PaX^PUcTacWT W^_T^U_d[[X]VcWTBcPcT^dc^UcWT Gandhi said the opportunistic He claimed that he had
PbcWT_aX^aXchPaTPbU^acWT19? R^[[P_bT^UcWT6^eTa]\T]cX]9: RhR[T^UeX^[T]RT1dccWTP[[XP]RT BJP-PDP alliance has set cautioned Prime Minister
CWT19?[TPSTabPXScW^dVWWTSXS f^d[SQT]TUXccWT19?\^aTcWP] ]TeTac^^ZW^[SP]ScWTcf^ Jammu & Kashmir on fire the Narendra Modi, on the floor of
]^cQ[P\TcWT?3?QdcfT]c^] cWT?3?CWT19?Xb_PacXRd[Pa[h _PacXTbSXbPVaTTS^]\^bcXbbdTb damage will continue under the House, that they had done
bPhX]V°Tg_TRcPcX^]bfTaT]^c R^]RTa]TS^eTaaTcPX]X]VXcb TeT]PbcWTbTRdaXchbXcdPcX^] President’s Rule. “It cost India a Himalayan blunder by having
\Tc±QhcWT^cWTabXSTP]SaTUTaaTS bd__^acQPbTX]9P\\dfWXRW R^]cX]dTSc^STcTaX^aPcT strategically and destroyed a coalition Government with a
c^X]RaTPbTX]aPSXRP[XbPcX^]cWPc VPeTXcT]^dVWbTPcbX][Pbc °:TT_X]VX]\X]ScWPc9:XbP] years of UPA’s hard work,” he regional party in J&K.
_dcX]SP]VTaRXcXiT]b³Ud]SP\T]cP[ 0bbT\Q[h_^[[c^U^a\6^eTa]\T]c X]cTVaP[_Pac^U8]SXPP]SX]^aSTa tweeted. In a series of tweets,
aXVWcbc^[XUTP]SUaTTb_TTRW fXcWcWT?3?19?³bbd__^acTab c^R^]ca^[cWT_aTePX[X]VbXcdPcX^] Azad termed end of the Congress blamed the BJP, its
7TbPXScW^dVWcWT2T]caT^UUTaTS WPS^U[PcTaPXbTScWTXaThTQa^fb X]cWTBcPcTfTWPeTSTRXSTScWPc alliance between the BJP and “conniving alliance” and “lust”
P_PRZPVTPbbXbcP]RT^UAb' ^eTaaXbX]VcTaa^aPccPRZbX]cWT cWTaTX]b^U_^fTaX]cWTBcPcTQT the PDP as good for the peo- for power for pushing the State
Ra^aTc^cWTBcPcTX]cTa[^Rdc^a EP[[ThP]SV^eTa]\T]c³bd]X[PcTaP[ WP]STS^eTac^cWT6^eTa]^a± ple of Kashmir. into an unending cycle of vio-
P__^X]cTSQhcWT<X]Xbcah^U7^\T STRXbX^]c^P]]^d]RTRTPbTUXaT <PSWPebPXSX]P]PccT\_cc^ “The BJP ruined Kashmir lence and terror and said that
0UUPXabP]S#Qd]ZTab B^daRTbbPXSR^[[P_bT^UcWT Tg_[PX]bdSST]QaTPZd_fXcWcWT as much as it could in three radicalisation at its peak and
R^]bcadRcTSU^aRXeX[XP]bQdc°CWT R^P[XcX^]fX[[]^cVXeTP°UaTTWP]S± _Pac]TabWX_fXcWcWT?3?fWXRW years. In the last three years, peace is biggest casualty, adding
?3?fPb]^cUd[[hbdRRTbbUd[X] c^bTRdaXchU^aRTb ]TeTabPfThTc^ThTfXcWcWT19? civilian killings and Army that that in four years of the
X\_a^eX]VcWTbXcdPcX^]±7T CWT19?WPS\PSTbXV]XUXRP]c ^]cWTR^]cT]cX^dbXbbdTb[XZT deaths have risen sharply. alliance Government, 373
PRRdbTScWPc6^eTa]\T]cWTPSTS X]a^PSbX]cWT9P\\daTVX^]X]cWT 0acXR[T"&P]S^cWTaR^]cT]cX^db There is no question of form- jawans and 239 civilians lost
QhcWT?3?SXbRaX\X]PcTSPVPX]bc 3TRT\QTa! #0bbT\Q[h_^[[bPb XbbdTbQTSTeX[X]VcWTBcPcT ing any Government with the their lives.
=4F34;78kF43=4B30H k9D=4!! ' ]PcX^]$
hZeYWRc^Vcd 88C17DB86=B<^D
=Tf3T[WX) CWT8]SXP]8]bcXcdcT


A094B7:D<0AQ =4F34;78
e`URj d]STabcP]SX]V<^DfXcW
he country’s top security XbY^X]X]VWP]SbfXcW88C17D

?=BQ =4F34;78 The incident occurred on

T establishments have pre-
pared a blueprint to deliver a
December 3, 2016, and a day lethal blow to terrorists in the SPcPbTcbP]S]TfcTRW]^[^VXTb
he Supreme Court on later FIR was lodged against the Valley after end of Ramzan fWXRWfX[[T\_^fTa^da
T Tuesday granted protec-
tion from arrest to the princi-
school principal and teacher by
the boy’s father. The prosecution
ceasefire. A list of 250 to 300
terrorists has been prepared
pal and a teacher of a presti- alleged that the boy was beaten who would be hunted down in bPeTR^bcP]ScX\TP]SR^\T
gious Uttar Pradesh school in black and blue and he took the the next few weeks. In the last ^dcfXcWV^^SaTbTPaRWcWPcfX[[
a case involving abetment to extreme step unable to bear this three years, the Army has QT]TUXcP[[bTRcX^]b^Ub^RXTch±
suicide of a Class XII student humiliation and harassment. gunned down 600 hardcore ter- 7A3<X]XbcTa?aPZPbW
who died 18 months ago. The medical records also rorists in the Valley. 9PePSTZPabPXSPccWT<^D
The Vacation Bench of supported the police case. Home Minister Rajnath bXV]X]V
Justices S Abdul Nazeer and is the crime proved. Police case However, the boy who accom- Singh held a high-level meet-
Indu Malhotra granted stay of states that the deceased was rid- panied the deceased on the bike ing at his residence with Home ?T^_[TfX[[P[b^QTPQ[T C09<4=0??>8=C43
arrest of Fr Melvin Saldanha ing a motorbike along with a gave his statement to police Secretary Rajiv Gauba, and =060;0=319?27845
and physical education teacher friend outside the school on the denying any beating or senior officials of the c^X]cTaPRcfXcWcWT =Tf3T[WX) 19?_aTbXST]c0\Xc
James John of the Cathedral morning of the fateful day. The harassment by either principal Intelligence Bureau and his ?aX\T<X]XbcTacWa^dVW BWPW^]CdTbSPhP__^X]cTS
Senior Secondary School, bike rammed into a cycle rick- or the teacher. Ministry to assess the ground CPY\T]8\]P0[^]VcWT
Hazratganj, Lucknow while shaw injuring a passenger fol- In February, 2017, the situation in the sensitive State 0b\P]hPb!$c^" ing South Kashmir to the more
³=PaT]SaP<^SX0__´ =PVP[P]S<X]XbcTa^U7XVWTaP]S
directing them to cooperate lowing which a crowd gathered Crime Branch took over the on Tuesday. cTaa^aXbcbUa^\;PbWZPaT “aggressive” Jaish-e- CTRW]XRP[4SdRPcX^]PbcWT_Pach
with the investigation. and began to scold the boy. probe in the case and again Sources said as many as CPhhTQP7XiQd[<dYPW Mohammad, which is almost ?=BQ =4F34;78 BcPcT_aTbXST]cPbcPcT\T]c
The court noted that the Alerted by the crowd and recorded the boy’s statement 250 to 300 terrorists from XSTT]P]S9PXbWT entirely made up of foreign
chargesheet against both the the commotion surrounding it, that remained unchanged. Lashkar-e-Tayyeba (LeT), mercenaries. The Jaish terrorists rime Minister Narendra
accused under IPC Section 305
(abetment to suicide) had
the accused teacher brought the
two boys into the school and
With the chargesheet already
filed on March 14 this year and
Hizbul Mujahideen and Jaish-
e-Mohammed have been short-
are considered to be “stronger”
than the local youths who com-
P Modi on Wednesday will
interact with farmers via video
already been filed. Besides, the took them to the principal. the ACJM (Additional Chief listed by the Intelligence and 8]cT[[XVT]RTP]SbTRdaXch prise the Lashkar and Hizbul. conferencing to flag his ?300[^]V_Pca^]^UcWT
petitioners apprehended that Their diaries were taken away Judicial Magistrate) court in security agencies for Operation PVT]RXTbU^a>_TaPcX^] The security agency offi- Government’s major schemes
the case against them was moti- and parents were asked to Lucknow issuing summons, All-Out in parts of the region. 0[[>dcX]cWTaTVX^] cials said the highly-volatile aimed at boosting their
vated since the deceased stu- report to school. The boy the accused moved the “The prime locations of Shopian and Pulwama districts income, and also address farm ;W^d]VdPbcWTBcPcT_aTbXST]c
dent was the son of a high rank- feared expulsion. Lucknow Bench of the terrorist activities were mapped planning and Intelligence-gath- in South Kashmir continued to sector issues. ^UcWT_PachCWTBcPcT4SdRPcX^]
ing police officer in the State. Meanwhile, as his parents Allahabad high court for pro- during the Ramzan ceasefire. ering,” sources added. contribute more youth to the The interaction with farm- <X]XbcTaRP\TX]c^cWTb_^c[XVWc
Appearing for the accused, were late to arrive, the accused tection from arrest and quash- Intelligence agencies have car- Sources added as part of its terrorists groups which includ- ers will be the sixth such inter- X]<PaRWcWXbhTPafWT]WT
senior advocate Sanjay Hegde teacher dropped him home ing of charge sheet. On May 22, ried out a secret district-wise new strategy, Pakistan-based ISI ed outfits like ISIS-Kashmir action that began on the eve of ST[XeTaTSWXbb_TTRWX]7X]SXX]
and advocate Ajay Singh point- where minutes later, he shot the high court dismissed the survey to identify terrorist has asked the LeT and the and Ansar Ghazwat-ul-Hind, a Modi Government completing
ed out that the role of the himself dead with his father’s petition following which the hideouts. This strategic opera- Hizbul Mujahideen to focus group which claims support of four years in office. “The inter-
accused is not established nor service revolver. duo approached the apex court. tion is based on meticulous on North Kashmir, while leav- the al-Qaeda. action will provide an oppor-
tunity to hear directly from the 8=3800BBDA4BBD??>AC

farmers. Initiatives related to
doubling farmers’ income will 0VaXRd[cdaTP]S5Pa\Tab³
also be discussed,” a statement FT[UPaTAPSWP<^WP]BX]VW
issued by Prime Minister’s \TcWXb=T_P[TbTR^d]cTa_Pac
Office said. 2WPZaP?P]X:WP]P[<X]XbcTaU^a

The interaction will be 0VaXRd[cdaT;P]S<P]PVT\T]c
broadcast directly by Krishi P]S2^^_TaPcXeTbX]cWT]PcX^]P[
Vigyan Kendra’s, Common 2P_XcP[P]SPbbdaTSWX\^U
Ser vice Centres (CSC), 8]SXP³bbd__^acc^UdacWTa

Doordarshan, DD Kissan and =T_P[³bPVaXRd[cdaTbTRc^aBX]VW
Aakashvaani from all over the bPXSQ^cWR^d]caXTbPaT[PaVT[h
country, it said. PVaPaXP]P]SPVaXRd[cdaTWPb
“People will also be able to QTT]XST]cXUXTSQhcWTcf^bXSTb
interact with the Prime PbP]X\_^acP]cPaTP^UQX[PcTaP[
Minister through Narendra R^^_TaPcX^]U^afWXRWfTPaT
?=BQ =4F34;78 founder Steve Jobs, the Modi App,” the statement said. R^\\XccTSc^bd__^ac=T_P[
Minister added, “Great things In the previous interac- CWT0VaXRd[cdaT<X]XbcTaP[b^
ailway Minister Piyush in business are never done by tions, the Prime Minister had
R Goyal on Tuesday said that
India will become a “net zero”
one person. Industry partici-
pation is as much important in
heard beneficiaries of free
cooking gas (LPG) scheme,
carbon emitter by 2030. our mission as to make Indian financial inclusion initiative, Qh8]SXPX]=T_P[WPbP[b^QTT]
Speaking at an event — ‘The Railways the newest, finest and ?aTbXST]cAP\=PcW:^eX]SfXcW6aTTZR^d]cTa_Pac?a^Z^_Xb?Pe[^_^d[^bP]ScWTXaaTb_TRcXeTb_^dbTbSdaX]VPBcPcT1P]`dTcPc?aTbXST]cXP[<P]bX^]X]0cWT]b6aTTRT start-up entrepreneurs, health UX]P[XbTS
Rail Contact 2018’, Goyal said safest railways in the world.” ^]<^]SPh ?C8 scheme and Digital India.
that the national transporter Sharing the scale of mod-

was going green in a big way. ernisation and transformation
“With the current action Indian Railways has been
plans on anvil for 100 per cent able to achieve, the Minister
electrification, coupled with said, “We have been able to

renewable strategies, Indian ramp up track renewal to 476
Railways will become a net zero km every month.”
carbon emitter by 2030. “In the last 64 years, freight
However, it is always a team loading has increased by 1,344
which needs to work in part- per cent in Indian Railways.
nership, with a collective effort Passenger travel in terms of ?=BQ =4F34;78 to wrest the post. Some of point of time of their receipt ?C8Q 0<0A0E0C8
of working towards a common kilometres has increased 1,642 Opposition parties are of the and included in the <hR^]cX]dPcX^]PbPSeXbTa
goal,” he said at an event organ- per cent. The total investments he process for election of view that the post should go to List of Business for the day, on ust a fortnight before his bW^d[S]^cRPbcSPaZR[^dSb
ised by the Confederation
of Indian Industry (CII) in
in 2013-14 in the capital infra-
structure of the railways was
T the Deputy Chairman of
the House was set in motion on
a non-BJP, non-Congress party
leader and some of them are in
which the election has been
J tenure was supposed to end,
Defence Minister Nirmala
collaboration with the slated for about C46,000 crore, Tuesday with Rajya touch with with the Congress As per the procedure pre- Sitharaman’s husband PVPX]bccWT2T]caTU^acWT
Railway Board. which is now made C1,41,000 Sabha Chairman and Vice- for its support scribed in Sub-Rules 2, 3 and Parakala Prabhakar on Tuesday BcPcTbaXVWcb
Quoting Apple Inc. Co- crore for this year,” he said. President M Venkaiah Naidu to the proposal. 4 of the Rule 7 of the Rules of resigned from the post of ?0A0:0;0?A0170:0A
holding talks on the issue with The Rajya Sabha Deputy Procedure, any member may Adviser (Communications)
the Parliamentar y Chairman’s post falls vacant on give notice in writing addressed to the Government of Opposition parties, includ- of the Opposition leader,”
Affairs Minister. July 2 on the expiry of the to the Secretary General, before Andhra Pradesh. ing the YSR Congress, had Prabhakar said.
Sources said the Rajya tenure of incumbent PJ Kurien noon on the day before the “My continuation as questioned the Chief Ministers “When I broached the
Sabha Chairman called as a member of the Upper election date, of a motion that Advisor should not cast dark sincerity in his fight with the issue with you last night, you
Minister of Parliamentary House a day before. another member may be cho- clouds on your sincerity in the Centre over the special cate- rejected my move. But my
Affairs Ananth Kumar and As per Rule 7(1) of the sen as deputy chairman, the fight against the Centre for the gory status and other issues conscience strongly made me
discussed the polling proce- Rules of Procedure and sources said. States rights. The Government’s with Prabhakar continuing as decide to quit, against your
dures and various precedents Conduct of Business in the This notice shall be accom- credibility also should not suf- Government advisor. wishes. Please accept my res-
regarding the election of Council of States, the panied by a statement by the fer because of me,” Prabhakar “I was pained that even the ignation forthwith,” Prabhakar
Deputy Chairman. Chairman of Rajya Sabha member whose name is pro- said in his two-page resignation Leader of Opposition YS added.
Rajya Sabha Secretary will fix the date of election posed in the notice that he is letter forwarded to the Chief Jaganmohan Reddy sought to Prabhakar was appointed
General Desh Dipak Verma which is to be informed to willing to serve as deputy chair- Minister Chandrababdu Naidu cast aspersions on you because Adviser (Communications) in
was also present during the every member. man, if elected. on Tuesday afternoon. of me. Attributing political July 2014 for two-year term.
deliberations. As per the election sched- Kurien was elected as Prabhakar, as adviser, was motives and accusing you of His tenure was later extended
Hectic deliberations are on ule, notices for the election deputy chairman of Rajya in effect the Chief Public resorting to behind the screen for two more years and it was
APX[fPh<X]XbcTa?XhdbW6^hP[PccWT³APX[2^]cPRc! '´X]=Tf3T[WX^]CdTbSPh ?C8
among the Opposition parties received are arranged in order Sabha on August 21, 2012. Relations Officer to the CM. deals only expose the mindset supposed to end on July 4.

?=BQ =4F34;78 that is the path of yoga, he said. wherein hundreds of people
Just two days left for the D- including representatives from
ountries across the globe, day, the country is already in various Yoga associations,
C as also big and small cities
in India are gearing up to |
the grip of the yoga fervor. State
Governments as well as NGOs
friendship societies,
film personalities, school chil-
celebrate this year’s UN engaged in the sector are leav- dren and officials of the
International Day of Yoga on ing no stone unturned to make embassy and their family mem-
June 21, the fourth in the series the day successful by ensuring bers took part in the camp with
even as Prime Minister maximum participation. enthusiasm.
Narendra Modi exhorted the For instance, Brahma A large number of people
common man to make yoga a Kumaris Organisation will hold led by Indian High
lifestyle since “it makes mass yoga event at Red Fort Commissioner Gautam
people better individuals in Ground, Delhi wherein over Bambawale in Indian Embassy
thought, action, knowledge 50,000 yoga enthusiasts from in Pakistan performed various
and devotion.” Delhi and NCR including asanas while in China, thou-
Ahead of the D-day, Modi, women personnel from various sands of Chinese Yoga enthu-
who will lead a massive mass Central Armed Police Forces siasts performed asanas in
yoga event in Dehradun in such as CRPF, CISF, BSF, ITBP 5X[T_W^c^ Wenzhou which became
Uttarakhand said in a video etc will participate. They will be the sixth city in the
message posted on his Twitter led by 102-year-old Rajyogini National Security Guards gramme to mark the day. Communist nation to host the
handle recently that yoga is not Dadi Janki, Global Chief of (NSG) which have lined up Hundreds of yoga enthusiasts celebrations.
just a set of exercises that Brahma Kumaris. Yoga competitions and training participated in the yoga event Ministries have come up
keeps the body fit, it is a “pass- Similarly, if in the extreme camps for the event. at historic monuments of the with innovative ideas to pro-
port” to health assurance and South, volunteers from Isha At Ahmedabad’s Sardar US, including the Capitol Hill mote the event. While the
a key to fitness and wellness. Foundation will teach Upa Patel Stadium, more than while in New York, people mobile app ‘Yoga Locator’, has
He equated yoga as one of Yoga to prisoners of the 16 pris- BXV]Q^PaSbU^aF^a[SH^VP3PhPaTbTT]PcAPXbX]PA^PSX]=Tf3T[WX^]CdTbSPh ?C8 10,000 people from various gathered at the Governors been launched by Ayush
the most precious gifts given by ons across Tamil Nadu, then walks of life are expected to Island in the backdrop of the Ministry, giving details of
the ancient Indian sages to Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev will Col Omender K Pawar, scaled In the national Capital, authorities for participation of take part in the State-level iconic Statue of Liberty and the ongoing yoga activities in sur-
humankind. “Yoga is not only impart yoga skills to Army per- the mighty Mt Bhagirathi II yoga demonstration will be 1,000 CAPF personnel. Master yoga event organised jointly by Manhattan skyline to partici- rounding areas, the Union
what you practise in the morn- sonnel guarding the Siachen and set a world record for per- held by NDMC at Rajpath trainers trained at the Morarji the State Government and pate in the Yoga Day com- Ministry of Women and Child
ing. Doing your day-to-day glacier in Ladakh region of forming yoga at an altitude of with CISF being the nodal Desai National Institute of Baba Ramdev’s Patanjali memoration organised by the Development has launched
activities with diligence and Jammu & Kashmir. 19,022 ft. The expedition that force for Central Armed Police Yoga (MDNIY) will be leading Yogpeeth. World over too, the Consulate General of India “#YogaFor9to5”, a contest to
complete awareness is a form of Not keen to leave behind in was done in May-June 2018 Forces (CAPFs) of said func- the CAPFs — Border Security enthusiasm for the yoga event In neighbouring Nepal, the generate awareness on the ben-
yoga as well,” he said. Free from the race, an all women’s team was to celebrate the tion. The paramilitary force will Force (BSF), Central Reserve is visible as nations have Embassy of India organised a efits of yoga at workplace for
illness, a path to wellness — of Indian Army officers, under International Day of Yoga. coordinate with concerned Police Force (CRPF) and already kicked off a host of pro- yoga camp in Kathmandu women.
=4F34;78kF43=4B30H k9D=4!! ' ]PcX^]%

:7DAB7443F0=8Q BA8=060A

ammu & Kashmir Chief

state. She said PDP under the
then patron Late Mufti
Mohammad Sayeed entered
tively and ensured failure of
unilateral ceasefire. She said
peoples' comfort and relief was %-3WDNHVILUVWVWHSV
Minister and Peoples into unpopular alliance after the premise and conviction to
Party president much thought. She said the go for “unilateral ceasefire”.
Mehbooba Mufti submitted alliance was stitched with the She said PDP will contin-
her resignation after BJP notion that the big party at ue to profess and practice heal-

announced to pull out from the Centre will help bridging gaps ing touch policy with practical
three-year-old alliance. between the Kashmir & Jammu measures so that dialogue and
She said that her regions. reconciliatory process could
Government worked relent- Interestingly, in the chaot- take out the J&K out of politi-
lessly to implement the Agenda ic press conference, Mehboba cal and socio economic morass.
of Alliance (AoA) that was did not divuge details of the Mehbooba called for national level that BJP is play-
stitched as a preamble for the sudden development and why refraining from adopting mus- <>78C:0=370A8Q 90<<D ing second fiddle in the alliance
coalition Government. she was caught off guards. cular policy in J&K. She said govt and allowing Mehbooba
Conceding that the alliance was She said PDP stood in this will not work in Kashmir y 'swiftly' walking out of the Mufti to push her party's 'kash-
unpopular she said her late
father's decision to embrace the
alliance for the dialogue, uni-
lateral ceasefire and making
while favouring dialogue with
Pakistan and the separatists to
B alliance Government head-
ed by Mehbooba Mufti for
mir' centric agenda at the cost
of annoying their own core
BJP in 2014 was taken to sin- sure the Prime Minister has an bring lasting peace and recon- over last three years in Jammu constituency across Jammu
cerely bring about the sce- open route to talk to Pakistan. ciliation in the State. She said and Kashmir Bharatiya Janta region.
nario in the State wherein gaps Mehbooba talked about PDP dealt with Kathua rape Party (BJP) finally taken its first The Kathua rape-murder
between the two regions in the PDP's achievements as a lead and murder case in an appro- steps towards 'scripting' its case and the manner in which
State would be bridged in the partner in the coalition govern- priate and desired manner. election strategy for the 2019 it was handled by the state govt
overall interests of people. ment. She said PDP worked hard Mehbooba said she sub- Lok Sabha polls. had also triggered war of words
Addressing a press con- to safeguard the J&K's Special mitted her resignation to the Despite having divergent among the alliance partners.
ference at her official resi- Status under Article 370 & 35 A. Governor and conveyed him views on many issues ( includ- BJP was forced to remove two
dence in Srinagar shortly after She said PDP ensured with- that PDP was not looking to ing Abrogation of Art 370, of its sitting cabinet ministers
submitting her resignation to drawal of 11,000 cases against explore any other alliance. continuation of Article 35-A) under pressure from the Chief
Governor NN Vohra, first time young offenders who She said PDP suffered on both the alliance partners ini- Minister.
Mehbooba unambiguously were involved in stone pelting in leader Burhan Wani. counter militant operations in much relief to the common ground in the State on account tially dragged on and faced few On the other hand instead
vouched for reconciliatory 2016 uprising triggered by the Mehbooba said that the lat- Ramadan” was outcome of people though other side (mil- of stitching unpopular alliance litmus tests but things became of paying attention to the con-
approach to deal with the J&K killing of Hizbul Mujahideen est “decision of suspension of PDP's efforts that brought itants) did not respond posi- with BJP. worse for the BJP when cerns raised by the BJP minis-
Mehbooba Mufti started bat- ters over poor implementation

9V:;S_]Uce^TUb7efbe\UYdgY\\ 19?b9:\^eTPQXS
ting for giving Amnesty to the of Prime Ministers recon-
first time stone pelters in struction and development
Kashmir valley. package Mehbooba further
Poor report card of the adopted aggressive approach

RUV_bdXU(dXdY]UY^$TUSQTUc c^bPeTXcbT[UUa^\
alliance Government on work towards holding 'sustained'
front also created piquant sit- dialogue process involving all
uation for the central leader- the stakeholders much to the
ship as BJP failed to implement chagrin of her alliance part-

?C8Q BA8=060A gation of the Governor's rule for 105 days and ended as the was the longest spell of its developmental agenda to its ners.
on January 8, 2016 after allies- National Conference founder Governor's Rule -- six years and satisfaction. She further created more
ammu & Kashmir has come - PDP and BJP-- deferred the returned to power in the 264 days -- which ended in Some of the big ticket devel- trouble for the BJP when she
under Governor's rule on Government formation process Assembly polls. October 1996 after National opmental projects announced demanded fresh review of sur-
occasions before in the
last four decades and an eighth
till the end of the four-day
mourning period.
Governor's rule was
imposed for the second time in
Conference returned to power
in Assembly elections held after
?C8Q <D<108
5^dahTPa^[S for Jammu region remain non
starter even after the passage of
render cum Rehabilitation pol-
icy for surrendered militants and
spell looks imminent with the Invoking Section 92 of the March 1986 after state a gap of nine-and-a-half years. n a day the BJP pulled out 19?ad[TPccWT 4 years. These included AIIMS, also proposed a substantial hike.
collapse of the PDP-BJP
alliance on Tuesday.
Constitution of Jammu and
Kashmir, Vohra promulgated
Congress -- again headed by
Sayeed -- withdrew support to
Six years later, Governor's
rule had to be imposed in the
O of the Mehbooba Mufti
Government in Jammu and 2T]caTP]ScWT SMART CITY, New Medical
colleges, etc.
Recently when she bar-
gained hard in support of
Also, if such a scenario Governor's rule after approval the minority Government of state for the fourth time in Kashmir, the NCP said the saf- cWaTThTPa^[S BJP's dwindling populari- announcing ' unilateral cease-
emerges with prospects of a
new Government unlikely it
by President
Pranab Ghulam Mohammad Shah.
Shah became the Chief
October 2002 after caretaker
Chief Minister Farooq
fron party took the decision in
a bid to “save” itself from the R^P[XcX^]^UcWT ty chart across Jammu region
started bothering the central
fire' during the month of
Ramzan she really tested the
will be for the fourth time that
the state will be placed under
It was the seventh time
Governor's rule was promul-
Minister after he led a rebellion
with National Conference
Abdullah refused to continue in
the office in the wake of his
“governance failures” of the
last three years.
19?P]S?3? party leadership around the
same time.
nerves of the party's central
central rule during N N Vohra's gated in the State since against his brother-in-law and party's defeat in the assembly The BJP on Tuesday quit X]9:WPb BJP's National General As the decision backfired
tenure as Governor. Vohra, a
former civil servant, became
Independence, the first being in
March 1977. The central rule
then incumbent Chief Minister
Farooq Abdullah in 1984.
elections that year. The 2002
Assembly polls threw up a
the Mufti Government, saying
it has become impossible to
QTT]P]dccTa Secretary Ram Madhav, who
had played key role in prepar-
and the central govt decided
against extending the ceasefire
the Governor on June 25, 2008. came to an end after Mehbooba This 246-day spell ended hung assembly with no party in continue in power in view of UPX[daT ing 'Agenda of Alliance' had PDP expressed its 'unhappi-
The BJP pulled out of its Mufti was sworn in as the after Farooq Abdullah entered a position to form a the growing radicalism and started gathering feedback ness' over the move. At this
alliance with the PDP, saying it Chief Minister on April 4, 2016. into an accord of his own with Government on its own. terrorism in J&K. from ground zero during his juncture the decision was taken
has become impossible to con- Governor's rule was the then prime minister Rajiv Sayeed, whose regional “The four-year-old BJP equally responsible for the con- regular review meetings with to severe ties with the PDP as
tinue in the Government in imposed for the first time on Gandhi PDP had won 16 seats, nego- rule at the Centre and the ditions prevailing in the border party legislators/ ministers party was not ready to give her
view of the growing radicalism March 26, 1977 during the The third time Governor's tiated an alliance with the three-year-old coalition of the state,” he said. and organisation secretary in a long rope.
and terrorism in the state. tenure of Governor L K Jha rule was imposed in January Congress and dozen-odd inde- BJP and PDP in J&K has been Maharashtra Congress the state. Based on the feed- The BJP had won 25
Ironically, late PDP chief after state Congress -- then 1990 when Farooq Abdullah pendents to form the an utter failure. The BJP's deci- president and former Chief back party top brass went Assembly seats across Jammu
Mufti Mohammad Sayeed, the headed by Sayeed -- withdrew resigned as the chief minister Government, ending the 15- sion to pull out (of the coalition Minister Ashok Chavan tweet- ahead and replaced deputy region in 2014 polls and in less
father of incumbent Chief support to the minority over the appointment of day direct Central rule on Government in J&K) is a bid to ed,” BJP is trying to run away chief minister and also intro- than three years time the party
Minister Mehbooba Mufti and Government of Sheikh Jagmohan as the Governor fol- March 1, when Sayeed was save itself from the governance from responsibility by with- duced young faces in the state was finding itself on a loose
her predecessor, was an impor- Mohammad Abdullah of lowing eruption of militancy in sworn in as the Chief Minister. failures of the last three years,” drawing support to PDP in cabinet in the last week of wicket.
tant player in the political devel- National Conference. Sheikh the state. It was the shortest spell of alleged NCP national J&K. April 2018. By walking out, the BJP
opments of the State that led to had come to the power fol- Sayeed was the Union Governor's rule -- 15 days -- as spokesman Nawab Malik. Both parties together have The party leadership was hopes to resurrect its image in
the imposition of central rule on lowing an accord with then Home Minister at that time and the PDP and Congress with Addressing reporters, he ruined the chances of resort- faced with the biggest challenge the eyes of the electorate and
the previous seven occasions. prime minister Indira Gandhi had brushed aside Farooq support of 12 independents said the BJP cannot absolve ing peace and tranquility in the on how to change the growing can go to the masses to reclaim
Mufti Sayeed's death was in 1975. Abdullah's opposition to formed a government on itself from the prevailing situ- valley and in the state as a perception among the masses its 'lost ground' atleast in
the cause for the last promul- The Governor's rule lasted Jagmohan's appointment. This November 2. ation in Kashmir. “The party is whole”. both at the state and the Jammu.

3'3%-3FRDOLWLRQZDVDQ 4]SX]V?3?P[[XP]RTfT[[cW^dVWc)9:19?
?C8Q =0B78:<070

he BJP on Tuesday said

that the decision to pull
soft approach towards mili-
tants, Pakistan and separatists
were hurting the nationalistic
sentiments not only in Jammu
nificant when it comes to
national interest. The party
has always maintained the pol-
icy of 'nation first', he added.
integrity of the country, Sethi
said.According to him, now is
the time for an all-out war
against militants and their sup-

snag in an ATM of Axis

8cfPbTg_TRcTS the PDP-BJP coalition was
destined to break as it was an
Mir said.
He said the BJP was more
out from the PDP-led
Government in Jammu and
and Kashmir but across the
country .
He said Mehbooba Mufti's
party had underestimated the
porters and give them no place
to hide and run.
A Bank here led to some c^QaTPZUa^\ “unholy” alliance. responsible for the situation in Kashmir is a well-thought one “It is well thought decision resolve of the BJP thinking that Sethi noted that the BJP
customers receiving five times
the money they had sought to SPh^]T “ This was an unholy
alliance and it was expected to
the state than the PDP and the
national party carried more
as continuation of the alliance
would have been against
in the given circumstances as
continuation of the alliance
the PDP will always have its
ways in all matters.
joined the Government with a
firm belief that the coalition
withdraw. At least two cus- break from day one. They weight in the coalition. national interest. would have been against A message has been sent to will work for the people and
tomers of the bank received five ?C8Q BA8=060A had betrayed the people of the “The BJP had a big man- Chief spokesperson of national interest,” he told it and all forces inimical to provide honest and responsive
times the amount they had state and supporters of the date at national level but they J&K BJP Sunil Sethi said the reporters here. national interest that there is Government.
entered in the interface of the ammu and Kashmir respective parties. They were policy less when it came insistence of the PDP for Sethi said that the BJP has strong resolve of the nation to But it was highly unfor-
ATM, situated in Vijay Nagar
in CIDCO area, last night, a
Pradesh C ongress
on Tuesday said
sought votes on opposing
agendas,” PCC President G A
to Jammu and Kashmir,” he
extension of the period of
suspension of operations and
proved to one and all that for
it staying in power is not sig-
stay together and be ready for
any sacrifice for the unity and
tunate that our partner was
always against taking strong
bank official said.

^VVed`WWZTZR]d =^3=0cTbcc^ >fPXbXbTTb\dRWVaTPcTaaT_aTbbX^]X]:PbW\Xa
More than Rs 2 lakh were
_a^eTSTRPSTb^[S D ?C8Q 7H34A0103

escribing as “very unfor-


withdrawn from the ATM tunate” the end of the
before the malfunctioning alliance between BJP and PDP PccT\_cU^aP
came to light, said assistant
manager Praveen Bhise of Axis
<`]\ReR in Jammu and Kashmir,
AIMIM president Asaduddin
Bank.After fresh cash was ?=BQ :>;:0C0 ?C8Q :>278 with him but with her para- Owaisi on Tuesday said it ^dc[X]T^UcWTXa
loaded in the ATM yesterday mour. would lead to imposition of
afternoon, a debit card holder BI Special Director Rakesh A DNA test cannot be The man had then moved governor's rule and it is a pre- PVT]SPCW^dVW
who sought to withdraw Rs
1,000 received Rs 5,000.
C Asthana on Tuesday held a
meeting with senior CBI offi-
ordered as a shortcut to estab-
lish adultery a woman may
the family court for divorce and
sought its directive for con-
lude to “more repression”.
“This is a very unfortu-
Another customer, Amol cials investigating the multi- have committed decades ago, ducting a DNA test of his chil- nate step which will lead to Q^cWcWT_PacXTb
Golait, received Rs 20,000 crore chit fund cases in Kolkata. the Kerala High Court has dren. He moved the high court imposition of Governor's rule. PVaTTSc^]^cP
instead of Rs 4,000. The top CBI officer who was in ruled, rejecting a 77-year-old in appeal after the family court I am of the opinion that this is
Golait informed the bank, Kolkata to take stalk of the man's plea for divorce from his rejected his plea. a prelude to more greater bX]V[TbcT_fPb
after which Bhise rushed to the Sharada, Narada and Rose wife aged 68. “When the children are repression,” he told reporters cPZT]c^Ud[UX[fWPc
ATM and alerted Ambad Valley cases was likely to meet A division bench of the major, surely they cannot be here. fPb_a^\XbTSX]
police too. theinvestigating officers on High Court here held that had compelled to give blood sam- PDP and BJP had an agen- cWTXaPVT]SP^U
Police reached the spot Wednesday. the paternity of children been ples in a civil proceeding where da of alliance but no step was P[[XP]RT²
and stopped customers from While the ruling Trinamool under dispute, the DNA test they were not parties. taken to implement it, the
further withdrawing cash, Congress a number of whose might have been the “only safe “The case projected by the Hyderabad MP charged. also agreed that this is an ceasefire, he said BJP would cowardly defence that our part-
Bhise said. leaders were currently being method”, but it was not so in petitioner seems to be that if “BJP, as a partner in alliance between north pole have to explain to the people ner was not listening to us...,”
The bank will probe the probed in the multiple scams the case. the DNA test proves that the Government, made no serious and south pole. The people of why it was announced in a he said.
malfunctioning, and also promptly linked Asthana’s visit “In the case of three major petitioner is not the biological attempt for a dialogue either the nation wants to know what hurry and called off. On Madhav's reported
check, from the CCTV footage to the approaching election children, after the passage of a father of the said three children, by indicating a bare outline of happened to this so-called Asked whether he stood comments that his party was
and card usage data, who else year CBI sources said the top long time, the DNA test cannot the corollary is that the wife their agenda. Though they meeting of north pole and with the government on the forced to pull out of the coali-
received extra cash and recov- officer’s visit was necessitated be used as a short cut to estab- committed infidelity and there had an agenda of alliance south pole,” he said. issue of ceasefire and whether tion because internal security
er the excess money from such ahead of the deadline before lish infidelity that might have is adultery,” the court noted. which both the parties agreed Coming down heavily on it should be extended, the MP was being compromised,
card-holders, he added. which a detailed report would occurred decades ago,” justices The court said even an order to to, not a single step was taken the BJP, he said it cannot run said he was with the people of Owaisi claimed the “BJP is run-
In a statement, an Axis have to be submitted in the V Chitambaresh and K P undergo the DNA test may to fulfil what was promised in away from 'failure' to provide the country and Kashmir. ning away” as all operations
Bank spokesperson said, “The Calcutta High Court. Jothindranath said in a recent have its own effect on the rep- their agenda of alliance,” he governance and stopping cross- He also said BJP cannot were conducted with the con-
incident was an isolated one The CBI is currently prob- judgement. utation of the children. It is also said. border terrorism and attacks on blame the PDP for alleged sent of the Centre.Describing
resulting from an operational ing about 400 chit fund cases The petitioner had alleged to be considered that they are Owaisi said he felt sorry for army camps. non-performance. the recent killing of journalist
error by the concerned cash including the C2,500 crore that his wife had told him in major children born during the the people of Kashmir and Owaisi said he felt BJP “His (BJP general secretary Shujaat Bukhari as a “monu-
replenishment agency (CRA). Sharada chit fund scam. All the front of the man, with whom existence of a valid marriage not for PDP which “brought took the decision to pull out of Ram Madhav) own party min- mental tragedy”, he said it was
The matter has been rectified scams took place inBengal, she was in an adulterous rela- and are not a party to the orig- upon this great political disas- the coalition as the party knew isters and deputy CM were being “exploited to fulfil a pol-
and there is no loss either to the Odisha, Assam, Tripura and tionship, that the three children inal proceeding, the court ter for itself ”. it was losing ground in Jammu. there. BJP cannot hide behind icy which was started two years
customer or the bank.” some other States. born in the wedlock were not added. “The PDP said and the BJP Replying to a query on or cannot put forward this ago”.
=4F34;78kF43=4B30H k9D=4!! ' ]PcX^]&
19??3?38E>A24 3V_XR]4`_X
C=A067D=0C70Q <D<108 Exhibition centre here, Uddhav
said: “We shall overcome all
dent said: “I look forward to go
in for direct enrolment of
B0D60AB4=6D?C0Q :>;:0C0
aying backhanded compli- challenges coming our way members for the party. I do not lready down in the dol- :4BCDAE0BD:8Q 14=60;DAD on such issues should be dis-
P ment to the ruling BJP for its
decision to withdraw its support
and install our Chief Minister
in the state. I am not for
want membership enrollment
on the basis of missed calls, as
A drums in Bengal, the
Congress seems to befighting he incessant monsoon rain
cussed in the Parliament as per
the Constitution. Hence I
to the PDP-led Government in
Jammu & Kashmir, Shiv Sena
unfurling the saffron flag mere-
ly for the lust for power. I don’t
it happens in the case of the
BJP. I also do not approve of the
two pairs of horns of dilemma
in the State, insiders say.
T in the Cauvery basin has
made Karnataka Chief
have appealed to the Prime
Minister Narendra Modi in
president Uddhav Thackeray on want install any Chief Minister “Sampark Se Samarthan” pro- While on one hand a great Minister HD Kumaraswamy, the NITI Ayog meeting as well
Tuesday wondered as to why who has lust for power. I need gramme launched by the BJP. number of PCC leaders have who is running a fragile coali- as during my interaction with
did it take its senior ruling for the sake of power”. Let’s launch a `search for truth” voted against any kind of elec- tion with the Congress in the him to bring the subject in the
alliance partner three-long years Maintaining that the Sena campaign to counter the toral alliance with an “over- State, to be more vocal on the Parliament for discussion, he
to realise that the Mehbooba was prepared to take any kind “Sampark Se Samarthan” pro- bearing” Trinamool Congress contentious issue. After meet- added.
Mufti Government was “inca- Jammu and Kashmir, Uddhav of opposition in the polls, gramme and expose truth on the other as separate lobby ing the Prime Minister in He also assured the farm-
pable” of handling the situation said: “The ceasefire did not Uddhav said: “Electoral victories behind claims of achievements has demanded changes in PCC New Delhi Kumaraswamy said ers that his collation govern-
in the Valley. serve any purpose. In fact, cease- never made us arrogant. Nor did made by the BJP”. leadership. in a meet the press programme ment was committed to ease
Addressing his party work- fire contributed to the spurt in defeats unsettle us. On the con- Alluding to news reports This includes the demand organised by Bengaluru Press Board formation of which was the loan burden of the farmers.
ers at the Sena’s 52nd formation terror acts. During the ceasefire trary, we have faced many chal- about the sighting of a round for removing State party Club and Bengaluru Reporters already notified in the Gazette However the farmer’s suicides
day function at the Mumbai period, many innocent people lenges in the past. We have “Unidentified Flying Object” President Adhir Chowdhury. Guild here on Tuesday the by the Union Government. in the state have continued
Exhibition Centre at Goregaon were killed. Similarly, many sol- learnt to face all kinds of chal- hovering over the Prime Incidentally Chowdhury a State will not defy the direc- "The Board has been given unabated affecting the image of
in North Mumbai, Uddhav said: diers sacrificed their lives. lenges. This time around, we Minister Narendra Modi’s res- veteran MP from Murshidabad tions given by the Supreme power to measure the water the government. To instill con-
“How come that the BJP did not Terrorism has no religion. That shall blunt all kinds of chal- idence on New Delhi’s Lok leads the pack of leaders who Court regarding formation of level in the reservoirs of fidence in the farming com-
realise for three-long years that being the case, why did the rul- lenges and capture in the state. Kalyan Marg on June 7 briefly, are against joining hands with Cauvery Management Board Cauvery basin every 10 days munity he assured the farmers
the Mehbooba Mufti ing BJP announce ceasefire dur- For the purpose, I need the full Uddhav said: “When does the Mamata Banerjee as “the Chief by the Centre. once and to submit report. It that his government was work-
Government was incapable of ing Ramzan?”. cooperation of all the Shiv Prime Minister live in his New Minister has nearly dismantled He said "We have no inten- has been authorised to direct ing on a scientific formula to
handling the situation in Jammu With his party still firm on Sainiks”. “Before unfurling saf- Delhi residence?. He has com- the Bengal Congress and gob- tion to violate the Apex Court crops to be grown according to ensure that the waiver did not
and Kashmir? I congratulate the going it alone in the forth- fron flag in the Lok Sabha and pleted touring all the counties bled it up ever since she came direction, but our demand is availability of water. These are impact the state's financial
BJP for its decision to withdraw coming Lok Sabha and Assembly polls, I appeal to you across the globe. He will go on to power in 2011.” that the Board should be not acceptable for the State as resources. He said the state had
its support to the J & K Assembly elections, Uddhav to register saffron colour in the a tour of other planets. He has The same group is more formed in a Scientific manner it is our right to utilise the water a robust resource mobilisation
Government. I dare the BJP to expressed confidence that his hearts and minds of the people,” completed four years in office interested to tow a pro-Left and it should be first discussed according to our needs and system that had been appreci-
take its initiative ahead and party would overcome all chal- Uddhav told his party workers uttering lies to the people. Front line in the 2019 general in both the Houses of the farmers are very well aware ated all over. Any measure
crush Pakistan in the same lenges posed by its rivals and who had come to the function Even if he were to other plan- elections. “After all the Parliament before taking final about what crops they should taken should ensure that the
manner”. capture power in the state “for from various parts of the state. ets, he would lie there as well. Congress benefited a great deal decision on responsibilities of be grow with the water avail- state fiscal responsibility act is
Slamming the Modi the sake of people”. Announcing the Sena’s It is nothing surprising because from an alliance with the Left the Board". able," he said. not violated. He said he would
Government’s decision to Addressing his party work- plan to launch a campaign to that Modi ensured the BJP’s in 2016 State elections as we Kumaraswamy said that "Moreover, water sharing is in a couple of days convene a
impose “unilateral ceasefire” ers at the Sena’s 52nd formation counter the BJP’s “Sampark Se victory in the 2014 Lok Sabha became the principal opposi- there are several shortcom- an Inter-State issue and before meeting of bankers to discuss
during the month of Ramzan in day function at the Mumbai Samarthan”, the Sena presi- polls through lies”. tion party.” ings in the powers given to the the Centre takes any decision the waiver issue.


URFNV0DWKXUD Y^E@X_dU\Y^VUb^_ dXbUQdWUd`_\YSU <Q\YdQbU`_bdcd_
?=BQ ;D2:=>F been registered in this connec-
tion by them and further inves-
?=BQ ;D2:=>F

ive persons, including a

and carrying out the rescue
operation. Senior officials
including ADG Lucknow
cUSebYdiY^;UbQ\Q TediQcS_`<Q\Yd
I n a sensational triple murder
in Mathura, a former gram
tigations are on. Reports said
that villagers of Nagla Bharau
F woman and a one-and-a-
half-year-old girl, were killed
Zone Rajeev Krishna, IG
Lucknow Sujeet Pandey, DG
EA90H0A09Q :>278 mitting this is that all these
personnel are being paid with C=A067D=0C70Q <D<108) Mumbai. She was discharged
pradhan along with two others hamlet of Raya in Mathura were while above a dozen suffered Fire Praveen Kumar and SSP enior Congress leader PP the tax-payers’ money,” a for- from the hospital on June 12.
were found dead in Raya local-
ity of the district early on
shocked when they found
Sunder Singh Jat (45), and
burns in a fierce fire that
engulfed two hotels (close
Lucknow Deepak Kumar
reached the scene to oversee
S Thankachan, presently con-
vener of the party-led
mer Superintendent of Police
from central Kerala. “It is N early a month after
undergoing a sex reas-
Lalit, now a male consta-
ble, will undergo the second
Tuesday . Some unknown per- Bhawar Singh Jat (60) and for- together) in Naka police sta- the ongoing rescue work. Opposition UDF, is facing no necessary to provide person- signment surgery (SRS) at the part of the sex change surgery
sons sprayed them bullet some- mer pradhan of the village Satya tion area early in the morning Chief Minister UP Yogi serious security threat but two al security to a Minister. But State-run St George’s Hospital after six months.
time in the night and escaped. Prakash Jat (65), lying in pool of on Tuesday. Adityanath announced ex gra- officers from the State police why should former ministers here, the erstwhile 29-year-old During the first stage of
Local police reached the spot blood on Tuesday morning. Four bikes and two cars tia compensation of C2 lakh force have reportedly been get it when they are facing no female police constable Lalita surgery, the doctors carried
and sent both the bodies for While Satya Prakash body was were also gutted in the fire. each to the family of the providing round-the-clock security threat?” he asked. Kumari Salve on Tuesday out some internal corrections
post-mortem examination. They found lying in the fields, the The incident exposed fire and deceased and C50,000 each to security for him for the past The former official said reported to duty as Lalit that would facilitate Lalita to
suspected some enmity behind other two were found dead out- police department prompt- the families of those suffered four years. However, that these leaders, including Kumar Salve in Maharashtra's urinate like a man. The sec-
the mysterious killing. A case has side their home. ness in reaching to the scene burns in the mishap. Thankachan is not the only former Union minister, had Beed district. ond stage of surgery will
leader in Kerala to get round- been availing this special ser- Dressed smartly in khakhi involve constructing male gen-

the-clock security service of vice for the past several years uniform and a blue beret, a italia.
police officers in this way. in violation of the rules confident Lalit Salve reported Lalita’s was the first such
As per reports based on regarding appointment of per- to Senior Inspector of Police “complex and ultra-sensitive”
an official assessment, hun- sonal staff. “They are appoint- Raju Talekar, head of the sex change surgery conducted
dreds of personnel of the ed for personal security, but Majalgaon police station in on an adult person, at the St
:D<0A274;;0??0=Q purchased jointly by them at But on Monday, the Kerala Police have been even the Government is well Beed district in Marathwada George’s Hospital.
274==08 a cost of 5.35 lakh Pound Department of Income Tax deployed for the personal aware about what most of region of Maharashtra. Lalita’s dream of turning
Sterling at Cambridge in through its counsel filed a security of political leaders, them are actually doing at the Erstwhile Lalita’s is the into a man four years after
he case filed by the Income Britain. But Nalini and others petition asking the court to former ministers and reli- leaders’ houses,” he said. first case of a sex-change she was recruited as a police
T Tax Department against
Nalini Chidambaram (the
had questioned the compe-
tence of the sanctioning
review the June 12 order. The
petition filed by the Centre and
gious and community leaders.
The system of providing per-
Thankachan was provided
with the round-the-clock ser-
surgery in the police history of
the country.
constable in Beed district of
Maharashtra in May 2010. In
lawyer wife of former Union authority and demanded the the Principal Director of sonal security by the police to vices of two police officers by Talking to media persons a local private laboratory
Finance Minister P Department of Income Tax to Income Tax (Investigation) such leaders has already trig- the former Congress-led UDF after reporting to duty, Lalit test done on her on August
Chidambaram), son Karti furnish the copies of the said that the sanction orders gered a controversy in the government in which Ramesh said: "It’s like a new birth for 9, 2014, she was diagnosed
Chidambaram and daughter- administrative orders through have been filed before the context of the raging row over Chennithala, presently the me. My life has changed after with the presence of male
in-law Srinidhi Karti which the prosecution was Chief Metropolitan Magistrate the use of police personnel Opposition leader, was Home my sex change surgery. It’s a big genes in the karyotyping G-
Chidambaram under the launched against them. Court at Egmore where a com- and Camp Followers in the minister on the ground that he day for me and my family…..I Banding Peripheral blood.
Black Money (Undisclosed that a case has been lodged The first Division Bench of plaint too has been lodged force as house servants by top was facing threat from Maoists cannot describe the feelings… The tests revealed that she
Foreign Income and Assets) before the Chief Metropolitan Chief Justice Indira Banerjee under the Black Money Act police officials,. in connection with a stone I am confident now...I will now genetically mate with XY
Imposition of Tax Act of 2015 Magistrate Court in Egmore and Justice P T Asha in their 2015. “The family members of Though these police per- quarry owned by his son. be getting a new cap meant for chromosomes.
(known as Black Money Act against Nalini, Karti and order dated June 12 had asked the former finance minister sonnel have been deployed at However, the matter has male constables". On June 23, 2016, Lalita
2015) took an interesting turn Srinidhi under the Black the Income Tax Department to could obtain the documents the houses of such leaders in now under criticism as On May 25, Lalita Kumari once again underwent a test in
on Monday with the former Money Act 2015 and they furnish the copies of the orders from the court after summons the name of security duty, in Thankachan presently is not underwent the first stage of the medical department of
approaching the Madras High could get the documents from passed by the department offi- were issued to them in accor- most cases they are allegedly attending any official assign- her much-discussed sex reas- the Sir Grant Medical Hospital
Court with a plea to quash the the same court once they are cials sanctioning prosecution dance with the code of being used by them in viola- ments outside because of signment surgery (SRS) at the in Mumbai which suggested
June 12 order asking the summoned by the court as per against Nalini, Karti and Criminal Procedure ,” said the tion of all the relevant rules. health problems. He has not St. George’s Hospital in “her” to be a male person.
department to provide the the Criminal Procedure Code. Srinidhi. petition filed by the Centre. In many cases, the police offi- been participating in UDF
Chidambaram family with the The IT Department had Though the additional The petition also stated cers deployed so are said to be meetings these days. The pre-
copies of the orders sanction- sanctioned prosecution of solicitor general G Rajagopalan that the Income Tax happy to remain in that sent CPI(M)-led LDF
ing prosecution against them. Nalini Chidambaram, Karti had told the court that this may Department would be preju- assignment because of the Government has not so far
In a review petition filed by and Srinidhi under the Black become a precedent for others, diced if the family members are personal advantages it brings. thought of withdrawing the
the Centre and the Department Money Act 2015 for not dis- the Court pointed out that the given copies of sanction order “What the Government security cover given to
of Income Tax, it was stated closing details of a property case was not being stayed. in advance. does not consider while per- Thankachan.


?=BQ ?0C=0 lation and consumption, and the team of doctors from a

cology has become one of the

natural world. Since capitalist
production couldn’t fully take
A leading charitable hospital
in the city saved the life of a 12-
E central fields of Marxism
today in this era of globalisation
into account complex dimen-
sions of the social and natural
month-old child by removing
a 2-inch long earring stuck in
due to the destructive side of cap- metabolism, it destroyed nature, her windpipe, through a bron-
italist production such as degra- annihilated the possibilities of co- choscopy.
dation of forests, global warm- evolution of humans and nature As she turned one year on
ing, disrupting of nitrogen cycle and even threatened human civ- Thursday last, Khushi Soni
and extinction of species. This ilization, he added. had caused panic within her
was stated by Prof Kohei Saito of Comparing Marx with family, by swallowing a 2 inch
the Osaka State University, Japan Che Guevara, Roberto Massari, long earring with a pointed
on Tuesday at the international president of International Che end. The earring, struck in her
conference of Karl Marx being Guevara Foundation, Italy, said windpipe, resulted in breathing
organised by the Asian Che was never intoxicated with problems for the child.
Development Research Institute power. Massari traced the jour- Her parents initially took
(ADRI). Tuesday was the fourth ney of Che from medicine to Khushi to a paediatrician who
day of the five-day conference on communism as he realised that prescribed her some medi-
Marx’s bicentenary. the problems of Latin American cines, but these failed to give
Delivering his lecture on people could be solved only relief. She was later admitted to
‘Marx and Engels: the intellec- through a revolution. When a government where the doc-
tual relationship revisited from Che was the Minister of indus- tors failed to remove the ear-
an ecological perspective’, Saito tries in the Cuban Government, ring embedded in her throat.
said Western Marxism never he visited factories and lived After condition turned
developed a Marxist critique of with workers to understand critical, Khushi was admitted
ecology because of less than a their problems. to a private hospital and was
clear perception of intellectu- Massari said Che was a later moved to Bai Jerbai
al relationship between Marx harsh critic of the New Wadia Hospital for Children,
and Angeles. Economic Policy of the Soviet where the doctors on Saturday
According to Saito, Marx Union and his book on the sub- last performed a
was very much conscious of the ject was kept secret till 2006. Bronchoscopy and
danger of serious global disrup- Che maintained that “we can- successfully removed the ear-
tion in the inter-dependent not advocate violence against ring from her throat within
processes between ‘social metab- those who speak against us”, minutes within minutes of
olism’, that is production, circu- Massari added. her admission.
=4F34;78kF43=4B30H k9D=4!! ' ^_X]X^]'


V 8cbTT\b2WX]PP]S8]SXP\PhR^WPQXcX]=T_P[fXcWcWTPSeP]cPVTb[^f[haTcda]X]V

7 fPbPbZTSc^X]P]TgRT[[T]cUPbWX^]CWTSXbX]VT]dXch^UWXb_da_^acTS[hX]U^a
VTbcX^]RP\TUa^\°b^\T8]SXP]UaXT]Sb±fPbbd_TaQ[hS^]T1TRPdbT1TXYX]VZ]^fb 0B7>:
cWPcd][XZT^]XcbbXST^UcWT<R<^WP];X]TfWTaTP]PQb^[dcXbcbcPcTad[Tb^]cWXb <>69E2
bcaPcTVXRR^\\d]Xch^]fWPcR^]bcXcdcTb^da]PcX^]P[X]cTaTbc8]STTSTeT]XcbSTUX he mood of optimism in Nepal
T is palpable. The grand old party,
Nepali Congress has been
severely marginalised after its
election debacle.
Leftists/Communists are in an unassailable

majority at local, provincial and federal tiers

which is unprecedented in terms of polit-
]X]VS^f]^UcWT8]S^DBP[[XP]RTHTb3^]P[S ical superiority and stability. With India and
China both welcoming this development,
Cad\_Xb]^cTeTahQ^ShbRd_^UcTPPTbcWTc it was difficult to locate anyone but the
XRP[[hP]ShTbcWTaTPaTRWP]VTb^RRdaaX]VX] intrepid pessimist to predict any man-made
cWTVT^_^[XcXRP[b_WTaTPbFPbWX]Vc^]a^[[b^dc adverse contingency. Goodbye to uncer-
b^\T aPcWTa _a^cTRcX^]Xbc _^[XRXTb cWPc PaT tainty and instability. Welcome to develop-
X\_PRcX]Vf^a[ScaPST1dcWTbS^X]VfWPc ment, happiness and prosperity of the New
Nepal which is reflected by the deluge of
WTS^TbQTbcfWXRWXb_dccX]V0\TaXRP5Xabc tourists, mainly Indians and Chinese inun-
=Tf3T[WXf^d[SQTfT[[PSeXbTSc^a^[[fXcW dating five star hotel and casinos. Here is
XcfWX[TPRR^aSX]VXcb^f]X]cTaTbcb_aX\PRh my Nepal June diary.
B^^UR^dabTfT\dbc]TV^cXPcTWPaS^]cWT Political stability is assured with the
caPSTUa^]c^]cTRW]^[^VhcaP]bUTa^]cPaXUUb wily Upendra Yadav-led Federal Socialist
Forum (Nepal) joining the Government —
P]STeT]^]7 1eXbPbXUcWPcXb_a^SdRcXeT and also grabbing the deputy Prime
1dccWTQ^cc^\[X]TWPbc^QTd__X]VcWTbcaPcTVXR_Pac]TabWX_QTcfTT]cWTcf^]PcX^]b Mminister’s post — giving the ruling
c^cWT]Tgc[TeT[P[^]VfXcWS^X]VcWTbP\TeXbveXb ^da4da^_TP]D]X^]bcaPcTVXR Nepali Communist Party a two-thirds
_Pac]Ta5aP]RT0SSXcX^]P[[hcWT9P_P]DB0dbcaP[XP8]SXP`dPSaX[PcTaP[RP]]^cR^] majority with 190 of 275 seats. There is a
cX]dTc^QTcaTPcTSX]cWTT_Xb^SXR\P]]TacWPc=Tf3T[WXWPbQTT]^eTacWT_PbcSTRPST tripartite agreement between Prime
Minister KP Oli, co-chairman of
3Xcc^8]SXPbT]VPVT\T]cfXcW0B40=P]S?PRXUXRAX\8]SXP]>RTP]\PaXcX\TbcaPc Communist Party of Nepal (NCP) and
TVh>daaT[PcX^]bWX_fXcWAdbbXP\dbcQTZT_cX]_[Ph^UR^dabTP]SXcWPbXcbdbTb Maoist supremo Prachanda and Yadav to nently Prachanda’s line and agenda of fed- ic coup with a well-stitched operation start- tion of the Left alliance, the answer one got
U^aQ^cWbXSTb1dcfTWPeTaTPRWTSPcda]X]VT^_^[XcXRbfWTaTcWTaT[PcX^]bWX_WPb positively address Madhesi and indigenous eralism, secularism, inclusion and repub- ing with the Koshiyari mission to Thailand was that China believed that Nepal is still
caP]bU^a\TSUa^\P]P[[fTPcWTabcaPcTVXR^]Tc^P\^aTcaP]bPRcX^]P[QX[PcTaP[^]T community demands of citizenship, lan- licanism achieved through the combination to meet Oli, Sushma Swaraj’s swoop on in India’s sphere of influence. Consequently
guage, inclusiveness and boundaries, but of bullet and ballot ie people’s war and the Kathmandu and Modi’s energetic working it has repeatedly advised Nepal to have
VXeT]<^bR^fbRWP]VTSbcaPcTVXRX]cTaTbcbfXcWcWTaXbT^U2WX]PP]ScWTT\TaVX]V without any timeline. The Rashtriya Janata peace process brokered by India. The the phone lines. Modi’s return visit, his third good relations with India (the Wuhan
BX]^AdbbXP]P[[XP]RTPVPX]bccWTDBFTbcBX\X[Pa[h8]SXPbT]VPVT\T]cfXcW8aP] Party (Nepal) another Madhesi party with unwritten power sharing agreement to Nepal, was seen as a politically motivat- effect?). Nepali leaders still talk about
P]ScWTBd]]XFTbc0bXP]]PcX^]bfWX[TdbTUd[c^cPZTcWTTSVT^UU?PZXbcP]b8b[P\Xbc 17 lawmakers may also join the between Oli and Prachanda of two and a ed pilgrimage to benefit his party’s election unique relations with India — geography
]PaaPcXeTXbP[X\XcTS^dcR^\TT]STPe^daX]bcaPcTVXRcTa\bFWPc=Tf3T[WX]TTSb Government shortly though its General half years each as Prime Minister is not in prospects in Karnataka. Anti-India senti- to language to open border and so on. Oli’s
c^U^Rdb^]daVT]c[hXbPR^\QX]PcX^]^UcWTPQ^eT\T]cX^]TSaT[PcX^]bWX_QdX[SX]V Secretary Chanda Chaudhary says the the public domain. At present, Prachanda ments prevails. Protests and black balloons China visit started yesterday is mainly to
Government is not serious about and Oli are co-chairmen of the party were prevented but social media was very ensure implementation of the Ten Point
\PcaXg^UfWXRWR[^bTcXTbfXcWcWTDBWPeTc^aTP[XbcXRP[[hQTcWTQTSa^RZ5^aTeT] Constitutional amendments. That leaves though Prachanda is urging Oli to focus on active: #blockade was crime: Welcome to Agreement he signed with China in 2016
VXeT]cWTRWP]VX]VV[^QP[_^fTaSh]P\XRbcWTDBXbbcX[[cWT^][hbd_Ta_^fTaX]c^f] the leadership-deficient and the fractured running the Government while he takes Nepal but we have not forgotten the after the blockade.
P]SCad\_bTT\bSTcTa\X]TSc^ZTT_WXbR^d]cahb_^fTacaPYTRc^ahV^X]V]^acW NC out in the cold. care of the party. Oli is reluctant to oblige. blockade. Modi, the master orator should China has not opened the Tatopani
>daR[TPaP]S_aTbT]cR^]RTa]bQ^cWX]cTa\b^UbTRdaXchP]STR^]^\XRXbbdTbXb2WX]P Power-sharing and merger of NCP: NCP’s general convention is to be held in have creatively expressed regret and won route — old Kodari-Kathmandu road —
P]SXcbR[XT]cbcPcT^U?PZXbcP]1TXYX]Vbd]SXbVdXbTSP\QXcX^]c^QTaTR^V]XbTSPb There are souls in former United Marxist two years after which this issue will be over millions of Nepalese but he has not after the earthquake. It is being pushed by
Leninist and Maoist parties unhappy with resolved. Asked what could go wrong with learnt to say sorry even at home. People said Nepal to concretised Belt-and-Road
cWTaTVX^]P[WTVT\^]P]ScWT]bRP[Td_c^QTR^\X]VPf^a[S_^fTafWXRWaXeP[bcWT their merge. The Left Alliance is now the the new party, a top Maoist leader quipped: the perception is that India is not as seri- Initiative (BRI) and connectivity. The
DBX]aTPRWP]SWTUc\TP]bcWPc8]SXPfX[[P[fPhbQTT]bTT]QhXcP[TbbTa^ad]T`dP[ NCP minus Karl Marx, Lenin and Mao on “We just got married and you are already ous as China about its development agen- Chinese appear to be interested in a South
_Pac]TaX]cWPcTUU^acCWTbdVVTbcTScaXP]Vd[PcX^]^UcWT8]SXP2WX]P?PZXbcP]aT[P the common letterhead. Karl Marx’s 100th talking of divorce. We will complete our da in Nepal. Delivery is erratic and quali- Asia corridor like China–Pakistan
cX^]bWX_bW^d[SQTbTT]U^afWPcXcXb¯\^aTPbcaP]Vd[PcX^]^U8]SXPFT\dbcPbbXS birthday was jointly celebrated with creative term of five years and many more.” tatively deficient. The new monitoring Economic Corridor (CPEC) in Pakistan
d^db[hXV]^aTcWTe^XRTbfWXRWdaVTdbX]c^P2WX]TbTT\QaPRT wordology like scientific socialism etc. The Budget: The C1,315 billion budget has mechanism (first report by September 19) through Nepal to India where the markets
NCP (Revolutionary) led by Mohan Baidya set an ambitious target of eight per cent eco- will allay these fears. lie. They are also keen to promote
has said the present NCP are pseudo nomic growth with focus on the develop- Military relations: The Nepal Army Buddhism, making Lumbini its Mecca.

Communists. The underground Netra ment of physical infrastructure, energy, Chief General Rajendra Chhetri, who is an This will generate strategic and cultural
Bikram Chand faction which indulged in tourism and agriculture and resources pro- honorary General of the Indian Army was gains for Beijing.
violence during elections and the recent vided for newly created provincial in India to review the Passing Out Parade Post script: India’s recalibration of the
Modi visit has forced its former Maoist Governments which are facing enormous in Indian Military Academy (IMA) Nepal policy is designed to make amends
comrade Home Minister Ram Bahadur teething troubles. It plans to raise the power Dehradun on June 9. Nepal owes India and ensure its red lines are not breached.
,QGLDQVWXGHQWVKDYHEHHQWUHDWHGUDWKHU Thapa to launch police action against their
armed wing. Another breakaway Maoist,
generation from the present 830 MW to
15,000 MW by 2035. Despite the political
more than two billion rupees for arms and
equipment purchased. It wants India to
Politics is unpredictable. It seems China
and India may cohabit in Nepal with the
VQHZYLVDUXOHV former Prime Minister Baburam Bhattarai,
famous for broadening roads in
stability targets of growth, prosperity and
happiness will not be easy to achieve in a
write off the amount, change the arms sup-
ply mechanism from 60:40 grant and pay-
advantage slowly returning to New Delhi
provided it performs to delete excesses
Kathmandu is the only lawmaker of his country where imports are 85 per cent and ment to annual military aid. The bonding from the blockade including the anti-

Naya Shakti Party. An integrated and exports 15 per cent and 1500 youth leave between the two armies is the strategic India feeling.
VaPcX^]R^d]caXTbfW^f^d[S`dP[XUhU^aeXbPb\^aTTPbX[hXb[XZT[hc^T]Sd_Pb comprehensive NCP manifesto which has the country every day due to joblessness. umbilical cord of bilateral relations. (The writer is a retired Major General
PbT[UV^P[U^acWPcR^d]cahFWX[T8]SXP]bcdST]cbfX[[RTacPX][hQTSXbR^daPVTS a few lines on Unified Marxist-Leninist India: A pro-China Oli not breaking China: To the question why Oli was of the Indian Army and founder member of
(UML) mentor Madan Bhandari’s slogan the traditional ‘first India visit’ by a Prime not invited for a state visit to Beijing first, the Defence Planning Staff, currently the
Ua^\P__[hX]VU^aPS\XbbX^]c^D:d]XeTabXcXTb¯\P]h^UfWXRWST_T]S^]cWTXa people’s democracy recognises more promi- Minister is regarded as an Indian diplomat- when it played a major role in the forma- revamped Integrated Defence Staff)
T]cTS8]SXP]bcdST]cbQdcXbQ^d]Sc^WPeTR^]bT`dT]RTbcWPcf^d[SX\_PRc8]S^ B>D=318C4 ;4CC4ABC>C74438C>A
1aXcXbWQX[PcTaP[cXTb8cXbPRcdP[[h`dXcTPbc^]XbWX]VcWPccWTCWTaTbP<Ph6^eTa]\T]c debate; they should be leading a
`_\YdYSc/5fUbiR_Ti Sir — United Nations Human
5Rc\VdeY`fc`W carefree life.
Let the children go free.
Dennis Fitzgerald
Rights Commission’s report on
human rights violations in Kashmir
and POK (Pakistan Occupied
:_UZR_UV^`TcRTj CQ\edUd_Z_eb^Q\Ycdc

Pb2WX]PBTaQXPP]S1PWaPX]Pb[^faXbZU^aX\\XVaPcX^]Qdc]^ccW^bTUa^\8]SXP WXbaTUTabc^cWTPacXR[T°CWT4\TaVT]Rh)7Ta^TbP]SeX[[PX]b±9d]T

Kashmir) is in some ways indica-
8UX]STTS_^bc1aTgXcX\\XVaPcX^]R^]ca^[fPbcWTPX\;^]S^]XbV^X]Vc^[TPa]c^ tive of the failure of India’s foreign (Qh0BdahP?aPZPbWCWP]ZbU^acWTaT\X]STaCWXbaT\X]Sbdb
XcbR^bccWPcWXVW[h`dP[XUXTS8]SXP]bcdST]cb 2:@=
=@ policy. The report seems to be ^UcWTTaP^Ub[PePah^U8]ST_T]ST]c8]SXP Sir — This refers to the editori-
±FQbe^ directly linked to the efforts that 0 ]Tf VT]TaPcX^] WPb R^\T d_ bX]RT cWT SaTPSUd[ SPhb ^U al, “Fight to the finish” (June 16).
PaTUPa[Tbb[XZT[hc^bcPhQPRZX[[TVP[[hcWP]^cW 7Q^TXY Pakistan has made in the past in the °4\TaVT]Rh±P]ScWXb]TfVT]TaPcX^]¯P[\^bc#c^$_TaRT]c^U In bringing out Rising Kashmir
TabVXeT]cWTc^dVWT\_[^h\T]c^dc[^^ZX]cWT form of written communication to cWT_^_d[PcX^]WPb]^XSTP^UW^fUaXVWcUd[cWT (&$4\TaVT]Rh_TaX the day after its Editor Shujaat
D:P]STeT]fWT]cWThS^PaT[XZT[hc^X]cT 3XY^QcbXUd_bYS the United Nations to put India in ^SfPbP]SW^fR[^bT8]SXPWPSR^\Tc^cWT_aTRX_XRTU^aUP[[X]VX]c^ Bukhari was assassinated, as
VaPcT\dRW\dRWQTccTacWP]cWT1PWaPX]Xb CUQYcc_R\QdQ^d\i a tight corner. ²SXRcPc^abWX_³cWPcR^d[SWPeT[PbcTSU^aSTRPSTb usual and without break, in the
^a2WX]TbTPb<Phb^f]_PachWPbPRZ]^f[ Unless India articulates its CWTcX\TWPbR^\Tc^d]R^eTacWTcP[Tb^UWTa^TbfW^bcadVV[TS face of the great tragedy that
position on Kashmir and paints a c^aPXbTcWTbd]^U8]ST_T]ST]RTPVPX]^]cWTW^aXi^]^U8]SXP*cWTcP[Tb befell them, the journalistic staff
clear and explicit picture to the fWXRWPaTd]c^[SQdc\dbcQTc^[Sc^TeTah8]SXP]_PcaX^c of the Kashmir-based newspaper
United Nations that Pakistan is in 8]RaTSXQ[h]^cWX]VWPbRWP]VTSX]cWT2^]VaTbb8cXbPUXTUS^\X] did make their ‘friend and guide’
UXcc^aT\^eTcWTeXbPRP_U^a8]SXP]S^Rc^ab g_b\TYc^d illegitimate occupation of fWXRWTeT]cWTbT]X^a\T\QTabSPaT]^cRaXcXRXbTcWTR^]UdbTSP]S^UcT] proud. They did not let untold
P]S]dabTbP]S^]cWT^cWTa8]SXP]bcdST]cb ReiY^WYd Kashmir, India’s position may not X]R^WTaT]c_aTbXST]c^UcWT_PachAPWd[6P]SWX grief get the better of them.
¯b^\T^UfW^\f^d[SSTUX]XcT[hQTbcdSh appear convincing. 8UcWTaTbd[cb^UaTRT]c:Pa]PcPZPT[TRcX^]bPaTP]hX]SXRPc^ab8]SXP Instead, they thought of the best
EC\\Qg]Q[Ub Devendra Khurana RP]bcX[[b[XSTQPRZc^cW^bTW^_T[TbbcX\Tb6^SU^aQXS manner in which they could
X]V\TSXRX]T¯WPeTQTT]Sd\_TSP[^]VfXcW Bhopal :aXbWP] pay tribute to Bukhari and
cW^bTUa^\fPac^a]d]ST\^RaPcXRP]SPQb^ EXPfTQ realised that Rising Kashmir, his
[dcXbcaTVX\TbPbX\\XVaPcX^]aXbZb>UR^dabT 1bdQ^TQbdYcdUcUhYcd first love, should see the light of
cWTD:WPbPb^eTaTXV]aXVWcc^STRXSTXcb_^[XRXTb^]X\\XVaPcX^]^eTabTPbTSdRP day despite his absence.
cX^]TcP[1dcXc\dbc_aT_PaTU^aPQPRZ[PbWPbcWT\^eTWPbadUU[TSUTPcWTab]^cYdbc Q^TR_e^TQbYUc9dXY^[ Shujaat Bukhari had to pay with
dXUbUQbU_^\iQVUg^Qb Sir — Finally, a positive comment his life for his role as an independent
P\^]VcWTbcdST]cR^\\d]XchQdcX]cWT8]SXP]TbcPQ[XbW\T]cPbfT[[CWTaTXbP[b^ from the Trump family about the journalist and for his moderate
]^ad]]X]VPfPhUa^\cWTUPRccWPccWTD:³bTR^]^\XRbXcdPcX^]Xb_aTcchUaPVX[TfXcW b_g]Y^TUT`U_`\UgX_
immigrant issue, although it’s a views. With the little time and
\^bc^UcWT_a^V]^bXbV[^^\hCWT_a^[^]VTS^]V^X]V1aTgXc]TV^cXPcX^]bWPeTST[Xe pity that it’s not from the one in resources they had, they made the
TaTSPUdacWTaQ[^fc^cWTP[aTPShRPbWbcaP__TSTR^]^\h0SSc^cWXbUXVdaTbbdV charge. Comments from Melania paper roll off the presses in time. It
VTbccWPcX]cTa]PcX^]P[[hbcdST]cbR^]caXQdcT!$QX[[X^]PhTPac^cWTD:³bTR^]^\h 1Sd_b
Trump about how she hates to was an affirmation of their resolve
±@QbUcXBQgQ\ see immigrant families get bro- to stand for what the senior journal-
0]SPbXV]XUXRP]c_a^_^acX^]^UcWPcR^\TbUa^\8]SXP]]PcX^]P[b2P]1aXcPX]cWTaT ken up comes at an appropriate ist stood for so fearlessly and carry
U^aTPUU^aSc^VTcP]VbchfXcW8]SXP]bcdST]cbTeT]XUb^\T^UcWT\PaT^]P^]T >_gdXUUS_^_]iXQc time. There are reports of hun- forward his legacy. Rising Kashmir
fPhcXRZTcc^cWTD:.CWTcaTPc\T]c\TcTS^dcc^bcdST]cbXb[XZT[hc^WPeTP]TVP S_]U_ed_VdX_cUY^XUbY dreds of children being detained. reminded us that “we have
cXeTX\_PRcP\^]V8]SXP]T]caT_aT]TdabWXVW[hbZX[[TSf^aZTabP]STeT]b^\Tc^daXbcb dQ^SUYcceUc>_]_bU This will do little to deter peo- promises to keep and miles to
cX_e\TdXUiRUecUTQc ple trying to get across the bor- go.” They made the point that the
X]cTaTbcTSX]b_T]SX]V\^]ThX]cWTD:CWTX\_PRc^UPb\Pac\TSXPRP\_PXV]Qh Q^UhSecUV_bQ^idXY^W der even though the ‘other side’ “flow of information and com-
bPhcWTR^\_TcXcXeT0dbcaP[XP]TSdRPcX^]bTRc^a_[PhX]V^]cWT_TaRTXeTSWd\X[XPcX^] GXQdUfUbXQ``U^c^_g is no longer seen as the land of ment provided by a free Press”
^U8]SXP]]PcX^]P[bX]_[PRX]VcWT\^]PWXVWaXbZX\\XVaPcX^][Xbcf^d[SQTX]cTaTbc YcdXUW_fUb^]U^dc_g^ the free. cannot be stopped by an assas-
X]VCWTD:bSTRXbX^]WPbR^\TPcPcX\TfWT]cWTR^d]cahXbf^aZX]V^]RWPacX]V T_Y^WS_] Apparently there is a push for sin’s bullets.
P_^bc1aTgXcUdcdaT^dcbXSTcWT4da^_TP]D]X^]b^f^aZX]Vc^fPaSbPR^]eTaVT]RT `\UdU\i a ‘get tough’ approach although G David Milton
surely anyone who gets tough Kanyakumari
^UX]cTaTbcbP]SbT]bXcXeXcXTbfXcWXcb_^cT]cXP[_Pac]TabX]R[dSX]V8]SXPfWXRWX]eTbcb >9D91
F3 with children isn’t doing the
\^aTX]cWTD:cWP]X]cWT4D^dVWcc^WPeTQTT]P_aX^aXch0bXcbcP]Sb;^]S^] ±BQZYf right thing. Children should not BT]Shh^daUUTTSQPRZcc^)
bTT\bc^cWX]ZXcRP]VTcPfPhfXcW^dcS^X]Vb^ ;e]Qb be the playthings of a political [TccTabc^_X^]TTa/V\PX[R^\
=4F34;78kF43=4B30H k9D=4!! ' "aSThT(
B^\T8]SXP]UaXT]SbbdVVTbcTScWPc8]SXP FT´eTbTT]aT_^acb^]R^\\T]cb\PSTQhcWT
°2WX]TbTP\QPbbPS^ac^8]SXP °<40b_^ZTb_Tab^] 6^eTa]\T]cbPRa^bbcWTf^a[SPaTT\QaPRX]VSXVXcP[
;D>I70>7D8 A0E44B7:D<0A P]Sb^RXP[\TSXPcTRW]^[^VXTbP]SdbX]VcWTbTU^a

:__`gReZ`_Z_WR^Z]jSfdZ_VddVd =
_T[[X]V _W^c^ ^U :Pada
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fXcW P _^^a f^\P]
APPZP\\P[ TPa]TS WX\ =0E=44C
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2^\\XbbX^]Ta ^U APY^daX
CP]ZTab_aTbbTSX]c^PRcX^]U^a $;PZW[XcaTSPhbd__[hX]bRPaRT
78<0 PS\X]XbcaPc^abPaTX]RaTPbX]V[hT\QaPRX]Vb^RXP[\TSXPc^QaX]V
3:?5F<@E2 Ta]P]RT¯Pbb^\T^UcWTbTTgP\_[TbST\^]bcaPcT
raditionally, world over, it _^^aQhP2^[[TRc^aRP]caXVVTad]_aTRTST]cTSR^\_PbbX^]8]

T has been observed that

family businesses are the
mainstay of an economy,
generating long-term
employment and contributing to
nation-building by adding to its gross
development product (GDP).
Although many family businesses are aTP[cX\TP]SfXcW^dcP]h\TSXPcX^]fWPcb^TeTa^UcWTTabcfWX[T
still small and medium enterprises, QdaTPdRaPcXRP__PaPcdb6^eTa]\T]cbPRa^bbcWTf^a[SPaTfPZ
some have grown exponentially and X]Vd_c^cWXb]TfaTP[XchP]ScWTb\PacTa^]TbPaTaTPRcX]VUPbcTa
transformed themselves from small ATRT]c[hcWTDccPa?aPSTbW6^eTa]\T]cQa^dVWcc^VTcWTa
shops round the corner to large pub- ^eTa &$ZTh^UUXRXP[bUa^\$%ST_Pac\T]cbX];dRZ]^fU^aP
licly listed organisations. cf^SPh^aXT]cPcX^]_a^VaP\\T^]W^fc^[TeTaPVTcWT_^fTa
In fact around 30 per cent of S&P ^Ub^RXP[\TSXPU^a_a^_PVPcX]V6^eTa]\T]cb_^[XRXTbP]S_a^
500 companies, two-fifth of the 250 VaP\\TbC^P\_[XUhcWT6^eTa]\T]cbX]cT]cP]STgW^ac^UUX
largest firms in Germany and France RXP[b c^ T\QaPRT cWXb Sh]P\XR _[PcU^a\ Tg_TSXcX^db[h DccPa
and more than two-thirds of large ?aPSTbW2WXTU<X]XbcTaH^VX0SXchP]PcWWX\bT[UPSSaTbbTScWT
organisations in East Asia and Latin _PacXRX_P]cb
America are family businesses, where H^VXbPXSb^RXP[\TSXPWPbQTR^\TbXV]XUXRP]cX]fPZT^U
the important decisions are con- b^PaX]VPb_XaPcX^]b^U_T^_[TP]SW^fc^^[b[XZT5PRTQ^^ZP]S
trolled by family members. In US CfXccTa_a^eXSTS^__^acd]XcXTbU^a6^eTa]\T]cPVT]RXTbc^bTP\
alone, there are 5.5 million family [Tbb[hR^]]TRcP]SR^\\d]XRPcTfXcW_T^_[T°8cXbP[b^PeXcP[
businesses, creating jobs for 63 per c^^[c^R^d]cTa]TVPcXeXchP]S_a^_PVP]SP±bPXSH^VX0SXchP]PcW
cent of the workforce and in turn fWX[T PSeXbX]V ^UUXRXP[b c^ °P__aTRXPcT cWT Va^fX]V _^fTa ^U
contributing 57 per cent to the GDP \^QX[T_W^]TbP]SdbTXcc^aTPRW^dcc^cWT_T^_[TPccWT[Pbc
of the country. According to the EY \X[T±CWT2WXTU<X]XbcTaP[b^[Pd]RWTSPd]X`dTb^RXP[\TSXP
report, the top 10 family businesses WdQcWPcbWP[[PRcPbPRT]caP[XbTS_[PcU^a\U^aPcf^fPhR^\
generated approximately $1,298.3 \d]XRPcX^]fXcW_T^_[TPSSaTbbX]VcWTXaVaXTeP]RTb
billion of North America’s GDP of CWXbRTacPX][hXbPfT[R^\TRWP]VTP]SWPbT]^a\^dbX\_[X
$19.6 trillion in 2015 and employed across generations, longevity of the It is interesting to note that, world- tion of foreign income as a proxy for RPcX^]bQ^cWU^aV^eTa]P]RTP]SRXcXiT]bR^]UXST]RTFWX[TcWTaT
more than 3.6 million people. UK is business and succession issues are the top wide, the size of the firms that innovate internationalisation and found that PaT\P]hbdRRTbbUd[Tg_TaX\T]cbcWPcPaTd]STafPhPRa^bbcWT
not far behind with more than three priorities of family businesses and, vary according to industry. In US, the family businesses are more innovative f^a[S^]X]cTVaPcX]VdbT^Ub^RXP[\TSXPX]V^eTa]P]RT^]T^U
million family businesses providing hence, innovation becomes very impor- degree of innovation is higher for small- and internationalised when compared cWTQTbcRPbTbcdSXTbX]8]SXPXbcWPc^UcWT<X]Xbcah^UAPX[fPhb
9.4 million jobs and generating 25 tant to survive, grow and remain com- 0;C7>D6750<8;H er firms in manufacturing and comput- to non-family businesses. Resource- CWT<X]XbcahdbTbP!#g&fPcRW^]RXcXiT]bR^\_[PX]cbP]SP
per cent of GDP. petitive. In addition, integration of local er modem industry whereas in Spain, dependency framework explains this aTb^[dcX^]Xb^UcT]^UUTaTSfXcWX]W^dab5^aPR^d]cahcWPcb]^c
Family businesses are also deep- markets with global markets and the 1DB8=4BB4B0A4 larger firms innovate more in the engi- phenomenon and suggests that family _PacXRd[Pa[hZ]^f]U^aPaTb_^]bXeTQdaTPdRaPRhcWXbRTacPX][h
rooted in Asian cultures with Japan
having the oldest family business in
continuous quest for sustainable growth
are making family businesses innovate.
8<?>AC0=C neering industry. With a number of
firms leaving their domestic markets and
businesses are entrepreneurial in nature
which makes them more innovative.
the world, presently run by the 40th In this era of globalisation, it is all the 2>=CA81DC>ABC> offering their products and services to Further, to probe into the question =TT[ZP]cWCXfPaXTRW^TScWXbfWT]WTaTXcTaPcTScWTbXV]XUXRP]RT
generation. This region also boasts
of a high concentration of family
more difficult for organisations to main-
tain their competitive advantage and any C746A>FC7BC>AH international markets and, in some
cases, setting up their manufacturing
as to what type of family businesses inno-
vate and internationalise more, the \^]RXcXiT]b7TWXVW[XVWcTSW^fcWTbT_[PcU^a\bRP]bTaeTPb
businesses at about 85 per cent.
These family businesses contribute
firm has a competitive advantage if it is
able to create economic value.
>50=H=0C8>=8=C74 bases there, internationalisation is also
an equally important strategic decision.
impact of age and the size of family busi-
nesses on these variables was studied and
RP] QT dbTS c^ Rdbc^\XbT QTccTa ST[XeTah ?aX]RX_P[ BTRaTcPah
34 per cent to the Asian GDP by The digital revolution has erased the 8=380=2>=C4GC It offers firms with new markets, it was also found that within the fami- 0fP]XbW:d\Pa0fPbcWXaTXcTaPcTS6^eTa]\T]cbR^\\Xc\T]c
employing 57 per cent of the work-
force. Two-thirds of India’s GDP and
traditional borders, and organisations
and customers are omnipresent. 50<8;H1DB8=4BB4B new sourcing and production bases, in
addition to cheap labour, saving up to
ly businesses, younger firms were more
innovative and internationalised than X]VPQ^dcPaTe^[dcX^]X]V^eTa]P]RTdbX]Vb^RXP[\TSXPc^^[b
90 per cent of the gross industry out-
put are contributed by family busi-
Customer needs and preferences have
changed from being local or regional to
502430<09>A 70 per cent of production costs. By
reducing dependency on the local mar-
older firms in the Indian context. This
can be explained by the theory of
ness in India. a global platform. Therefore, it is very 270;;4=648= kets, internationalisation improves com- “learning advantages of newness”, 2WXTU<X]XbcTac^cWT\PbbTb±WTTgW^acTS^UUXRXP[bPSSX]VcWPc
Although family businesses are
important contributors to the growth
challenging for organisations to be
unique in their products or services, effi- 2><?4C8=6F8C7 petitiveness of organisations but the
choice of international market strategy
according to which younger firms are
more flexible, eager to learn, have less h^da]TfX]bcad\T]cb^UbdRRTbb±3XaTRc^a^U8]U^a\PcX^]3a
story of any nation, in the Indian con-
text, family businesses faced a major
cient in operations.
Through innovation, firms are
6;>10;680=CB05C4A is very pertinent as it involves huge costs
and resources.
internal resistance and are able to adapt
to the changing environment much
cX^] U[^f P]S P] TeTa eXVX[P]c RXcXiT] Xc fPb X\_TaPcXeT U^a
challenge in competing with global able to create entirely new products or C7442>=><82 If the strategies of innovation and faster. At the same time, “liabilities of 6^eTa]\T]c^UUXRXP[bc^T\QaPRTb^RXP[\TSXP
giants after the economic liberalisation
of 1991, as they showed resistance to
services that catapult them to a catego-
ry of high-growth companies with an ;814A0;8B0C8>=>5 internationalisation give competitive
advantage to organisations, the same
aging” theory suggests that older firms
become rigid, inflexible and lose their
change and innovation. However, in due opportunity to be market leaders giv- (( 7>F4E4A8= concept should be applicable to fam- edge in fast decision-making. ]Tfb_P_TabXcWPbPR`dXaTSP]TfSX\T]bX^]X]PSXVXcP[[h\TSX
course, Indian family businesses were ing them competitive advantage if the ily businesses and they should not be This type of study has significant PcTS f^a[S 8c WPb Qa^dVWc PQ^dc P _PaPSXV\ bWXUc X] cWT fPh
able to change, modernise and compete competitors are unable to keep pace 3D42>DAB48=380= far behind to adapt these strategies. implications and can be extended to a 6^eTa]\T]cbRP]T]VPVTfXcWRXcXiT]bP]ST]R^daPVT_PacXRX
with the multinational corporations.
Family businesses are generally tra-
with them. Age of the firm plays a sig-
nificant role towards the tendency to be
50<8;H1DB8=4BB4B This leads to the question: Do fami-
ly businesses adapt the strategies of
large number of unlisted family business-
es around the world. Governments
ditional, risk-averse, close-knit business- innovative. Since innovation is an F4A401;4C> innovation and internationalisation to need to create policies and platforms for cWTbTU^aTUUTRcXeTRXcXiT]^dcaTPRWP]SaTSaTbbP[^UVaXTeP]RTb
es with generations taking the mantle important strategy to grow and to gain keep pace with the global competitive family businesses to grow, innovate and B^RXP[\TSXPWPbP[b^Qa^dVWcPQ^dc\^aTcaP]b_PaT]RhP]S
forward which are not very open to new competitive advantage, all firms choose 270=64<>34A=8B4 environment? Further questions arise internationalise. A positive business TUUXRXT]RhP]ScaXVVTaTSPaPaTST\^RaPcXbPcX^]^UX]U^a\PcX^]
ideas. Additionally, lack of resources,
both capital and human; smaller size,
this strategy, albeit, at varying degrees
of intensity. Although there is a gener-
0=32><?4C4F8C7 about the type of family businesses
that adopt these strategies.
environment where family businesses
can raise funds at lower interest rates,
higher costs; lack of internal communi- al belief that younger firms do not have <D;C8=0C8>=0; In a study of BSE 500 index com- professional assistance for scaling up of C^QTPQ[Tc^Ud[[haTP[XbTcWTeXbX^]^UcWT2WXTU<X]XbcTa
cation channels and dual role in family
and business; and fear of upsetting the
the capacity to innovate when com-
pared to older firms, it is seen in sev- 2>A?>A0C8>=B panies spread across a period of 11 years,
the writer analysed innovativeness and
their business and providing skilled labor
and manpower can help family business- PQ^dcP\PbbXeTRd[cdaP[bWXUcP]SaT^aXT]cPcX^]^UPccXcdSTbP]S
power balance of family can also render eral studies that younger firms under- internationalisation of family business- es in a big way. QTWPeX^da^U^UUXRTab0QTVX]]X]VXb\PSTP]ScWTX]cT]cbPhb
innovation less important. take greater risks to be more innova- es in India using R&D expenses as a (The writer is Assistant Professor, 0fPbcWXXb[^dS°V^P[R[TPaPbRahbcP[±
However, the continuity of business tive compared to older firms. proxy for innovativeness and the propor- Amity University) CWTfaXcTaXbPbcaPcTVXRR^\\d]XRPcX^]b_a^UTbbX^]P[

[TPSc^cWTTgPRc Raj Niwas, the Lt Governor’s resi- Kejriwal has indulged in this kind of prices and also against Modi’s poli- hensive of the BJP expansion plans was not elected for creating chaos. He
dence on June 14, demanding a drama. He has prime ministerial cies. Politically, the recent by-poll in their backyards while is a very clever politician and is posi-
cWX]VbfTSTbXaT direction to the IAS officers to end ambitions and has been taking on results and the defeat in Karnataka Chandrababu just quit the NDA and tioning himself to get the support of
CWTaTPaT\P]h their undeclared strike. The faceoff Modi since 2014 — even contesting has emboldened the Delhi Chief Kumarawsamy wants to protect his the people by playing the victim.
cWX]Vb8eT between the Aam Aadmi Party against him in Varanasi. He has not Minister to become aggressive. turf. So in the name of democracy Time will tell whether this vic-
:0;H0=8 (AAP) Government and the bureau- missed any opportunity to take on Added to that were the recent efforts and federalism, they have pledged tim card will actually help Kejriwal
fP]cTScWPc8 cracy began on February 20 after the the Centre. He has targeted the of the Opposition unity ahead of the their support to the AAP chief. or go against him. If he wants to win
WPeT]cP[fPhb D92?<2C alleged assault on the Chief Secretary Office of the Lt Governor alleging 2019 General Election which was Interestingly, though the votes, he must show results and win
V^ccT]1dc8 of Delhi by two AAP MLAs at the that the Lt Governor is functioning highly visible after the formation of Congress is not on board to support back the middle class’s support,
midst the summer heat and Chief Minister’s residence. There is as an agent of the Centre to stop him the Karnataka Government. Kejriwal, he has been able to get the which is gradually disappearing.
A severe pollution levels, the
National Capital was caught in
a bizarre confrontation between
more to it than meets the eye in this
latest political drama. Why is
Kejriwal indulging in a street fight at
from working.
He did that with the earlier Lt
Governor Najeeb Jung and is now
It is not surprising that four non-
National Democratic Alliance (NDA)
Chief Ministers — Mamata Banerjee
support of other regional opposition
parties like the Rashtriya Janata Dal
(RJD), Rashtriya Lok Dal (RLD),
Secondly, he must keep the IAS offi-
cers on his side to deliver governance
as they play a critical role in his suc-
Delhi Chief Minister Ar vind this point of time? It has many angles. doing the same with his successor (West Bengal) Chandrababu Naidu Samajwadi Party (SP), Dravida cess or failure. Thirdly, politics
Ua^\\h\^cWTa Kejriwal, Lt Governor Anil Baijal and It is shadow-boxing between the Anil Baijal now. When his party’s (Andhra Pradesh), Pinarayi Vijayan Munnetra Kazhagam (DMK), should be kept aside and he must
P]SUPcWTafW^ Prime Minister Narendra Modi for Chief Minister and his bête noire, expansion plans in Punjab and Goa (Kerala) and HD Kumaraswamy Communist Party of India (CPI) and concentrate more on governance.
X]bcX[[TSPVaTPc over a week. Besides politicians, the Prime Minister Narendra Modi. failed, and after the Bharatiya Janata (Karnataka) have taken up his case Communist Party of India (Marxist) Fourthly, keeping a fine balance
f^aZTcWXRX]\T bureaucracy too was dragged into the It is a power struggle between the Party’s (BJP) unprecedented electoral with the Prime Minister. (CPI-M) gradually. between the Centre, the State and the
fight as the Chief Minister alleged Chief Minister and the Lt Governor sweep in Uttar Pradesh and other Who would have thought that the Kejriwal has had a battle with Lt Governor as well as the bureau-
Q^cW_Tab^]P[[h that the IAS officers were not coop- of Delhi. Politically, the Opposition States, Kejriwal consciously decided two political opponents — Mamata the bureaucracy ever since he took cracy is imperative. Nobody appre-
P]S erating at the behest of the Centre. parties are using the occasion to to lie low realising that the BJP was Banerjee and her Kerala counterpart over and it is no surprise that he is ciates constant street politics.
_a^UTbbX^]P[[h The result was that the Capital was show off the emerging Opposition politically on the ascendancy, espe- Pinarayi Vijayan would not only continuing with it. He has been fight- Kejriwal’s victim card might
caught in limbo with no work done unity. As for the four Opposition cially when its winning spree contin- meet but also become part of a uni- ing with the Lt Governor on postings have worked once or twice but he
°CP\a^]7P[[ since June 14. Thankfully Kejriwal Chief Ministers who have support- ued in the North-East as well. He fied Opposition against Prime and transfers of IAS officers. cannot expect to get support of the
has ended the nine-day protest. ed Kejriwal until now, it is a game of believes in the dictum: Don’t attack Minister Narendra Modi. The open Many in the National Capital are masses by playing it repeatedly. Get
0\TaXRP] The crisis began when Kejriwal, settling scores with Modi. The IAS a leader when he is popular. support to the Delhi Chief Minister not happy to see this ugly confronta- back to work Arvind Kejriwal, as that
along with his Cabinet Ministers officers are miffed with the Chief Now he has changed his strate- from these four heavy weights is polit- tion. It does not matter who is right or is the only mantra you should chant.
Y^da]P[Xbc Manish Sisodia, Satyendar Jain and Minister and fear for their security. gy seeing the rising public anger ical ahead of the 2019 Election. wrong, it is the people of Delhi who are (The writer is a senior political com-
Gopal Rai started a sit-in protest at This is not the first time that against higher diesel and petrol Mamata and Vijayan are appre- suffering. The Kejriwal Government mentator and syndicated columnist)
=4F34;78kF43=4B30H k9D=4!! ' \^]Th 
CWT1WPaPc!!55>XbP]^cWTa 7P__hc^bTTcWTR^]cX]dTSbd__^ac
2EC9>5CC aTRTXeTSUa^\P]RW^aX]eTbc^ab

[TPSX]Vbc^RZb^UcWT4C5 ]^]P]RW^aX]eTbc^aRPcV^ah^eTa
0cP]d2WPZaPQ^ach38?0< cWTYTfT[b^U2^a_^aPcT8]SXPPcP

8`geafed`WW2:deR\VdR]VW`c_`h 'HSRVLWVLQ368EDQNV
?=BQ =4F34;78

fter bidding effort for the

Once Air India fulfils those, we
will go in for an initial public
offering and subsequent list-
the official added.
As per Sebi norms, a com-
pany has to post profit in pre-
A strategic stake sale of Air
India, the Government has
“Air India will very soon
vious three financial years
before it can list itself in the
?C8Q =4F34;78 National Bank to the tune over
$2 billion.
decided to put a full stop now get funds from the stock exchanges. ublic money in State-owned Various investigating agen-
with the plan, at least for this
election year and it further said
Government for its day-to-day
operations and will even place
“The focus is on improv-
ing operational efficiency. We
P banks is 100 per cent safe
and secure, Finance Minister
cies are probing the over $2 bil-
lion fraud allegedly committed
it would provide required funds orders for a couple of aircraft,” will continue to boost Piyush Goyal said on Tuesday by diamond jeweller Nirav
for its operations, according to he said. The decision was taken employee morale, starting from against the backdrop of sever- Modi and his associates.
a senior official. at the high level meeting con- the top level, to better the al cases of fraud, including the Goyal said the frauds were
The decision comes less vened by Union Minister Arun functioning of the airline. $2 billion scam at PNB perpetrated by private compa-
than 3 weeks after the proposed Jaitley on Monday. The meet- Funds would be provided as unearthed recently. nies and not PSBs.
76 per cent strategic stake sale ing was attended by Piyush and when required,” the source Speaking to the media after In reference to recent sug-
in the much-talked about Goyal, who has been tem- said. meeting heads of public sector gestion by RBI Governor Urjit
national carrier who com- porarily given the charge of The Government had banks (PSBs), he also said the Patel that the central bank
pletely failed to attract any Finance Ministr y, Civil originally proposed to offload government is open to the lacked powers to effectively
bidder in the country. Aviation Minister Suresh 76 per cent equity share question of giving more pow- is in private sector and some of deal with PSBs, Goyal said
On the other hand, the Prabhu, Transport Minister capital of the national carrier ers to the Reserve Bank for the companies which have RBI has powers, but if addi-
Government is also looking at Nitin Gadkari and other senior CWTPXa[X]TXb_^bcX]V^_TaPcX^]P[ as well as transfer the effectively regulating PSBs. income tax dues, which they tional powers are needed the
turning around the company to officials of finance and civil avi- management control to private “Let me reassure every- don’t pay”. government was open to the
ensure that it makes profits on ation ministries. _a^UXcb=^]T^UcWTU[XVWcbV^Tb players. body that public money is Several cases of frauds have idea.
overall basis before going in for
“The airline is posting
operational profits. None of the
T\_chFXcWP[[cWTR^bcTUUXRXT]c The buyer would have had
to take over C24,000 crore debt
extremely safe in the public sec-
tor banks. Government stands
surfaced in the recent past at
“We believe that powers are
available with the Reserve Bank
Source close to the flights go empty. With all the \TRWP]Xb\X]_[PRTfTfX[[ or the carrier along with over behind public sector banks... The most talked about and that is the conversation
development said, “Certain cost efficient mechanism in R^]cX]dTX\_a^eX]VXcb^_TaPcX^]P[ C8,000 crore of liabilities. Government owned banks’ fraud allegedly involves Nirav that the government and
conditions have to be place, we will continue improv- However, the stake sale failed deposits are 100 per cent safe Modi, who along with associ- Reser ve Bank will have
met before listing a company. ing its operational efficiency. TUUXRXT]RhCWTaTXb]^]TTSc^adbW to attract any bidders when the and secure,” he said. ates, used fake Letters of amongst themselves,” Goyal
There is no need to rush in bidding process got completed Goyal added however that Undertaking (LoUs) defraud- told the media after meeting
for disinvestment as of now,” X]U^aSXbX]eTbc\T]cPb^U]^f on May 31. he does not know “how safe it ing State-owned Punjab heads of 13 PSBs here.

&$'DWSHUFHQWRI 1WPaPc!!4C5)0]RW^aX]eTbc^ab_dcX] CU^cUhdQ^[c"&"`_Y^dc

?C8Q =4F34;78 ICICI Prudential Mutual C14,500 crore.
Fund managed Bharat-22 ETF’s The state-owned compa-
he second tranche of fund offer, through which the nies that are part of the new ?C8Q <D<108 market to consolidate further.
?C8Q =4F34;78 “But if oil goes up, this bal-
ance gets disturbed and the
T Bharat-22 ETF follow-on
offer was lapped up by institu-
government aims to mop up
C6,000 crore with a green shoe
Bharat ETF-22 include ONGC,
IOC, SBI, BPCL, Coal India tocks spiralled lower for the
Consolidation in oil price in
expectation of gradual increase

C urrent account deficit

(CAD) at 2.5 per cent of
capital account funds it,” Garg
said at a CII event here.
tional investors on Tuesday,
with the portion reserved for
option of raising another
C2,400 crore.
and Nalco.
The other central public
second straight day on
tracking a sell-off
in output ahead of OPEC meet
may provide some support to
GDP won’t be a worry as the The price of Indian basket anchor bidders getting sub- As much as 25 per cent of sector enterprises on the list are across global markets after the INR,” said Vinod Nair, Head of
Government has the required of crude surged from $66 a bar- scribed 3.44 times to the tune total issue size, or C1,500 crore, Bharat Electronics, Engineers US and China reignited their Research, Geojit Financial
instruments to deal with any rel in April to around $74 a bar- of C5,163 crore. was reser ved for anchor India, NBCC, NTPC, NHPC, trade dispute. Services.
imbalance created due to for- rel at present. Asked about The Government on investors who put in bids worth SJVNL, GAIL, PGCIL and The BSE Sensex plunged Vedanta was the biggest
eign fund outflow, Economic monetary policy tightening by Tuesday launched the follow- about C5,163 crore, ICICI NLC India. Only three public around 262 points to end at a loser in the Sensex pack, sink-
Affairs Secretary Subhash the United States, he said India on fund offer (FFO) of Bharat- Prudential AMC said. sector banks — SBI, Indian two-week low of 35,286.74, ing 3.55 per cent, followed by
Chandra Garg said on Tuesday. can afford to be “less edgy and 22 Exchange Traded Fund “We are happy to see the Bank and Bank of Baroda — while the broader Nifty Adani Ports that fell 2 per cent.
“2-2.5 per cent CAD is not concerned” than it was during (ETF), comprising shares of 22 continued support received feature in the Bharat-22 index. dropped 89 points to 10,710.45. Other laggards included
a problem for us.... If there is sta- Taper Tantrum in 2013. companies, to raise up to from anchor investors towards The Government plans to Asian markets nosedived M&M, RIL, IndusInd Bank,
bility, in the current year capi- “In the last couple of years C8,400 crore from the market. the FFO... Now, we look raise C80,000 crore in the cur- after US President Donald Sun Pharma, Bajaj Auto,
tal account (inflows) should be of monetary easing, you did not The issue opened for forward to active participa- rent fiscal from disinvestment, Trump threatened to impose Infosys, SBI, Maruti Suzuki,
good enough to take care and we see flood of capital flows com- anchor investors on Tuesday, tion from non-anchor investor lower than over C1 lakh crore additional tariffs on Chinese Tata Motors, Wipro, Axis Bank,
may not worry even if it (CAD) ing into emerging markets, and received subscriptions category, over the next three raised last year. goods and Beijing vowed to Tata Steel, L&T, Asian Paints,
reaches 2.5 per cent,” Garg said. including India. Unlike what from investors including mutu- days, whereby one has Besides, the government retaliate, fanning fears of a Coal India, Kotak Bank and
CAD, which is the differ- happened in 2007. There is a al funds houses, foreign port- the opportunity to own some will launch the initial public full-blown trade war between Hero MotoCorp, falling up to
ence between the inflow and confidence that the emerging folio investors (FPI), insur- of the jewels of offering of railway consultan- the world’s two largest 1.94 per cent.
outflow of foreign exchange, market economies will do well,” ance and retirement funds. Corporate India at a discount- cy firm RITES tomorrow economies. Only ITC, HDFC Bank,
jumped to $48.7 billion, or 1.9 he said. He added the govern- The FFO will open for ed price,” ICICI Prudential through which it will divest 12 Unabated selling by foreign HDFC Ltd and ONGC man-
per cent of GDP, in 2017-18 fis- ment needs to be “very careful subscription for retail and other AMC MD and CEO Nimesh per cent stake. The IPO is funds and a weak rupee added aged to close in the green.
cal. This was higher than $14.4 and watch out” for the situation, institutional investors tomor- Shah said. expected to fetch over C460 to the gloom, brokers said. All sectoral indices fin-
billion, or 0.6 per cent, CAD in but today “we are at a place row and will remain open till The Government had in crore to the exchequer. The 30-share Sensex ished with losses. Metal fell 1.69
2016-17 fiscal. where we can manage without June 22. November last year launched Prior to the launch of barometer opened positive, but per cent, followed by realty
With rising oil prices, having the consequences of Secretar y in the Bharat-22 ETF comprising Bharat-22 ETF, which has a soon fell on across-the-board (1.33 per cent), oil and gas (1.22
depreciating rupee and outflow what we saw in Taper Tantrum.” Department of Investment and shares of 22 companies, includ- diversified portfolio, the selling. It finally settled at per cent), IT (1.21 per cent),
of portfolio investments, there “We have a number of Public Asset Management ing public sector undertak- Government had floated the 35,286.74, down 261.52 points, teck (1.08 per cent), PSU (1.07
are concerns that CAD might other instruments to use in that Atanu Chakraborty said, “The ings (PSUs), public sector CPSE ETF comprising stocks of or 0.74 per cent. This is its low- per cent), auto (1.06 per cent),
rise in the current fiscal. case. We have not called upon Bharat-22 FFO is another banks, ITC, Axis Bank and 10 bluechip PSUs — ONGC, est closing since June 6, when power (1.02 per cent), con-
“Last year, we had $160 bil- them to use so far. Last time we opportunity for the investors to L&T. Coal India, IOC, GAIL (India), it had ended at 35,178.88. sumer durables (0.93 per cent),
lion of trade deficit, $82 billion came out with NRE (non-res- participate in the India growth The fund had garnered Oil India, PFC, Bharat The NSE Nifty ended 89.40 capital goods (0.91 per cent),
services surplus and $70 billion ident external) deposit. We are story as represented by the bids to the tune of C32,000 Electronics, REC, Engineers points, or 0.83 per cent, lower infrastructure (0.71 per cent)
remittances. In a way, we are sitting on reserves which are industry leading stocks of the crore, although the India and Container at 10,710.45. and banking (0.64 per cent).
pretty much in balance. highest ever at $415 billion.” ETF.” Government retained only Corporation of India. Foreign portfolio investors Selling pressure also gath-
(FPIs) sold shares worth a net ered momentum in broader
Rs 754.43 crore, while domes- markets, with the BSE small-

tic institutional investors (DIIs) cap index falling 1.29 per cent
picked up equities worth Rs and the mid-cap index losing
824.10 crore yesterday, as per 0.98 per cent.
provisional data. In Asia, Hong Kong’s Hang

“Escalating trade disputes Seng tanked 2.94 per cent,
between US and China is Japan’s Nikkei declined 1.73 per
impacting global market and cent and China’s Shanghai
the ripple effect dented the Composite Index slumped 3.82
domestic market sentiment. per cent.
?=BQ =4F34;78 ry auditor for financial year “Lack of fresh triggers and Taiwan and Singapore also
2017-18, Price Waterhouse weakening rupee may lead the closed with losses.
s the recent abrupt resig- Chartered Accountants LLP,
A nation by several global
audit firms have led to unnec-
resigned on April 28 and May
29 respectively citing delay in
essary aspersions on the com- sharing information and dis-
panies, it is time for the mar- agreement on accounting 1 d b X ] T b b  2 ^ a ] T a
ket regulator Securities and methods.
Exchange Board of India Deliotte Haskins & Sells 330<44C8=674;3D=34A2708A<0=B78?
(SEBI) to make such exits as a resigned abruptly as auditor of >50=8;10890;0CA09=8F0B
part of its disclosure. Manpasand Beverages, on 26 0\TTcX]V^UcWT3T[WX3TeT[^_\T]c0dcW^aXchfPbWT[Sd]STacWT
Several industry insiders May 2018, one week before the RWPXa\P]bWX_^U0]X[1PXYP[;c6^eTa]^a3T[WX2WPXa\P]330PcAPY
observe that the time has come declaration of results after =XfPb^]Yd]T (CWT_a^_^bP[aTVPaSX]V_a^_^bTSP\T]S\T]cbX]
whereby auditors’ observations being associated for longer ?a^_^bTS0\T]S\T]cbX]3TeT[^_\T]c2^]ca^[=^a\b^UBW^_2d\
and their movement may be information. period eight years. Auditor ATbXST]cXP[?[^cbX]<?3!! P]S?a^_^bTS=^a\bU^aATSTeT[^_\T]c
classified as price sensitive While role of independent had cited Nil reasons under ^U6^S^f]b2[dbcTabTgXbcX]VX]=^]2^]U^a\X]V0aTPb¯PbP
because of the material impact directors are considered as section 140 (2) of Companies \^SXUXRPcX^]c^<?3¯!! fPbP__a^eTSQhcWT0dcW^aXchX]Xcb
they have on stock price. “This vital to enhance corporate gov- Act while filing to ROC. \TTcX]VWT[S^]5TQadPah!&1PbTS^]cWTPQ^eTP__a^eP[^UcWT
will further strengthen SEBI ernance and are included as According to Prime 0dcW^aXchcWT\PccTafPbU^afPaSTSc^cWT<X]Xbcah^U7^dbX]VP]S
cooperation with other gov- material impact events in case Database, a primary market DaQP]0UUPXab6^ec^U8]SXPU^aP__a^eP[P]SXbbdP]RT^UUX]P[
ernment agencies for exchange of resignations to be notified to tracker, 32 auditors have so far ]^cXUXRPcX^]d]STaBTRcX^] 0^U330Rc¯ ($&Bd_aT\T2^dacX]
of information in cases related stock exchanges, auditors seem resigned in 2018 compared to F?2=^#%&& ('$cXc[TSPb<2<TWcPEbD>8>abWPSVXeT]cWT
to listed entities and protect to be having a free run from all 36 in 2017-18 and just 18 in U^[[^fX]VSXaTRcX^]b)°¨CWPcQTX]VcWT_^bXcX^]UdacWTa_a^VaTbbX]cWT
investors’ interest,” they said. regulatory obligations. 2016-17. Harsh stock market 0\T]S\T]c^UcWT<PbcTa?[P]XbbcPhTS±
With several changes With sudden quitting of reaction is understandable on
brought in the new Companies audit firms, companies are fac- back of corporate environment 8=0D6DA0C8>=>5³CA08=8=62D<2>=54A4=24
Act and continuous focus of ing the flak from investors of several companies approach- 70;;´8==>AC74A=A;H7403@D0AC4AB>55824
SEBI chief Ajay Tyagi, the need whereby stock prices had free ing NCLT, one time settle- =^acWTa]APX[fPhfXcWXcbT\_[^hTTQPbT^UPa^d]S $[PZWXbcPZX]V
of the hour is to strengthen fall eroding as much as 30-50 ment with banks on default ]d\QTa^UX]XcXPcXeTbc^P[XV]P]ST]TaVXbTXcb7d\P]ATb^daRTc^RaTPcT
Indian corporate governance per cent of their investor loans, financial irregularities, Pf^aZRd[cdaT^UTgRT[[T]RTP]SR^]cX]d^db[TPa]X]Vb^Pbc^\PgX\XbT
scene as it has turned into a wealth. etc. T\_[^hTTb³R^]caXQdcX^]P]S\^cXePcX^]CaPX]X]VWPbQTT]aTR^V]XbTS
season of resignations. First, it For instance, Manpasand But companies like PbP]TUUTRcXeTX]cTaeT]cX^]c^RaTPcTPRd[cdaT^U0RR^d]cPQX[Xch
was independent directors Beverages, Inox Wind, Manpasand with Nil debt from ATb_^]bXQX[XchCaP]b_PaT]RhP]S4UUXRXT]Rh0caPX]X]VRd\R^]UTaT]RT
where several industry experts Vakrangee, etc are the recent banks and growing at a scorch- WP[[^U?Tab^]]T[3T_Pac\T]c=^acWTa]APX[fPhfPbX]PdVdaPcTS^]
voiced concern that they are companies which are likely to ing pace in non-alcoholic bev- 9d]T $QhcWTT[STbcT\_[^hTTb]P\T[hB\cEXQWPBWaX6PQQTa
not acting so, it is turn of audi- suffer from these unforeseen erages market, sudden resig- BX]VWP]SBWaX1WPVPcBX]VW
tors to abruptly end client rela- developments. Earlier the nation by auditors have come 6T]TaP[<P]PVTa=^acWTa]APX[fPhEXbWfTbW2WPdQTVaPRTScWT
tions citing non-cooperation of shares of Vakrangee and as a shocker the company and ^RRPbX^]fXcWWXb0dVdbc_aTbT]RTP[^]VfXcW?aX]RX_P[2WXTU?Tab^]]T[
Indian management in sharing Atlanta plunged as its statuto- shareholders. >UUXRTaP]S^cWTa?7>3b
=4F34;78kF43=4B30H k9D=4!! ' f^a[S

0? Q 1A>F=BE8;;4C4G0B ly it was recorded. church said it is “deeply troubled” makers on Sunday visited an reporters during a tour of San
Homeland Security by the separation of families at old warehouse in McAllen, Diego immigration detention
n audio recording that Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen said the border and urged national Texas, where hundreds of chil- facilities with Rep. Juan Vargas
A appears to capture the heart-
breaking voices of small
she had not heard the audio but
said children taken into custody
leaders to find compassionate
solutions. Massachusetts Gov
dren are being held in cages
created by metal fencing. One
and other House Democrats,
said family separation is a “heart-
Spanish-speaking children cry- by the Government are being Charlie Baker, a Republican, cage held 20 youngsters. breaking, barbarian issue that
ing out for their parents at a US treated humanely. She said the reversed a decision to send a More than 1,100 people could be changed in a moment
immigration facility took center Government has high standards National Guard helicopter from were inside the large, dark by the president of the United
stage in the growing uproar over for detention centres and the his state to the Mexican border facility, which is divided into States rescinding his action.”
the Trump administration’s pol- children are well cared for and to assist in a deployment, citing separate wings for unaccom- “It so challenges the con-
icy of separating immigrant stressed that Congress needs to the administration’s “cruel and panied children, adults on their science of our country that it
children from their parents. plug loopholes in the law so fam- inhumane” policy. own, and mothers and fathers must be changed and must be
“Papa! Papa!” one child is ilies can stay together. At the border, an estimat- with children. changed immediately,” she said
heard weeping in the audio file The audio surfaced as politi- ed 80 people pleaded guilty In Texas’ Rio Grande Valley, during a news conference at a
that was first reported Monday cians and advocates flocked to Monday to immigration the busiest corridor for people San Diego terminal that is
by the nonprofit ProPublica the US-Mexico border to visit charges, including some who trying to enter the US, Border connected to the airport in
and later provided to The US immigration detention cen- asked the judge questions such Patrol officials say they must Tijuana, Mexico, by a bridge.
Associated Press. tres and turn up the pressure on as “What’s going to happen to crack down on migrants and Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas
Human rights attorney the Trump administration. The my daughter?” and “What will separate adults from children as announced late Monday that he
Jennifer Harbury said she president was to visit Capitol Hill happen to my son?” a deterrent to others trying to get was introducing emergency
received the tape from a on Tuesday afternoon to discuss Attorneys at the hearings into the US illegally. legislation intended to keep
whistleblower and told the crisis with House said the immigrants had “When you exempt a immigrant families together.
ProPublica it was recorded in Republicans. brought two dozen boys and group of people from the law... “All Americans are rightly
the last week. She did not pro- And the backlash over the girls with them to the US, and ers toured a nearby facility in location was a former hospital complete with two high chairs, that creates a draw,” said horrified by the images we are
vide details about where exact- policy widened. The Mormon the judge replied that he did Brownsville, Texas, that hous- converted into living quarters where two baby boys wore Manuel Padilla, the Border seeing on the news, children in
not know what would happen es hundreds of immigrant chil- for children, with rooms divid- matching rugby style shirts Patrol’s chief agent there. tears pulled away from their

to their children. dren. Democratic Rep Ben Ray ed by age group. There was with orange and white stripes. House Minority Leader mothers and fathers,” Cruz
Several groups of lawmak- Lujan of New Mexico said the even a small room for infants, Another group of law- Nancy Pelosi, speaking to said. “This must stop.”

daVTbT]Sc^bT_PaPcX^]b Dbe]`7?@d_XeTT\UQc_edbQWU :_eZeW`ceReEcf^a &OLPDWHFKDQJHLV

0?Q 0;1D@D4A@D4=<
coalition of Democratic eYcVReV_d^`cV 86VWDQFH0HUNHO
A Attorneys general 0?Q F0B78=6C>= makers in both parties are up Berlin: German Chancellor

demanded Tuesday that the in arms after days of news Angela Merkel took aim
Trump administration end a epublicans on Capitol Hill reports showing images of chil- Tuesday at US President
“zero tolerance” policy that has
resulted in children being sep-
R frantically searched on
Tuesday for ways to end the
dren being held at border facil-
ities in cages and an audio
Donald Trump’s decision to
withdraw from the Paris
arated from their parents at the administration’s policy of sep- recording of a young child accord, calling the move “very
US-Mexico border. arating families after illegal pleading for his “Papa.” regrettable” at a time when the
Led by New Mexico border crossings, ahead of a The issue boiled over overwhelming majority of
Attorney General Hector visit from President Donald Tuesday at a House hearing on countries worldwide are trying
Balderas, 21 top state prosecu- Trump to discuss broader an unrelated subject when pro- to limit global warming.
tors from California to immigration legislation. testers with babies briefly shut “We know climate change
Massachusetts sent a letter to US Top conservatives, including down proceedings. isn’t a matter of faith,” she told
Attorney General Jeff Sessions key Trump allies, announced Mar yland Rep. Elijah an international climate meet-
and Homeland Security at the expense of children and they were introducing bills to Cummings, the top Democrat ing in Berlin. “It’s a fact.”
Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen on the efforts of state law enforce- stop the practice amid a public on the House Oversight and Trump announced last year
Tuesday, calling the policy inhu- ment officials combating outcry over the administration’s Government Reform that the U.S. will pull out of the
mane and draconian. crimes like human trafficking, “zero tolerance” approach to Both bills were offered as Committee, teared up as he 0?Q F0B78=6C>= and GE 2.1 per cent. accord negotiated by his pre-
The letter raises concerns drug trafficking and gang vio- illegal crossings. alternatives in case broader GOP pleaded with Republicans on “China apparently has no decessor unless he can “get a
about the violation of children’s lence which operate across Sen Ted Cruz of Texas immigration legislation heading the panel to end what he called resident Donald Trump has intention of changing its unfair better deal.”
rights and constitutional prin-
ciples of due process and equal
international borders,”
Balderas said in a statement.
introduced legislation that the
White House said it was
for a vote this week fails, as is like-
ly. “This becomes a backup pro-
“internment camps.”
“We need you, those chil-
P directed the U.S. Trade
Representative to prepare new
practices related to the acqui-
sition of American intellectu-
Merkel said Germany
remains committed to the Paris
protection. The attorneys join a cho- reviewing, and Rep. Mark posal,” Meadows told reporters dren need you —and I am talk- tariffs on $200 billion in al property and technology,” climate accord fighting global
“The US Justice rus of church leaders and law- Meadows of North Carolina, a at the White House. ing directly to my Republican Chinese imports as the two Trump said in a statement warming but acknowledged
Department is ignoring its makers from both parties who leader of the conservative Trump’s meeting late colleagues— we need you to nations move closer to a poten- Monday announcing the new that the country still needs to
legal and moral obligation for also have called the separations Freedom Caucus, also intro- Tuesday with House stand up to President Donald tial trade war. action. “Rather than altering do more to curb emissions,
the sake of a political agenda inhumane. duced a measure. Republicans comes as law- Trump,” he said. The tariffs, which Trump those practices, it is now threat- particularly in the transport
wants set at a 10 percent rate, ening United States companies, sector, if it wants to meet its
would be the latest round of workers, and farmers who have own goals. AP
1RPLQDWLRQSDSHUVRI CVefc_Z_X@WWZTVccV[VTed punitive measures in an esca-
lating dispute over the large
done nothing wrong.”
Trump added: “These tar-
$EEDVL,PUDQ.KDQ >fdY¶d_`^Z_ReZ`_aRaVcd
trade imbalance between the
two countries. Trump recent-
iffs will go into effect if China
refuses to change its practices,
UHMHFWHGE\3DN(& ly ordered tariffs on $50 billion and also if it insists on going hRc_RXRZ_de
Islamabad/Karachi: The nomination papers of in Chinese goods in retaliation forward with the new tariffs
Islamabad: In a setback to bigwigs, Pakistan’s former military ruler Pervez Musharraf for for intellectual property theft. that it has recently announced.” T`^ac`^ZdVhZeYFD
Pakistan’s election commission on the July 25 general elections were rejected by the return- The tariffs were quickly China’s Commerce
Tuesday rejected the nomination papers ing officer on the ground that he was barred for life matched by China on U.S. Ministry on Tuesday criticized Tehran: An Iranian military
of former PM and PML-N leader Shahid from contesting elections by the Peshawar high Court exports, a move that drew the the latest threat of tariffs, say- chief cautioned on Tuesday that
Khaqan Abbasi and Pakistan Tehreek-e- in 2013. Musharraf, 74, had filed his nomination papers president’s ire. ing it was an “act of extreme reaching any understanding
Insaf chief Imran Khan for the NA-53 from the northern district of Chitral (NA-1) in US stock markets fell pressure and blackmail that with Washington, as suggested
constituency of Islamabad. Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province. sharply Friday morning, with deviates from the consensus in a letter signed by a group of
The nomination papers of Abbasi The ex-dictator had filed a plea in the Supreme investors increasingly nervous reached by both parties after political activists, would spell
and his covering candidate Sardar Mehtab Court against the ban imposed on him to contest elec- about the impact of a trade war. many negotiations, and is a dis- the end of the Islamic republic.
Khan for NA-53 were rejected by the tions by the Peshawar High Court in 2013. The apex The Dow Jones industrial aver- appointment to the interna- “Today everybody knows that
returning officer after the candidates court had allowed him to file his nomination paper on age was down 400 points, or 1.6 tional community.” striking an understanding with
failed to fill the affidavit as per the the conditions that he appears in person on June 13. percent. Other stock indexes “If the U.S. becomes irra- the United States means the
requirements, Dawn reported. Last week, the Supreme Court withdrew the per- also sank. Large US companies tional and issues this list, China death of the Islamic republic,”
According to the returning officer, mission it conditionally granted to the ex-dictator after with significant overseas busi- will have no choice but to adopt said General Mohammad Ali
Abbasi had not submitted complete tax he failed to appear before it in person, and postponed ness were hit especially hard. strong countermeasures of the Jafari, commander of the elite
returns with his documents either. the hearing in the case for the indefinite period. Boeing’s stock shed 4.3 per same amount and quality,” the Republican Guards, quoted by
PTI PTI cent, Caterpillar 3.7 per cent ministry statement said. ISNA news agency.




=4F34;78kF43=4B30H k9D=4!! ' PeT]dTb !

An ed-tech platform has part-
nered with GD Goenka
University, Gurugram,
Haryana, to introduce a new
education industry-oriented
post-graduation diploma spe-
cialisation in Education
Approved by UGC, this Eligibility:
job-oriented PGDM course is For MBA, candidate must
a blend of a marketing spe- have a Bachelor’s degree or
cialisation with added mod- a Master’s degree of any recog-
ules emphasising on skill nised education body in
development in the education Commerce, Management,
industry. The programme will Arts, S ocial S ciences,
ensure that the students are Engineering / Technology or
imparted with skills that equivalent, and have secured

would prepare them for the at least 50 per cent marks in
ith the growing awareness of OSome people start working as pro- industry once they obtain aggregate (45 per cent for

W the benefits of yoga and

events like International
World Yoga Day celebrated every year
fessionals without gaining enough
knowledge and impart incomplete or
false education to others. “A driver,
their degree.
The duration of the course
is 12 months, including a
SC/ST candidate). They must
also have scored well in any
one of the national level
on June 21 worldwide, the demand for who is confident about his ability to mandatory in-field intern- entrance examinations, that is,
yoga experts have increased to about drive in plain areas, would not sure- ship of two months. These 12 CAT, XAT, MAT, GMAT etc.
five lakhs in India, as per ly feel the same way if he had to drive months will include 13 sub- For MCom, candidates

ASSOCHAM report. Many fitness in mountain areas. Similarly, every jects plus an internship divid- must be a BCom or BBM
enthusiast are now taking up yoga as individual who knows a lot about yoga ed in two semesters. The sub- graduate with not less than 50
career and starting their own entre- might lack the skills of a great yoga jects will range from funda- per cent marks (45 per cent
preneural venture by teaching yoga in teacher. It is very important for peo- mentals of marketing and IT for SC/ ST/ category-1 candi-
their institute, or providing special ple to understand that yoga is deep- to branding and advertising, dates) in the aggregate in
classes in schools, colleges, resorts, fit- er than it looks, studying yoga needs and from digital and social commerce subjects.
ness centres and even special classes an individual’s time, attention and media marketing to Google For BBA, BCA, BCom,
at home.
Not just in India, the craze for 0WTPS^U resorts, gyms, schools, health centres,
housing societies and large organisa-
profiles that one can consider:
Q Research officer—Yoga and
dedication,” Lalit Madan, yog guru,
MDNIY, says.
adWords workshop.
Eligibility: Post a bache-
BA Journalism, candidates
should have passed Class XII
yoga in other countries has made tions. Television channels also hire Naturopathy lor’s degree in any field, a stu- or Pre-university course
many certified yoga experts start
their training centres in other coun-
8]cTa]PcX^]P[H^VP yoga trainers, and renowned person-
alities prefer to hire personal yoga
QYoga aerobics instructor
QAssistant ayurvedic doctor
Fitness institutes, yoga ashrams,
dent willing to opt can apply
without any pre-requisite con-
(PUC) or equivalent from
Bangalore University with
tries as well. As per the report, an esti-
mated 3,000 Indian yoga teachers are 3Phh^VPTg_Tacb instructors.
“We train individuals in different
QYoga therapist
QYoga instructor
and independent certified yoga ther-
apist, offer varied courses from short-
Selection: The student
minimum 35 per cent aggre-
gate marks in all semesters

teaching in China and most of are courses according to their interests QYoga teacher term introductory diploma courses to will have to clear an entrance For five-year BBA LLB,
from Haridwar and Rishikesh. and the ability to stretch the limits. A long-term graduate programmes. The test followed by a Group candidate should have passed
“Yog that was invented about lot of professionals trained from 270;;4=64B student who seeks admission in such Discussion (GD) and Personal Class XII /PUC or equivalent
5,000 years ago isn’t just an ancient
practice anymore. It has gained huge h^VP_aT]TdaWPb MDNIY work with various
Government and Ministry depart-
Yoga as a career has been serving
a lot professionals’ purpose helping
yoga institutes needs to be Class X
pass for diploma courses, Class XII
Interview (PI) rounds to get
enrolled for this course. The
with a minimum 45 per cent
marks. Five per cent relax-
popularity in India and abroad. There
is much more to yoga than what peo-
ple think. Career in Yoga is setting
Va^f]Qh[TP_b ments. They do what they love and
have a reputable job that serves their
purpose. A lot of students who study
them increase their horizon, but there
are still some limitations on the way
to pursuing a full- time career in Yoga.
pass for graduate courses and a grad-
uate/PG for PhD programme. Some
of the yoga institutes are:
tuition fee for PGDM in
Education Marketing is C2.5
lakhs with a guarantee of
ation is given to SC/ST can-
didates. The applicant who
has passed the prescribed
standards and we have so many stu-
dents who are making a decent earn-
P]SQ^d]Sb yoga as a major get to travel to a lot
of countries, as part of their job,” Alam
OAs a yoga teacher, you might get
lesser or no time to practice for your-
ORamamaniIyengar Memorial Yoga
Institute, Pune
employment in a reputed
minimum qualification in sin-
gle sitting examination with-
ing out of yoga as their career,” Taiyab
Alam, communication and docu- <>=8:0C70:DA tells you.
A lot of people are leaving their
self. It is really funny when an instruc-
tor doesn’t get to practice what he
OBihar school of Yoga, Munger
OYoga Institute, Mumbai
Placement: With visiting
faculty from leading insti-
out having basic qualifica-
tion is not eligible for admis-

mentation officer, Morarji Desai nine-to-five job and taking up yoga on delivers to the students. OAshthanga institute, Mysore tutes like IIM, IIT, and guid- sion for BBA LLB course.
National Institute of Yoga, Delhi, a full-time basis. Debby, a yogapreneur Managing time as per your conve- OParamarth Niketan, Rishikesh ance from industry experts, The age limit is not more than
says. hailing from Mangalore who travels nience and being able to practice yoga OKrishnamacharya Yoga Mandiram, the course assures job place- 20-years for general category
teaching yoga to other countries says: for yourself as an instructor can be dif- Chennai ment at the end of the year. of applicants and 22 years
;D2A0C8E420A44A27>824 courses will help you gather enough “I needed a change in lifestyle and life ficult, but with practice, it can get eas- O Sivananda Yoga Vedanta from SC, ST and other back-
Besides health benefits, yoga also knowledge and the relevant skills to in general. So after my first teacher’s ier. Dhanwantari, Kerala D6?62>DAB4B ward communities as on June
offers various fascinating and upbeat be able to train individuals as a yoga training, it helped me understand OThe field is over- saturated. Even OMorarji Desai National Institute of The Institute of Finance 1. They must have qualified in
career options. A career in this field instructor and to earn on your own, myself and things around me a lot though there are enough people who Yoga, New Delhi and International any one of the entrance exam-
gives you the freedom to: independently. more and better. I also wanted to trav- have started working as professionals Management (IFIM), inations, that is, CLAT, LSAT
Choose self- employment as an Travel around the world as a yoga el and not be stuck in corporate world in this field before you and there are ?0HB20;4 Bangalore, invites application or ILAT (IFIM’s L aw
option to work teacher or Government job.” a lot of people who are following your A yoga instructor earns an aver- for admission to its postgrad- Admission Test).
After completing your schooling, Yoga has managed to gain a lot of footsteps, might demotivate you. If age salary of C3,30,000 and above per uate programmes — MBA, Last date to apply: June 30,
there are several institutes that provide popularity all over the globe. Pursuing ?A>B?42C you make sure that you have the year in India. This amount can vary MCom and undergraduate 2018. For more information,
certificate degree as well as diploma yoga as a career lets you travel across People aspiring for a career in required specific job-skills, no obsta- if one is working in a different programmes — BBA, BCA, log on to http://www.ifimcol-
courses to the students who are look- the world with yoga as a full time yoga can choose any profession as per cle along the way can ever stop you country and the demand of yoga BCom, BA Journalism, and
ing for a career in yoga. These degree career option. You can find work in their needs. Here are some of the jobs from rising in your career. instructors. BBA-LLB. ssion-procedure

3_e^cU\\Y^WV_b>55D" !( 1,26FRQGXFWHGZRUNVKRS
?=BQ =4F34;78

fter the national level medical it or will they need to take a loan? he National Institute of Open
A entrance exam— NEET 2018
declared the results on June 4, the first
Reports from ex students: What
does the alumnus have to say about the
T Schooling (NIOS) recently
organised 27th meeting of the
round of counselling has already begun teaching staff, facilities, and availability Regional Directors and one-day
and continue till June 24. As the aspirants of resources? They can usually give a fair workshop about ongoing
prepare themselves for the counselling idea about your institute. They can also Diploma in Elementary 3XV]XcPaXTb_aTbT]c^]cWTSPXbSdaX]VcWT[Pd]RWPcBA<D]XeTabXch7PahP]P
round, there are typical queries that stu- tell you more on hostel and campus Education (DElEd) programme
dents have like things to keep in mind
while sitting for counseling, how to deal
with the dilemma on course versus col-
placement facilities.
QSeat allotment: If you have been allot-
ted a seat in the first round itself, you
in Noida, UP.
The workshop was attended
by State nodal officers, NIOS state ?a^U21BWPa\PRWPXa\P]=8>B
lege and many others. have to report to the allotted institute. If coordinators, regional directors of ing highest echelons of the
Here are a few facts about how the you don’t do so, you will not be consid- NIOS and many others. It workshop was a follow up of the recent- ?=BQ =4F34;78 society.
counselling process works: ered for any further processes. Here you ly conducted examinations where approximately 12 lakh The chief guest, Christine
institute. Remember these choices can will complete admission formalities by untrained teachers got themselves registered on SWAYAM (Study he vice-president of Chief Raetzsch, enthralled the audi-
QReceiving your rank: You will receive
a State rank and an all India rank. Every
have a large scale effect on your career.
Here is what you should keep in mind
submitting a few details like your NEET
admit card, your rank letter, your Class
Webs of Active–Learning for Young Aspiring Minds) portal and
gave the exam conducted by all States governments and NIOS
T Technology Officer (CTO)
of IBM Asia-Pacific Christine
ence through his distinguished
talk on the abundantly-used
college in most States will have an 85 per before submitting your choices: X and XII mark-sheets. If you wish to in a fair, impartial and smooth manner across the country. Raetzsch recently inaugurated artificial intelligence and its
cent quota for State rank (SQ) and a 15 Previous year cut-off: You should appear for the second round, you can Last year, the Ministry of Human Resource Development the IBM Software Lab and techno-savvy activities to the
per cent quota for all India rank (AIQ). find out about which colleges in 2017 had express your wishes on the online por- (MHRD) had assigned the massive task of training of approxi- launched a new course — society. He explicated the
A few of the states that don’t follow this cut-off just a little above, and a little tal and your details will be taken forward. mately13 lakh untrained in-service elementary school teachers BTech-Computer Science importance of association and
pattern are Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, below your rank. These will be different to NIOS. Engineering with specialisation collaboration and expressed
and J&K. Remember, there are only about for AIQ and SQ. You should consider QRound two: Choosing your institutes The training has to be completed before March 31, 2019. The in Data Science and Artificial that the embodiment of knowl-
3,500 seats for MBBS which fall under the applying to these colleges in the first again: If you wish to appear for the sec- task assigned by the MHRD to NIOS was huge but it could not Intelligence at SRM University edge through such programs
AIQ. round since these will give you a higher ond round, you will choose your insti- have been possible without pro-active support of the all the State Haryana, Sonepat. will make some landmarks in
chance of acquiring a seat. tutes and lock your preferences for the Governments. Dr P Prakash, vice-chan- the future.
Q Understanding what your rank Course of your interest: Are you second time. This time, all of your pref- Prof CB Sharma, chairman, NIOS thanked all stakeholders cellor, in his address enlight- The guest of honour,
means: Having two ranks can under- interested in MBBS or another course? erences in the first round are null and for conducting the DElEd examination across the country in very ened the participants about the Prabhat Manocha, client IT
standably be confusing. However, you Find out which colleges cater to the void, and you must set your preferences free and fair manner. He termed this massive training programme technology-driven society and Architect, IBM India Pvt Ltd,
must figure out which rank gives you a course of your choice, and consider again. of untrained teachers a unique and historic and call upon all stake- articulated that the event a expounded an informative and
higher probability of an admission in a applying to those. Final seat allotment: The next round holders to continue with the same spirit and dedication for all remarkable one in the annals inquisitive special message to
good college. If your AIR is too low, and Seats available: If your state has only of seat allotment will be declared. You future DElEd examinations in order to maintain the quality of of the university for knowledge the students, inspiring them on
your SQ is much better, you must apply 200 seats under SQ, and your SQ is in the must report to the institute and complete the training being imparted. production and dissemina- the technical and research-
to colleges within your state under the 600s, there is no point in applying under your admission formalities. If you have While addressing the gathering, SK Prasad, director (SSS) tion. Moreover, he pointed driven global world today. The
SQ. Similarly, if you don’t have a good SQ this. Find out how many seats does your been allotted a seat in the second round talked about the objectives and structure of the workshop, where- out, with a vision of producing programme was attended by
and a better All India rank, you should state have under your reservation cate- of 15 per cent AIQ counselling, you will as Sanjay Kumar Sinha, director (Academic) gave a brief about employable and market-ready Prof Samuel Raj, dean-acade-
apply to other colleges in the AIQ. gory and apply accordingly. not be permitted to vacate your seat as the DElEd programme in NIOS. C Dharuman, Director (Eval.) graduates, the university con- mic affairs, directors, deans,
Funds required: Is the college of your per the orders of the Supreme court of and Secretary, NIOS emphasised on the conduct and Evaluation tinuously strives to collaborate controller of examinations,
QRound one, choosing your institutes: choice aided or unaided? How much India. of the DElEd examinations across the country in an effective and with growing industries for faculty, officials, research schol-
You will have to register on the NEET money will you require to complete your CWTfaXcTaXbAPYbWTZWPaAPcaThE?2^]cT]c time-bound manner. They also discussed future strategy for next equipping students for reach- ars, parents and students.
2018 website and submit your choice of course there and can your family afford 4SdRPcX^]C^__aR^\ examinations.

?=BQ =4F34;78

recent survey by Cuemath, a

DfcgVj`_>ReY]VRc_Z_X ject and can result in the child not
just underperforming in school
but also developing issues like low
088<B! '0[[8]SXPc^__Tab
A beyond-school math learning
programme, found that children in parents surveyed said that their
self-confidence in the long run. To
overcome this, early-stage math-
?=BQ =4F34;78

school tend to face a lot of pressure child shows high interest in solving skills development is crucial,” he All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), New Delhi, recently declared the result of AIIMS 2018. The
to perform well in Math over any
other subject.
math-based activities like puzzles
and Rubik’s cube, a clear indication
Khurma said.
“The recent move by HRD
T entrance exam which was held in May 2018 serves a gateway for admission to the MBBS/ BDS programmes offered
by AIIMS, New Delhi and eight other AIIMS campuses across the country. The top three all India toppers are:-
The survey found that 89 per that an engaging and intuitive way Minister Prakash Javadekar to form
cent of the parents believe Math is of learning will generate much a committee to tackle ‘Math pho- A0=: )4;8I010=B0; from A0=:!)A0<=44::0DA A0=:") <470:0A>A0from
the toughest subject for their chil- more interest and curiosity from the bia’ is thoughtful and progressive Punjab has bagged All India Rank <070;from Punjab’s Rose Mary Panchkula, Haryana. She was the
dren yet 81 per cent of them child,” Manan Khurma, CEO & and I hope it brings in the neces- (AIR) 1 in AIIMS MBBS. She Convent School. She secured AIR student of Sri Guru Gobind Singh
expressed that their child’s perfor- founder, Cuemath, said. sary change to help children over- scored perfect 100 in Biology, 10 in NEET 2018 and AIR 7 in School and has secured 92.6 per
mance in Math is of the most 73 per cent of the parents sur- come this less-spoken of yet pow- Chemistry and Physics and 97.87 in JIPMER MBBS. She bagged first cent in Class XII
important to them. To add to this, veyed also believe their child’s erful issue,” he added. While 68 per GK. A student of position in Class exam. She also
77 per cent of the parents surveyed aversion to mathematics has cent of the parents surveyed were Dr Devraj DAV XII with 97.6 per bagged AIR 14 in
believe that Math is not taught well Math is looked at as just a subject, increased over time, a possible not aware of the concept of ‘Math Public School at cent marks. She JIPMER and AIR
in schools and 75 per cent of them not a life skill. Blackboard teaching sign of the development of Math Anxiety’, 67 per cent of them said Khai Village in was the classroom 31 in NEET. Her
also look at after-school classes as and rote learning have created Anxiety in children. “Math anxiety they are willing to take corrective Punjab, she programme mother is a
a must today. unnecessary hurdles for great Math stems from a lack of development measures in case their child is suf- aspires to become student of Aakash Chartered
“The problem today is that learning. Around 79 per cent of the of strong fundamentals in the sub- fering from this condition. a cardiologist. Institute. Accountant.
B63>7=<33@ j <3E23:67 j E32<3A2/G j 8C<3  & "
9D=4!! ' #

BC450=4554=14A6B0HB 90E84AI0=4CC814;84E4B <0C4>:>E0282B0HB2A>0C80 434=70I0A39>:4B78B14BC

9>0278<;>FB7>D;33A>? 9>A64B0<?0>;8<0340 8B4@D8??43C>140C F8;;2><4;0C4A8=C74F2
<4BDC>I8;0=3B0<8:7438A0 <8BC0:44G2;D38=68=C4A 0A64=C8=00CC74F>A;32D? 05C4A78B8<?>AC0=CA>;48=
5>A64A<0=HBB42>=3F2 BCA8:4A<0DA>820A385A>< 85C74H0A401;4C>;8<8CC74 14;68D<B"F8=>E4A
60<40608=BCBF434= 78BF>A;32D?B@D03 8=5;D4=24>5;8>=4;<4BB8 ?0=0<0>=<>=30H


0?Q E>;6>6A03 halftime break. Both times, the
referee decided against punish-
wice wrestled to the ing the culprits.

T ground during the match,

England captain Harry
Kane finally evaded the Tunisian
Despite it all, Kane
remained patient and delivered
in the first minute of stoppage
defense just as time was running time.
out. "You go until the last sec-
Kane found an open area of ond," Kane said, "and I'm
space at the far post and used his absolutely buzzing."
head to meet Harry Maguire's A>D672 270;;4=64B) 1aPiX[b6PQaXT[9TbdbBfXciTa[P]Sb6aP]XcGWPZPeXT
flick-on, scoring the winning =40A<8BB4B U^acWTQP[[SdaX]VPVa^d_4\PcRWPcA^bc^e0aT]P^]Bd]SPh 0?
goal Monday in a 2-1 victory at England seemed destined
the World Cup.
It was relief for Kane and
for a familiar hard-luck story -
dominance with little to show
Gareth Southgate, who leapt for it. B>278)CWT1aPiX[XP]5^^cQP[[2^]UTSTaPcX^]Xb
into the air in delight as his Before Kane's opener, Jesse
World Cup debut as a coach got Lingard had a shot saved on the `dTbcX^]X]V5850PQ^dccWT_a^RTSdaTbdbTSU^aeXST^
off to a winning start. line before setting up Raheem aTeXTfSdaX]V1aPiX[b\PcRWPVPX]bcBfXciTa[P]SPccWT
"The best teams in the world Sterling, who fluffed his chance F^a[S2d_CWTR^]UTSTaPcX^]bPhbcWThPaTPbZX]V5850
keep that belief in what they're while staring at an unprotected c^R[PaXUhXUcWTbhbcT\fPbdbTSSdaX]Vcf^ZThbTR^]S
doing," Southgate said, "and in part of the net. WP[USTRXbX^]bcWPcfT]cPVPX]bccWTUXeTcX\Tf^a[S
the end they break the opposi- Chances to regain the RWP\_X^]X]cWT  ^_T]X]VSaPf^]Bd]SPhCWTUXabc
tion down." advantage were squandered. fPbP_dbW^]STUT]STa<XaP]SPcWPcPXSTSBfXciTa[P]Sb
England shouldn't have When Dele Alli's header was T`dP[XiTaP]ScWTbTR^]SfPbP]^RP[[cWPc1aPiX[UT[c
found it so tough in its Group turned onto the crossbar, Stones bW^d[SWPeT_a^SdRTSP_T]P[ch^]P_[PhX]e^[eX]V
G opener against such opposi- messed up the follow-up. U^afPaS6PQaXT[9TbdbCWTR^]UTSTaPcX^]bPhb^]
tion. Not after Kane got England Lingard later hit the post
off to a perfect start with an after breaking past goalkeeper <^]SPhcWTbTcf^PRcX^]bR^]bcXcdcTR[TPaTaa^abQh
11th-minute tap in. But after Farouk Ben Mustapha. cWTaTUTaTTfWXRWcWdbbW^d[SU^a\_Pac^UcWT
Kyle Walker softly conceded a "The pleasing thing was the aTeXTfPQ[TSTRXbX^]bcWPcPaTP]P[hiTScWa^dVWE0ACWT
penalty that Ferjani Sassi con- movement, the pace, the inter- R^]UTSTaPcX^]bPhbcWThfP]cbc^Z]^ffWTcWTacWT_[Phb
verted in the 35th, many of the change," Southgate said. "The fTaTaTeXTfTSX]P]hfPhbPhX]VcaP]b_PaT]RhXb^U
fouls went against England. 58=0;;H control from the back with the TbbT]RT
"Maybe there was a bit of
justice at the end," Kane said. :0=4 ball."
Finally, Kane showcased on B7>F20B43>=C74 BC0C8BC82B
the international stage the 4]V[P]Sb7Paah:P]TU^aTVa^d]S[TUcRT[TQaPcTbPUcTabR^aX]V^]<^]SPh 0? However hard it was to
predatory instinct in front of 8=C4A=0C8>=0;BC064 When Walker's flailing break through, the English
goal that has served Tottenham For all the placidness and England couldn't even
so well. Only two years ago, the togetherness within the group, win a game. Low expec-
C74?A430C>AH8=BC8=2C arm caught Fakhreddine
Ben Youssef, a penalty was
attack achieved its most shots on
target in the first half at a World cT]S^]QdcWXb_PacXRX_PcX^]X]5aP]RTb]Tgc! '5850
striker failed to find the net at Southgate has added persis- tations for this year's over- 8=5A>=C>5C746>0; awarded and Sassi slotted it Cup since 1966 - the only time F^a[S2d_\PcRWPVPX]bc?TadXb]^cX]S^dQcU^a]^f
the 2016 European tence and doggedness.
Championship, which ended
hauled team were dispelled
"It shows the work we have early in Russia when Kane C70C70BB4AE43 in to equalize.
England's players later
the team won the trophy.
For Kane, wearing the cap- P[^]VbXST1PaRT[^]PbBP\dT[D\cXcXP]S<^]PR^b
in humiliation with a loss to put in these last few weeks," reacted quickly to score after C>CC4=70<B> thought they deserved the tain's armband is only making CW^\Pb;T\PaQ^cW^UfW^\WPeTQTT]bcadVV[X]VfXcW
Iceland in the last 16. Walker said. "Togetherness and John Stones' header was saved. same verdict when Kane was him more prolific. He now has _WhbXRP[XbbdTbX]aTRT]cSPhb6aXTi\P]]fW^WPSQTT]
The team has been trans- believing in ourselves." But England struggled to finish F4;; grappled to the ground twice by eight goals in six games as cap- ca^dQ[TUaTTd]cX[<^]SPh^][haP]U^aPUTf\^\T]cb
formed by Southgate since then. At the last World Cup, it off. Tunisians on either side of the tain. fXcW^]T^UcWTcTP\b_WhbXRP[caPX]TabQTU^aT[TPeX]V


80=BQ E>;6>6A03 match, while Tunisia made six. match against England in the U[XVWcc^A^bc^e^]3^]U^aPF^a[S2d_VP\TPVPX]bc
"We created a lot of clear-cut World Cup Group G clash, DadVdPhCWTBPdSX0aPQXP]5^^cQP[[5TSTaPcX^]_^bcTSP
05?Q B>278 gland head coach Gareth chances in the first half, as Tunisia coach Nabil Maaloul bcPcT\T]c^]CfXccTabPhX]VXcf^d[S[XZTc^aTPbbdaT
elgium coach Roberto
E Southgate praised his team
for their endeavours as Harry
many as I can remember us hav-
ing. In the second half we dom-
praised his men for the defensive
attitude during the whole game.
B Martinez said he is con-
cerned by aggressive targeting of
Kane's late goal gave England a
2-1 victory over Tunisia in their
inated the game, kept our
patience and looked for good
"It's true England controlled
the match, but we defended our-
Eden Hazard by opposition first World Cup game in Group opportunities rather than throw- selves very well for 90 minutes. P]S]^fcWThaTWTPSX]Vc^cWTXaaTbXST]RTbPUT[hCWT
defenders could lead to his side G. ing the ball in the box," the 47- We were very strong until we cTP\_^bcTS_W^c^b^UcWT_[PhTabTgXcX]VcWT_[P]TP]S
losing their captain and star With Kane's early goal in the year-old coach added. conceded the second goal." the b\X[X]V^]<^]SPh]XVWcQdcSXS]^caT[TPbTUdacWTa
player at the World Cup. first half on Monday night, "At the end, the pressure 55-year-old coach said. STcPX[b^UcWTT]VX]T_a^Q[T\
Belgium ran out 3-0 win- England made a near-perfect built and built. We did the right "I would thank all my play-
ners over tournament new boys start at the Volgograd Arena things and made good decisions ers for the defensive attitude. 'ARGENTINA MUST PUT TIE BEHIND'
Panama in the Russian Black Sea here. However, Tunisia evened and were good value for the They played beyond expecta-
resort of Sochi on Monday, the score 24 minutes later with win," Southgate said. tions in the second half," he told 1A>==8CBH)3TUT]STa6PQaXT[<TaRPS^bPXS0aVT]cX]PXb
with Dries Mertens opening a penalty. In the 91st minute, Kane the press after the match. PfPaT^UfWPcbPcbcPZTU^[[^fX]VXcb  F^a[S2d_cXT
the scoring before Romelu "At 1-1 we had a plan which scored his second goal of the "If we were to get a draw it
Lukaku netted twice. is to keep looking and keep game with a well-placed head- would have been an excellent fXcW8RT[P]SP]Sf^d[S_TaU^a\fT[[PVPX]bc2a^PcXP=^
Chelsea star Hazard set up probing," Southgate told er from close range which made result for us. But hopefully, this ^]TfP]cbc^`dP[XUh\^aTcWP]dbP]Sc^_dccWTR^d]cah
Lukaku's second goal, as the Red reporters at the post-match press England seal the victory. will lead to higher levels of con- X]PV^^S_^bXcX^]cWT" hTPa^[S<TaRPS^bPXSX]P
Devils overcame a difficult first conference. Southgate praised Kane and centration in the coming games." _aTbbR^]UTaT]RTPc0aVT]cX]PbcaPX]X]VRT]caTWTaT^]
half in the Group G encounter. After the equaliser by said the England forward "will he added. <^]SPh<TaRPS^bPXSR^PRW9^aVTBP\_P^[Xbb`dPSXb
But the game was also Tunisia, the England players feel the pride of leading a coun- Regarding the performance R^]eX]RTSPQ^dcfWPcbPWTPSaTUTaaX]Vc^cWT\PcRW
marked by some tough chal- launched continuous fierce try to a World Cup win is the of Harry Kane, Maaloul con- fXcW6a^d_3[TPSTa2a^PcXP0aVT]cX]P\dbc]^c[^^Z
lenges, with five Panama players attacks. FIFA statistics showed most important thing". sidered the Tottenham Hotspur QPRZ<TaRPS^fW^_[PhbU^aB_PX]bBTeX[[PbPXS8c
booked by the Zambian referee that England made 17 attempts While despite being disap- forward one of the best attack- RP]QTUXgTSQdcfTRP]cQTSfT[[X]V^]Xc;^^ZPWTPS
Janny Sikazwe. at the goal throughout the pointed with the result of the 4]V[P]S´bR^PRW6PaTcWB^dcWVPcT 0?
ers in the Premier League. b^fTRP]cahc^fX]cWT]Tgc\PcRWfXcW2a^PcXP
"It is a worry that in any of
those tackles he could really get 0VT]RXTb

hurt," said Martinez.
"It doesn't worry me if that
is a way of trying to stop him. 1T[VXd\R^PRWA^QTac^<PacX]Ti 0? 2A82:4C1A845;H
Everyone is allowed to prepare
games in the way that you can.
It is very much allowed and that ³?;0H43F8C7386=8CH´ 0?Q E>;6>6A03
is part of the rules, and you After a 3-0 defeat to
could run a risk of getting a play- Belgium in their World Cup wo years ago during the European
er sent off.
"My worry is that maybe in
debut, Panama coach Hernan
Gomez said his team played
T Championship, Harry Maguire was a fan
in France watching his beloved England.
one of those tackles, we are going with dignity and the result was Now, he's the first Leicester City to repre-
to lose the opportunity to enjoy normal. sent the country at the World Cup since
the quality of a player like Eden Asked whether he felt dis- Gordon Banks, England's great goalkeeper
Hazard. appointed with the result on during their one and only triumph in 1966.
"That is not just for him, that Monday, Gomez said: "People That's some turnaround, especially as
goes for any player who has got say we will lose by six or seven Maguire only made his international debut
the natural ability of wanting to goals, but it didn't happen. last October and plays for a team that hov-
take players on. I hope we get Panama played with dignity ered in the middle of the Premier League for 4]V[P]Sb9^]]h1PXabc^fRT[TQaPcTbaTPRWX]VPRT]cdahSdaX]VcWT>38
lucky in that respect." Hazard and for some periods we played most of last season. It's fair to say that, unlike \PcRWPVPX]bc0dbcaP[XPPcCaT]c1aXSVT=^ccX]VWP\^]CdTbSPh 0?
himself said that he had taken a pretty well." the majority of his England teammates, the
"little kick" in the first half but Panama, ranked 55th in the softly-spoken Maguire hasn't played in the 4=6;0=3?>BC=4F>38A42>A3C>C0;
said it was nothing serious. world, staged a very encourag- really big games, domestically or in Europe.
He added "we will see the ing performance in their World "It's been a strange but very exciting time Nottingham: 4]V[P]SbTcP]TfaTR^aSU^acWTWXVWTbcc^cP[
best of Eden Hazard maybe Cup debut as they held over the last few years and something that TeTabR^aTSX]P\T]b^]TSPhX]cTa]PcX^]P[fWT]cWThfT]c
later", in an ominous warning to Belgium's talented team to a 0- I'm ever so proud of," Maguire said on the 4]V[P]Sb7Paah<PVdXaT9TabTh%PaVdTbfXcWP[X]T\P]SdaX]VcWT\PcRWQTcfTT]Cd]XbXPP]S4]V[P]S 0? _Pbc###PVPX]bc0dbcaP[XPPcCaT]c1aXSVTWTaT^]CdTbSPh
Belgium's future group-stage 0 draw till halftime. eve of the tournament. FWT]0[Tg7P[TbfW^P[aTPShWPSPWd]SaTSc^WXb]P\T
opponents, Tunisia and England. "The difference between England's World Cup opener against is - nodded in for England's winner in stop- following an era of underperformance. W^XbcTS9WhTAXRWPaSb^]U^abXgX]cWT#%cW^eTaXc\TP]c
However he felt very happy Belgium and Panama in soccer Tunisia in Volgograd was the biggest match page time. "I think his potential is huge," Southgate 4]V[P]SWPSQa^ZT]cWTXa^f]f^a[SaTR^aSX]\T]b^]TSPh
with the team's performance in is greater than three goals," the 25-year-old defender has ever played. Maguire said getting the late winner said. "He is probably the one player - him X]cTa]PcX^]P[b8cfPbP[b^PcCaT]c1aXSVTfWTaT4]V[P]SbTc
their 3-0 win in the opener. Gomez admitted. And he more than passed the test, rein- could prove to be a bigger positive for the and Pickford - who haven't played in cup cWT_aTeX^dbaTR^aSc^cP[PccWXb[TeT[^U###U^acWaTTPVPX]bc
"I'm so delighted. There are "Nobody likes losing. We are forcing his position in the starting lineup for England lineup than winning the game by finals or big-stage Champions League ?PZXbcP]X]! %7P[TbTeT]cdP[[hW^[TS^dcU^a #&^]WXb
no easy games, but the players making the first appearance on England's next Group G match against a comfortable margin. games. Maybe for him it was more of a voy- =^ccX]VWP\bWXaTW^\TVa^d]SPUcTa^_T]Ta9^]]h1PXabc^f
managed to win. In the first half the World Cup stage, so some Panama. "We've shown great belief," he said. "We age of discovery than for some of the oth- WPS\PST "(4^X]<^aVP]4]V[P]Sb>38RP_cPX]QTRP\T
we started well for 10 to 15 min- people may say that three goals After some early nerves, he grew should have been out of sight at halftime." ers. He has great composure, he has really cWTR^d]cahbWXVWTbcad]bR^aTaX]cWXbU^a\PcSdaX]VP! QP[[
utes but they defended well is a lot, but I think this is a nor- stronger during the match and defended Maguire is exactly the kind of player defensive qualities ... And he's got a really UXUchcWTUPbcTbcQhP]h4]V[P]SQPcb\P]X]cTa\b^UQP[[b
with their defensive structure mal result, or even abnormal if solidly. And he was a presence in attack, not coach Gareth Southgate wants in his ranks lovely calm temperament." Maguire's expe- UPRTS^]WXbfPhc^%&FWT]7P[TbP]S<^aVP]fTaT
and we became a little frustrat- you consider that it should have least in the lead up to the goal that gave - young and unburdened by the failures of rience against Tunisia will surely help for SXb\XbbTS^UUbdRRTbbXeTST[XeTaXTbc^[TPeT4]V[P]S#$(U^a
ed in some situations where we been even worse while facing a England its 2-1 victory. It was from Maguire's the recent past - as he seeks to change the tougher matches to come. "I hope (it has) UXeT^UU#&"^eTabcWTaTfTaTbcX[[ $QP[[b[TUcX]cWTX]]X]Vb
would normally take a chance." team like Belgium." headed pass that the other Harry - Kane that narrative around the English national team given him a lot of belief," Southgate said. 05?
9D=4!! ' $

>B20AC010A4I708;B !!H40A>;30A64=C8=4 8A0=2>02720A;>B 2A>0C80=F8=64A0=C4

²3428B8E4³;D8BBD0A4I 2A8BC80=?0E>=544;B @D48A>IB0;DC4BB?08= A4182B0HB;4><4BB88B$
07403>52><?;4C8=6 2>=5834=C01>DC78<B4;5 1>BB54A=0=3>784AA> ?4A24=C>5C740A64=C8=0
C720?*B0HB7470B 1DCB0HB7420=C14BDA4 5>A:44?8=6B@D03D=8C43 C40<*78=CB78BB834F8;;
0;F0HB144=8<?>AC0=C >5BC0AC8=6 05C4A;>?4C46D8³B4G8C 3454=3C>64C74A


fX]^eTa \P]
0?Q B0A0=B:ADBB80

uya Osako had a surprise in store

Y for those who gave Japan little

chance of competing with
Colombia at the World Cup.
Osako's gritty determination to set
up one goal and his 73rd-minute head- ?A>C4BC00;>=6CC74BBC0=3B) 8aP]XP]U^^cQP[[UP]bSXb_[PhP
er from Keisuke Honda's corner kick lift- QP]]TaP__TP[X]VU^a8aP]XP]f^\T]c^QTP[[^fTSc^T]cTabcPSXd\bc^
ed Japan to a surprising 2-1 victory over bd__^accWTXacTP\ 0?
the Colombians on Tuesday.
Osako won a bouncing ball to
begin an early sequence that led to a
penalty, put Colombia a man down and 1A>==8CBH)0aVT]cX]PR^PRW9^aVTBP\_P^[XXb_[P]]X]V
gave Japan a 1-0 lead when Shinji
Kagawa converted from the spot. \PY^aRWP]VTbc^WXbcTP\U^acWTB^dcW0\TaXRP]b]Tgc
Colombia had to play all but the F^a[S 2d_ \PcRW 8] cWT cTP\b UXabc caPX]X]V bTbbX^]
opening minutes with 10 men after bX]RTPSXbP__^X]cX]V  SaPfPVPX]bc8RT[P]SBP\_P^[X
Carlos Sanchez received a red card for caXTSPSXUUTaT]ccPRcXRP[P__a^PRW^]<^]SPhfXcWP]ThT
blocking Kagawa's shot on goal with his 9P_P]´bBWX]YX:PVPfPRT]caTcPZTbP_T]P[chbW^cPVPX]bc2^[^\QXPV^P[ZTT_Ta3PeXS>b_X]P 0? c^fPaScWTR[PbWPVPX]bc2a^PcXP^]CWdabSPh7TcTbcTSP
extended right arm. bhbcT\ fXcW cWaTT RT]caP[ STUT]STab) 6PQaXT[ <TaRPS^
Colombia equalized late in the first
half on Juan Quintero's rolling but
accurate free kick.
1 when the sides met in group play in
Brazil four years ago, and the Japanese
also began the game without Okazaki,
been labouring with a sore left calf
recently, casting doubt over his readiness
to play.
B4=460;>E4A?>F4A?>;0=3 =XR^[Pb >cP\T]SX P]S =XR^[Pb CPV[XPUXR^ <TaRPS^ fPb
aT_[PRX]V <PaR^b A^Y^ fW^ _dc X] P _^^a _TaU^a\P]RT
PVPX]bc 8RT[P]S X] P [X]T ^U U^da STUT]STab CWT ^cWTa
Japan became the latest side to pull a Leicester forward who has been try- He came on to join captain Radamel 0?Q <>B2>F
]^cPQ[T RWP]VT X] caPX]X]V fPb cWPc cWT R^PRW Sa^__TS
off an upset at the World Cup, joining ing to overcome a sore calf and was Falcao in the 59th minute, but his best
Mexico, Switzerland and Iceland in replaced in the starting lineup by Osako. chances were thwarted by Japan's des- enegal became the first African \XSUXT[STab ;dRPb 1XV[XP P]S 0]VT[ 3X <PaXP fW^ P[b^
earning surprising results. The score line
was particularly unexpected in light of
Okazaki did get in the game, but not
until the 85th minute. But it was appar-
perate defending near the goal. Sdefeating
team to win at this year's World Cup,
Poland 2-1 Tuesday on a first-
UPX[TS c^ X\_aTbb X] cWT SaPf ^] BPcdaSPh BP\_P^[X
the fact that Japan had changed coach- ent within minutes that the rematch 18I0AA41468==8=6 half own-goal and a controversial sec- [TUc fX]V 9PeXTa <PbRWTaP]^ fX[[ aT\PX] Pb P STUT]bXeT
es shortly before the tournament, and would not go so smoothly for Colombia. When the game was due to officially ond-half strike by Mbaye Niang. \XSUXT[STa fWX[T aXVWc QPRZ 4SdPaS^ BP[eX^ fPb QTX]V
because no Asian team had ever previ- In the third minute, Osako won a start, Falcao walked across to Japan's side Senegal, back in the tournament for _dbWTSd_PbPfX]VQPRZ3X<Pa€P[^^Zb[XZTWTfX[[QT
ously defeated a South American side in bouncing ball from defender Davinson of the field and spoke to referee Damir the first time since 2002, went ahead in bPRaXUXRTSU^a!!hTPa^[S2aXbcXP]?Pe^]fW^X\_aTbbTS
17 World Cup meetings. Sanchez and broke in alone toward goal. Skomina in a discussion that lasted the 37th minute when Thiago Cionek's headed in a free kick in the 86th minute BP\_P^[X X] Ydbc cfT]ch \X]dcTb Pb P bdQbcXcdcT PVPX]bc
Not only was Osako instrumental in Goalkeeper David Ospina blocked beyond the official countdown to kick- attempted block of Idrissa Gueye's to end Poland's streak of five straight 8RT[P]SA^Y^1XV[XPP]S3X<PaXPPaT_Pac^UPVa^d_^U
both goals, he sprawled to block a close- Osako's shot, but Kagawa pounced on off. shot wrong-footed goalkeeper Wojciech scoreless World Cup openers. TXVWc _[PhTab fW^ fTaT _Pac ^U cWT 0aVT]cX]P cTP\ cWPc
range shot by Colombia midfielder the rebound and quickly got off a shot When fans let out the customary Szczesny, who was picked to start over Both teams' stars, Senegal's Sadio
James Rodriguez in the waning minutes. on goal that drew Sanchez's red card and cheer to mark the beginning of the fellow Arsenal castoff Lukasz Fabianski. Mane and Poland's Robert UX]XbWTS Pb ad]]Tad_b X] ! # X] 1aPiX[ [^bX]V ^dc c^
Not a bad way to provide joy to a the penalty. Kagawa converted by direct- match, the teams were still standing still. Niang, who had returned to the Lewandowski, rarely threatened in 6Ta\P]hX]P[PcTV^P[bR^aTSX]TgcaPcX\T
country recovering from a deadly earth- ing his shot inside the right post. Moments later, Skomina ordered both field from treatment, later beat Szczesny quiet World Cup debuts.
quake in Osaka a day earlier. The result Colombia began the game without teams to change sides and the match to a backpass and had an open net Senegal are tied for the group lead NEYMAR LIMPS OUT OF TRAINING
also brought a smile to Japanese princess Rodriguez, a Bayern Munich midfield- commenced shortly after. when he doubled the lead in the 60th. with Japan.
Takamdo, who attended the match. er who was the leading scorer at the 2014 Only minutes later came the wild Grzegorz Krychowiak, whose back- Senegal will play Japan on Sunday, B>278)=Th\PaWPb[X\_TS^dc^U1aPiX[bcaPX]X]VbTbbX^]
Colombia soundly defeated Japan 4- World Cup in Brazil. But Rodriguez had sequence which set up the opening goal. pass led to Senegal's second goal, when Poland meet Colombia. PccWTF^a[S2d_QTRPdbT^U_PX]X]WXbaXVWcP]Z[TCWT
1aPiX[XP] U^^cQP[[ R^]UTSTaPcX^] bPhb cWT X]Ydah Xb ]^c

=Th\Pa WPb QTT] X] _PX] bX]RT cWT cTP\b   SaPf

U^d[TS =Th\Pa fPb _[PhX]V ZTT_PfPh fXcW P UTf ^cWTa
05?Q :0I0= Iran now face one of the biggest chal- _[PhTab fWT] WT bdSST][h [TUc cWT caPX]X]V bTbbX^] X]
lenges in their World Cup history, B^RWX7T[X\_TSPbWTfP[ZTSPfPhUa^\cWTUXT[Sc^fPaS
but maintains they can "make the cWTSaTbbX]Va^^\PRR^\_P]XTSQhPcTP\S^Rc^a
7403C>7403 Swillpanish playmaker Isco says
Wednesday's match against Iran impossible possible".
<PcRWTb) determine their World Cup des- PANAMA RELIEVED DESPITE LOSS
?^acdVP[f^])  tiny as they seek to register their first ³D=8E4AB42D?58=0;
<^a^RR^f^]) win in Russia following a gripping 3- "If the game against Morocco B>278) CWTaTfPbPbT]bT^UaT[XTUU^a?P]P\PfWT]cWT
6^P[bBR^aTS 3 draw against Portugal. was the World Cup final for us, the
Champions in 2010 and among game against Spain will be the [Pbc fWXbc[T Q[Tf Pc 5XbWc BcPSXd\ X] B^RWX ^] <^]SPh
?^acdVP[) the favourites this year, Spain's World Universe Cup final," said the former CWT cTP\ WPS Ydbc [^bc " c^ 1T[VXd\ X] Xcb UXabcTeTa
<^a^RR^) " Cup ambitions were kept in check, Real Madrid coach. F^a[S 2d_ \PcRW P]S Xc UT[c P[\^bc [XZT eXRc^ah
almost single-handedly, by a stun- "It was not a miracle that we 5^acd]PcT[h Xc SXS]c WP__T] fWPc TeTahQ^Sh cW^dVWc Xc
5PXbT[UTPcdaTb ning Cristiano Ronaldo hat-trick. won. What can happen once in a f^d[SWP__T]fWXRWfPbU^adbc^[^bTQhbXg^abTeT]
The draw came just two days while is a group of people, when they V^P[b ?P]P\P R^PRW 7Ta]P] 6^\Ti bPXS ?P]P\P
05?Q <>B2>F after Spain's campaign was thrown are united, can create super stories _[PhTS fXcW SXV]Xch 8c fPb]c QPS CWT $$cWaP]ZTS
into disarray by the shock sacking of and super things. ?P]P\P]XP]b _dc X] P eP[XP]c TUU^ac PVPX]bc cWT cP[T]cTS
ristiano Ronaldo will attempt to coach Julen Lopetegui following an "Our attitude is to try and make
C follow up his World Cup opening
game heroics for Portugal against a
untimely announcement by Real
Madrid that he would join the 13-
the impossible possible." Yet keeping
the Spanish armada at bay to claim
Morocco side licking their wounds times European champions after the point that would boost hopes of WP[UcWPc1T[VXd\Qa^ZT[^^bTfXcWPV^P[Qh3aXTb<TacT]b
after a crushing last-gasp defeat. the tournament. B_P]XbW_[PhTabbWPaTP[XVWc\^\T]cSdaX]V qualifying for the last 16 looks a tall P]S cf^ Qh A^\T[d ;dZPZd CWT SXUUTaT]RT QTcfTT]
A hat-trick from the five-time Fernando Hierro, Spain's sport- caPX]X]V order. 1T[VXd\ P]S ?P]P\P X] U^^cQP[[ Xb VaTPcTa cWP] cWaTT
world player of the year snatched a ing director, is now at the Iran have never beaten a V^P[b 6^\Ti bPXS =^Q^Sh [XZTb [^bX]V B^\T _T^_[T
thrilling 3-3 draw for the European helm but barely a week into /LYH RQ6RQ\7HQ1HWZRUN quickly across the European side at a World Cup — \PhbPhcWPccWaTTV^P[bXbP[^cQdcW^]Tbc[hcWaTTV^P[b
champions against Spain in a heavy- the tournament La Roja — pitch, the chances their only previous victory was a 2- PVPX]bc cWT cTP\ fT _[PhTS PVPX]bc c^SPh cPZX]V X]c^
weight Group B showdown in Sochi. expected to join Brazil, will come. I hope 1 win over the United States in R^]bXSTaPcX^]^daTg_TaXT]RTcWXbfPbP]^a\P[aTbd[c^a
It was Ronaldo's 51st career hat- Germany and France in the we score quickly." France in 1998. TeT] PQ]^a\P[ XU h^d R^]bXSTa cWPc Xc bW^d[S WPeT QTT]
trick, and the 51st in the tournament's 2aXbcXP]^A^]P[S^fPa\bd_fXcWcWTQP[[ 0? latter stages — have endured 8A0= B?08=
Iran kicked off Despite the frustration of con- f^abT
history, as the Real Madrid star more drama than they F43=4B30H k )"?< their campaign with ceding an 88th-minute equaliser to
became just the fourth player to score can take a big would have wanted or a 1-0 win against Ronaldo following two goals from
in four World Cups. step towards expected. Morocco, thanks to a late own goal Diego Costa and a stunning strike
"I am very happy, it's a nice per- the last 16 with "It's a crucial match that will by Aziz Bouhaddouz, piling the from Nacho, Isco believes Spain's
sonal record to have, one more in my victor y over determine our World Cup destiny," pressure on Spain at Kazan Arena on resolve remains intact. :0I0=) F^\T]b aXVWcb PaT P bT]bXcXeT XbbdT fXcWX] cWT
career," said Ronaldo. ?>ACD60; <>A>22>
Morocco in said Isco. Wednesday. "We had a setback but we stuck 8aP]cTP\PccWTF^a[S2d_<Pb^dSBW^YPTXfPbTePbXeT
F43=4B30H k $)"?<
"For me the most important thing Moscow on "We want to score from the Iran sit top of the pile as the only together and got on with the job," he SdaX]VWXbcTP\b]TfbR^]UTaT]RT^]CdTbSPhfWT]cWT
is to emphasise what the team did Wednesday. opening minute, even though that Group B team with a win so far, an said. \XSUXT[STafPbPbZTSfWPcWTcW^dVWc^U8aP]XP]f^\T]
against one of the favourites to win this "I think we are stronger than won't be easy. achievement that sparked incredible "We saw that in the first match. X]bcPSXd\bX]AdbbXPFXcWP[[SdTaTb_TRcU^ah^dP]S
World Cup." Morocco if we compare the two teams, "We will stick to the style that celebrations in the streets of Tehran We never gave up, even after con- h^da`dTbcX^]fTPaT]^cYdbcPcTP\FTPaTPUP\X[hP]S
Despite lifting the trophy at Euro but I'm not saying the game will be defines us as a team, but we have to and elsewhere throughout the ceding a goal in the fourth minute. Xcb^da]PcX^]fWXRWXb_[PhX]V^]cWT_XcRWBW^YPTXbPXS
2016, Portugal are not widely viewed easy for us," striker Andre Silva told pass the ball around a lot more and Islamic republic. That shows what this team is all 8U h^d fP]c c^ cP[Z PQ^dc cWXb XbbdT cWXb Xb P] X]cTa]P[
as among the favourites in Russia but reporters at Portugal's training base. maintain possession. If we play Coach Carlos Queiroz concedes about. We'll never stop fighting."
F^\T] WPeT QTT] _a^WXQXcTS Ua^\ PccT]SX]V \T]b

<eYcCeQbUjcUU[cbUTU]`dY_^_^! dXSQ`
VP\Tb P]S ^cWTa b_^acb UXgcdaTb X] 8aP] bX]RT cWT (&(
8b[P\XR aTe^[dcX^] 0 _PacXP[ TgRT_cX^] c^ cWT QP] ^]
f^\T] fPb \PST X] 9d]T ! $ fWT] P b\P[[ ]d\QTa
fTaT P[[^fTS c^ fPcRW e^[[ThQP[[ X] CTWaP] 8aP]XP] UP]b
05?Q =8I7=8H=>E6>A>3 /LYH RQ6RQ\7HQ1HWZRUN protests have garnered little fTTZd]Uda[TSQP]]Tab_a^cTbcX]VPVPX]bccWTQP]
7403C>7403 empathy outside the country.

F or a player who has made so <PcRWTb) ! Suarez is a player loved and SAUDI BIKERS LIGHT UP RUSSIA
many headlines at the World BPdSX0aPQXPf^]) loathed in equal measure; his
Cup, it is appropriate that Luiz DadVdPhf^])  on-field behaviour has been
Suarez will make his 100th questionable but not so his tal- A>BC>E>=3>=) 0UcTa P $ F^a[S 2d_ STUTPc fXcW P
appearance for Uruguay at DAD6D0H B0D3800A0180 ent. \PcRW PVPX]bc DadVdPh bcX[[ c^ R^\T ^_cX\Xb\ \Ph QT
football's biggest tournament. F43=4B30H k ')"?<
6^P[bBR^aTS Despite the ever-present ad]]X]V [^f U^a b^\T BPdSX 0aPQXP UP]b Qdc ]^c U^a
Barring any last minute BPdSX0aPQXP) # controversies, the 31-year-old is 0W\TS 1T]PfX CWT aTcXaTS PXa[X]T T]VX]TTa Xb U^[[^fX]V
disasters the Barcelona striker mundane. DadVdPh) " Uruguay's record goalscorer, cWT6aTT]5P[R^]bPRa^bbAdbbXP^]WXb 'RRc^daX]V
will reach his century of games The last two World Cups 5PXbT[5TPcdaTb scoring 51 times in 99 match- QXZT fXcW cWaTT BPdSX R^\_P]X^]b Z]^f] Pb cWT
for the Celeste on Wednesday have seen Suarez exit in es. CaPeT[TabCWThWPeTR^]cX]VT]Rh_[P]bc^bcPh^]cWTa^PS
when they play Saudi Arabia in ignominy. months and fined after biting Five of those have come in fXcWcWTcTP\cWa^dVWcWT`dPacTaUX]P[b4]VX]Tb_daaX]V
Rostov-on-Don in Group A's In 2010, the forward was Italy's Giorgio Chiellini, the the World Cup and despite a cWThSa^eT_PbcA^bc^e0aT]P^]CdTbSPhX]cWXbb^dcWTa]
second round of matches. sent off after making a last third biting incident of his sluggish start in Uruguay's 1-0 AdbbXP] RXch fXcW iX_cXTS VaTT] BPdSX U[PVb U[P__X]V Pc
;dXbBdPaTi_aPRcXRTbSdaX]VDadVdPh´bcaPX]X]VbTbbX^] 0?
The match should be rou- minute "save" against Ghana, career. opening game win against
tine and could secure Uruguay's which helped avoid defeat and infamous it got its own nothing to what happened four Uruguay players have hit Egypt, the match against a cWTXa QPRZb 6aX]]X]V _^[XRT ^UUXRTab P]S bda_aXbTS
passage to the knockout stage, saw the South Americans Wikipedia entry — Suarez even years later. out at the way Suarez was sub- weak Saudi Arabia side may QhbcP]STab_^bTSU^a_W^c^VaP_WbX]Ua^]c^UcWT#$
but with Suarez football fans progress to the last four. described it as the best save of In 2014, he was banned sequently treated by the foot- offer him the chance to cele- bTPcbcPSXd\
know that very few things are The incident became so the tournament — but that was from all football for four balling authorities, but their brate his centenary in style. 0VT]RXTb