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Maharashtra State Road Transport Corpora on

E-Reserva on Ticket
Trip Informa on
Trip Number : NSKO0066170 Approx. Boarding Time : 06:30 Hrs.
Ticket Number : 33416080 Transac$on Id : NIC46338788153
Service Start Place : NASIK CBS Service End Place : BORIVALI NANCY COLONY
Passenger Boarding Point : NASIK MAHAMARG Passenger Aligh$ng Point : BORIVALI SUKURWADI

Date of Journey : 28/05/18 Departure $me from Star$ng Place : 06:30 Hrs.
Bus Service Type : SHIVSHAHI No. of Seats : 2
Passengers Informa on

Seat Wai ng Conc. Conc. Proof

Name Age Adult/Child Gen Seat Status Quota Conc. Code
No List No Proof Details
Manjusha Sirasat 31 A F 29 CONFIRMED ---- General NA NA
Madhuri Sonawane 20 A F 30 CONFIRMED ---- General NA NA

Total Fare Details

Basic Fare : 580.00

Reserva$on Charge : 20.00

ASN Amount : 2.00

Total Chargeable Amount:

602.00 + (Convenience charges will be 0.75% of total $cket amount + GST)
Including GST

Terms & Condi ons:

This E-Ticket is not transferable. This E-Ticket is valid only for the details specified above. The passenger having this E-Ticket required to
carry print out of this E-Ticket or to show the so0 copy of E-Ticket or E-Ticket SMS sent by MSRTC/AGENT on his Mobile, Tab , Laptop, etc.
Along with Photo ID Card in original like Voter ID, Pan Card, Adhar Card, Driving License, Passport etc
Senior Ci zen must carry his original photo ID as men oned in E-Ticket or SMS during travel. Photo ID issued by appropriate authority
should be enough elabora ve and legible to establish a proof of age of 65 years or above and resident of State of Maharashtra.
If passenger having concessional Ticket found without valid ID, the cket will be treated as Invalid Ticket and amount tendered towards
E-Ticket will be forfeited in default. In addi on the passenger would be required to purchase a fresh cket as a normal passenger.
Corpora on reserves the rights to change/cancel the bus service men oned in the E-Ticket.
Passenger will have to pay the fare difference if any in case of Revision of fare or Change of Service.
Cancella on Rules & Refund Procedure for E-Tickets : E-Ticket cancella on is permi7ed through M.S.R.T.C site(
Cancella on is allowed before 4 hours of scheduled departure me from origina ng bus sta on. In case, if passenger is absent for
journey, no refund will be given to the passenger. Following cancella on charges are applicable.
I) 10% cket fare will get deducted if the cket is cancelled 24 hrs. before the departure me.
II) 25% cket fare will get deducted if the cket is cancelled 12 hrs. before the departure me.
III) 50% cket fare will get deducted if the cket is cancelled 4 hrs. before the departure me. The departure me means departure me
of the origina ng bus sta on. Reserva on charges and convenience charges including GST charge are not refundable.

Wish You Happy Journey

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