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Sahil Garg












This report is submitted in the partial fulfilment

Of the requirement of PGDM program of IMT Hyderabad

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Date of Submission: 30April 2018



This is to certify that this is a bonafide Project Report submitted in Partial

fulfilment of the requirements of the PGDM Program of IMT Hyderabad. This
submission work done by SAHIL GARG under the guidance of Mr. TULSI
RAM VENKAT. This report has been formally submitted to Dr. APURVA
SANARIA, Faculty, IMT Hyderabad. This report has been verified and
authenticated by:


Faculty Guide

Institute of Management Technology, Hyderabad

Signed By:
BATCH: 2017-19
Institute of Management Technology, Hyderabad



This report has been made by SAHIL GARG, currently a student of Institute of
Management Technology-Hyderabad as a part of Summer Internship Project
mentioned in the course curriculum. This project is being developed by him as
an intern at ScrapQ HUB Pvt. Ltd. , Hyderabad, in Marketing. This project has
been undertaken for academic purposes and the project developed hence will be
used by the company as its product, in future, in appropriation to the situation.



A summer project is a golden opportunity for learning and self-development. I

consider myself very lucky and honoured to have so many wonderful people
help me in the completion of this project.

This report would have been quite impossible without the immense help and
dynamic environment offered at ScrapQ HUB Pvt. Ltd. I am deeply grateful to
the entire management of “IMT Hyderabad” for giving me an opportunity to
dirty my hands on the practical aspect of life.

At the onset, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to Mr. TULSI RAM
VENKAT , Co-owner of ScrapQ HUB Pvt. Ltd. For giving me an opportunity
to work on this project in their organization . He took additional efforts to bring
my report to its fulfilment and completion.

I would also like to thank Mr TULSI RAM VENKAT, for believing in me and
bestowing on me the responsibility of an entire centre of encouraged, motivated
and inspired me with his equanimous personality and attitude.

I would also like to express my heartfelt gratitude to Dr. APURVA SANARIA,

my Faculty Guide for not only being a guide but also a mentor and for his
tireless support and guidance in the course of my project.
















The purpose of this project is to summarize interactive sale marketing literature

in the context of personal selling and sales management. This project serves as
precursor to the convergence of marketing strategies and sales & promotion
Marketing strategy represents a key element of success for organizations.
Executing an effective marketing strategy is just as important as conceptualizing
and creating it. Through marketing strategy implementation firms employ
scarce resources through marketing capabilities in order to attain the set goals
and targets. In order to illustrate the value of marketing strategy and the process
of implementation a detailed literature review was performed. That analysis
uncovers two distinct but related features to marketing strategy content:
marketing strategy and sales and its promotion

With services marketing implementation. The literature also suggests there is a

relationship of marketing strategy, and sales & promotion elements on
organizational performance, and emphasizes a further need to perform
conceptual and empirical studies. The originality and value of the review lies in
the fact that marketing strategy and sales has been analyzed both in terms of its
outcomes and as a process that does not yield satisfactory results without
effective implementation.



Business organisations are constantly seeking ways to enhance their

performances in order to compete actively and aggressively in the market
Profits seeking organisations have long recognised the importance of creating
value in the products and services they offer to the customers, all in the
common objective to deliver commercial goods efficiently in order to keep the
current customer-base satisfied. Aside from inculcating loyalty among the
members of the clients and customers of a business organisation, companies are
likewise aware of the need to widen and extend the reach of the company’s
products and services to new markets in order to increase its share on clients


and customers. Strategies, plans and techniques in the areas of promotion and
marketing, sales, supply chain, logistics, research and development,
performance measurements as well as social and corporate obligations and
responsibility are continuously improved all for the benefit of the target market.
Once companies become successful in these organisational and managerial
areas, sustained economic development is envisioned. This literature review
aims to present a critique of existing proposed literatures that analyse the
relationship between marketing strategies and sales management. Historically,
marketing strategy formulation is viewed as an antecedent to performance
outcomes (Lages 2000). It is the modus operandi that allows an organization to
concentrate its limited resources on the best available opportunities to increase
sales and achieve a sustainable competitive advantage (Michael Baker 2008).

Marketing strategy has been a salient focus of academic inquiry since the
1980s, according to (Mavondo 2000). There are numerous definitions of
marketing strategy in the literature and such definitions reflect different
perspectives (Li et al 2000). A traditional definition of marketing strategy is a
plan for pursuing the firm’s objectives or how the company is going to obtain its
marketing goals with a specific market segment (Orville and Walker 2008;
Theodosio, Leonidus, 2003; Kotler, Armstrong, (2009) while Brodrechtova
(2008) explains that marketing strategy is a roadmap of how a firm assigns its
resource and relates to its environment and achieves corporate objective in order
to generate economic value and keep the firm ahead of its competitors. In
laymen terms it is to determine the nature, strength, direction, and interaction
between the marketing mix-elements and the environmental factors in a
particular situation (Li et al 2000). According to Levie (2006), the aim of the
development of an organization’s marketing strategy development is to
establish, build, defend and maintain its competitive advantage. A thorough
analysis of the newest scientific articles on strategic management and
organisational behaviour indicates that 71% of them analyse company
performance as a dependent variable, 12% of them analyse it as an independent
variable while 11% of the studies analyse performance as a dependent as well as
an independent variable (March and Sutton1997).



Problem statement

1) Unorganized industry with unprofessional approach

2) Awareness on waste, which can be re-‐cycled

3) Tremendous potential

4) Corporate, shops & establishments spend money on scrap disposal

5) Minimal accessibility to agents

6) Landfill deterioration

7) Social responsibility

8) Lack of end-‐to-‐end connects.

To address the above problem statement ScrapQ came into picture.

Why ScrapQ?

Scrap consists of recyclable materials left over from product manufacturing and consumption,
such as parts of vehicles, building supplies, and surplus materials. Unlike waste, scrap has
monetary value, especially recovered metals, and non-metallic materials are also recovered
for recycling. Recycling is the process of converting waste materials into new materials and
objects. Scrap disposal has been an issue in today’s busy life. Scrap is categorized as
newspapers, cartons, glass bottles, plastic bottles, old electronic appliances, e-waste and iron
which can be recycled and reused. Hence it is said that “Recycling is divine”. Usually the
scrap is collected by the local kabadiwala, a scrap dealer who collects scrap from the
households with an inaccurate weighment, variation prices and inconvenience of time.

ScrapQ Hub Private Limited is a Private incorporated on 19 October 2016. It is classified as

Non-govt Company and is registered at Registrar of Companies, Hyderabad. It is involved in
waste management and recycling awareness. ScrapQ helps in collecting the scrap from
household and industries. ScrapQ is just a missed call away. ScrapQ provides accurate
weighment at customer’s convenient time with instant payment.

How ScrapQ works?

 Just a missed call away –


Give a missed call on our number; we will call you back and pick up at you location
at your convenience

 Door step service –

Our REO will visit your house or office to pick up scrap and pay the for right value for your

 Instant payment –

Our executive will calculate the amount of cash that is equivalent to the trash given. We pay
you as per the price of that particular material in the market on that given day

 Accurate weighing –

We use digital weighing scales to give accurate readings and payments

 Professional Management –

ScrapQ is a professionally managed company, all our REO’s are uniformed and carry their

Regular visit is done by our sales team to acquire new customers.

Regular visits are done to get feedback from existing customers to know their grievances.

Proper technical team is working on backend to provide technical support to sales.

It’s completely process- driven company.

Our Solution:

 End to end solution for the current eco system.

 Integrate all players.

 Empower the retail agents and provide better lifestyle.

 Organize the existing sector – Standard pricing & weighing.

 Avoid unaccountable money.

 Educate and create awareness with in consumers – 'Recycling is Divine'.

 Dispose scrap at will.

 Wallet integration.

10 | P a g e

 Contribute to the society.

 Swach Bharat & Go-‐green initiative.

How do we work?


Customers need to give missed call on 040-30707070 or 9030727277 and within 15 minutes
of their missed call they will get revert call from our call centre regarding location and getting
information on quantity and type of scrap. Then a slot will be allotted to them in which our
vendors will go to collect the scrap and pay them instantly.

11 | P a g e


All android and IOS users can use our mobile app by downloading it from Play store. Using
this app they can book their slot according to their will at their desirable time. They can also
reveal their frequency of using our service on daily, weekly, fortnight and monthly basis. As
soon as they will book the slot their name and location will be revealed on our CRM and
based on the timing our vendors will reach at the location to collect the scrap and will pay to
them instantly.

12 | P a g e

SWOT Analysis is a useful technique for understanding organisation’s Strengths and
Weaknesses, and for identifying both the Opportunities open to the company and the Threats
we face.

Strengths Weakness

 Unique Features  Limited market penetration.

 Purchases all recyclables.  Technical issues regarding calls
 Profound technical backend  Inconvenience caused due to shortage
 Flexible time slots using its app. of logistics.
 Works on COCO and Franchise  High overheads.
model.  Local ecosystem not being used.
 Well trained scrap collectors.  Slack in operations & distribution
 Adopting new marketing and strategies.
promotion mix.  Non-recurrence of business from
 Proper segregation and distribution of many clients.
scraps to industries. 
Opportunities Threats

 Co-branding & Promotion with big  Emergence of new companies.

brands.  Change in environmental laws.
 Location advantage.  Rate issues.
 Expansion in new cities.  Vulnerability caused due to technical
 Availability of clients of all segments. failure.
 Establish Tie ups with recycling  Logistic failure in unavoidable
industries. weather conditions.
 Repair and reselling of electrical 
 Performing events or sponsoring
events for better marketing.
 Reducing three-layer system into
single layer system to maximize

The Internship can be broadly classified into three parts viz. strategies, marketing
(promotion) and sales.

13 | P a g e

1) Strategies:
The internship process started with building up strategies which can potentially cut
down the operations expense and capital expense. The purpose of building strategies
was not only to cut down the opex and capex but also to have a sustainable plan and
roadmap for the future business.
The process begun with catchment area analysis, which included identification of the
sample density in a particular area (Begumpet, Hyderabad). This analysis helped in
segregating households, corporate according to the density thus, allowing free flow of
the operations. This analysis also helped in targeting the likely potential sub areas.


2) Marketing:
This phase included pitching up new marketing strategies that could boost up the
brand and reach to the customers. It helped bringing out the innovativeness and
helped understanding how a business can market itself. Following are strategies which
were proposed:

Zeleno: Our project involves collection of plastic pet bottles and aluminum cans
through machines called reverse vending machines(RVM’s). These machines will

14 | P a g e

accept empty plastic PET bottles and aluminum cans and will reward the user with
coupons/cash back/e-money for helping in saving the environment. This initiative is a
part of Swachh Bharat (Clean India Mission), Smart City and Digital India. Our
machines will be placed in various public locations such as supermarkets, parks,
metros, railway station etc. The machine is designed in such a manner that it can offer
free Wi-Fi at public places, thus helping in digitalizing India, simultaneously it can
get integrated with the vendor API and sends the reward directly on the user mobile

Our product is meant to motivate people recycle.

Our product also helps in saving the environment in the following manner.


Zaggle: Zaggle as a company mainly focuses on connecting consumer and corporate

spends to merchants through their proprietary tech platforms & its latest offering
focused on Group Dining Deals. Zaggle is an award-winning Payments Company
focusing on Groups, Employee Benefits, and Corporate Expense Management. It’s
make Payments online and get gifts from the reward points.


Adonmo: Make reach easy, effective and reach at target audience at a right place and
a right time. It provides target advertising using the digital displays on top of taxis.
Step 1- To define you spends. Our entire campaign will cost you only a fraction of the
traditional outdoor avenues.
Step 2 - To choose target locations and relevant time slots to display your ads. We do
the rest from designing creative’s to tracking ads live.
Step 3 - Where the magic happens. Sit back and relax as we steer your ad to the apt


15 | P a g e

ScrapQ Retail Store: Proposed the idea that we should buy from consumers, and hire
local people, to reuse the scrap and create something useful out of it and sell it in our
retail store.

Moving scrap Vehicle which will roam all around the city and sell our products and
will promote ScrapQ.

Billboard Advertising- A billboard (also called a hoarding in the UK and many other
parts of the world) is a large outdoor advertising structure (a billing board), typically
found in high-traffic areas such as alongside busy roads. Billboards present
large advertisements to passing pedestrians and drivers. Typically showing
witty slogans and distinctive visuals, billboards are highly visible in the
top designated market areas.


It involved proposal on corporate acquisitions such as Tinmen.

Website: -

Business Proposal for Tinmen:

It offers home cooked lunches to working professionals and has vastly simplified
office lunches with a scheduler built into their App available on both Android and
iPhone. The startup delivers over 8000 lunches to professionals every month.
Knowing what the customer needs well in advance, helps cluster more than 20 orders
per-hour per-delivery resource, this brings down the cost per delivery. This helps
Tinmen in offering lunches starting at INR 50 with no extra delivery charge.

16 | P a g e

It involves tapping by giving free brown bags to Tinmen “Powered by ScrapQ”. It

would help Tinmen reduce its cost and at the same time promoting ScrapQ all over

Target segment of Tinmen:

1 Professional

2 Bachelors

Opportunity for ScrapQ:


Professionals work in different offices around Hyderabad. This way people will know
about ScrapQ very quickly.

Advantages of partnering with Tinmen:

We will know about the number of corporates registered with Tinmen. We can easily get the
contact information of the corporates.

Hence by proposing this idea new customer allocation will be much easier.

17 | P a g e

3) Sales Acquisition: The training for Sales included apprising ourselves and the
prospective clients of the product (Scrap disposal service) our organization is
offering and making them aware of its benefits. Role plays regarding cold calling,
lead generation, follow-up etc. sensitized us regarding the task at hand.
At the end of the first phase, the cold calling phase (feedback calling) was initiated
and potential lead generation and tracking of those leads happened.
The purpose of such calling was not only to generate sales but also to build a rapport
and trust with the clients so as to have a long-term relationship with them rather than a
short-term one. The basis of any sales interaction is generating needs and this can be
related to the B2B marketing scenario where clients are more aware and rational and
where the relationships are for a longer period.

Handling of corporate: The most important part of any sales activity is the interactive
marketing part where the company representatives (we) interact with the corporate, therefore
this becomes integral as that is the point where a customer decides whether he wants you or
not. Therefore, in-depth training (including tools and role plays) was given to handle the
actual handling of clients/corporate.

New customer acquisition:

For growing businesses, acquisitions are an excellent means of adding capacity without
needing to start from scratch. Sales of a business are frequently used to shed lines that are no
longer related to the core business or used as an exit strategy to allow for retirement of the
founders or allow the founders to embark on new activities.
All three require careful planning, skilful negotiation and accurate drafting, with attention to
both the broader picture (the goals of both the client and the other party) and the many details
needed to complete and close the transaction. Following areas which I have covered so far
are: -

a) Madhapur- Known as the suburb of Hyderabad. It is noted as a center of

information technology activity.
It consists of Bar, Pubs, personal care outlets, Retail stores, Pharmacy.

18 | P a g e

There I covered 24 corporates.

b) Jubilee hills- Posh suburban neighborhood in Hyderabad.

It consists of Bars, Retail stores, Cafes, Pharmacy.
There I covered 10 corporates.

c) Ameerpet- India’s unofficial cramming college capital.

It consists of coaching institutes, Health clinic, personal care outlets, shopping
complexes, retail stores, Mobile shops.
There I covered 41 corporates.

d) Banjara hills- Urban commercial center in Hyderabad.

It consists of IT companies, Cafes, Bars, hospitals.
There I covered 11 corporates.

e) Indira Nagar-Popular shopping destination in day and lively dining and

nightlife hub in evening.
It consists of Wine mart, bars, Pharmacy, retail stores, optical showroom.
There I covered 21 corporates.

f) Srinagar Colony- Important commercial and residential area in west zone of

It consists of Gym, Retail stores, confectionery store, Retail Outlets.
There I covered 24 corporates.

g) Panjagutta- Commercial and residential area in Hyderabad.

It consists of shopping malls, Forum marts, Retail stores.
There I covered 18corporates.

h) Somajiguda- Suburb of Hyderabad, Modern business center in Hyderabad.

It consists of Retail stores, hotels, Showrooms.
There I covered 9 corporates.

In total I covered 160 corporates around these locations in Hyderabad on foot.

Of those 160 – 60 are retail stores, shopping complexes.

- 10 are personal care outlets.
- 20 are coaching institutes
- 10 are pharmacy
- 10 are bars and pubs
- 10 are wine marts
- 40 are confectionery stores.

19 | P a g e


Personal selling is where businesses use people (the "sales force") to sell the product
after meeting face-to-face with the customer. The sellers promote the product through
their attitude, appearance and specialist product knowledge. They aim to inform and
encourage the customer to buy, or at least trial the product.
Personal selling is one of the five main aspects of the promotional mix within
marketing communications. Although other marketing components are dedicated to
increasing sales, their impact is often indirect. In contrast, personal selling uses
personal contact with target markets to generate new sales. The importance and power
of this tool might be seen in the numbers of people employed in the personal selling
Personal selling can be found in many different positions and in many different
sectors, but its primary purpose is to generate revenue (and subsequently profit) for
companies. This process involves finding, informing, persuading, and at times
servicing customers via personal communication. It can also entail helping customers
to articulate their needs, tailoring persuasive messages to answer those needs, and
then handling customers’ responses. Some of the primary objectives that fall under
personal selling include:
Winning new business by identifying and selling to prospects.
Maintaining close long-term relationships with organizational customers.
Supporting customers of highly technical and complex products and providing
detailed technical information.
Providing sales support in retail and wholesale selling. For example, giving advice on
displays, implementing sales promotions, checking stock levels, and maintaining
contact with store managers.

Importance of personal selling for ScrapQ

Personal selling is very crucial to start-up company like ScrapQ because
1) It helps in providing new businesses such as new customers to the company.
2) Because there will be a direct communication between the seller and the customer,
the service can be explained in more appropriate way by identifying the customer
3) It also helps in promoting the company, as in a new area where the service wasn’t
known to the customers.
4) Personal selling helps in maintaining ScrapQ long term relationship with the
5) In start-up like ScrapQ personal selling is beneficial because more sales are
provided to the company with less investment.
6) Personal selling helps in influencing the customer to give a word of mouth to other
fellow members which increases the company sales.

20 | P a g e


Companies’ now-a-days deliver their services by dividing their consumer base into
various segments. This segmentation ease the way of delivering their services or
product to customers.

Effective segmentation includes:

 Identifying the different groups of buyers on the basis of their needs.

 Dividing them on the basis of their demographic, geographic, psychographic,
behavioral traits.
 Identifying the best possible way to deliver the service to fulfil their needs and


I have divided the entire Hyderabad into well defined slices which consists of group
of customers having almost similar sets of needs of disposing scrap. Hyderabad, being
a very developed and booming marketplace for almost all types of industries, is very
favourable for our company to grow. I have broadly classified entire city into two
segments, namely (Households & Corporates).

HOUSEHOLDS: I have gathered the entire information of total number of houses,

flats, apartments in each locality, depending on which i have segmented them into
smaller unit so that it would be convenient for our logistics to manage them
efficiently. I have also detailed the type of scrap and time interval in which people
want to use the service. Main scrap produced by households are newspaper, electrical
equipment’s, pet bottles etc.
CORPORATES: Corporates have classified into various segments because they are
the main source of scraps. Their classification includes: Bars, Pubs, Stores, Shops,
Showrooms, IT companies, Manufacturing companies, Malls, Forum marts etc. I have
planned the logistic in such a way that either our vehicle will go only for one
corporate to collect the scrap if their quantity is much more or it will go and collect if
there are more than one call so that logistic expenses is also minimised and proper
service delivery is done.

21 | P a g e


After completing market segmentation, the firm identifies the opportunities provided
by each market segments. Now identification is being made to target the most and the
least opportunities provider. Based on this the company plans the best way to render
the service.


Our company mainly targets the corporate segment because they are the main source
of scarp. Even in corporates we are mainly focussed on bars and pubs, IT industries
for E-waste, showrooms and other retail stores.
Households also use our service but the frequency is much low and even the scrap
quantity is also low which adding to the revenue of company but not that much as
compared to corporates.
Even the team is also divided into sub-groups to deliver the best to corporates. We
have separate teams for bars and pubs and for E-waste collection also. These people
are well trained in their job to provide the best to customers to maintain the recurring
of business.
The most targeted corporates are bars and pubs and we are the leading scrap
aggregator in bars and pubs.
For E-waste we are mainly targeting startups and the shops and stores who deal in
selling and repairing of the electronic/computer peripherals.

22 | P a g e





Lesser Convenience Highly Convenience


Positioning strategy is an image which a marketer develops in the minds of the

customer in other words perception about the product in the minds of consumer which
is formed by the positioning strategy of the marketer. Any company prefers one
consistent positioning message.
ScrapQ is positioned in such a way in the market that, the users/customers would reap
the benefits such as high convenience against the quality of the service. True to the
tagline of the company ScrapQ the positioning strategy used was “Now Scrap
Disposal is just a missed call away”.

23 | P a g e


Direct Competition

ScrapQ is first of its kind service which is dedicated to the all the target segment.
Now various services are coming up. They are claiming to help dispose scrap through
their online Play store application, but ScrapQ’s main advantage is its ease of
disposing, with accurate weighing and convenient time, standard pricing and instant
payment which no other body is providing till date. So there is no direct competition
for this product in the market.

Indirect Competition

ScrapQ is designed in such a way that it doesn’t substitute the existing disposal
system in Hyderabad but supplements it. User use it for self-disposal of scrap on will.
So neither the Government body (GHMC) nor other scrap disposal service providers
are taking it as a threat and they are happily welcoming this product. Only a few scrap
dealers around the city are seeing this as a threat and may cause an indirect
competition. But once the user reaps the benefit of using ScrapQ, there would no
point of any indirect competition.


The existing sales and market of the product was covering the broad market area.
When we entered the company, the marketing and sales was done by broad mediums
with fewer sales force team deployed along various segments of the market. The
existing sales scenario was like:

• Sponsorship – ScrapQ was associate sponsor for the 49th Cinegoers

Association Film Awards – 2017 which was aired live on TV News and other
channels. The advertisement consisted of a tagline and missed call numbers from
where a customer can get more details and finally use the product. If got a missed call,
a sales team would visit the customer’s premises and provide the service robustly on
checking with the customer’s convenient time.

• ScrapQ was also the Recycling partner in the audio launch event for the
tollywood movie “Naa Peru Surya, Naa Illu India”

• Call Center Back Hand – The back end people search for the interested
customers extracted from the sales app of the sales force team and make sales calls to

24 | P a g e

them while booking slots for the customers who are having an immediate need of
scrap disposal.

Our Project

The problem faced by ScrapQ was to find the right marketing and sales approach. Till
now they were seeing their market with a broader view, in order to reach the masses
they have to concentrate on the niche market of schools, malls to big software
companies. To start with, we identified the various means and places to find our target
market. For this, we followed a typical model for problem solving.

Identification Phase

This phase was executed during the first week of our internship. This phase
focused upon identifying the various destinations from where we could spread
awareness and decide the catchment area. We started with brainstorming sessions and
then filter out the feasible one. We use the CPS model as:

 Mess/ Objective finding – this was clear, to get maximum sales.

 Fact finding – the facts were

 Problem finding – the problem was to find the right marketing and sales
strategy. The existing sales and marketing system was not effective. To start
with we have to list all the possible places where we could find our potential

 Idea finding – a brain storming session was held in which we listed more than
10 places. Only feasible and potential holding ideas were filtered for further
operation. These were – Schools, Apparel retail stores, Pharmacy, housing
societies or apartments, corporate houses, malls, commercial markets, and
This was the solution we found or the idea-evaluating phase of the CPS model.
These ideas were tested by the group members and then evaluated in group meetings.
The briefs of which is as follows:

25 | P a g e


Our search was only for those schools which were big and had the problem
of disposing scrap and unaware of the importance of recycling. The schools chosen
for testing phase were either in nearby locality or had we got any personal contacts to
visit. Schools were also first choice for us as the company’s existing marketing team
was not doing this.


We listed out few schools nearby and made a visit after taking earlier appointments or
visiting the principle in the working hours. After interacting with the concerned
person as well as knowing our marketing team’s reviews, it was clear that schools are
one of the major market potential. As we visited the schools during the summer
vacation, there was a little chance to get the signups done. Most of the schools asked
us to visit after the school reopening.


 Parent Teacher Meetings are the best platform for our business as students and
their parents both are available at the same time.
 Teachers can spread awareness among students regarding the importance of
recycling and earning out of disposing scrap. Also they can comment on the
product which would help us in making ScrapQ better.
 In – schools model could be proposed.
 Value addition to the school as we proposed to give a Zero – landfill clean and
green certificate.


 It is difficult to get permission. The school’s decision making is a long process

as they are usually run by a trust or society.
 They don’t give much importance to another disposal service providers apart
from their regular system. They have faith in the existing system and don’t
want any changes (in case of confidential shredding services).
 Schools could not be attracted simply on the basis of commissions which we
would be providing on sales volume achieved. But giving a scholarship and
providing bulk SMS services could overcome the problem.

26 | P a g e


The school holds one of the major part of the market. The school market
requires less effort and yields maximum output. Also further marketing is easier for us
as we can use the school’s goodwill with our brand.

Coaching Centers

With the increasing competition among students for achieving good marks in
exams, there is an increase in coaching centers business subjecting a chance to
penetrate into the market for a large scale paper scrap disposal system. These
coaching centers are interested in money making so they can be fit into our business


We made the list of coaching centers in nearby area with their contact details by
searching on the internet. Then take appointments so that when we visit coaching
institute, the concern person is ready to devote at least half an hour’s time.
Presentation of the product and its features was given.


After our interaction in coaching centers, we found that most of coaching centers are
interested in doing business with us. They could get sales by making ScrapQ a brand
to every student for any recyclable disposal while earning money. They can also have
ScrapQ’s campaigns running in their classes to increase the awareness of recycling.
Another advantage is that we could use the goodwill of a teacher. As there are few
famous teachers for particular subject visiting one or two coaching centers. If he/ she
recommend ScrapQ to his/ her students, they will definitely going to use the service.


The only disadvantage with coaching center was number of students were low as
compared to schools.
Few coaching centers demanded their own content to be added on ScrapQ.


Coaching centers are opened for making money and doing business. They can be our
associates who would be promoting our service in a particular area and will be paid
commissions on margin basis.

27 | P a g e

Housing Societies and apartments

To reach the consumers as well as the buyers at the same point, we decided to go to
households. We chose societies over normal sector colonies because of the easiness in
reach. A society has common gates, parks, buildings and regular meetings are held.
We could use these things to promote our product. We could have promotional
activities in their premises.


We chose one society and took the permission for putting a kiosk or canopy in their
premises. We had to pay some amount to society fund and they would provide us the
space and electricity to put up stalls or conducting events for children in different


 User and buyer can watch a demo at their premises.

 One can recommend it to friends, relatives etc.
 Students from different schools and different coaching centers can be targeted.
Word of mouth publicity will spread awareness to other schools and coaching
 Common views from students as well as parents can be obtained.


 Return on Investment of the fee could be risky.

 Senior secondary students could not be found with their parents walking in
society. They were mostly found riding on bikes. Parents were found driving
in their cars. So no foot falls of the target audience.
 Fewer foot falls because of climate.


The idea of Apartments and societies was a failure.

28 | P a g e

Corporate Houses/ Offices

In order to reach the potential corporate segment we decided to go to corporate



Contacting the HR department for having a presentation for their employees if not, a
canopy could be installed in the premises.


 Place where we could reach only the salaried people.

 Showing the demo.
 One can recommend it to friends or relatives.


 Getting permission is a hard nut to crack.

 If got, target audience is not found


It was a flop.


Commercial places are common for any marketing activity. Mall premises are used
for these purposes. Also LCD Screens are installed in various locations on which we
can air our advertisement while our stall is at in their premises. Malls are the places
where we could find all the required target segment.


One of our college had personal contact in one of the busiest malls in Hyderabad. We
made an arrangement for meeting with the concerned person. After frequent
discussions it was decided that the malls were not feasible as the fee for putting
canopy and advertising was very high.

29 | P a g e


 Spreading awareness on large scale. Lots of people can be made aware at the
same time
 Place where the reach would be high.
 Showing the demo.
 One can see and recommend it to friends or relatives.


 Expensive
 People come here to enjoy and relax not all will take serious in the matter of


It is only successful if we had to spread awareness only.

Commercial markets

We also tried our hand at commercial markets. This is the place where everyone


It was simple to install the canopy but at some places we could not do so because of
authority interruptions. They did not allow such canopies and stalls to put up in a
commercial market.


 Place where we could reach every one.

 Showing the demo.
 One can recommend it to friends or relatives and they can also come and visit
the stall.

30 | P a g e


 Getting permission from Police authorities is a hard nut to crack.

 If got, market found is very broad. The target audience is not easily found


It was a flop.

Theme Park/ Fun Park

This idea was selected by us but was later rejected by our CEO when we show them
our list.


Social clubs like new friend’s club were targeted as we could find target segment on a
large scale.


We visited the club and met the club’s secretary. We proposed drunk and drive
campaign along with providing some wall hangings and various other perks. In short
we tried for co-branding.


 Place where we could reach the mass on a larger scale.

 Showing the demo of our service.
 Attract by giving discounts to the club members on installing and booking a
slot for disposing scrap.
 One can recommend it to friends or relatives and they can also avail our


 Most of the clubs don’t allow outside activities.

 If got the permission, market found is very broad. The target audience is not
easily found in all the clubs.

31 | P a g e


It was also not successful.

Retail stores

We also tried our hand at retail stores. This is the place where everyone visit.


• Easy to get business in the footfall areas of retail stores.

• Most of the retail stores are unaware of disposing scrap ( Plastic cover : Primary
scrap) and others. Hence an added advantage of ScrapQ to take Market first approach.


 To get trust in our product is a bit of time taking.

 Get used to use the mobile application may seem difficult to few retail store


It was the most successful strategy that worked out. Though the market was micro in
nature but the number of signups elevated and the expected business was very high


From the testing phase we concluded that Schools , retail stores and Coaching Centers
would be targeted. These were the places where we could find our users and hence
obtain high yield with less efforts.

In schools, another way found was utilizing the PTMs as we could find user and the
buyer at the same place. The coaching center could be made our Affiliate who would
be promoting ScrapQ in their defined area.

32 | P a g e

Retail stores

We started visiting different areas where retail stores were available.

Total number of retail stores

Number of retail stores interested
Number of retail stores not interested

Retail stores



Coaching Centers

. We started visiting the areas where numbers of coaching centers could be found
nearby. We met coaching center owners and demonstrated the product and then
explain the business proposal. Once the coaching center owner is ready to be
associated with us, we make them our Affiliate. The affiliate purchases the retail
packs form us at 30% discounted price on MRP and sells it at MRP. The remaining
becomes his profit.

33 | P a g e

Total number of coaching centers

Number of coaching centers visited

Learning Outcomes
To make a marketing strategy for marketing and distributing a product for niche
market. This was the major learning outcome from this project. The real challenge
was to reach the niche market which was also not undefined
It is more beneficial to look for those people who are into big business of this kind.
For example, we contacted SMD Tutorial’s Mr. Ankur Banga, he was also running
another business of providing his study materials to students of classes 1st to 7th in
various schools across Delhi, Haryana, Punjab and few others metropolitan cities like
Mumbai, Pune etc. We focused more on him because he has an existing network and
our product is compatible with it. Also he is deficient in providing materials for
higher classes so he could use our product there. This tie up is in their testing phase as
they have started introducing it to their associates.

Dealing with variety pf people: Every new school or coaching institute is different
and this difference is due to te authority running it. This project introduced us to
number of different form different locations. This experience was a major confidence
booster when I go to another new school or coaching center.

In the testing phase of our project, I learnt to test and filter out ideas. This cannot be
done by sitting in office and doing brainstorming, but one has go to the actual market
and face the heat.

34 | P a g e

Don’t focus on individual selling like door to door marketing. This cost a lot of
money and yield is very low because of utility of the product in a household.

Starting on a business requires some background work to be done. Before making a

deal the background and potential of the second party is looked upon. The party must
be genuine and its goodwill will be added on to our business. We did this by
observing the location of the coaching center or school. Our product would mainly
used by children of middle, upper – middle and high class income group peoples who
has computers and broadband internet at their homes. If the locality of a certain
coaching institute or school is poor then definitely we would our target market.
Background check was also needed to check the potential. This was seen after asking
questions some like how many students are studying? Students have computers at
their homes? What is the fee structure? Etc. this gave us the potential of the party.
And if the party has its network in schools and coaching centers, that party is very
fruitful to us.

Deal as professionals do: This way to start with a new party is always appreciated by
others and they also feel privileged to be associated with a company like this. Weather
its first meeting or just normal phone conversation, being informal doesn’t in long

Major learning was to know the culture of a media company. The media culture is
more vibrant and colorful as compared to other corporate. The crowd is young and
full of energy. This thing makes the difference from other businesses.

Last but not the least; I learnt to make use of my personal contacts. I never realized
earlier that people I knew could be of so much help. Some personal contacts were
efficiently utilized during testing phase.

35 | P a g e

Key learnings:

a. Develop an understanding of the Company & its target customers.

b. Workings and Operations of various industries during the study of their travel.
c. Understand the decision maker's motives.
d. Learned about recycling process and waste industry
e. Learned about ScrapQ business model.
f. To be successful in sales, there is no shortcut; you have to work hard to
achieve your goals and targets. I learned a lot about sales when I went out in
field. It gave me confidence, no matter how tough the target may seem, there
is always a way to achieve it. Sales cannot be learned anywhere you have to
work hard to experience it.
g. I learned that how good or how much potential a corporate may have, “Not
all clients are the Right Fit” for your business.
h. Whether it is a small corporate or big “Never take any Referrals for
granted” you never know how it may help you.

Future Steps / Responsibilities:

 Follow-up - Collecting regular feedbacks from clients and understanding the

root cause of any issue if the client does report of one.

 Partnership Management – Fulfilling the needs of the clients and creating a

trust worthy and friendly relationship with them or that do not hesitate in
reporting any issue.

36 | P a g e



37 | P a g e