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The Secrets Of
Sex Magic

You may be wondering what Sex Magick is. Simply put, Sex Magick is the use of
certain secret knowledge, long hidden and suppressed by religion and governments
alike. It is a form of Mysticism which will enable one to influence your
environment and reality itself with astonishing results. For example, You may be at
a bar, and from across the room, you notice someone whom you really want to get
to know. You want them to see you, and fast. You don't want to waste time and
money on small talk and buying drinks. You want to create something within this
individual which will cause them to become aware of you and to be instantly
sexually attracted to you.
The Secrets you will learn from Sex Magick will show you exactly how to use
these various Magickial Skills to create an overwhelming desire in someone, on a
deep level, so they will feel totally compelled to want to be with You Instantly!

Some call it Kabbalah. Some call it Witchcraft. Some even say it is the work of the
Devil. Well let me tell you that all of these statements are true, to an extent. Don't
get me wrong, this book does not encourage Devil worship, it's just that certain
people who haven't yet opened their mind to these incredible powers yet may think
that way. When your friends see you attracting so many beautiful people of the
opposite sex with almost no effort, they may wonder what your Secret Source is.
But you must never tell them where you have found these newfound Skills and
Magickal Powers of Seduction.

We have studied and researched the most powerful and effective sources of ancient
wisdom to bring to you Now the knowledge and power that you desire for your
ability to put these Magickial Secrets into effect in your life instantly! Because of
the incredible power this knowledge will give you, there are many who don't even
want a site like this to exist. There are some who are trying to prevent you from
learning these secrets. They will even go so far as to attempt to ban Internet Sites
all together. This Secret Sex Magick Web Site may not be around forever if those
fools have their way. They want to keep this knowledge all to themselves, and even
use it against you!
However, the amazing techniques you will quickly and easily learn after you
become a member of the Sex Magick Secret Web Site will show you how to
effectively eliminate those type of narrow minded individuals from your life. You
now have the kind of knowledge that has been reserved for a handful of Mystics
throughout the ages. If you desire to attract and seduce people at will. If you want
to control your life instead of being manipulated, then read on.
You are about to embark on a journey of the study of ancient Metaphysics
combined with modern scientific studies of the Mind and Brain. After completing
studying this manuscript, you will find that you have powers and abilities you
never before dreamed possible. You will find yourself naturally attracting people,
circumstances and events into your life which will go beyond your wildest
expectations after you have learned to master the simple techniques found within
the pages of this book.
Sex Magick is more than simply Magick applied to Sex. Once you learn to master
the Powerful Secrets presented here, you will control your entire destiny. You will
suddenly find that you will receive more love, money, success, and abundance in
every area of your life. So with this in mind, you are now about to learn the Secrets
of Sex Magick.

Through the centuries, there has been a branch of esoteric mysticism collectively
known as the Kabballah. It’s exact origins are unknown. It probably first originated
in Egypt and Mesopitamia, then discovered by the Jews. However, the Jewish
people have been studying and applying the secrets of the Kabballah for eons.
There is a lot of hype and pretense about this subject. Yet the basic teachings of the
Kabballah are quite simple and will be presented here for the first time in a concise

and easy to understand manner. The Kabballah has been the basis for most of the
Magick in the Western world, so we will begin with it.
The Kabballah states that You and I and everything around us is composed of
energy. Everything is energy. This energy is Universal and emanates from One
source. Some call this source God. Some Allah. Some just call it The Universe.
What ever terminology you choose to call it is fine and really doesn’t matter. I will
refer to this Force as the Universal Consciousness.

The Kabballah has said that theirs are various levels of existence and
consciousness. In Kabballaistic literature these are known as the Worlds. Weather
you consider these Worlds spiritual levels or levels of consciousness the process by
which the Kabballah uses can still be used. The Worlds are represented as a tree
branching out from the roots to the branches and leaves. This is known as “The
Tree Of Life”. The Worlds are called “Sephira”. I will not get into too much
religiosity here because it is unnecessary. I will give a brief overview of each of the
Sephira and how they correlate to us in the modern world.

Kether is the very top of the Tree of Life. The Universal Consciousness or God. It
is the Source of all power and energy. It can be looked at as the Collective
Unconscious. It contains everything within it and everything is a part of this
Universal Energy. It is also considered a void as in the Buddhist concept of
This is a step down so to speak on the Tree Of Life. It is the Universal
Consciousness within us all. The part that speaks to us and gives us intuition and
insight into things which we normally wouldn’t know about.
This is the level of Non-Attachment. As the adage goes, if you love something,
will loose it. It is the principle of polarity and paradox.
This level is one of gain in the material world. Success and abundance in wealth
and property.

This is the level of power and control of yourself and your life as well as
influencing the external world in a powerful magickal way.
At this level one becomes aware of Spiritual guides as it were or Higher Teachers
such as The Christ and The Buddha.
This level gives us power in relationships and sexuality. This is the seat of
emotions in your mind.
This is the level where one begins to learn and apply the secrets of Magick in their
life when they become aware of the higher forces in their life and Consciousness.
This level could be considered as the Subconscious Mind. Here is where a person
opens up to Astral Travel, perhaps at an unconscious level while dreaming.
This level can be considered as The Conscious state. The Awake state. This is the
root of the Tree of Life and sometimes the root of problems.

The Tree Of Life

As you ascend up the Tree of Life and become more familiar with the states of
consciousness associated with each Sephira, you will automatically become more
attuned to various vibrational energies being sent out from others and this is where
you will begin applying this knowledge to Sex Magick Seduction Techniques. To
become familiar with each of these states, you should either practice Meditation
and/or Hypnosis. You will learn through your practice how to identify each of
these states and how they interact with your everyday life. Additionally, each of the
Sephira corresponds to a tone on the musical scale, which is why so much Magick
deals with chanting and mantras. Each Sephira also corresponds to a planet and an
astrological sign.




Visualization is basically using your imagination to bring into your life anything
you desire, be it love, money, things lost, etc. The magickal use of visualization
will assist you to bring into your life romance with exactly the type of person you
Now, if you stop for a moment and think about the exact type of person you desire,
that person will have several characteristics based on your own unique criteria.
Sometimes, however when we consciously think about the type of lover we desire,
in reality it becomes a nightmare. This is because the conscious mind is easily
tricked by “beauty” and illusions. One of the best ways to get the lover you truly
desire is to ask your subconscious for its assistance. On a subconscious level, you
already know who you would be best suited to meet. You can do this through
hypnosis, meditation, or simply daydreaming.

The key to this is each of these processes puts you into an altered state of
consciousness where you can access and harness the incredible powers of the
subconscious as well as the Collective Unconscious as mentioned in the previous
chapter. As you visualize yourself ascending each level of the tree of life, you will
ask your subconscious and the Universe to show you what type of person would be
ideal for you at this present time. This person exists and is out there now,
somewhere. Your conscious mind isn’t aware of this fact. But the subconscious is
aware always, and through the connection you will soon develop with the
Universal Consciousness, you will receive many insights as to the type of lover you
really desire.
Now, it may take a few times in meditation or hypnosis for the image of your ideal
lover to coalesce. When your ideal partner does come into your mind, it may be
only for a brief second. It could be like a snapshot. This is good. It may even come
to you in a surprising place in a strange way such as while driving your car. The
important thing is that you ask the guidance of the “Higher Power” that lies within
yourself in your Subconscious Mind. After you begin to get a clear image of your
ideal lover, soon you will find that you will have urges to go to new and different

Now that the message is out there in the Universe, the energy of the Universe it self
has been called forth and has touched your lover in a way that puts them on “alert”
so to speak. As you begin to go to different places, you will soon find that person,
exactly as they appeared to you in your mind. There will be an instant attraction

because they have already seen you too. This is an incredibly powerful tool which
will enable you to attract that ideal person into your life.
If you have a person in mind that you really want to become more intimate with,
yet they are either not sure, or flat out don’t want you, this method will have them
literally begging on hands and knees for you to give them some attention after you
apply it. Here, what you do is clearly visualize the person of your affections. Bring
them close to you in your mind. As you do this procedure, you should be in a
comfortable place, alone with no distractions.

Before bed is a great time to do this. Now as you visualize this person, what you do
is to imagine that your mind is going into their body and see through their eyes.
Then imagine them seeing you and becoming very attracted sexually to you. Watch
yourself through their eyes playing “hard to get”. Let your mind just drift while
you do this and don’t worry about this seeming silly because you will notice very
soon that the person has started to think about you in a different way. And when
they approach you in “reality” be a little aloof. Play a bit “hard to get” and they
will not understand why they are becoming totally attracted to you. Do this every
night until you get the results you desire.
This technique is very similar to the one above. You will visualize the person that
you are trying to seduce. Bring the image of them very close and make at as clear
as possible. Then imagine very vividly that the two of you are together in a very
romantic setting. Begin visualizing that you are kissing each other. But when you
do, I want you to make it seem as real as possible.
See what you would see, and hear what you would hear, and feel it to the fullest
while you are doing this visualization. Then as you are imagining these things, you
will masturbate yourself. Make sure nobody will disturb you during this process.
You will imagine the sensations of touching the person you desire and caressing
them. You will notice positive responses from them. You will imagine touching
their genitals and kissing them all over their body. Hear their voice telling you
“YES!” It is important to make this sensual scene very, very real. The reason this
works so powerfully is that the subconscious can not differentiate between a vivid
imaginary scene and a real one.

At an unconscious level, you will begin to respond differently to the other person
and you will at the same time send subliminal messages to their unconscious as if
you have had sex with them already. To really give this process a double whammy,

if you are male, masturbate yourself to just about the point of orgasm, then stop.
Don’t come. The power behind this is a theory from the teachings of Tantric Sex
which stipulates that if you masturbate to just before climax but don’t come, you
develop a very powerful and confident personality. You are holding in your “vital

It has been said that Rasputin did this as well as Hitler. I wouldn’t advise doing this
for more than a week without coming because it has been known to cause madness.
Have you ever noticed how tired you become after sex. After sex with a woman,
the man has given his vital energy contained in the semen to the women. That is
why men want to sleep and women want more sex. If you do come into the woman,
which I would advise against for various reasons, one way of getting back your
vital energy, according to Tantric Buddhism is to eat the semen from your
woman’s vagina. Also doing this has an extra bonus because you are receiving her
vital energy as well mixed with yours.

The following are Tantric techniques to build sexual energy:

Focused eye contact
Synchronized deep breathing
The "bliss" breath
Touch, stroking
Stalking one another
Circling around holding hands
Anointing one another with scented oils
Teasing, retreat
Dancing, pelvic thrusting, Flagellation, Simulated sex
Fantasy visualization
The physiological roles of the chakras are roughly as follows:
The root and belly chakras are related to generative and sexual functions

The solar plexus chakra is related to digestion.

The heart chakra is related to the heart and circulation.
The throat chakra is related to the lungs and the voice, including the ears,
nose, and throat.
The third eye chakra is related to vision, the eyes, and the pituitary gland.
The crown chakra is related to the brain, and especially the pituitary and
pineal glands.

It does take some time and practice to master these techniques. Another thing you
might try is to imagine a beam of energy going from the center of your chest to the
chest of the person you are trying to influence. Practice everyday, everywhere.
When I go out, for example, if I am standing in line at the supermarket, and I see a
woman whose attention I want to get, I will imagine that I am sending a powerful
beam of light to her through her chest with the message "you will notice me". After
a few moments, she will turn around and notice me. It's amazing. This is good
practice, and nobody knows what you are doing.

Also send mental images of sex to the woman. Send this into her epsilon point, the
spot in between the eyes. This is known as the Third Eye (see diagram above).
Send the mental message from your epsilon point. You will notice that she will
start doing things like playing with her hair, rubbing the back of her neck. She will
start looking left and right, but won't know what you are doing to her.



Radionics deals with the amount of Psychic Energy, or chi, a person emits and how
to use this energy to influence others in the world around you. The basic theory for
this type of Magick is that everybody and everything in existence has a Universal
Energy Pattern which is uniquely its own. As you become better at your skills, you
will be able to tune into a person's Signal. Its sort of like a homing beacon. You
create your own Psychic Energy. There are devices sold which can assist you in
creating more Energy for yourself so you will more easily be able to psychically
influence someone whom you wish to seduce sexually. It doesn't matter the
distance from your target for you to get incredible results using this method.
The Energy Signal emitted from each person vibrates at a certain wavelength. It is
measured in Hertz. You don't have to buy "Black Boxes" to attune to a persons
Signal. Just use alpha state meditation and get the feel for the person you want to
control the thoughts of. When you "feel" as though you have locked on to their
energy frequency, you will then be able to send your thoughts and your desires to
them, instantly. It is often helpful to have photos, hair samples, or personal
belongings or the like of the person you are attempting to psychically influence.
Then proceed to use any of the following methods to bring them to submission to
your will.
The skill you are about to learn will assist you to know and understand someone
you want to get to meet before you actually meet them. You will learn how to
develop your intuitive senses easily with this method.

First you start off by emptying your mind. You clear your mind as much as
possible of thoughts and cares. You then begin to focus on the person whom you
want to seduce. Just open your mind and allow yourself to receive psychic
information about them. Images and thoughts and perceptions will start to naturally
flow into your mind about your target. Notice where the images go as they enter
your consciousness. I have found that it is very helpful to have soft relaxing music
playing while utilizing this procedure. You will know the difference between
images coming from your imagination and images received psychically easily by
just letting the process flow naturally. Don’t force any thoughts. Continue
concentrating on the person you wish to seduce until you feel as though you know
what you desire to know about them.

After a while of practice using this technique, you will find that you won’t have to
enter into any special state of meditation. You will automatically find yourself just
picking up peoples thoughts by being in close proximity to them. This will cause

anyone you are attracted to to notice you, because you will be sending out psychic
vibes on their wavelength which will cause them to immediately notice you and
become very attracted to you instantly. When you do pick up an intuition, say so.
Tell them that you have an intuition about them. They will become very curious
about what it. Then tell them your intuition. They will be amazed at how much you
understand them.

I would like to forewarn you about a possible drawback to this technique. I recently
visited a hair stylist. She was very beautiful and liked me a lot. I never met her
before. I started picking up on all sorts of information about her. I asked her “how
is your husband doing”. Mind you she wasn’t even wearing a wedding band. She
was amazed. She asked how I knew that she was married. I told her I just sensed it.
She swore I knew her and must have been spying on her, or that I must have been
sent by her husband to check on her faithfulness. Anyway, the point is that if you
let people know that you know a lot about them, right away, sometimes they won’t
like it. Especially if they are hiding things. This woman had a habit of cheating on
her spouse. Use your discretion at all times.
As we previously discussed, the Universe and everything within it is composed of
Energy. The Energy of the Universe has been called many things by many
cultures: chi, ki, qi, xi. It all amounts to what we will call Psychic Energy. To learn
to harness and use this Psychic Energy is vital to your success in applying the
amazing principles laid out in this book. When you learn to master Psychic Energy,
you learn how to shape energy with the power of your thoughts alone. You learn to
create your reality and the world around you. Einstein stated that Energy=Matter.

As you improve on your visualization skills, you will begin to notice that whatever
you concentrate on, vividly, will tend to manifest itself in your external world. An
ancient maxim of Magick is As Above So Below, meaning simply you create an
“Archetype” of your desires in the energy fields, the ethereal world, or astral
planes. This thought form becomes a reality of Psychic Energy. If you are
imagining, for example, a specific type of person to meet, Your concentration on
that form sends energy patterns into the Universal Field, which in turn creates a
void, or vacuum on the planet.
Since nature abhors a vacuum, the person which you have visualized upon will
come into your life very soon. Use this principle to create love, wealth, or anything
else you desire to bring into your life.

Use these incredible powers only for good, lest the law of Karma come upon you.
The law of Karma states simply you get what you give. If you do good to people,
good will come to you. If you do wrong to people, bad thing will come to you. Use
these powers for the highest good of all concerned and improve your life
Here I will show you a method to insert seductive images of sex and lust into
someone’s mind. You will now learn how to project mental images of yourself
being with the other person sexually, and they will think it is their idea. Say you are
at a night club or a bar. And you notice someone you find attractive and want to
seduce. What you do is to simply go into a mild trance state. Next, begin to body
match them. Begin to notice their rate of breathing by watching their chest move up
and down. Breath with them. This is similar to what hunters do when chasing deer.
Get into a similar body position as they are. Move when they move, and how they
move. If they take a sip of their drink with their right hand, follow along. They will
not notice consciously, but their unconscious will notice and this is where the
magick is.
You are now on the same wavelength as they are. Now you can begin to take
control of their thoughts. Clear your mind as shown in the previous chapter. Now
begin to visualize you and your subject engaging in sexual activity. After you have
this image in your mind, begin to send the image to them. Just let the image easily
float from your mind into theirs. Imagine it as a gift you are sending them. Send it
with your Mental Powers of Projection. Soon you will find that they will start to
look at you, then dart their eyes away quickly.

This is good. You have made quite an impression upon them at this time. They will
be dying for you to come and talk with them, yet don't right away. Let them get
more curious over. If you want, let them make the first move, which they will do
because in their mind they have already enjoyed having sex with you. You will be
rolling out of the clubs every weekend with anyone you desire using this technique.



Candle Magick is a very powerful tool to use when trying to seduce someone.
Basic candle magick deals with only two colors, white and black. When using
candle magick for seduction, you will need a red and pink candle as well. Red
candles are for sexual potency. Pink candles are for love and attraction. You will
need olive oil as well. First use: light the white candle, while visualizing a white
purifying light, emanating from the top of the Tree Of Life surrounding you. Ask
the light to purify you. Next use: light the black candle to remove all negativity
from your life. Visualize all your problems, situations, and people which cause you
trouble to begin to disappear while surrounded by the Light of the Universe. For
seduction purposes, to begin, you will need to visualize the person you want to

Once again the powers of visualization in accordance with your will is critical to
success in this, or any other form of Magick. You will visualize what you want
from this person, when, and how. After you have meditated on your desire for a
while, you will then need to prepare the candle for this ritual. You anoint the
candle with the olive oil from the base of the candle to the tip while your desire is
firmly in your mind. After this you light the red and pink candles. You can use
chanting if you desire, which will tend to make this process more powerful. Say
something like the following example: "(Persons' name), come to me", "bring
love","you want me","(Persons’ name) desires to be with me sexually". Visualize
the person of your desires being yours and wanting to be with you sexually.

Chant your chant for as long as you can while visualizing your purpose. While
chanting, use a monotone humming voice. You should create a specific chant for
your purpose. It can be as simple as one word or as complex as you wish. After you
decide you are finished or when you cannot chant and visualize any longer, put the
candle out and repeat the spell the following night (or day). After you see the first
glimpse of the results of your spell, let the candle burn all the way out.

Remember, after the completion of any spell or ritual, always say:

"So mote it be” or “So be it.”

To use this amazing technique, you will need a mirror. Go to a quite place and
place the mirror in front of you an position it so you can see yourself. The bigger

the mirror, the better, preferably a full length mirror but this can be done with any
mirror. First of all what you do is prepare yourself by closing your eyes and taking
several deep breaths. After this, you will naturally become relaxed. Now with your
eyes still closed, imagine yourself as you would look if you were very attractive
and desirable to members of the opposite sex. Step into this image in your minds
eye, Feel the confidence radiating from within as you begin to notice people being
almost magnetically drawn to your essence. See yourself surrounded by the type of
people you desire while doing this exercise.
Continue to hold this image in your mind while you open your eyes, and take a
deep breath, and look at yourself in the mirror. Stand in front of the mirror and
view yourself with the image of the ideal you still clearly in your mind. Imagine
the image in the mirror is becoming the ideal you. Next you will begin to chant
these words: "You are attractive" "You are very appealing to anyone you desire"
"You radiate a natural self confidence while around members of the opposite sex."
Continue repeating these words until you are feel associated with this new part of
yourself and begin to integrate it into your life.

To make this technique even more powerful, you may a candle in front of you.
Perhaps you may like to place rocks in the shape of a circle in which you can sit
inside of while you use this method. The energy of the rocks will help to ground
you to the earth and center you while doing this.
I am writing this to make you aware that this form of Magick exists. I must in
advance warn you that I don't personally condone or encourage any of the
following examples because of the possibility of spreading disease as well as
ethical reasons. So I don't get sued, the examples are here for informational
purposes only! But, do what thou wilt.

In many forms of Magick, bodily fluids are used to produce a specific result. For
example, a woman can cause a man to totally submit to her will by any of the
following: Putting her menstrual blood into one of his favorite beverages. Urine is
used in the same way. Women in some cultures have even saved their male
partners' semen, dried it out into a power, and put it into his food. This has been
used to create obsession in a wayward man, even to the point of complete madness.
Men have also used bodily fluids on unsuspecting women which they want to
seduce. They will place a small amount of their urine, semen, or blood into a
favorite beverage. This has the effect of causing to surrender totally to the man's

Another variation of this is through the use of scent, or subconscious scent
known as pheromones. A man may wear a woman's shirt, just long enough to put a
light amount of his bodily sweat on it. Sweat contains the sexual pheromones of an
individual, which a sensor in the nose picks up, and sends sexually arousing
feelings to the individual receiving it. A woman can use the same process. This is a
way to keep a person's mind on their lover constantly.

This is similar to the pheromones babies emit. Have you ever noticed when a baby
is around, women go nuts? And the closer they get to the baby, the more nuts they
go. Why? Well the baby emits pheromones which drastically alter the way women
respond to them. Women have a strong maternal instinct which is triggered
subconsciously when they receive this scent. To keep your natural pheromones,
without smelling like a beast, or covering them up with unnatural deodorants, I
would recommend using lemons or limes under your arms. Actually any citrus fruit
will do because the acid in the citrus fruit kills the stink causing bacteria, while
allowing the pheromones to still be active.

Incense is always good to use when performing any magickal ritual. It is also very
good in creating a romantic ambiance when seducing someone. HYPNOTECH offers
many pheromone sex attractants which are very powerful when combined with the
techniques in this book. One product which I strongly recommend are the Incense
Sticks from Uneet. These contain powerful pheromones which work on men and
women alike. Hypnotech offers a wide variety of hypnosis and subliminal
products. If this subject is of interest to you, you may want to visit their website

Yoga is very useful in the practice of Sex Magick. I will show some simple
exercise which anybody can do. It doesn’t take years of training with a guru to
learn it either. Hatha Yoga has certain beliefs about the powers gained through
controlling the mind by controlling the body. You first learn to breath properly.

Most people breath too high in their chest cavity, therefore depriving the body of
necessary oxygen to function properly. This technique is called the “Breath of
Fire”. It is used to align the charkras in your body to their proper order. By the
way, each chakra relates to one of the worlds in the Tree of Life.

In magick, every learning effects the next, and it all becomes integrated. To do the
breath of fire, you sit cross-legged on the floor with your back straight. This is
necessary for proper alignment of the chakras because they run along the spinal
column. The Yogis believe that there is a source of power at the bottom chakra, at
the base of the spine. This is known as kulindi and is represented as a serpent. The
object is to gain power and strength by releasing your kulindi. To do this, while in
the sitting position, you begin to breathe from your belly. Push your stomach out on
the in breath, and push your stomach in on the out breath. Breath through your
nose. Take several slow, deep breaths in this fashion.

Next you will do the breath of fire. Breath in the same manner, but very rapidly for
about 5 seconds. Tighten the muscles in your groin while doing this exercise. For
men, the benefit is increased sexual stamina and prolonged erections. For women it
produces heightened orgasms and a tighter vagina. You need only practice 5-10
minutes per day to gain the full benefit of this technique.

One final word on Sex Magick. Never force anyone to do anything they don't want
to do. Only use the secrets contained herein if you are comfortable with them.

Remember the Law of Karma. Use your new skills wisely and in every area of your
life in which you want total success!
The opinion of the author of this amazing book is that most religion is bullshit.
Most religious organizations are filled with people who have to belong to
something. Followers who need a reason to exist to justify their pointless
existences. That type of person eventually becomes the kind of person who wants
to tell you how you, or I, or anybody else has to live our lives. They say we have to
follow their moral code or else were going to suffer hellfire and brimstone. They
have been brainwashed. In the movie "Angel Heart" The Devil stated "There's
enough religion in the world to make men hate, but not enough to make them
love". Except the love of money I would say. Any individual who knows the truth,
and the secrets of Magick is aware that they are the final authority in their own life.
This includes a sense of Spirituality, which is from inside a person and is not the
same as a Religion with all of it's dogma.
This book does not condone or endorse any religion. It doesn't endorse anything
except what works. I want you to take these skills and use them any way you see
fit. I have presented here raw facts about the amazing subject of Sex Magick. No
wishy washy, tree hugging crap here, just how to get what you want, and fast!
Alister Crowley stated “Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law”. This is
known in Magick as the Law of Thelma. This work is an expression of My Will. It
has worked in my life and many people I know, and I hope in yours as well.
Now do what thou wilt.