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BUSINESS DETAILS – Treebo – Franchise Documents

Build your hotel with Treebo & become a part of India's top rated hotel chain!
About Treebo:
Treebo is one of India’s largest budget hotel chain with a network of 250+ hotels across 50 cities with
over 6000 rooms. As a tech enabled company in the hotel industry, we aim to combine a deep guest
centric DNA with cutting-edge hospitality technology, that offers our guests unmatched value for
money and quality stays at our hotels. We are not only larger than traditional hotel chains, we are also
among the highest rated by guests.

Treebo was founded by Sidharth Gupta, Rahul Chaudhary and Kadam Jeet Jaim. The top management
comprises of functional experts and management talent from top tier institutes such as IIT/IIM and top
tier companies such as McKinsy/HUL/Amazon among many others.

Treebo Business Model:

Treebo works on a franchisee model, where in we tie-up not only with already established hotels, but
also with hotels under construction and yet to be constructed hotels. In this endeavor, we also provide
end to end support to the franchisee, including during the construction phase of the hotel. Some of the
support provided include:

-Design Consultation
-Project Management
-Vendor Support for various services
Once the construction of the hotel is complete, we then proceed to the next stage of support, including
but not limited to:

-Support during the pre-opening stage (staff hiring, training and management, hotel listing and quality

-Sales & Marketing

-Inventory management
-Customer Support

We run at an average occupancy rate of more than 75% across all our hotels vis-a-vis the industry
average of 50-55%, at a very healthy ARR of Rs. 2200+. By partnering with us, hotel partners see a
bump of 3 to 5 times in their monthly profits. Since a large part of the business is prepaid, and since
these monies flow through Treebo, we also have significant control on the cash flows in the business.

For providing our services to get the hotel up and running, as well as ensuring a healthy occupancy rate
with great sales, we take a modest share from the overall room revenue.

Franchise Facts & Requirements:

Land Area Required: At least 5000 Sq. Ft.
Total Built Up Area Required: At least 12000 Sq. Ft.(For under construction properties)
Investment Required: 1 crore to 5 crores (Based on type of project)
ROI: 12% to 25% (based on type of project)
Expected Break Even: 3 years to 7 years (based on type of project)
Location: Pan India (Land or property should be in an area suitable for hotel construction)
Franchisor Support:
We provide support across the entire value chain:
Design & Development:
 -Treebo’s Architectural partner for construction of the hotel
 -Ready design templates to choose from
 -Flexible designs to incorporate investors aspirations
 -Network of contractors and builders to construct the hotels
Hotel Operations:
 -Access of Treebo’s network of operators and mgmt. contractors
 -Providing Treebo’s operational & quality standards

 Quality assurance manager for every property to inspect and solve issues in the property

 -Treebo’s strong pan India network of vendors
 -Price benefits due to economies of scale with large volumes
 -Assured quality for products & services
 -Best In class central reservation system
 -App for inspection and instant reporting of issues
 -Real time dashboards
 -Frequent induction of new technologies in every field
Human Resource:
 -Staff hiring support & HR policies
 -Training programme & modules
 -Staff motivation through incentives, rewards and recognition
Sales & Marketing:
 -Treebo’s best in class sales and marketing machinery
 -Dynamic revenue management system
 -Strong online & offline sales presence
 -Benefits from Treebo marketing campaigns