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What our library offers:

 3 computers for research

How can you help: Certified
 2 computers for search
1) Encourage collaboration
in library catalogue between classroom teachers and
teacher Librarians.
 access to online journals
and encyclopedias
 extensive video
2) Support school technological
 extensive teacher
3) Provide support and input to
library budget procedures and
resource collection
 portable LCD projector 4) Encourage professional career
 work space and rest
development. Making a Difference
space 5) Encourage involvement of
parents and cooperation with
 library website with public library.
access to school and
district collections 6) Provide on-going resources to
make sure continuous day-to-day
 story telling corner operations are achieved.
 updated fiction and non-
fiction collections 7) Structure time to ensure that “The Teacher Librarians have
 board games
collaboration around instructional nurtured and watered school
issues becomes an important part libraries. Not as many are
of the school day and school week. doing the watering and
8) Meet with school librarian on a nurturing now and like plants,
regular basis to reflect on the our libraries are slowly
library program. dying.”
Robert Munch, Author
School Libraries  Research has shown that
school libraries have a central Teacher-librarian is:
 School libraries have become role in improving literacy and
sophisticated learning environments helping students develop the
offering a full range of print and a teacher – teaches students information
lifelong reading habits necessary literacy skills
electronic resources that provide to maintain high levels of literacy.
equal learning opportunities to all
students, regardless of socio- a collaborator – works with teachers to
economic or education levels. These plan, instruct, and evaluate student learning
resources are selected to complement
curriculum, teaching styles and the a resource locator – helps you find answers
school’s mission. to questions and helps find resources

technology literate – instructs students in

 School libraries staffed by certified
the effective use of information technology
School Library Media Specialists
(teacher-librarians) do make a
a staff developer – helps teachers learn
measurable difference on student
new technologies and how to use them with
academic achievement. Standardized
scores tend to be 10 to 20% higher in
schools with good library program.
an innovator – is quick to come up with
ideas and is open to new ideas from others
 School Library Media Specialists
are important instructional partners
with other educators in the school by
a manager – manages daily operations of
assisting them to address learning
the library media centre
outcomes though knowledge of
resource base learning and create a helping hand – always willing to help out
units of instruction.
flexible – is very willing to make changes
 School libraries can offer a wide when changes need to be made
array of print and electronic resources
that can be accessed by students in
the library or from home. A variety of
Teacher-librarian loves literature –
formats is essential because students enjoys sharing great books. Helps entice
learn differently and teachers teach students to have a lifetime love of reading
differently from one another.