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Welcome to 8th Grade Math!

Guardians and Students, Grading Breakdown

I am SO excited to start this year at Homework: 10%- Homework will be given
Moore Square! Please use this frequently. Depending on the day, students may
welcome sheet as a resource for have class time to start their homework in class.
what is expected of ALL students in
my classroom. In order for all Classwork: 30%- Includes warm-up, work
classes to run smoothly, all completed during class, participation and cool-
expectations must be met by each downs.
child. Projects and Tests: 60%- A test will be given after
On a separate sheet, you will find a every unit. When a project is assigned, class time
page for signatures. Once this will be given for completion.
document has been read and **Late Work**- There will be 10% deduction for
understood by both the guardian everyday an assignment is late.
and student, please sign to verify
and return it to me.
I look forward to beginning the new
Areas of Study
school year with you!
Unit 1: Rigid Transformations and Congruence
Ms. Henderson Unit 2: Dilations, Similarity and Introducing Slope
Unit 3: Linear Relationships
Unit 4: Linear Equations and Linear Systems
Unit 5: Functions and Volume
Please do not hesitate to contact Unit 6: Associations in Data
me if you need anything! Unit 7: Exponents and Scientific Notation
Ms. Sarah Henderson Unit 8: Pythagorean Theorem and Irrational Numbers
Room 3311 Unit 9: Putting it All Together All activities are directly aligned to standards. Each lesson
Twitter: @henderson_MSMS is aligned by means of its activities, and the practice
Remind: Text @ms3314math to problems are aligned by means of the lesson. A lesson is
81010 intended to be a sequence of activities that cumulatively
address the standards.

Absent: Grading
If a student is Scale:
absent, it is their 90-100% (A) Required Materials
responsibility to 80-89% (B) These materials should be brought to class daily!
get their work in 70-79% (C)
the absent folder 60-69% (D) Agenda, Notebook, Unit Packet, Pen/Pencil
for their period. Below 59 (F)
They should
schedule a time
with a peer or Ms. Open Up Resources:
Henderson to
catch up on We will be using a new curriculum called Open Up Resources. Students will be
missing material. given a workbook for each unit and it is their responsibility to keep up with it and
any extra materials.
Here is a link to a google drive with parent resources for each unit. If you would
like a hard copy, I would be happy to provide one for you.