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St Madoes Primary School - School Year


Welcome to the start of the new school year. We hope everyone had a good
summer holiday and that the children are looking forward to getting started

We thought it would be helpful to give you the following contact points /

information at the start of the year to assist you:

How to contact the school:

Telephone: 01738 860332


Letter: Either via your child and their class teacher or

St Madoes Primary School, Sidlaw Terrace, St Madoes, Perth PH2

In Person: You ring the buzzer and enter the school through the controlled
entry system at the main door. Visitors are asked to sign in at the
main entrance. The office staff will then assist with any enquiry.

Please remember you must advise the school if your child will not be
or will be late for whatever reason.

Should you have any queries or concerns regarding your child you should
contact the school directly. If you wish to speak to your child’s teacher it is best
to make an appointment to ensure that they are available and that lessons are
not interrupted. Should you have any other query please contact the Head
Teacher directly.

Senior Staff at St Madoes Primary School are:

Headteacher Mrs Jane Sheldon

Principal Teacher Mrs Islean Lyle

How to contact / find out about the Parent Council:


Via the school: If you contact the school they will give you a Parent Council

Meeting: Parent Council Meetings are advertised at the school gates and are
held approximately once a term.
Website: See the school website:

The Parent Council is open to all parents to attend and for the views/suggestions
of parents to be put forward and considered. They always welcome your input.

What’s on the school website:

The website is updated by the Web-Club at the school and contains information
and photos from throughout the school. It also contains items such as the School
Calendar, Dinner Menu, School Newsletters, Handbook and Policies.

The Parent Council has a section within the school website, where our minutes,
blog, achievements, subgroup and member details are available.

School Holiday Dates:

Whilst the school does advise of these in Newsletters the full list of school
holiday dates for the year 2010/11 is undernoted it can also be found on the
Perth & Kinross Council Website:

School term and holiday dates 2010-2011 (Dates are inclusive)

Monday 11 October to Friday 22 October

Thursday 18 November & Friday 19 November

Thursday 23 December to Wednesday 5 January 2011

Wednesday 16 February, Thursday 17 February and Friday 18 February

Monday 4 April to Friday 15 April

Good Friday 22 April, Easter Monday 25 April & Tuesday 26 April

May Day Monday 2 May (to be confirmed)

We hope you and your children have an enjoyable and productive school year.

St Madoes Primary School Parent Council

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