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practice), and "You do" (individual practice).

Teacher: Ms. Browne Date: 4th July

Lesson Title: Rounding off to nearest hundreds Grade: Three
Unit: Numeration Subject: Mathematics
Duration: 40 minutes
Objectives: By the end of the lesson students should be able to
 Round off three or four-digit numbers to nearest 100 using a number line.
Prerequisite Skills: counting on, skip counting
Key Terms: Content: Materials:
Place value Step 1: Underline the number that is in the place that Place Value chart,
Rounding digit you are being asked to round to. Video on Rounding off,
Round up Step 2: Circle the number that is directly to the right of Different colour eraser
Round down the number you underlined. markers,
Round Up or Leave the Same? Mini white boards and
Round Up: If the circled digit is a 5, 6, 7, 8, or 9 worksheet.
Remain the Same: If the circled digit is a 0, 1, 2, 3, or 4
Remember that all of the digits (including the circled digit) to
the right of the underlined digit become ZEROS in the final
Introduction: (5 mins)
 Tell students what they will be learning about rounding off to the nearest hundreds.
 Recap the step of rounding off (as established in previous lesson rounding off to nearest 10s).
 Engage students is viewing and listening to a video illustrating rounding off to nearest 100s.
 Engage students in reviewing the steps as outlined in the video.
Instructions (“I do”): (5 mins) Guided Practice (“We do”): (15 mins) Independent Practice
 Teacher writes a number on  Students are grouped in pair. Each pair (You do”): (15 mins)
the board. of students receives a mini-white board.  Pass out a copy of a
 Teacher uses the think aloud  Teacher writes another figure on the worksheet to
strategy to identify the place board. students.
of each digit with the aid of a  Students perform the tasks as teacher  Students who have
place value chart. provides cues. grasped the concept
 Students watch and listen  Students record their answers and share will do it on their
keenly as teacher models for with the whole class. own.
them how to think aloud and  Teacher provides feedback on the  Students with
use the number line to round answer. difficulty will
off a three digit figure.  Check for understanding: Using thumps continue to work
Explain explicitly when to up, middle or down to indicate if they with in pairs.
round up and round down. grasp the concept. Plan mini lessons for
Repeat the steps using a four small groups and reteach if necessary.
digit number.

Small group instructions/ Differentiated Practice

 Enrichment: Advanced students will tackle more complex figures such as 9550, 1090 and so on.
Students can come up with three and four digits of their choice and round them off to the nearest
hundreds. Alternately, students can explain rule for rounding off numbers. Let pupils practice by
playing a game “what number am I. before I was rounded off to the nearest 100. I was 328, what
number am I now 300.
 Support: Teacher provides cues as the student carryout the steps. A number line is provided for
each number to aid student’s understanding. Dots already placed for them so they can focus more
on rounding. Students revisit other learning materials (video).
 Circulate as groups are working and determine whether students understand.
 Students complete a worksheet rounding off three and four digit numbers to the nearest 100.
 Review the steps in repeating a short jingle. Students sing along.

Teacher’s Reflection: