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Lockheed Martin has made a handshake about a deal with Department of Defence to deliver 90 F-35 fighter

planes valued at $8.5 billion total, averaging to roughly $94.44 apiece. Lockheed’s Q2 earnings are close and I
expect a nice earnings surprise followed by 10% upside in stock price as the coming quarter unfolds.

Earlier in March Lockheed was awarded a $500 million contract by Saudi Arabia and was on talks with several
other opportunities. It also received contracts worth of $500 million from U.S. and International customers who
wants to upgrade their missile defense capabilities and $460 million for the production and delivery of
additional interceptors. Although Lockheed has already raised its guidance of 2018

Market was expecting 2018 a strong year for A&D industry after Trump the omnibus spending bill earlier in
March which includes $80 billion for new spending in defence,