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ECE 5411


“Turning ideas into reality.”
Quiz No.1
11 July 2018

Multiple Choice. Answer the following problems by shading the [] of the best answer on the answer sheet provided. Use
BLACK or BLUE ball pen Select the correct answer for each of the following questions. (2 hours allotted time).

1. Two wires A and B of the same material and length ′𝑙′ and ′2𝑙′ 14. The relation between electric intensity 𝐸, voltage applied 𝑉 and
have radius ′𝑟′ and ′2𝑟′ respectively. The ratio of their specific the distance 𝑑 between the plates of a parallel plate condenser
resistance will be is
a) 1: 1 b) 1: 2 a) 𝐸 = 𝑉/𝑑 b) 𝐸 = 𝑉𝑑
c) 1: 4 d) 1: 8 c) 𝐸 = 𝑉/𝑑 2 d) 𝐸 = 𝑉𝑑 2
2. If the length of a wire of resistance 𝑅 is uniformly stretched to 𝑛 15. Two capacitors each having capacitance 𝐶 and breakdown
times its original value, its new resistance is voltage 𝑉 are joined in series. The capacitance and breakdown
a) 𝑛𝑅 b) 𝑅/𝑛 voltage of the combination will be
c) 𝑛 𝑅
d) 𝑅/𝑛2 a) 2𝐶 𝑎𝑛𝑑 2𝑉 b) 𝐶/2 𝑎𝑛𝑑 𝑉/2
3. A 35𝑉 source is connected to a series circuit of 600Ω and 𝑅. If c) 2𝐶 𝑎𝑛𝑑 𝑉/2 d) 𝐶/2𝑎𝑛𝑑 2𝑉
a voltmeter of internal resistance 1.2𝑘Ω is connected across 16. Joule / coulomb is the unit of
600Ω resistor, it reads 5𝑉. The value of 𝑅 is a) electric field potential b) potential
a) 1.2𝑘Ω b) 2.4𝑘Ω c) charge d) none of the above
c) 3.6𝑘Ω d) 7.2𝑘Ω 17. When the plate area of a parallel plate capacitor is increased
4. A 100𝑊 bulb burns on an average of 10 hours a day for 1 keeping the capacitor voltage constant, the force between the
week. The weekly consumption of energy will be ______. plates
a) 7 b) 70 a) increases. b) decreases.
c) 0.7 d) 0.07 c) remains constant d) all of the choices
5. Ideal voltage source should have 18. An ideal voltage source will charge an ideal capacitor
a) zero internal resistance b) infinite internal resistance a) in infinite time. b) exponentially
c) large value of emf d) low value of current c) instantaneously d) none of the above
6. If there are 𝑏 branches and 𝑛 nodes the number of equations 19. Iron is a
will be. a) ferromagnetic b) ferrimagnetic
a) 𝑛 − 1 b) 𝑏 c) paramagnetic d) antiferromagnetic
c) 𝑏 − 𝑛 d) 𝑏 − 𝑛 + 1 20. Soft magnetic materials have
7. Kirchhoff’s laws are valid for a) high permeability and low coercive force
a) linear circuits only b) nonlinear circuits only b) low permeability and high coercive force
c) passive time invariant circuits d) both a and b above c) high residual magnetism
8. The efficiency for maximum power transfer to the load is d) low resistivity
a) 25% b) 50% 21. The property of a material which opposes the production of
c) 75% d) 100% magnetic flux in it is known as
9. The three resistances each of value 3Ω are connected in delta. a) mmf b) reluctance
Their value in each branch of equivalent star-connection will be c) permeance d) permitivity
a) 9Ω b) 6Ω 22. The conductance of a material is analogous in magnetic circuit
c) 3Ω d) 1Ω by
10. The common voltage across parallel branches with different a) flux b) reluctance
voltage sources can be computed from the relation c) permeance d) relative permitivity
𝑉1 𝑉2 𝑉3 23. The laws of electromagnetic induction (Faraday’s and Lenz’s
+ +
𝑉 = 𝑅1 𝑅2 𝑅3 laws) are summarized in the following equation:
1 1 1 𝑑𝑖
𝑅1 𝑅2 𝑅3
+ a) 𝑒 = 𝐿𝑅 b) 𝑒 = 𝐿
The above statement is associated with _______ theorem. c) 𝑒 = −
d) none of them
a) Thevenin’s b) Millman’s
24. A magnetic circuit requires 800 AT to produce a certain quantity
c) Norton d) reciprocity
of flux in magnetic circuit. If its excitation coil has 100 turns and
11. The energy capacity storage of a battery is rated in
5Ω resistance, the voltage to be applied in exciting coil is
a) 𝑘𝑊ℎ b) 𝑘𝑊
a) 60 V b) 40 V
c) 𝑎𝑚𝑝𝑒𝑟𝑒 ℎ𝑜𝑢𝑟𝑠 d) 𝑗𝑜𝑢𝑙𝑒𝑠
c) 80 V d) 8 V
12. Five cells are connected in series in a row and then four such
25. When two coils having self-inductances of L1 and L2 are
rows are connected in parallel to feed the current to a resistive
coupled through a mutual inductance M, the coefficient of
load of 1.25Ω. Each cell has an emf of 1.5𝑉 with an internal
coupling, K is given by
resistance of 0.2Ω. The current through the load will be 𝑀 𝑀
a) 𝐾 = b) 𝐾 =
a) 3.33A b) 23.33A √2∙𝐿1∙𝐿2 √𝐿1∙𝐿2
2𝑀 𝐿1∙𝐿2
c) 5A d) 1A c) 𝐾 = d) 𝐾 =
√𝐿1∙𝐿2 𝑀
13. In a uniform electric field, field lines and equipotentials 26. Area of hysteresis loop represents
a) are parallel to one another b) interact at 45° a) copper loss b) eddy current loss
c) interact at 30° d) are orthogonal c) hysteresis loss d) free-space loss
27. The energy stored in the magnetic field of a solenoid 30 cm long 43. The mobility of an electron in a conductor is expressed in terms
and 3 cm diameter wound with 1000 turns of wire carrying of
current of 10A is a)
𝑉∙𝑠 𝑉∙𝑠
a) 0.015 J b) 0.15 J
𝑐𝑚2 𝑐𝑚2
c) 0.5 J d) 1.15 J c) d)
𝑉 𝑠
28. When a battery of 𝐸 volts is suddenly applied across an ideal 44. The peak inverse voltage is the maximum voltage that can be
inductance of 𝐿 henry, the current through inductance will be applied to a diode without
a) zero b) infinity instantaneous a) burning b) destruction
c) increasing linearly at a rate d) (1 − 𝑒 −𝑡/𝑇 ) c) overheating d) charging
29. The cores in electrical machines are generally made of 45. Maximum rectifying efficiency of a half-wave rectifier is
laminations with a view to reduce a) 0.406 b) 0.812
a) the eddy current loss b) the hysteresis loss c) 1.2 d) 50
c) the copper loss d) all of them 46. Bridge rectifiers are preferred because
30. A circuit component that opposes the change in circuit voltage is a) no transformer is required b) less PIV
a) resistance b) capacitance c) both a and b d) neither a nor b
c) inductance d) all of them 47. A bleeder resistor in a power supply filter performs which of the
31. The power factor of an ordinary electric bulb is following functions?
a) zero b) unity a) Protects the rectifier diodes from high voltage transients
c) slightly more than unity d) slightly less than unity b) Ensures discharge of capacitors when power supply is OFF
32. The power factor of an AC circuit is equal to c) Provides regulated current when the load is variable
a) cosine of the phase angle b) sine of the phase angle d) Improves input regulation.
c) unity for resistive circuit d) unity for reactive circuit 48. Which of the following is true about bipolar transistor?
33. When a sinusoidal voltage is applied across R-L series circuit a) Both base and emitter is heavily doped.
b) Collector is lightly doped and the emitter is heavily doped.
having 𝑅 = 𝑋𝐿, the phase angle will be
c) The collector is heavily doped and the emitter is lightly doped.
a) 90° lagging b) 45° lag
d) Both the collector and emitter are heavily doped.
c) 45° lead d) 90° leading
49. In the active region collector current mainly depends upon
34. At resonant frequency an R-L-C circuit draws maximum current
a) emitter current b) collector voltage
due to the reason that
c) both a and b d) neither a nor b
a) The difference between capacitive reactance and inductive
50. The primary function of a clamper circuit is to
reactance is zero.
a) introduce a dc level into ac signal
b) the input impedance is more than the resistance.
b) suppress variations in signal voltage
c) the voltage across the capacitor equals the applied voltage.
c) raise positive half cycle of the signal
d) the power factor is less than unity.
d) raise negative half cycle of the signal
35. A series R-L-C circuit will have a unity power factor if operated
at a frequency of
a) b)
1 1 1. a[] b[] c[] d[] 18. a[] b[] c[] d[] 35. a[] b[] c[] d[]
c) d)
𝜔2 𝐿𝐶 2𝜋√𝐿𝐶
2. a[] b[] c[] d[] 19. a[] b[] c[] d[] 36. a[] b[] c[] d[]
36. A series resonant circuit implies
3. a[] b[] c[] d[] 20. a[] b[] c[] d[] 37. a[] b[] c[] d[]
a) zero pf and maximum current
4. a[] b[] c[] d[] 21. a[] b[] c[] d[] 38. a[] b[] c[] d[]
b) unity pf and maximum current 5. a[] b[] c[] d[] 22. a[] b[] c[] d[] 39. a[] b[] c[] d[]
c) unity pf and minimum current 6. a[] b[] c[] d[] 23. a[] b[] c[] d[] 40. a[] b[] c[] d[]
d) zero pf and minimum current 7. a[] b[] c[] d[] 24. a[] b[] c[] d[] 41. a[] b[] c[] d[]
37. When Q-factor of a circuit is high, then 8. a[] b[] c[] d[] 25. a[] b[] c[] d[] 42. a[] b[] c[] d[]
a) pf is high b) z is high 9. a[] b[] c[] d[] 26. a[] b[] c[] d[] 43. a[] b[] c[] d[]
c) BW is large d) none of these 10. a[] b[] c[] d[] 27. a[] b[] c[] d[] 44. a[] b[] c[] d[]
38. Resonant frequency 𝑓𝑟 of a series RLC circuits related to half 11. a[] b[] c[] d[] 28. a[] b[] c[] d[] 45. a[] b[] c[] d[]
power frequencies 𝑓1 𝑎𝑛𝑑 𝑓2 as 12. a[] b[] c[] d[] 29. a[] b[] c[] d[] 46. a[] b[] c[] d[]
a) 𝑓𝑟 = b) 𝑓𝑟 = √𝑓1 ∙ 𝑓2 13. a[] b[] c[] d[] 30. a[] b[] c[] d[] 47. a[] b[] c[] d[]
14. a[] b[] c[] d[] 31. a[] b[] c[] d[] 48. a[] b[] c[] d[]
c) 𝑓𝑟 = 𝑓2 − 𝑓1 d) 𝑓𝑟 = √𝑓1 + √𝑓2
15. a[] b[] c[] d[] 32. a[] b[] c[] d[] 49. a[] b[] c[] d[]
39. In 3-phase systems the emfs are 16. a[] b[] c[] d[] 33. a[] b[] c[] d[] 50. a[] b[] c[] d[]
a) 30° apart b) 40° apart 17. a[] b[] c[] d[] 34. a[] b[] c[] d[]
c) 90° apart d) 120° apart
40. If the speed of a dc motor increases with load torque, then it is a
a) cumulatively compound motor b) permanent magnet
c) differentially compound motor d) series motor
41. For insulators, the forbidden gap is of order of Prepared By: Reviewed By: Approved By:
a) 5 eV b) 1 eV
c) 0.1 eV d) zero
42. Fermi level is the
Engr. G. Lagos Engr. Y. Sacramento Engr. D. Molina
a) highest occupied energy level at 0 Kelvin INSTRUCTOR HEAD, ECE DEPT DEAN, COE
b) highest occupied energy level at 0°C
c) energy level at which electron emission occurs
d) minimum energy level in the conduction band