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Rule 29: Refusal to Comply with Modes of Discovery

Admissions Interrogatories Production/ Examination Deposition

Non-use o Ban on use o Cannot compel
the other party
to be witness
Refused/ Non- o Deemed a) Particular  Expenses  Expenses c) Particular
Compliance admitted question (Order o Facts are o Facts are question (Order
o Costs to compel) taken to be taken to be to compel)
 Expenses established established  Expenses
o Facts are o Ban o Ban o Facts are
taken to be  Strike out  Strike out taken to be
established o Stay o Stay established
o Ban proceeding proceeding o Ban
 Strike out  Dismiss  Dismiss  Strike out
o Stay  Judgment  Judgment o Stay
proceeding by default by default proceeding
 Dismiss o Contempt o Contempt  Dismiss
 Judgment o Arrest o Others  Judgment
by default o Others by default
o Contempt o Contempt
o Arrest o Arrest
o Others o Others

b) No answer at d) Refusal to be
all/ Absence sworn in
 Expenses o Contempt
 Strike out
 Dismiss e) Absence/ No
 Judgment answer at all
by default  Expenses
 Strike out
 Dismiss
 Judgment
by default