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Subject: Re: CDA Issues Raised 

Thanks Chief for your quick response. 

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On Jul 12, 2018, at 10:51 AM, Chad Abrams <> wrote: 

Chief Gaines, 

As per your request I have asked the CDA team to work on facilitating a Management 
Committee meeting prior to our scheduled July 19 meeting.  As you know, this will be dependent on the 
availability of members and will require appropriate public notice.   

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>>> "Gaines, Jerome" <> 7/12/2018 9:44 AM >>>

Chief Abrams,  
This is a follow up to the conversation we had yesterday regarding the issues brought to me
concerning the CDA (see concerns below). As I stated, we have a board meeting scheduled for
July 19, 2018, however I feel this is an urgent matter and we need to meet sooner rather than later.

As representatives for the partner agencies, we have a responsibility to be proactive and not
reactive in addressing problems when brought to our attention. It is our responsibility to insure the
process in place is moving in a positive direction and we provide the best level of service possible
to not only to the citizens but to the employees that work in the CDA and our emergency

I have spoken to Interim Director Tim Mahler and his staff and made them aware of my concerns.
As I stated to him, this will give him an opportunity to address these concerns and give his
employees and opportunity to be heard.  

In closing, again I am not only requesting you call for an Emergency Board Meeting as soon as
possible, but I am also asking you to invite all employees of the CDA to attend so they may express
their concerns. In doing so hopefully we can get a better understanding of what is truly occurring.
Please advise when the meeting has been scheduled. 

Issues brought to my attention: 

 Hostile work environment
 Lack of personnel on the floor
 Low morale
 Fear of retaliation if issues are brought to management
 Concerns that issues brought to management will not be addressed
 Lack of communication between the staff and floor personnel
 On-going concerns about training and how the dispatchers feel stagnant