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This writing is aiming for knowledge sharing as we do it nowadays via social media.
As the open access is the most relevant way of spreading the word across the internet,
it is a shame to not to use it for knowledge sharing purposes. Having in mind, that the
newest trends in publishing value free and open access to information communicating
new words in new context, I would like to contribute to this innovative way of communicaiton

So, now you know ''WHY'' I wrote this little text. Let me tell you ''WHAT'' I'd like to say.
Are you still interested? I hope so :) Let me begin from this short line I wrote
some time ago as a reflection during my ''daydreaming'' – do not mistake it with
lazyness, as dreaming is not only thinking, imagining and experiencing one's own consciousness,
but also ''doing'' in the embodied emergence for the enactive participation.

What it all means? Well, here it goes:

''Thinking of so called ''real ART'' always creates amazed audience, curious about the
history of a certain artwork, but also it is extremely fascinating topic from the
scientific point of view when it comes to image making and perception of the
culture. Artefacts that we can witness in galleries of the world and popular
exhibitions, where artists, culture fans and professionals can appreciate the value of
artistic and cultural heritage that is carried with every single masterpiece is never
enough when there is a need for finding new angles of understanding the meaning
while making sense of it.'' - read more via ©AUTOPOIETICS®

Creative Writing and/or copywriting - Karolina (Kala) Karmaza

Autonomy in dreaming, thinking and learning how to communicate all what we want to
say is a long process of an ongoing reconsideration adaptive measures of one's own
consciousness. In other words: we embody ourselves in our conscious dreaming with
all what we have in mind, and in the same time we let ourselves to emerge with content
of our own thoughts, creativity via language or/and skilfull, artistic, fancy, artsy, you
name it for the meaning you'd like to achieve. The enactive works of one's own
embodied consciousness can not only bring in the words to the page for the dialogue
making purposes, but the artefacts created doling the way of this non-standard
venture is the enaction of the unique value of one's own being.

Moments of reflective consciousness, that each one of us can at least try to enact
in one's own adaptive reality open up new mindful possibilities, as well as inspire for
planning ahead in the moment. Moments of independent thinking, when we are alone
with our thoughts and imagination, are valuable addition to the mind mining. But what
about the value of cognizing of the very reflective ''I''.

Can we always relate to our full potential in conscious dreaming?

Real time thinking as cosciouss participation in one's own ''being and becoming'' makes
the ''I'' not only more distinctive in creative ventures, but also and foremost it enables
ongoing creativity for the benefit of the overall development.

Creative Writing and/or copywriting - Karolina (Kala) Karmaza

Mindfulness as a positive approach towards creative work, as well as one of
the most inspiring and popular way of making sense of one's own not only
creative potential, but also creative living, is not always the same. Different
context and different co-participation of a unique and naturally developed
creative potential makes a difference in its re cognition. It means, that we tend
to be more and more aware of our dreams, inspirations, beliefs, creativity
itself, goals oriented ventures driven by success and achieving new values. All
that makes the adaptive and conscious creativity the future of creative
potential. It is most fascinating to learn, that we are different at different
moments of creative consciousness, mindful moments of awareness of what it
means to be our own and for more to be done – creative wise.

Each inspiration as a moment of conscious bubble or/and humorously called

''blobs of consciousness'' begins the very new in the ART of ongoing learning
and development for the potential we are to enact.

Do you think it is possible to endure your own DREAMS in your creative

planning as you create?

Imaginative dreaming makes space for the original work as we create, but that
is what creatives can do – we can notice it even when a man or/and a woman is
telling a story, speaking publicly, chatting along with a friend or/and when the
creativity is being embodied in other forms of creative expression like dance
or/and art. What about ''pure reality'' and ''tabula rasa'' from before the
engagement of the creative world?

Creative Writing and/or copywriting - Karolina (Kala) Karmaza

We achieve moments of personal courage at times of most demanding contextual
adaptability of one's own creative potential. It is not always clear how many moments
we need to endure in the planning game for the benefit of the contextual adaptability
not only enacted survival skillfulness, but also imaginative mind mining.

Imagination in realistic moments of contextual readiness, needed in co-participating as

we plan ahead without all needed measures stimulate creative potential. We are able to
imagine differently as we are unique and always in different circumstances, so it is
never certain what we will achieve in BIG DREAMING, as we are setting goals along this
creative process. We are able to survive on the ''future beginnings'' and ''future
endings'' and we are able to relate to the ''in the process'' creativity. Being able to
adapt to these harsh reality of not knowing always enough is not always the most
happy of creative moments, and yet those who are passionate enough to create by
the way and beyond the line of the obvious line of development are happy enough to
continue this playfulness in creativity. Is this creative game of setting new goals
achievable to all? I think each one of us has a chance to answer back to one's own
''creative I'' as we read this text together.

Creative Writing and/or copywriting - Karolina (Kala) Karmaza

Belonging, as well as creative roots are seen as the core of creative
identity. As we pass on our own wisdom, as the creative wise ventures are
to contribute additions related to overall creative dialogue, we discover
emergent reality in content created not only by ourselves to the new. This
''new'' cannot be entirely rootless, as we are part of the overall creative
contribution and not living yet on the Moon, so we are somehow co-
creators of little things in the elements of creativity as we co-participate.

Conscious beloning to one's own creative identity is the matter of unigue

values we can not only imagine, share, relate to, engage with or/and pass on
as a personal wisdom in the realm of an everyday knowledge sharing. We
learn and re-learn over and over again as much as we do have a need to
bring in our creative potential to the embodiment of our creativity.

Creative belonging and autonomous creative freedom are not excluding

values in the playfulness of creative embodied mind. As we enact our
rootless ''pure reality'' to the full creativity we makes meaning with all we
can contribute with as ''autonomous creatives'' – notice as much wisdom in
it as you wish.

Creative Writing and/or copywriting - Karolina (Kala) Karmaza

Creativity, that allows and encourages BIG DREAMING is the optimal motivation
for the ongoing cognitive learning and development. Innovative approach in
cognizing is a great example of phenomenal enaction in the embodiment of
conscious dialogue making. It means that the more cognitive creativity is the
more conscious the dialogue can become. The first consequence of this
phenomenological approach is at the very core of creative potential itself.

Interdisciplinary creativity can be the most optimal solution for the ongoing
learning and development. We dream ahead for many different reasons,
sometimes for no reason, and yet, in the meantime we enact our own creative
potential for the overall development in the ongoing process of ''being and
becoming'' our very own meaningful creative contribution.

Dreaming as one of the most creative human phenomenon is one of the most
inspiring of all skills, especially when we are conscious of what can be
achieved. Goals setting, as well as dream making is an inter-related.

Creative Writing and/or copywriting - Karolina (Kala) Karmaza

Creative ventures, taken as one's own not only passion, but also lifetime goal in
meaning and sense making, as well as a way of communicating specific culture values,
inspire emotive related growth of new neurons connections. Individual progress in
learning and development, in the emotive neuro-contracted dynamics of embodied
cognition, makes an impact as much as it is strongly connected with feelings positively
created for the benefit of well-being and wellness of the very creative process.

Positive attitude towards one's own creativity opens up new cognitive horizons. From
philosophical point of view it may make sense for not only individual, but also
co-construed participation in creative meaning and sense making. We tend to discover
and explore more when we love doing or/and making things we are curious about,
passionate about or/and that give us inspiration for ongoing ''round the corner''
and ''what's next'' value - and we name it as we wish to re-think the value.

Is there more to add when we love to do things with love?

- I think every participant of the creative process contributes values strictly

connected to such a different embodiment of feelings and emotions, that the ''love''
part can never be interpreted exactly the same. As our emotive perception is
different with different creative participation all what enacted with love is making
long lasting mark in the overall creative process.

Creative Writing and/or copywriting - Karolina (Kala) Karmaza

So, what you IMAGINE and/or DREAM of,
when you CREATE?

P.S ... I leave this space for your very own contribution

Creative Writing and/or copywriting - Karolina (Kala) Karmaza

Creative Writing and/or copywriting - Karolina (Kala) Karmaza