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Ashley Aminian

Lisa Crisostomo
Ronnel Datlag
Ari Venteicher
In small groups, students design and describe a classroom environment that would support the
Culturally Relevant Teaching through effective management of instruction, environment and
pedagogy, they envisioned above.

What would the content of the lesson be?

● Culturally relevant content
● Accessible to the student
● Supports learning for EL students and students with other learning needs
● Build on students' prior knowledge and skills
● Supplemented by visual aids
● Differentiated to meet the individual needs of students (Santamaria)
● Materials and resources are relatable to the students' cultures and interests
● Real-life experiences and problems (Haberman)
● Student-centered instruction (Santamaria)
● A resource to prepare students for the 21st century

What will the environment, resources; group norms (may need to review this) and
instruction look like?
● Teacher is the facilitator of discovery learning.
● Students respect eachother and they respect themselves.
● Students can learn from each other. (Jaramaillo, p.4)
● Heterogenous Group work (Makes students more comfortable and builds teamwork.)
● Environment where the students feel supported and feel like the teacher's do not want
them to fail (Milner, Camangian)
● Students are held accountable to their work and also take ownership of their learning
● Student self-esteem and self-efficacy can be raised
● Restorative discipline instead of negative discipline (Jones and
● Involve students in redoing, polishing, or perfecting their work (Haberman)

What would you as the teacher hold as a goal for this kind of teaching? How would you
know when it is developing?
● Teacher focuses more on how they serve instead of who they serve (Fergus)
● Why do educators focus on outcomes rather than the processes that lead to the
outcomes? (Milner, p. 696)
● Teacher spends time getting to know students better and understanding their home life
● Teachers are open and respectful to students (Jones)
● Expectations are clear and consistent for students (Jones)
Ashley Aminian
Lisa Crisostomo
Ronnel Datlag
Ari Venteicher
● Teacher is consistently fair to all students (Finnan)
● Be a reflective teacher to ensure positive responses to students of differing cultural
backgrounds and facilitate a positive culturally diverse classroom environment (Hollins)
● Release of responsibility from teacher to students
● Integrate autoethnographies into the classroom to establish a sense of community in the
classroom (Carmangian, Haberman p.9)
● Being a teacher that is invested in their students and is not absent all the time (Milner)
● Being a teacher that is knowledgeable on the content and the field they're teaching

Think about what you have learned in your two other courses as you develop this.