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UNIVERSITY OF WARSAW 2 grants from the COSME programme. The university coordinates 8 of them.
• Faculty of Applied Linguistics • Institute of the Americas and Europe Scholars from the University of Warsaw have received 12 of the 25 grants given
• Centre for Europe The University of Warsaw is both the largest university and best research cen- to Polish institutions from the most prestigious European competitions of the
• Faculty of Applied Social Sciences European Research Council (ERC).
tre in Poland. In 2016, UW celebrated the 200th anniversary of its foundation.
and Resocialisation • Centre for Foreign Language Teacher
Training and European Education It was an opportunity for UW to remind everyone about the rich history and
• Faculty of “Artes Liberales” distinguished heritage of the university, from which 5 Nobel Prize winners have
The research potential of the university is reflected in the results of the 2016
• Faculty of Biology • Centre for Forensic Science Nature Index of Rising Stars. The University of Warsaw was ranked 3rd among
• Centre for Local Government
graduated, and to set future goals for itself.
the institutions of South East Europe. Globally it occupied 96th place. Since UNIVERSITY OF WARSAW
• Faculty of Chemistry
and Development Studies Community 2016, UW has used the ‘HR Excellence in Research’ logo, which is granted by
• Faculty of Economic Sciences the European Commission. It confirms that the university fulfils the require-
• College of Inter-Faculty Individual 7 200 employees work at the university. More than 44 400 undergraduate and
• Faculty of Education Studies in the Humanities ments of the European Charter for Researchers.
graduate students, 3 200 doctoral students and 3 400 postgraduate students
• Faculty of Geography and Regional • College of Inter-Faculty Individual are educated here. The total number of students and doctoral students includes
Studies Cooperation
Studies in Mathematics and Natural 4 400 international students, half of whom study on long-term programmes.
• Faculty of Geology The University works together with 800 international partners, 400 of which
Science The other group comprises participants of academic exchange programmes,
represent 73 countries which have signed a bilateral cooperation agreement
• Faculty of History • Interdisciplinary Centre for Mathematical the majority on the Erasmus+ programme. Most of our international students
with UW. The university is an active member of international associations en-
• Faculty of Journalism, Information and Computational Modelling come from Ukraine, Belarus, Spain, Germany, Italy, France, China and Turkey.
gaged in the integration and development of higher education. It also belongs
and Book Studies • Inter-Faculty Studies in Environmental Study programmes are offered not only at our 21 faculties, but also at interdis-
to 100 global research networks, as well as many consortiums set up to carry
• Faculty of Law and Administration Protection ciplinary units, and academic and research centres.
out research projects.
• Faculty of Management
• Faculty of Mathematics, Informatics MORE INFORMATION: Development
The University of Warsaw provides a wide range of programmes in the human-
and Mechanics ities and social, exact and natural sciences, including about 30 English-lan-
Over the last decade, thanks to EU funding, scientists in exact and natural POLAND
• Faculty of Modern Languages sciences have received well-equipped laboratories which enable them to car-
guage and 3 MBA programmes. In cooperation with international universities,
ry out research at the highest level. 2016 saw the beginning of the realisation OFFICIAL NAME: Republic of Poland
• Faculty of Oriental Studies UW runs about 30 programmes of first and second-cycle studies which enable
of a multiannual development plan (2016-2025) financed by the Polish gov- (Rzeczpospolita Polska)
• Faculty of Philosophy and Sociology students to obtain a double degree. Within the Polish language programmes,
ernment. The subsidy adds up to ca. 230 million euro. With this funding, it will
• Faculty of Physics students can choose courses from 2 000 foreign-language courses. The Uni- State Member of the European Union
be possible to develop research concerning humanities and social science,
versity of Warsaw system of language provision has been distinguished by the OFFICIAL LANGUAGE: Polish
• Faculty of Polish Studies and conduct ambitious research projects which will, for example, use digital
European Commission and awarded the European Language Label. POLITICAL SYSTEM: Parliamentary republic
• Faculty of Political Science and tools in those fields.
International Studies Also, the Open University, which makes courses available to all, is based at the CURRENCY: 1 złoty (zł) = 100 groszy (gr)
University of Warsaw. The highest quality of teaching is reflected in the career AREA: 312,700 km 2
• Faculty of Psychology
paths of graduates monitored by UW. Over 90% of respondents have found em- POPULATION: 38 mln
ployment within a year of obtaining a degree. According to international rank- CALLING CODE: 0048
ings, the university is among the 5% top universities in the world. Authors of the MAJOR CITIES: Warszawa (Warsaw),
international rankings by subject, such as the QS World University Rankings, Gdańsk, Kraków, Poznań, Wrocław
the Eduniversal Best Masters and MBA Ranking, and the US News and World
Report, select the best 200 programmes from the multitude of programmes
available all over the world. More than 20 programmes provided by the Univer-
sity of Warsaw are listed there.

Currently, the University is focusing on the development of interdisciplinary
global-range research projects concerning important issues for society. Almost
Krakowskie Przedmieście 26/28
00-927 Warsaw one third of the university budget, equal to 310 million euro, is devoted to re-
Tel.: (+48) 22 55 20 000 search. In the present financial framework, UW scholars have won 32 grants
Fax: (+48) 22 55 24 029 from the Horizon 2020 programme, 6 SESAR Joint Undertaking grants and
(full-time studies) (full-time studies) ( full-time and The University of Warsaw provides over 30 doctoral programmes, incl. interdisciplinary
7,800 PLN 7,800 PLN part-time /evening/ and international ones. Additionally, most of the UW faculties provide individual doctoral
part-time (evening) part- time (evening) studies) How to apply for degree (bachelor and master-level) studies?
1 ST CYCLE (BACHELOR-LEVEL) 2ND CYCLE programmes held in English that are aimed especially at students from abroad. There is
studies 5,600 2,000 EUR

1 2 3
also a possibility to conduct a joint doctoral assessment process under co-tutelage agree-
(MASTER-LEVEL) STUDIES part-time (extra- mural) studies ments.
register choose complete your
mural) studies
online at admissions path personal details MORE INFORMATION:
> taught fully Students Students Students ad- Students
ENVIRONMENTAL - - free of charge 4,500 EUR applicable to you and attach your
in English admitted on admitted on mitted on equal admitted on
language a fee-paying terms with a fee-paying
MANAGEMENT documents
equal terms
with Polish basis Polish citizens basis EUROPEAN - - 3,000 EUR 3,000 EUR
> tuition fees per
year* citizens ( full-time studies) ( full- time studies)
2,900 EUR ( part- 2,900 EUR ( part- Executive MBA –
AMERICAN STUDIES free of charge 3,000 EUR free of charge 3,000 EUR time studies) time studies) Global MBA –
(full-time studies)
• high International MBA –
6,000 PLN (part- – EUROPEAN school diploma (maturity) / higher education
time studies) INTEGRATION, diploma
• document

ARCHAEOLOGY free of charge 2,000 EUR free of charge 2,000 EUR stating that the diploma entitles to un-
AND ECONOMICS dertake or continue university-level study in coun-
CHEMISTRY - - free of charge 5,200 EUR choose The University of Warsaw provides international students at Bachelor, Master or Doctoral
try in which the diploma was issued
6,600 PLN 2,200 EUR - -
of study • legalisation (or apostille) of the diploma levels with the opportunity of short-term studies (up to one academic year). Each year
over 1,000 international students follow courses agreed on with their home university or
• sworn translation into Polish or English language
of all the documents listed above
of their choice. The participation in the short-term studies is based on the nomination from
QUANTITATIVE - - 6,600 PLN 2,200 EUR the student’s home university. There are no entry exams as enrollment is based on the
• ifcation)

FINANCE applicable, a certificate of recognition (nostrifi-
submission of required documents.
of secondary school (maturity) certificate
HUMANITARIAN - - 6,000 EUR 6,000 EUR pay an
ACTION / higher education diploma; it can be submitted MORE INFORMATION:
application fee
until the end of the first semester
INTERNAL 3,000 EUR 3,000 EUR - -
SECURITY • photocopy of passport’s (personal data page and
page with visa), certified by the UW upon candi-
date’s arrival to Poland STUDYING IN WARSAW

- - 11,000 PLN 4,000 EUR
• one colour photograph

in qualification • applications for admission and issuing student’s

ID printed out from candidate’s registration ac-
Warsaw is a dynamic, vibrant capital city of Poland located at the heart of
Europe. It is a town of contrast where the past times constantly mixes with
INTERNATIONAL - - 6,600 PLN 2,200 EUR procedure
ECONOMICS count modern times. It is boosting city, full of theatres, galleries, cinemas and

INTERNATIONAL 3,000 EUR 3,000 EUR 3,000 EUR 3,000 EUR • proof of student’s ID payment other kind of entertainments, very green, with many parks, gardens and
• ifthere
applicable, a health certificate stating that forests. The city, full of international students, has got a great atmosphere

are no objections to undertake studies by to study. According to QS Best Student Cities 2017 Warsaw took 52nd place
JOURNALISM AND 3,500 EUR 3,500 EUR - -
INFORMATION submit a foreign candidate (if the health certificate was among the best cities in the world. It receives a very high score in the af-
STUDIES REQUIRED issued in a foreign language, a sworn translation fordability category – within the top five of the entire index – thanks to its
PHILOSOPHY DOCUMENTS into Polish language is required) combination of low living costs and reasonable tuition fees.
free of charge 2,000 EUR - -
POLITICAL SCIENCE 3,000 EUR 3,000 EUR 3,000 EUR 3,000 EUR • certificate of proficiency in English (for studies
conducted in English language)/certificate of pro-
Here, the University of Warsaw, which was founded in 1816, is housed in over
100 buildings within three campuses in different parts of the city (the main

PSYCHOLOGY 3,950 EUR 4,950 EUR - - ficiency in Polish (for studies conducted in Polish
MORE INFORMATION: language) – at least B2 level Campus, Ochota Campus and Służew Campus). All campuses are easily ac-
TEACHING ENGLISH - - free of charge 2,000 EUR receive cessible by public transport. The main, historical campus is in the city centre,
UW Admissions Office:
UW Candidates‘ Registration System:
TO YOUNG LEARNERS decision on • additional documents, depending on the chosen
short distance from impressive Warsaw Old Town, and is widely appreciated
admission field of study.
for its elegant architecture.
* Students admitted on a fee-paying basis pay additionally 200 EUR in the first year of their studies MORE INFORMATION: