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7675 Phoenix Dr. #203, Houston, TX 77030| (575) 740-4590 |

Anticipated MS Nutrition and Food Systems (Dietetic Practice), University of Southern
12/20/19 Mississippi
4/22/16 BS Dietetics, Brigham Young University

9/14-5/18 Nutritionist, Brigham Young University
· Collaborated with chefs and managers to maintain nutritional information for 29
locations on the nutrition app
· Initiated creation of 2 allergen-free stations for summer camps to save $300 per
day on special diets
· Coordinated with the Food Safety Manager to update 56 BYU product labels to
meet 2016 FDA regulations
· Created content and design of 22 webpages for department’s nutritional website

9/16-10/16 Child Nutrition Clerk, Provost Elementary

· Monitored daily sales of 100 reimbursable meals, defined by USDA regulations,
during lunch period
· Maintained confidential information of student meal status and accounts
· Retrieved 35 applications for free/reduced meals

5/15-2/17 Research Assistant, Brigham Young University (Multi-state Study)
· Revised interview, survey, and screening materials for IRB approval
· Trained 10-13-year-old children to photograph all eating occasions with mobile
app to determine eating behaviors
· Screened, scheduled appointments with, and measured anthropometrics of all
· Determined child care, and administered parent survey

7/12-3/13 Women, Infants, and Children Clinic, Utah Department of Health

· Designed, purchased, and implemented display for National Nutrition Month
· Created cookbooks containing healthy recipes to be posted on the WIC website
for client use