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Strategic Network Optimization Services

Helping You Gain Competitive Edge


Motorola Strategic Optimization Services

According to the experts, the inevitable has happened – globally,

there are now more wireless subscribers than wireline users. And
the curve is still headed upward as subscribers take advantage of
new data applications at an exhilarating rate.
To maintain that growth and the ARPU increases it can deliver,
you’ll need an exciting mix of new and useful applications to
keep subscribers interested. More important, you’ll also need to
be ready to deliver your new services consistently, reliably and
economically. To be a winner in today’s marketplace means you
must control your total cost of ownership, use all your assets to
best advantage, and efficiently manage your capital and operating
That’s where Motorola’s Network Optimization Services come in.
We know how to help you win.

Why Network Optimization Services?

Optimization is about making the most of your With our innovative enabling tools, insightful
resources, so you can make the most of your analysis, and experience with multi-vendor,
opportunities. Motorola offers services designed multi-technology networks, you can set a new
to reduce your costs and shorten your time-to- standard for your network’s quality. In turn, your
market while helping you profitably deliver and finely tuned network can deliver:
manage a host of fun and exciting new revenue-
• Increased network availability
generating applications. We can help you
• Easier introduction of new data services
implement faster, more efficient ways to roll out
or additional voice capacity
these new services without degrading of voice
• Reduced dropped calls, resulting in less
quality on your network.
subscriber churn
We’ll help you assess your current and future • Improved market perception of your
operational business needs, then recommend network
and help implement improvements in network • More capacity to support new marketing
performance geared to meet those needs. campaigns and ARPU opportunities
Portfolio of Optimization Services for Mobile Operators


GSM RAN Optimization Services Network Snapshot

Motorola offers multi-vendor optimization of GSM networks based
on a very special approach – we use real measurement report Analysis and Optimization
data from your network’s users.

Our software tools and analysis use Measurement Report (MR) Proactive
data – data generated by network subscribers as they use their Network Healthcheck
phones within your network. Usually, this data is used by the Reactive
network and then discarded. Our service enabling platforms
Proactive Optimization
-- including the Multi-Vendor Intelligent Optimization System
(MV-IOS) – collect, process and analyze it instead. In effect, the
MV-IOS system turns every user of your network into part of a
Performance Benchmarking
very large ‘drive-test’ team. When IOS is combined with our other
tools and techniques, you get a unique picture of your network
performance that combines the best features of traditional
Motorola’s five-step optimization process for GPRS networks is
optimization with state-of-the-art user-generated data analysis.
designed to solve today’s performance issues quickly, then head off
GSM RAN OPTIMIZATION SERVICE BENEFITS tomorrow’s performance issues before they can become problems.
• Provides additional capacity to support new marketing
campaigns and ARPU opportunities
• Reduces OpEx needed to perform optimization and
operational tasks GPRS Network Optimization Services
• Reduces CapEx to achieve capacity gains More than ever, you need to increase data ARPU to compensate
• Increases network availability by clearing ‘hidden’ network for the flattening growth of wireless voice ARPU. To do that,
problems you must introduce new wireless data applications quickly and
• Enhances network quality and the user experience frequently. But as traffic increases, your existing wireless data
• Reduces resource and cycle times needed to optimize the capability may be tested, highlighting performance issues that
network require quick resolution.
• Permits easy introduction of new sites to increase capacity
That’s why Motorola has adopted a five-step approach to GPRS
• Eases introduction of new data services or additional voice
Network Optimization Services. We start in a reactive mode,
immediately correcting problems you’re living with already. Then
• Provides network performance improvement using unique,
we switch to a pro-active mode, anticipating tomorrow’s potential
class-leading techniques
problems and correcting them now, before they impact the
• Fully managed by Motorola experts working closely with you
application performance and subscriber perception of your service.
to meet your business goals
The result is a network that delivers optimal efficiencies, now and
tomorrow, to satisfy your subscribers’ thirst for data applications.




Planning Motorola’s seven-step model addresses all key
aspects of GSM RAN network performance
Power Control improvement.
UMTS Network Optimization CDMA Network Optimization
Services Services
Technology is changing quickly. Subscriber Start with a deep, global track record of wireless
expectations are changing even faster. The faster network experience, including many of Asia’s
your market evolves, the greater the challenges high-speed data networks. Add a portfolio
you face to deliver wireless communications of specialized modeling and analysis tools,
profitably every day you operate. like Centinel KX, tested and proven around
the world. Put this combination of tools and
Motorola knows wireless network deployment.
expertise to work in your network, and you gain
We’ve used our experience to develop
the ability to pinpoint capacity and quality issues,
specialized tools and tailored services that
quickly and accurately, then raise your network’s
help ensure quick roll out of UMTS networks
performance to higher quality levels.
optimized for today’s marketplace. You can take
advantage of state-of-the art UMTS design, Your CDMA network is not like any other, so
planning and optimization services to support our services are designed to be flexible. We
both network rollout and commercial networks, can help identify hot spots, improve indoor
as well as highly effective approaches to UMTS and outdoor coverage areas and balance traffic
field deployment. So with Motorola on your loads to increase capacity. You can select from
team, your new network can achieve your a full menu of individual service modules, or
intended business objectives and return on choose one of our bundled packages for greater
investments, now and in the future. And you efficiency.
add Motorola’s decades of multiple-technology
simulation, planning and optimization experience
to your knowledge base. • Identify and eliminate hidden problems
that can reduce your network’s availability
UMTS NETWORK OPTIMIZATION SERVICE BENEFITS • Maximize the capacity of your current
• Deliver advanced new features and configuration
capabilities into operation early and • Tailor optimization modules to meet your
smoothly specific performance challenges
• Improve network capacity and quality, • Automate optimization processes so
while helping to reduce CapEx and OpEx you can continually monitor and adjust
• Reduce your risk of ownership by planning your network without the need for time-
an efficient and controlled migration to consuming drive testing
future services


Bronze Silver Gold Platinum
(Benchmark) (Optimize) (Optimize) (Specialize)

Network Bronze Required Bronze Required Indoor Optimization

Benchmarking Neighbor List Pilot Power Interference
Hardware Audit Optimization Optimization Detection
Parameter Audit Search & Antenna Down Performance
Access Window tilt / Azimuth Monitoring
RF Load Analysis
Optimization Optimization
Hot Spot Detection Recommendations,
Complex Recommendations, Implementation,
/ Signature Analysis
Hard-Handoff Implementation, Summary Report
Summary Report Optimization Summary Report
Summary Report
EDGE NETWORK IP Core – Design and Optimization Services
OPTIMIZATION SERVICE Motorola applies a holistic, professional approach to designing and
planning a complete SoftSwitch design solution by considering
business, technical and process issues. Supplementing the design
Pilot process, our IP core optimization and integration services can
Design Deployment facilitate an efficient implementation. As with all design offerings,
this design service is available in several modules so operators can
Motorola’s assemble a service package that best fulfills their needs.
Trunk and Backhaul Optimization Service
Motorola’s Trunk and Backhaul Optimization Service provides a cost
savings solution to the carrier switch backhaul and interconnect
Performance network by providing the SoftSwitch as a toll bypass, gateway
Health Check MSC or tandem switch. The service will be offered for any
Packet Core & RAN
Data Network Optimization
customer network (Motorola and Non-Motorola) and for all access
Optimization technologies (CDMA, GSM, GPRS, EDGE, and UMTS).


• Reduces OpEx needed to perform optimization and
operational tasks
EDGE Network • Reduces CapEx to achieve capacity gains
• Increases network availability by clearing ‘hidden’ transport
Optimization Service network problems
Motorola’s EDGE Network Optimization Service • Permits easy introduction of Core elements
focuses on the successful integration of new • Eases introduction of new data services or additional voice
technologies within the existing GSM/GPRS capacity
network, ensuring that the optimum strategy, • Support the migration from legacy circuit switching to
design and performance are achieved to meet converged voice/data networks
customer market expectations. EDGE service
modules address the cost of ownership, Network Transmission Optimization Service
network capacity, network quality and on- The transmission or transport networks are a critical part of wireless
going performance. Well-planned and optimally telecommunication networks. Motorola offers a portfolio of Network
performing packet data networks help operators Transmission Optimization Services to help you design, deploy and
lay a solid foundation to offer reliable and high- operate your transmission networks, achieving high availability,
performing data applications to end-users. good scalability and faster time-to-market. These services also
Significant benefits delivered include additional help to maintain low capital investment and low maintenance
bandwidth, throughput and capacity, which costs. According to a recent survey in Europe, transmission line
in turn can help to enhance the subscriber failures contributed to more than 90% of network downtime, and
data experience, leading to reduced churn and subsequently, transmission network availability could be a significant
additional revenue generation. cause of lost revenue.


Core Solutions Services • Optimizing resource distribution and project management in
Motorola brings a depth of industry knowledge turnkey projects, reducing future expansion costs
and experience to help you implement a new • Plans for network scalability and redundancy from the early
network or a major subsystem within a network. stage of network design, thus reducing OpEx as networks
The Core Solutions Services portfolio focuses grow and become more complex
on services related to the design, deployment, • Can reduce network downtime and help ensure continual
operation and performance for the Circuit Core revenue generation
Network. This includes Motorola’s SoftSwitch • Can accommodate the smooth migration toward a multi-
solution, which provides an alternative way of services network
performing switching within the network, and
our Trunk and Backhaul Services which provide
cost savings opportunities to the network.

Motorola can help you with deployment,

integration and optimization of your IP-based
core network elements, including Motorola
SoftSwitch, Home Location Register or other
IN/VAS elements, whether you are deploying
a Greenfield network or migrating an existing
system to a new IP core.
Network Optimization for Managed Optimization Services
Applications Management Expanding beyond our optimization and Total
Network Care options, Motorola can assist
Have you already launched new applications?
operators with flexible network management
Motorola can help you by first providing an
and workforce planning options. Operators
independent report on the performance of
can leverage and utilize expert Motorola global
your network, followed by performing intensive
resources that are in place and allow us to take
investigations to fix network problems, in
immediate corrective action when problems
conjunction with the operator’s staff.
cannot be diagnosed or recovered by your
Are you planning to launch a new application? system experts.
Offer the best possible performance and
Motorola can provide you with either out-
experience to your subscribers from the moment
tasking or outsourcing services as your network
your new service is introduced. Motorola can
requires. Our out-tasking services can provide
assist you with the safe introduction of new
you with the management of individual
applications ––first, with a gap analysis and then,
tasks such as Managed Optimization, whereby
with a structured migration. We’ll also help you
we manage the overall network performance
to regularly monitor your network to sustain your
program. Results can include reduced dropped
new high performance levels.
calls, increased call handover success rate
OPTIMIZED APPLICATIONS SOLUTIONS BENEFITS and reduced power consumption, resulting in
• Deliver a robust portfolio of applications increased call traffic.
and content
• Access these exciting and unique
• Reduce and control operating costs
applications with alternative delivery
• Free resources for other purposes
mechanisms such as hosting, revenue
• Gain access to world-class capabilities not
sharing business arrangements and trials
available internally
• Provide network and custom solutions that
• Gain access to extensive external research
resolve your specific network issues
and development programs
• Offer attractive end-user applications for
• Gain access to resources not available
consumer and enterprise market segments
internally, including leading-edge tools
• Tailor a services solution that meets your
business needs

PoC Optimization Services

Because of our leadership in Push-To-Talk over
Cellular (PoC) and cellular networks, Motorola is
uniquely positioned to offer a complete end-to-
end services solution that enables operators to
capitalize quickly on early-to-market advantages.
Consistent with a ‘real-time’ voice over IP
application, a high performing PoC experience
requires good underlying network performance
together with a tuned set of configuration POC OPTIMIZATION SERVICES
parameters. While it is highly important to gain
market leadership quickly, it is equally important PoC
that the new service be introduced correctly and Healthcheck

securely so as not to compromise its potential PoC Proactive

Benchmarking Optimization
for commercial growth and revenue.


Snapshot Dimensioning
• Analyze the existing network design and
create a gap analysis to determine what Network Performance
steps need to be taken to run PoC with Dimensioning Benchmarking

high performance
• Optimize the network to help minimize
latencies and allow for “one touch”
• Accurate end-to-end dimensioning
• Monitor network element capacities to
keep the entire network in peak operating
Motorola Total Network Care
Service solutions are just as important to
your success as the hardware and software
that comprise your network. With our multi- Network Support Program
technology portfolio of network optimization Flexible, value-added
Optimization network enhancement
solutions, we can offer customized bundles
deliverables that can be
of complementary services that can provide Network Management customized for your business
an effective end-to-end solution to meet your
present and changing business needs. Motorola Operations & Maintenance
Operations & Maintenance • Multiple service options
now offers an exciting choice for addressing • Service level commitments
multiple network needs -- Motorola Total Wireless Network Security
Security • Management
Network Care.
Training &Technical Information
& Technical Information
Our Total Network Care solution is an affordable,
flexible package, designed to give you a more
convenient way to keep system availability higher
and fixed costs lower.

Reach Your Ultimate Objectives

Whether you have recently introduced wireless data or have
an established, growing system, Motorola can help you to
optimize the performance of your networks. Unlike some, we
don’t come into your situation with a handful of pre-packaged
“recommendations” based on what we have to sell. We perform
intensive, customized analysis of your network, then offer expert
support to solve the unique problems you face. We understand
your need to continually reduce CapEx and OpEx, so we show
you, by the numbers, just how optimizing network performance
can help you achieve these goals. Working together, we’ll help you
meet your goals for business excellence, increase your efficiency,
and maximize the value of your network infrastructure through

Motorola Network Services and Applications Management

Our services business embodies our spirit of COMMITTED TO CUSTOMIZED SERVICES
providing you with world-class capabilities, through AND APPLICATIONS
service provisioning and support to meet your At Motorola, we are committed to providing
strategic growth needs. We’ve created a practice- services and support for every aspect of your
based approach to drive best practices and network’s growth, development and operation.
repeatable excellence in execution of your needs. We’ll help make your networks operate at optimal
and secure levels. We can also help you to launch
Support – Enables you to provide and maintain
the latest mobile applications, with our effective
elements of day-to-day operations which keep
delivery and content management solutions.
the network at peak availability
We’ll help you create and deliver customized
Integration – Enables you to deploy, roll out and offerings that enhance the end-user experience
manage your network more efficiently while increasing ARPU. With over 75 years of
experience providing communications solutions,
Applications – Provides the delivery, hosting
Motorola offers a full range of customized
and management of applications, ultimately
services to meet your changing needs.
enhancing the user-experience of your

Management – Help you achieve network

operational excellence, focusing on network
management and operations such as outsourcing
and out-tasking
Motorola, Inc.

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