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the maximum output voltage swing of an op amp (+)Vsat to (-) Vsat
What is the highest theoretical efficiency of a solar cell? 22%
The energy required to expand a certain area of liquid… surface tension
Which of the following is not a part of the CRT? digital panel meter
In full wave rectifier, the ripple frequency is ____ than that of
the half wave circuit twice
The letter and number stamped of the body of an IC provides
what type of information? use
most common meter movement D' Arsonval
The dose that may lead to death when received one at a time 6000 mSv
A _____ is the desired value of variable monitored by a
sensor. set point
Mounted on the wrist allowing robot perform specific task end effector, also called
(transferring/lifting object) EOAT or simply a robot arm
A type of microphone with a button shaped carbon element… button microphone
the maximum steepness of the leading edge of output voltage
of an op amp slew rate
Heating the leads, and puuling out with tweezers is used of
removal of what type of IC. flat pack
lies between application program and computer hardware operating program
decrease current in the
loading/unloading in cointainer, carton, pallet, in a organized
level Palletizing/ depalletizing
A simple robot, usually with two … and 3 degrees of freedom, Pick-and-place robot ot
that transfers object from source to destination… bang bang robot
The JK flip flop always has
What is the advantage of a JK flip flop over an RS flip flop? predictable output
An oscillator that changes frequency by varying control
voltage Voltage controlled oscillator
Toggle flip flop divides the frequency by ___ 2
connects jointed arm and shoulder upper arm
Why is there a color in the cholesteric liquid crystal? small twist between layers
store and release energy
small inductance quickly
….used in LEDs, Ics, microwave oscillators, ILDs… GaAs
In OTA, transconductance is controlled by ____ bias current
used in relay to prolong contact life snap magnet
use in measuring instruments because of small resistance
change with change in temperature manganin
FET combination of enhanced and depletion types MESFET
The reason why there is a surge current when power supply The filter cpacitor must be
is ON. initially charge
With large values, good in power supply filters Electrolytic capacitor
the dose permitted during x-ray of lungs 0.1 mSv
Equivalent circuit is open circuit voltage and resistance Thevenin's Theorem
typical soldering temperature 550 deg F
type of oscillator that uses tapped capacitor in parallel with an
inductor Colpitts Oscillator
What is the efficiency of a half wave rectifier? 40.60%
produces pulsating or alternating voltage or current Oscillator
no. of electrons in one Coulomb 6.25x10^18
solid structure of atoms of predetermined position Crystalline
The energy gap of a semiconductor 1 eV
electrostatic charge could develop as high as 35000 V
the maximum number of directions that a rate gyro can
precess two
Inductor used for frequency of 95 MHz air core
where the current is applied heat sub-interval
1 Sievert is equivalent to ______ 100 rem
1 Gray is equivalent to _______ 100 rad
dose received during teeth xray examination 0.01 mSv
bridge used in measuring low resistances Kelvin Bridge
Wirewound resistors are logically found in _______ High power DC
Are examples of trivalent impurities: Boron, Gallium, Indium
Electrostatic charges can generate a minimum voltage of 35 V
Silicon wafer contains a diameter of _________ and (a) 2 inches (b) 0.01 to 0.2
thickness of ______ inches
UJT base 1 is connected to (a)_______, base 2 connected to
(b)____ Emitter, Emitter
A transistor configuration that is used for high signal
amplification Common Source
Oscillator that has 2 stator section and 1 rotor section Butterfly Oscillator
Emitted when electrons emitted produce blackbody Wien effect
1 calorie is equal to __________ Becquerel 3.7 x10^10
It is the SI unit of absorbed dose Gray
Lantern battery is mostlikely to be used in two-way portable radio
Welding used in high frequency that ranges from 10,000 to High Frequency Metal Arc
500,000kHz Welding
The most common tool used in removing insulation of
insulated wires Wire stripper
It has higher attainable
Advantage of integrated circuits from discrete components switching speed
Turn-off voltage of MOS controlled thyristor or MCT 15V
Resistance of Semiconductor Bulk resistance
Of the old technology robots, which is the easiest to control? Electric
hfe of PN junction Beta
Anthropomorphic type robots are used in spray paint because It is most maneuverable
Type of inductor used in FM Air core
The slip speed of an induction motor is 100% until it drops to A low value
Part of the welding process interval when the welding current
flows heat sub-interval
The disadvantage of MOSFETS is that they can be easily
damaged by_____ Electrostatic discharges