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Reflect & Redefine

Volume 3 | July 2018 Issue

Richard J. Tobin
President & CEO
3005 Highland Parkway
Downers Grove, IL 60515
P: (630) 541-1540
Richard J. Tobin
President & CEO

DATE: May 11, 2018

TO: All Dover Employees
FROM: Rich Tobin
Dear Fellow Dover Employees,
Let me start by saying how excited I am to be part of Dover. This Company’s
rich heritage, strong culture, talented people, outstanding array of products, and
dedication to serving our customers are attributes that have built Dover into the
leader it is today. Now that the spin-off of Apergy is complete, I am pleased with
where we are, but even more excited with where, I believe, we are headed. We
have well-positioned core businesses in attractive markets with strong long-term
growth and margin expansion potential.
Having served as a member of our Board of Directors for the last couple of years, I
am already familiar with Dover’s businesses and operations. I believe Dover has all
the tools to continue to build on our industry leadership and to rise to greater heights
driven by our commitment, consistency and focus.
Over the next several months, my plan is to travel to many of our locations and
meet with the teams that make Dover work each day. I believe that this “deep dive”
into our businesses will allow me to understand the entirety of Dover, but most
importantly, visiting our operations will give me the chance to meet many of you and
hear what you would also like to see happen at Dover going forward. I am delighted
to begin this undertaking and plan to provide periodic updates on my observations.
In reading the Dover Values poster hanging in my office, I had a thought that
expands on those values...personal accountability. I am a big believer that if we
all hold ourselves accountable for doing our jobs to the best of our ability, being
open and honest in our actions with one another, and have a willingness to strive
to advance our own abilities each day, our collective potential has no limits. If each
one of us succeeds in being our individual best, then many of the positive collective
outcomes for Dover improve in areas such as employee safety, product quality and
customer satisfaction—the drivers of world-class businesses.
I look forward to meeting you and to our future together. I ask you to stay focused
on your customers and on delivering the results that we committed to ourselves and
one another.
IIC 2.0 — Forging deeper
engagements with OpCos

Hey Doverites, about this move that will open-up bigger
As I walk into my third year in Dover, I see opportunities at both the individual and
IIC poised at a pivotal juncture. We have organizational levels.
begun a journey to create IIC 2.0 focused With Dover’s focus on margin expansion
on forging deeper engagements with our and organic growth, I see OpCos seeing
OpCos; where we reinvent ourselves bigger benefits in engaging with IIC to
to be a partner to create differentiated leverage our capabilities around VA/VE,
value for the OpCos. I am very excited NPD design, enterprise IT, other COEs
and expanding their existing teams at IIC. And that’s not all, with these productivity
With these changes set to transform the way and competency enhancements, I am
we work, several key OpCo leaders have certain we can create solutions that will
already expressed their interest in visiting impact the world for years to come.
IIC, working more closely with us, and All of this means that IIC is just the place
collectively realizing OpCos’ growth vision. for innovators like you! Here’s hoping
Over the last three years, we have focused each of you will step up and help us on
on building capabilities for IIC 2.0. Here are this path of continuous evolution.
a few more enablers that we have added
from my last message to you: Thank you
Warm Regards,
l Systems to drive excellence — CMMI Level
three certification effort
l Expanding lab infrastructure — HPX
refrigeration cells and DFS QA labs
l Aligning OpCo STRAT with IIC, in
partnership with HPX, UB, MI, DFS
l Expanding the IT DBS team, which
includes setting up NOC and SOC
l Building VA/VE COE capabilities
l Expanded capacity 240 additional seats
l Learning & Development leader for
continuous learning

To continue driving these efforts and

achieving milestones, your constant
support is vital. I request each of you to
get on board, take charge, and make this
transformation as seamless as possible.
Our strong partnerships with our OpCos will
further cement IIC’s presence in India and Asia.
Building engineering
talent, the DTEP way

As the first batch of Dover Technical other disciplines, processes to drive

Excellence Program (DTEP) engineers excellence, and about Dover.
graduated in June 2018, we look back at The batch was assigned carefully
the last 10 months, which have been full selected projects and mentors to provide
of learning for all of us at IIC. The program experiential learning on:
was conceptualized to provide experiential
learning for early career engineers, and a. Customer and businesses through
need identification, creating a value
develop competencies required for a
proposition, and basics of finance
multi-disciplinary product development.
As Benjamin Franklin said, “Tell me and b. Idea generation and concept design:
Concept selection by PUGH, set
I forget, teach me and I may remember,
based concurrent engineering,
involve me and I learn.” creative thinking, innovation, and
The batch of 19 engineers started with two intellectual property
weeks of classroom training in August 2017. c. Detailed design: System architect,
About 120 hours of content was developed verification and validation, certification,
in-house by a team of cross-functional etc
experts. The classroom training was a refresher d. Design for manufacturability,
course on engineering fundamentals, understanding strategic sourcing, and
knowledge to appreciate nuances of market launch
Bessy Sara Benny, a DTEP mechanical such enthusiastic learners working in
engineer, testifies to this. “The best collaboration with our senior team. As
part about this program is that it allows budding engineers, they often have an
us to work as a unit while exposing us interesting take on matters, which is
to different roles and responsibilities just what the industry demands. All they
within any given project. We are now need is a little guidance when it comes
significantly better equipped to work to tackling certain technical problems.”
together and solve challenges.”
Jibin Jose, a mechanical engineer in the
The program nurtures engineers to program, spoke about his experience at
become experts in their respective fields IIC as an enriching and exciting one. He
and collaborate with other functions in says, “As a product engineer, it is very
product development. important to know your basics. Which
“I have been here for less than a year, is exactly what this program helped me
but my learning has been immense. I’ve master. We were pushed to step outside
worked on projects from more than one of our bubbles and step into the shoes
Dover segment, and that has improved of engineers from other disciplines. By
my basics significantly and developed understanding the nuances of multiple
my overall confidence as an engineer,” domains, we are better equipped to
says Srishti Tiwari, a software engineer. tackle any hurdle. The best part is that
each one of us are a lot more confident
The mentors believe the program serves in our roles today than we were 10
as a two-way learning process where months ago; we couldn’t have asked for
both mentees and mentors learn from anything else!”
one another. Kapil Dev, a DTEP mentor
and tech lead has this to say about the IIC will continue to build engineering
participants, “It is really good to have talent — the DTEP way — with the
second batch starting in July 2018.

Dinu J Parel
CIO at Dover Corporation

Tell us a little about yourself.

Love my job because of the opportunity to
drive change and work with amazing talent
all over Dover. It has been an exciting
two years.
Absolutely enjoy travelling and exploring
different cultures and countries. Lived and
worked in India, Dubai, London, New York,
Houston, Chicago, Amsterdam and Hong
Look forward to the simple things in life such
as having a laugh with family and friends.
Avid follower of sports and love playing
whenever possible. At the moment enjoying
the FIFA world cup!
What are Dover IT’s top 3 priorities
for the year 2018?
Continue the risk mitigation program to
improve the cyber security posture of Dover.
M&A related IT activities to have seamless
integration or divestitures including
completing the transition services agreement
for Apergy by November 2018.
Establishing strategy and plan for enterprise
applications leveraging capabilities at IIC.
How do you see the IT teams playing and EPMO. IIC IT team is now part of the
a leading role in Dover Corporation’s enterprise IT team aligned to the each of
stated objectives of margin expansion these teams. Venkatesh Ragothaman has
and organic growth? been working with me and the enterprise
All of IT’s investments should be aligned team since late 2016 to support the
to enable business objectives along with transformation of creating One IT at IIC.
mitigating risks. We already have examples Rohit Sinha has been key in building the
at several of our OpCos where IT is working enterprise Cyber Security capabilities at
on projects which are driving profitability, IIC which has been critical in protecting,
productivity, working capital or top line detecting and responding to security risks.
growth. The opportunity will be to continue to With the foundation in place, the focus in
transform IT from being an operator to a true 2018 under the leadership of Shashank Jha
business partner where we can identify and is to establish a clear value proposition of IIC
drive these initiatives. I expect the IT EPMO and continue to develop the team aligned to
(enterprise program management office) the enterprise IT operating model.
process to ensure we are focusing our IT What is your Applications
resources and investments on the best Transformation Strategy and
return for Dover. what role will IIC play in this
How do you see IIC as a part of your transformation?
strategic plan for Dover Corporation? The need is to develop expertise and
In the last two years we have continued to capabilities that is a current gap and required
build enterprise IT capabilities that can be by multiple Operating Companies. We need
shared across all OpCos. IIC has already to focus on areas where there is a clear
been an integral part of my plan to build value creating offering related to identifying
the enterprise capabilities. Infrastructure and retaining the talent, sharing resources
Operations and Cyber Security team for efficiency and becoming a true centre
established at IIC has been an extension of excellence with subject matter expertise.
of the Dover enterprise team. Similarly, in Some examples that we have already
2018 we are working together to leverage initiated are with Dell Boomi, SalesForce,
the talent at IIC to establish enterprise Tableau, Oracle Finance, GRC etc. The
application capabilities. strategy is to leverage the existing IIC team
to establish a true enterprise application
What’s your IT operating model and offering. James Canigur is developing the
how does IIC fit into this? application strategy and working closely with
IT Enterprise team consists of Infrastructure Shashanka and the IIC team
Operations, Infrastructure Architecture,
Enterprise Applications, Cyber Security
What are the key capabilities that you an integral part of the enterprise IT team
believe the IIC team should build? providing enterprise services across Dover.
I want IIC to become exemplary across all The team should continue to build the
of Dover in the area of Cyber Security. IIC partnership with the key stakeholders and
has made significant strides in the last 18 make the value proposition to all involved
months in improving the overall security clear.
posture. We need to continue to enhance What do you do when you are not
the security capabilities at IIC but also it is driving the IT revolution at Dover
imperative to sustain the culture. This means Corporation?
every single employee at IIC should have Following my sports teams, watching a few
a security-first approach to anything you select Netflix shows and travelling whenever
do – development, operations, engineering, possible
design, etc.
What’s on your playlist at
As discussed earlier, I want IIC to establish the moment?
high performing teams in the area of
I have a long commute to work every day
applications to provide enterprise offerings
from Chicago city to Downers Grove. So lots
to all OpCos where required. This includes
of podcasts…
but not limited to Business Intelligence,
SalesForce, Sharepoint, Web Application
development, Automation etc.
I believe IIC has the opportunity to continue
to expand capabilities in several other areas
including new emerging technologies.
However, first we need to strive for service
and delivery excellence in what we do today.
What according to you are some of
the things that the IIC IT team needs
to start, stop, and continue?
Stop selling work and start focusing on
communicating the value created for the
OpCos and Dover. IIC is not competing
with other 3rd party IT services providers
but instead should leverage 3rd party when
appropriate to complement our internal
offerings. From my point of view, IIC is
Hob Hairston
Director, Software Engineering,
Dover Fueling Solutions

Tell us a little about yourself.

My team is responsible for Cloud, IoT and
Data Services for Dover Fueling Solutions.
I have spent more than 20 years working
in downstream oil and gas, delivering
enterprise and SaaS solutions. These
solutions have primarily focused on
managing the sale and distribution of
refined products, as well as connecting
devices such as plant equipment, terminal
automation systems, truck on-board
computers, tank gauges, and dispensing
I have worked as a consultant at Accenture
and IBM, have run IT and engineering for an
energy company, and have led engineering,
product management and architecture
teams for software companies.
On a personal note, I was in the military
before college during the Cold War stationed
in Germany. I did my undergraduate work
at The University of Texas and my graduate
work at The University of Houston. I have
been married for 20 years and have two
daughters 14 and 11 years old.
What are Dover Fueling Solution’s top Team’s development center within Asia
3 goals for 2018? Pacific and a key development center for
us globally. Also, we have already taken
Aside from specific revenue and some advantage of the collaboration
earnings targets, we have a corporate across operating in the IIC and hope we
culture initiative to shape the future of can grow this in the future in order to
this $850 million startup, we are trying speed the delivery of new solutions to
to grow the systems business to be a the market. Finally, we believe the IIC
larger portion of our overall business presents
while maintaining a leadership position
in dispensers, and we are trying to What’s your operating model and how
meet or beat new product development does IIC fit into this?
milestones within each world region, Our team has local ownership of
among other things. global solutions. Each of our main
development centers, such as the IIC,
How do you see Cloud Engineering
own specific products. For the IIC, these
playing a leading role in Dover
products are user management, master
Fuelling Solutions Margin Expansion
data management, provisioning and
and Organic Growth?
media solutions. However, because
We believe the industry is ripe these are global solutions built on a
for disruption and will see major common, global platform, collaboration
advancements in technology in the across geographic regions is critical. In
coming years. With our Cloud, IoT addition, we may have to draw on global
and AI smart solutions, along with new resources to deliver any given project,
device capabilities at the site, we are even when it is being delivered in a
positioning ourselves to make a step local region. As mentioned previously,
change in capability and be the leader IIC covers Asia Pacific for our team and
with regards to digital transformation will support local implementations while
within the industry. This will allow us to delivering global solutions for all regions.
take market share from our competition
What is your Strategy for Digital
and, with a heavier focus on cloud
transformation of Dover Fuelling
solutions, grow our margins and improve
Solutions and the role IIC will play in
our speed to market.
this transformation?
How do you see IIC as a part of your
Digital transformation is why the Cloud,
strategic plan for Dover Fuelling
IoT and Data Services team within
DFS exists. Our team members in
We have structured our team to support the IIC are squarely in the middle of
the 3 major regions of the globe, The digital transformation for fueling and
Americas, EMEA, and Asia Pacific. The convenience retail
IIC is the Cloud, IoT and Data Services
What are the key Technology Trends Continue: Positive attitude, optimism and
you are excited about and want the passion. When I visit the DFS Team in
IIC team to build competency upon? the IIC, I always notice how positive the
overall mood is and get charged up when I
From a technology perspective it takes see the passion for new technologies and
Cloud, IoT and AI, along with data solutions. Mood is a powerful thing and is
science and a knowledge of distributed very contagious. The more positive and
architectures that scale out instead optimistic we are, while being passionate
of up. In our case, we are focused about what we are working on, the more
on building on top of Azure PaaS likely we are to build something we can all
using microservices and actor model, be proud of.
among other things. In the future, we
will need capabilities in technologies What do you do when you are not driving
such as augment/mixed reality, video Cloud Engineering at Dover Fuelling
analytics, and blockchain. DevOps Solutions?
and test automation will be important I like to mountain bike, kayak, fish, run and
for speed of delivery and knowledge of go to the movies with my family.
data protection and privacy rules such
as GDPR will also be critical. Finally, What’s on your playlist now?
creative thinkers who can go deep in one Wow, I have a lot of playlists with a pretty
domain, but also envision new cross- eclectic mix of music from heavy metal to
domain capabilities that will change jazz to hip hop to classic rock to alternative
the market will be fundamental to our to punk, etc… Just recently I have been
success. getting into Jason Isbell, who’s style of music
What according to you are some of the I rarely listen to. I guess you would say he
things that the IIC DFS Team needs to plays a sort of soulful country or folk music.
“Start”, “Stop” and “Continue”. At first you may not notice it, but there is
something mellow and dark about his music
Start: Find new ways to collaborate globally, that I am fascinated with.
across offices and domains, especially
where natural project relationships don’t
Stop: Great things are happening with the
DFS Team in the IIC. Don’t be held back
by time zone or traditional thinking when
it comes to envisioning or delivering new
solutions. Our team has to be a relentless
disruptor, the undisputed thought leader
in the industry, and untouchable by our
competition. Don’t let imaginary obstacles
get your way, drive forward and invent new
ways of working that will change the game.

Dover India Innovation Center

Gautham Ramamurthy holds an
M.Tech degree in Electronics Design
from the Indian Institute of Science,
Bangalore. Over the last 20 years, he
has been instrumental in launching
over 100 new products and has also
driven initiatives such as Six Sigma
and lean product development.
Gautham joined India Innovation Center
back in 2016 and has already racked
up three product patents to his name.
Tell us something about yourself that
is not known to many of us at DIIC.
Over the last decade, I have developed
a keen interest in art, literature, history,
and Indian culture. I enjoy watching live
performances of Indian dance forms,
listening to Hindustani and Carnatic music,
and reading the works of Kalidasa and
Kumara Vyasa. I am also a professionally
trained vocalist of Vedic hymns.
What are you best known for at DIIC?
As part of the IIC team, I have
been most invested in New
Product Introductions (NPIs) and
Electronics Design.
How do you inspire your team to do Who is the one person who always
better and reach their goals? inspires you and why?
One of my managers once told me Sir M Visvesvaraya was a man of many
that a good leader creates the space talents. He is renowned for being one
for innovation and that’s exactly what I of India’s best engineers and leaders.
strive to do here. I hope to inspire my Most importantly, he used his knowledge
team to be innovative and passionate to fuel the development in and around
and excel in everything they do. When it Bangalore — an achievement we all need
comes to their projects, I expect them to to be grateful for.
demonstrate teamwork, ownership, and
technical excellence — factors that will Which music artists do you most
define their careers. often listen to?
My playlist is populated with songs of
What is your advice to early career Bryan Adams, Jennifer Lopez, and
engineers and other freshers at Phil Collins — because no matter how
Dover? young you are or old you get, these
Here’s what I always say to our young artists transcend the ages.
talent: What do you enjoy watching on TV
lMake hay while the sun shines and why?
because the beginning is always the I can never say no to an interesting
best time to grab opportunities, learn, series on National Geographic or
and grow Discovery Channel. I find them to be
l Think about the last time you did very informative!
something for the first time. Spend time What are some of the best books
learning something new and gradually you’ve read this year?
grow your skill set Parva by S L Bhyrappa and Jnapaka
l Success is not an accident, it is a Chitra Shale by D V Gundappa, both of
perfect design. Plan your career, set a which are among my all-time favorites!
few goals, and start working towards
them. Because after all, there is no
substitute for hard work

Dover IIC: Going

right to the top

At Dover IIC, we recognize each

of our achievements — and
this is one milestone that we’re
particularly proud to celebrate as
a feather in our cap.
Salesforce Migration for VSG l Driving change management to
DIIC partnered with VSG to migrate from facilitate easy adoption
legacy CRM systems to Salesforce. It After driving this transition from start
was a move with dual benefits: to finish, we were entrusted to handle
l Complete visibility of order future phases of VSG’s digital growth.
tracking — a better alternative to Our goal is to continue providing expert
manually calling distributors assistance as they migrate from their
other legacy systems. Greg Christian, IT
l Reduced dependency on the internal Director of VSG, said, “I want to thank
sales team — now they could create the entire team for all their efforts in
orders directly implementing the Salesforce platform
We leveraged our partner ecosystem to for our Rotary Brand. Our initial rollout
devise a hybrid model, which allowed was very successful and since then, the
us to execute the implementation of this team has worked with the business to
shift from end to end. This helped us identify and implement enhancements
ensure continuous improvements and that meet our specific needs. We have
enhancements to the overall workflow. also built an exceptional partnership
Through this process, we also ensured and have created a solid foundation for
stronger relationships with business future growth. This, in turn, will help us
stakeholders by enabling a shift from build and leverage the full capabilities of
escalation-driven engagement to a truly Salesforce in our Sales, Marketing, and
collaborative environment. In addition, our Customer Service areas. Thank you all
year-long understanding of the business for the great work!”
process empowered us to promote Our success in steering this change
several best practices, including: and continuously spearheading
l Moving from multiple legacy systems innovation has only fueled our passion,
to a unified interface encouraging us to taking on bigger
challenges. In addition, the positive
l Standardizing existing data to make it
response from our OpCos has validated
compatible with Salesforce
our commitment to quality and
l Conducting workshops on business excellence — standards we intend to
process optimization exponentially raise in the coming year.

Inaugurating the new Participating in

floor at Bagmane the Dover Blood
Tech Park Donation Drive

Conducting internal
PoSH training
Handing over of the baton
from Robert Livingston to
Richard Tobin

Hosting the Supply Chain

Vendor Meet
INNOVATION describes “who we are” and “what we do”. That’s why we are called
the Dover India Innovation Center. Over the last 18 months we have filed more than
20 patents. This new section in our newsletter is to celebrate “OUR INNOVATORS”
whose ideas have translated into filed patents.
Patent Application

Contactless Connector: Load on Winch: Auto Spotting:

Contactless Connector System & method for Implementation of auto
System to be used in a the detection of rope spotting techniques in
temperature sensor for non-uniformity for winch vehicle lifts
commercial application
kitchen equipment


DIIC Inventors




OpCo Inventors

Contactless Connector

Load on Winch

Auto Spotting
Did you know?

Fact 1

Until Fortune magazine profiled Dover

in an article in 1992, few outside the
industry had heard of the corporation.
The article commented on the Dover
Philosophy — the singular tenets of
organization and management that
distinguish Dover from other
Fact 2
After selling Tulsa Winch to
Dover, Ron Hoffman stayed on
as president, but was soon
named the executive vice
president of Dover Resources.
He then went on to become
the CEO of Dover Resources,
and eventually of Dover

Fact 3
Emboldened by Dover’s ‘Doing
the Right Things Right’ program,
Heil Environmental was one of
many Dover companies in the
new millennium to embrace lean
manufacturing techniques
in their plants and assembly

Frozen in time: A trek to Roopkund

Next, we had to narrow down on a

specific destination. So I pulled out my
bucket list of prospective hiking spots,
and as I scanned through it, one name in
particular caught my eye — Roopkund
Lake. This is a high-altitude, glacial
waterbody in the Uttarakhand region,
and is also known as ‘Skeleton Lake’ or
“Twenty years from now you will be more ‘Lake of the Dead’ as countless human
disappointed by the things you didn’t do skeletons lie on its bed. The source of
than by the things you did do. So, throw these remains is unknown to this
off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe day — further adding to the intrigue.
harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. After weeks of anticipation, the D-day
Explore. Dream. Discover.” had finally arrived. My colleague and I
— Mark Twain boarded a flight to Delhi before taking
As a passionate traveler, I often find myself an overnight train to Kathgodam. From
craving new experiences to get a taste there we began a long and winding
of all the marvelous sights the world has journey by jeep to the starting point
to offer. Though this thought constantly of our trek, Lohajung. En route to
lingers at the back of my mind, it is in the Lohajung, we drove through Nainital and
summer when my urge to travel intensifies. Bhimtal — quaint and pristine little hill
stations that stood in stark contrast
It was no different in 2014. After a grueling
to the buzz of their thronging tourists.
appraisal cycle at work, I found myself
And after an hour or so on the road, we
desperately longing for a getaway. Happily,
stopped for a meal at a temple called
a colleague did too! Being avid hikers
Kainchi Dham — a spot famous for
thirsting for adventure, we unanimously
attracting A-list celebrities such as Mark
concluded that the snow-clad Himalayas
Zuckerberg and George Harrison. While
were the obvious choice.
these names are no doubt impressive, us carefully up the mountain. The slopes
I feel the place should be most revered were steep and the lack of oxygen
for its heavenly aloo parathas. Once we coupled with the biting cold made it
were satiated, we hit the road again. It harder to go on, but this was no match
was a full eight hours before we finally for our determination to finish what
arrived at Lohajung. we had started. I could feel my heart
The next morning, after a good night’s pounding in my chest, trying relentlessly
rest and a hearty breakfast, I was fully to pump blood to every part of my body.
charged for the adventure that was With each labored step, we inched
going to unfold. I couldn’t wait to get closer to our destination. And finally, the
started, especially since we had a guide culmination of many days worth of effort
to advise us on all the best trails and lay before us — at last, we had arrived
vantage points. at Roopkund Lake.

Together, we set off up the rugged The sense of triumph we felt at that
Himalayan landscape. We walked moment cannot be put into words. I was
for hours on end, only stopping at on cloud nine! The picturesque white
villages for the night. Not that we mountains set against a backdrop of
were complaining! In fact, I was so tranquil blue skies were a mesmerizing
overwhelmed by the sheer splendor of sight, leaving me utterly speechless.
We took the next few minutes to catch
the sights we came across that part of
our breath and click a few pictures after
me had forgotten that we were yet to
which I finally decided to go down to the
reach our final destination.
edge of the lake.
The night before our much-awaited
An eerie chill hung in the air and the
ascent to Roopkund Lake, we set
flock of crows hovering overhead only
up camp at Bhaguwasa. I lay there,
added to the feeling. Seeing the lake
exhausted from the strenuous activity before my very eyes was a thrilling
of the past four days, trying to catch my experience, but to my disappointment,
breath while fighting off the bitter cold. the lake was completely frozen with no
On the other hand, the sheer thrill of skeletons in sight. But even that couldn’t
what we were about to achieve gripped dampen my spirit — it felt like no more
my senses and left me without a wink of than a minor dent in what was a titanic
sleep. And before I knew it, it was 3:30 achievement.
am — time to get ready for the last leg of
Along the way, we witnessed some
our incredible journey. breathtaking sights that were worth
All packed and set to go, we started the every bit of effort we put in. It was truly
treacherous climb with our guide leading a journey of a lifetime, and I would do it
again in a heartbeat — skeletons or not!
A weekend at the courts

On March 24, a number of Doverites Just when the crowd thought they had
poured into the Ahalya Sports Arena to seen it all, they were treated to yet
cheer for their colleagues competing in another spectacular encounter — a
DIIC’s annual badminton tournament. gripping doubles match between Shyam
The day kicked off with the Men’s Chand & Vikas Vittal and Harshavardhan
Singles draw which saw Udit Sharma & Manjunath J. While the latter pair
and Shyam Chand make their way gave the former pair a real run for their
past the initial rounds to reach the money, Shyam and Vikas were not to be
final. Shyam went on to win a closely denied, winning the match 2-0.
contested match with a 2-0 set score, The series brought to the forefront the
with Udit taking silver. competitive-yet-fun nature of the DIIC
Next, it was the women’s turn to take the team. It is this spirit that enables us to
center stage. And this time, it was Komal successfully tackle various challenges
Nesargi and Richa Agarwal who made and always be on top of our game, even
the final, with Komal ultimately securing at work.
the win with a 2-0 score.
Dover Family Day

Earlier this June, Manipal County music, drama, and fashion — all of
Pavilion Hall was briefly transformed into which further added to the festivities.
a Hawaiian island, with tropical delights These stellar performances were soon
and beach cheer, for Dover’s annual followed by an awards ceremony
day. And although there was a sudden before the day drew to a close with a
downpour to contend with on the day, it sumptuous feast.
did little to dampen the spirits of the 415 Family Day 2018 was a true celebration
Doverites who attended the event, along of everything Dover stands for and is
with their families. likely to live long in the memory of every
The action-packed day saw over 30 one of our families!
participants blaze the stage with dance,
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