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Goal: Students with more than 20 absences in the 2017-2018 school year will decrease their number of unexcused absences by 50% by the end of the 2018-2019
school year.
Target Group: 6th grade students with 20 or more unexcused absences in the 2017-2018 school year.
Data to Identify Students: Attendance records from the prior school year and current records.

ASCA Domain and (Projected Outcome Data
Mindsets & number of Perception Data (Achievement, attendance
Grade Behaviors Curriculum and Projected students (Type of surveys/ and/or behavior data to be Contact
Level Group Topic Standard(s) Materials Start/End affected) assessments to be used) collected) Person
6th Understanding B-SMS 1., B-LS 7., 12-week CAST group, 9/3/18 – 8 Students Perception survey on Students in the group will School
truancy and B-SS 2., B-SS 3., working through 11/5/18 knowledge of decrease their attendance Counselor –
attendance B-SS 8. connecting resources attendance. Do they by 70%. Students will Lauren
requirements and creating plans to know the consequences have an increased Schultz
improve attendance. of unexcused absences? knowledge in attendance
Do they know the requirements.
resources to support
their families?
6th Understanding M 3, B-LS 7., B- Students will identify 9/3/18 – 8 Students Perception survey on Students in the group School
reasons for SMS 5., B-SMS 6., reasons for missing 11/5/18 knowledge of will decrease their Counselor –
absences, B-SMS 8, B-SS 2., school and build a attendance. Do the attendance by 70%. Lauren
Forming B-SS 8. community with other students feel supported Students will have an Schultz
support group. struggling students. in the school? increased sense of
community and
understand why they are
missing school.